‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Producers Talk Season 1 Finale and Season 2 Plans

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Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Episode 16 Photo Bill Paxton Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Producers Talk Season 1 Finale and Season 2 Plans

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has already opened in overseas markets, and finally hits the big screens in North America this Friday. Timed with its theatrical release is the return of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC tonight, launching a 7-episode run through to the end of the season. The timing is not coincidental. Remember, Marvel wants you to know it’s all connected.

That’s the hashtag used in promotional images for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a series about an organization which experiences some changes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s just part of the reason why the schedule of the series has been erratic since beginning in the fall. The Olympics break didn’t make it easier for fans either.

But now that it’s back, the show is here to prove to followers why it’s been worth the wait and why the 22-episode format can lead to some big payoffs. The last two episodes before the latest break introduced us to a blue alien and a mystery cure that was used on both Agent Coulson and Skye, and the following episode brought a pair of important Asgardians to Earth, all ending with a reveal about one of Coulson’s most trusted agents. And tonight? Michael Peterson returns to play Deathlok, this time in a new costume.

Agents of SHIELD Deathlok Teaser by Clark Gregg Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Producers Talk Season 1 Finale and Season 2 Plans

“See Deathlok with your own eyes…or someone else’s!”

Speaking with IGN, Marvel’s head of TV Jeph Loeb hyped up the return and final stretch of the show, and tie-ins with Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

“We come back on April the 1st with an episode that’s appropriately entitled ‘End of the Beginning.’ I think the real question that people will be asking is, who do you trust? When you’ve got someone like the Clairvoyant that’s out there, who clearly is one step ahead of everybody, you know, what is that about? What is that agenda? Who is that agenda? It is by no small coincidence that we’re back on April the 1st and Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on April the 4th. We’re back again on April the 7th, and then we go straight through to the season finale.”

What can fans expect episode to episode now that there’s no more holding back?

“This has has been a long, slow fuse waiting for the bomb to go off. All I can tell you is, the bombs are going off. Every single episode is going to have what refer to as a ‘Holy eff!’ moment.”

Big twists? Big cameos? Big reveals? Based on the last two episodes alone, we can expect all three. After all, ABC and Marvel have yet to greenlight a second season of the series which struggled early on to find its footing as a new series. Now, things are different and the creatives have long planned to make the back half of the series “feel more Marvel.” And they may only have these seven episodes to do so.

THR spoke with writers and executive producers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon about the “growing pains” (Whedon’s words) of the series, the response from fans and critics and the plan going forward now that they are preparing to shoot the season finale. Are the planning for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2?

Tancharoen: We have a board going right now. We just don’t have a season two yet. But we are planning on it and at the end of season one, we are tying a lot of things up as well as teeing things up for a possible season two.

If season one is the all fans see of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will the finale wrap things up nicely to ensure the story feels complete?

Whedon: No, you’d be so desperate to see another season and you’d be sad. It’ll definitely be a satisfying season finale but we definitely are teeing up stuff to come.

If not tonight, then next week’s episode will absolutely begin to deal with the aftermath of the events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the #ItsAllConnected marketing is a big indicator of that. While Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige would have you think Marvel’s TV division is doing its own thing, the movie side is absolutely involved with the series when it comes to making sure everything fits together.

Tancharoen: They’re aware of every step; they’re an integral part of our process. They see every script. They see every cut. They give notes and we’re very aware of everything they’re doing; we read all of the film scripts before they’re even finished.

Whedon: The idea with every Marvel property is for them to exist on their own and then interweave. No one backswipes; Thor didn’t show up in Iron Man 3. It’s not that these things are dependent on one another. They had the opportunity to interact and they exist in the same universe and we are in the same universe and when we establish something in our universe, in our show, it becomes a rule in the universe so we have to make sure we’re respectful of what they’re planning to do and that we’re all on the same page.

That’s why Joss Whedon is overseeing all of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, writing and directing The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and involved in creating the show – the later of which with his brother and sister-in-law. If you’re  fan of the show, Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) teased the following at PaleyFest last week – the same event where Chloe Bennet (Skye) revealed what the blue alien was in episode 14 (“T.A.H.I.T.I.”) – read about that here.

“When people see the remaining episodes of the season — what they’re doing here is a slow build to something I don’t think you’ve seen before. I can’t really elaborate.”

Will you be following along tonight and for the remaining episodes? Let us know in the comments!


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns tonight @ 8pm on ABC. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - which connects to the series – hits theaters April 4, 2014.

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  1. I think Skye’s old BF is the Clairvoyant…hope not

    • I think is her dad

  2. So season 2 isn’t a definite???

    • Really, guy? Was that a spoiler? I mean c’mon some of us read these things out of curiosity, and know SR does a nice job of alerting us of spoilers, which I usually shy away from. It comes out in 2 days, please think next time you speak.

      • Thank you to whoever pulled that part of his comment out. I don’t want others to find out. Unfortunately I read this article a few minutes too early :(

    • Not a definite, but it and Resurrection are the only ABC freshmen dramas that didn’t crash and burn. The ratings aren’t where they want it to be but assuming it doesn’t collapse in the last 7 episodes, it should be safe

  3. The ratings might play a part in the uncertainty of season 2 as well. Every season, will this show need to tie into one of Marvel’s big films??? The show needs to stand on its own. It’s depending on Cap 2 to keep a plot. I want te show to have its own villains and plot not always connected to a Marvel film. This can be it’s own property

  4. May works for Clairvoyant thats why she is persuing Coulson to tell her whats bothering him.

    • i disagree. the previews make it seem like she’s not evil just cant disclose her situation. might be undercover for fury for whats about to come in cap2. i guess we’ll find out.

  5. Just watched Agents of Shield…

    That was one of the best episode tie-in to a movie ever…

    The game has just been changed… I still have goosebumps…

    • After watching Agents of Shield thus far, Cap2 will deff have a better impacted on us!!

  6. Agents of shield is one of the worst tv shows I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch. Its trash from storylines, writing, acting, and production. I’ve seen better SyFy movies, and that’s saying something.

    • I’m sorry, I refuse to take that from someone who’s obviously lost their mind. That’d just be poor form.

    • Please tell me you’ve seen more than just the pilot.

    • then don’t watch it. no one here wants to see your negative comments.

      • The guys entitled to his opinion. This isn’t an Agents of Shield fanboy forum, its Screen Rant. (a site who have fairly criticised and poorly reviewed this show in the past) To tell someone they’e not entitled to say anything negative here is just plain ignorant on your part.

        Also, for someone to suggest that AOS isn’t a great show or that they don’t like it, well, it’s not exactly a shock or bizarre revelation. Critically the show has come under a lot of scrutiny everywhere and ratings have been dropping every episode since the pilot. These are facts now, not just opinion.

        • Agreed. The ratings of this show matters and that’s why you haven’t seen this show renewed yet like other shows on ABC. If the ratings continue to drop then I doubt this show will be renewed unless ABC is willing to take a loss which could happen if Whedon promises something in return

        • Factually the ratings have not been dropping up and down every episode. They dramatically dropped after the pilot but then have been roller coastering up and down since. For instance, after last nights, ratings dropped for live viewing. However, the episode from 2 weeks ago so ratings increase.

          I have been following the ratings through TVbytheNumbers for awhile now. You can actually go check it out for each of the weeks it has been on and see that it has fluctuated a lot.

          Part of the major drop off is the continuous hiatus’s because of olympics, timing last nights release before Cap 2 release, etc.

          Side Note: AoS actually gets a pretty high viewing rating of DVR viewings compared to many other shows.

      • Sorry but I have to agree. This season has been a total bore. There has been maybe 4 good episodes and the majority of this season has been a below average season. It took me several times for me to finish a couple of episodes and some of the others I felt like fast forwarding through a lot of useless parts. I hate to say it but sorry Marvel, the DC TV world is just leaps and bounds better. Arrow season 1 by this point had the majority of the fans excited for what’s to come whereas AOS is still trying to win back it’s viewers. Season 2? If there is a season 2 it’s because ABC is willing to take a loss in ratings/advertising. Had this been any other show with no Marvel brand it wouldn’t have made it past 8 episodes. This show makes The 100 look like Breaking Bad

  7. The Clairvoyant may be Baron von Strucker.

    • BTW, I didnt know Ming Na Wen was CHUN Li from Street Fighter movie!!
      wow just wow!.

      • She also plays Mulan….

    • Has anyone else drawn this link? The Clairvoyant is said to be able to read minds . . . who does Baron von Strucker have in his custody? None other than Scarlet Witch, who can . . . you guessed it . . . read minds, among other abilities.

      So is it possible that Baron von Strucker is directing Scarlet Witch as the Clairvoyant? Destruction of SHIELD leads to the Winter Soldier which is widely known to have a post credit scene with Baron von Strucker, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. If this were the case, think of the possibilities for a season 2.


      • Interesting thought! I wrote down that it could be Jarvis going rogue as the Clairvoyant. If Von Strucker has Loki’s staff too then that may help with the mind control.

        One thing they did say thought is that the clairvoyant is actually an agent on the inside.

        But the show could still change its ways too.

      • Sorry, friend, but Scarlet Witch can NOT read minds. She has an hex power, an odd-altering power. She has no psychic ability whatsoever.

  8. Every episode feels like an explosion that is infinity expanding. Thus expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

  9. Agents of SHIELD has always been a hit and miss for me. Some good episodes and some episodes where I go “meh”. I do agree that this first season has relied too much on their tie in with Captain America to keep people watching. I don’t watch because it’s a good show that I’m anticipate weekly, I just watch to see the small puzzle pieces they place in each episode that reveals more about Captain America or Avengers 2. Plus, you can’t avoid the “cheese factor”. But the show does what it’s supposed to do. But now that Marvel has this deal with Netflix, they really don’t need AOS anymore because the shows about Daredevil, Iron First, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are going to be really good.

    • Agreed

  10. “agenda…” “agen…” “agent”

    Great article Rob! Keep them coming!!

  11. The show def got better so I really hope they get a second season. I assume if they do the second season will go from Sept to May and lead up to Avengers 2.

    So after a slow start they started to get things right, it would suck for all of us who invested and stuck with the show and finally started to like it and then it gets taken out from under us.

  12. Skipped out on tonight’s episode, although I did see a glimpse of the Nick Fury getting attacked scene in the end.
    Will watch it tomorrow. I do hope the series picks up from here given the drag the series caused just to build up to the Cap movie.
    If that’s the route AoS will be taking (that it always needs to play alongside a major plot in one Marvel movie), Season 2 shouldn’t happen; because then the ratings will just fluctuate and that can’t be good.
    The (Daredevil/Luke Cage/Iron Fist) miniseries should just move from Netflix to TV.

    • That was a scene from Cap 2. I agree with the previous poster that May isn’t the clairvoyent, but she is keeping tabs on Coulson for someone, possibly Fury.


      I’m thinking Agent Hand is behind it, possibly as an undercover Hydra agent. Centipede, or what ever their name is, is really just undercover Hydra. That’ll be part of the tie -in to Cap 2.

      • You “think” agent hand is behind it? They revealed that at the end of the episode.

    • “The (Daredevil/Luke Cage/Iron Fist) miniseries should just move from Netflix to TV.”

      Hell no. It should stay right on Netflix. We don’t need anymore ABC shenanigans with Marvel shows. Also Jed and his wife need to stay as far away from these Netflix shows as possible. Two of the biggest hacks who only got their fame from riding on Joss’s coattails and making a singalong blog.

  13. Deathlok scenes where sooooo bad, specially when he was flying down the stairs, it looked terrible, but besides that, pretty amusing. Coulson is in the zone!! He catches everything!

  14. I really hope this show gets a second season; I am enjoying it quite a bit. It does seem to be improving, and there is so much potential for it. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, and if it comes out on DVD, I will buy the series for my collection. They have a dead Kree? Plus points for that. They are upping the ante with super-powered villains in the neighborhood? Logical and about time. Now put the baddies in appropriate bad-guy costumes, not street clothes or black leather. I especially like Agents Coulson and Ward. Ward is kind of like the only one on the team able to do much secret-agent/anti-terrorist type stuff in a pinch. Alright, maybe Melinda May can put up a good scrap too, but she does not seem so “team-player-secret-agenty” as “be-yotchy”. I hate women who act “be-yotchy”. I hope Ward is done playing around with her under the sheets; it does not contribute much to the plot and nothing to the team. If May were my choice for how to spend a wild Saturday night, I would probably opt for spending my time with my library card for entertainment. The Bobbsy Twins Fitz and Simmons talk so fast, you can’t understand them around their accents at times, and Skye looks good in her underwear. Otherwise those three are OK but nothing special.

  15. Didn’t like the show from jump. I gave up after about 5 episodes.

    The fact that nobody, save for a very few, really seems to care about this news tells me all I need to know.

    • I tend to give a series 1 season to tell if it’s any good. The really bad ones I can’t even get to the season finale and with this series it has me struggling to get to the finale which is saying a lot because I love Marvel. All my other friends that are Marvel fans gave up on this show a while ago but I tried to stick with it because, well, it’s Marvel but at this point it’s work to get through an episode.

  16. I’ve been disappointed in the show for the most part. Wanted a more serious tone without the forced comedy. It’s definitely turned around. Great episode tonight. Centipede has to be Hydra.

  17. do we have to see cap2 in theatres in order to enjoy the rest of the season of AOS ?

    • I’d say you should really see Cap 2 before the next ep if possible, but not just for AoS, because it’s a must-see.

      • thanks. i did skip thor 2 in theatres and saw the “the well” (i think that was the tie-in episode if i recall) but it didn’t affect at all the series but i guess i should watch cap2 because this time the tie-ins seem more related.

        and i will watch cap2 because i’ve seen them all and i heard good things about it, but i’m trying not to expect much of the movie because iron man 3 and thor 2 were such a let down for me.

  18. That episode alone just paid off me watching every week an episode has aired. Great episode and pumped even more-so for Winter Soldier. Also, Fitz is the best character

    • I agree that Fitz has improved a great deal since the pilot. However, Simmons has to go. Nothing against the actress, but the character has gone nowhere and doesn’t look like she’s going to.

  19. I call this as the true pilot episode of the series, seriously. This is the only episode that directly sets up for the movie (watching it tomorrow!), that Agent Sitwell bit where he has to “catch a boat” was real good after Marvel released the first ten minutes of Winter Soldier showing what happened after he left. That was clever!
    Still though, and I hate to compare it to Arrow, but still doesn’t capture comic book feeling it tries to be

  20. Has anyone else drawn this link? The Clairvoyant is said to be able to read minds . . . who does Baron von Strucker have in his custody? None other than Scarlet Witch, who can . . . you guessed it . . . read minds, among other abilities.

    So is it possible that Baron von Strucker is directing Scarlet Witch as the Clairvoyant? Destruction of SHIELD leads to the Winter Soldier which is widely known to have a post credit scene with Baron von Strucker, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. If this were the case, think of the possibilities for a season 2.


    • The theory they tossed out last night was that the Clairvoyant was a traitor inside SHIELD that had a high clearance and access to everyone’s files.

  21. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/04/02/tv-ratings-tuesday-the-mindy-project-returns-down-marvels-agents-of-s-h-ie-l-d-glee-the-voice-fall/250129/

    Season low 5.39 million viewers this show did a horrendous job of keeping it’s initial first couple of episodes which have turned a lot of people off and quite frankly the breaks have not helped. If it gets a second season it needs a new timeslot.

    • This doesn’t take into account next day viewings or DVR viewings which AoS does really well on.

      On that point though, you might be right that the show may just need a different time-slot since many people DVR it anyways.

      I am one of them cause I watch NCIS then I watch the DVR’d AoS later or next day as I coach football and when I get home have to make lessons for school.

    • This actually supports that the show has done fairly well…
      (courtesy of TvbytheNumbers

      Season-to-Date TV Playback (9/23/13-3/16/14):

      Live + 7 Day Ratings for the week of 3/10/14 (Week #25): ABC claimed 6 of the week’s 10 biggest broadcast gainers in TV playback among Adults 18-49 (the most for any network),… – #5, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (+1.4 rating points)…

      Based on TV playback data for the 2013-14 season, ABC continues to claim the most Top 10 playback gainers of any broadcast network in Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers. ABC has 5 of the season’s Top 10 in TV playback among young adults: …Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (+1.6 rating points) and Scandal (+1.6 rating points) tied at #5…

      …Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Tuesday’s #1 scripted show this season with Adults 18-49 based on original telecasts, beating CBS’ NCIS (4.2 rating vs. 4.1 rating). Based on first-run telecasts in the L+7 Adult 18-49 ratings, ABC claims the season’s #1 scripted show on Tuesday (S.H.I.E.L.D. – 4.2 rating),…

  22. Anyone with a bad opinion of this show doesn’t realize the creative license given to go beyond the scope of canon story-lines. I wish people wouldn’t dog on a show that has a lot of up and coming actors in it. Give it a chance, and stop being so elitist. Numbers don’t matter when the people who do watch it enjoy it. Do those people earn a bad person star because they like the show?

    • So by that arguement, it would seem to be justified that we also leave shows like Jersey Shore, American Idol, and Dads. Sorry, but numbers in this business always matter because it tells whether or not people are watching and as of right now they are not

      • Oh God, Dads is the worst show ever made…

        And man I love watching movies with those 2 leads but that show is badddddd………