4 Ways to Improve ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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4 Ways to Improve Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of SHIELD Tv show improvements changesMarvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a pretty strong premiere (in terms of ratings); however, a very vocal section of the Marvel Universe fan base have been very critical of Avengers director Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot - and based on polling in our own review, even those who enjoyed the premiere episode nonetheless believe there is room for some considerable improvement.Always the helpful bridge-builders, we thought we could identify four ways that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can improve itself in nice, succinct (and relatively quick) fashion.Read on and see if you agree with our picks - and feel free to make your own in the comment section below.

Kill Off the Weak Links

Agents of SHIELD Weak CharactersSo far, it seems that one of the criticisms about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that the characters are too cliched and vanilla - in all meanings of the latter word. Not a problem: The great thing about teams is that there are a lot of bodies - and more than a few of them can be sacrificed. And we all know that Whedon loves to (sort of) kill characters off...TIP: Don't hold on to any weak links. If the fanbase isn't warming to a character within a few episodes - be it snarky blogger Skye (Chloe Bennet) or snarky agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) - then take him/her out of the equation for good.Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) seem to be fan-approved, so there's already a foundation there. And it's fortunate that Marvel went with relative unknowns for the younger cast: we won't feel much loss if (when?) they're gone.

Focus on the Coolest Characters

Melinda May in Agents of SHIELDMaking a TV pilot is like throwing sand into a colander and sifting it out until you discover a few gems buried within. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. threw a lot of things in that colander - and a lot of characters, to boot. Right now it looks like only one or two of them (maybe three) are going to shine, but that's okay: great TV shows have been made from less.Don't want to kill off or write off characters like Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) or Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge)? Fine. Have them take a cue from Q in James Bond and give them a little cameo scene every now and again to present new gadgets (and limited banter) to our agents. Meanwhile, Agent May is intriguing - let's spend more time focused on her!TIP: There is foreground and background to play with, so don't spread the show too thin. Focus on the top players and go deeper into their stories; create more restricted lanes for the other players (or just lose them entirely).  

Introduce Upgraded (and Diverse) Replacements

Agents of SHIELD Better CharactersLook, with every slide it is seeming more and more clear that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in need of a re-tooled cast. It's not just the actors - or the characters, for that matter. It's actually a combination of both.From the early marketing it was clear there was a problem: Nothing about the S.H.I.E.L.D. team seemed that interesting. Or badass. Or believable. Or diverse. It was all Disney/ABC-brand family-friendly blandness. In a world where character-centric cable shows have seized the zeitgeist, bland and forgettable characters are a death-knell for a TV series.TIP: When you pull some weak links out, you better replace them with something that's actually better - something more interesting, badass, believable AND diverse. This is the Marvel Universe; plenty of great characters (superheroes or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents) already exist in canon, and if you're going to create new ones, give us characters with more imagination behind them, instead of a cast assembled from a demographics analysis printout.

Get More Espionage-Serious

Agents of SHIELD tone Spy ShowRight now, people are saying that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. feels like Avengers  with weaker characters and much lower action potential. It's easy to see from the pilot how Marvel could've indeed been going for that Avengers tone and feel to the show - but perhaps that was a misstep. Maybe a change in approach to the material would fix many problems at once - the writing, characters and overall tone of the show being some of the big ones.TIP: This is an ultra-secret espionage organization; give us a show with more espionage edge to it, rather than trying to emulate the superhero high-fantasy adventure of Avengers - with non-super, non-fantastical characters. There is a way to make AoS a little more like Alias24, Strikeback or Homeland and still retain that coveted family-friendly brand. The show needs to sharpen its claws a bit. Better characters and storylines will flow from that.

There Is Hope...

Agents of SHIELD Tv show improvements changesBased on our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere review and podcast discussion of the show, it's safe to say that around the Screen Rant bullpen there is a feeling that there is potential in the show - potential we want to see realized into the best possible show Marvel can deliver to fans.Clearly a pilot is only a test run - which is why both fans and critics alike are eager to see what comes next in Marvel's big spinoff show. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 2 evidences clear smoothing of some of these rough edges, maybe we can tuck our list away... for now.__________Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays @8pm on ABC.Follow me @ppnkof
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  1. Grant Ward is too pretty. That particular role needs to be filled with someone like the guy from another ABC series, “Scandal”, played by Guillermo Díaz or with a similar “dirtiness” and grit portrayed by another Marvel character, Wolverine.

    This guy looks like he just walked in off a fashion shoot. He doesn’t belong in that role. Not on that team.

    Coulson may be too soft – he has no “edge” for a role like this one (to be honest, I keep expecting Julia Luis-Dreyfus to come busting in with a solution the FitzSimmons twins can’t fix – but, that’s another issue entirely).

    I like Skye… I like the way she plays her character and think that character could be useful – but, not as a central figure. She isn’t carrying the show – and, probably won’t.

    And, Ming-Na Wen’s character, Melinda May, has some possibilities. Everyone loves Scarlett Johannson’s character, Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow). Whoever is choreographing Scarlett’s fight scenes really does good work… and, the camera work is awesome.

    Not so much with AoS. May looks sluggish and unpracticed when she fights. The best episodes with her “taking someone out” are those where you see her go in then you see her after the fact. We don’t need to see her “do the deed”… we just need to be able to accept that she “did the deed”. Either that, or choreography and camera really need some upgrades.

    I agree with the reduction of Fitz & Simmons… they need to stay. But, cameos would certainly be better. Unless one of them is, secretly, Thor and the other Sif, they have no business in combat situations. It completely invalidates the combat situations – makes them seem to contrived and sterile.

    This show has the capacity for SO MUCH MORE than what we’re getting.

    Maybe Whedon and his group weren’t the answer to the question of who should put this all together.

    • This show needs more bang, power-man , iron-fist, spidey and much less of the current cast. I mean this is shield there should be something blowing you away every week. The series as it stands right now sucks, it should be called introducing shields b team. Because it sure ain’t the first string.

  2. Before this show came out I was so excited and heard some cool storys from my friend who has connections in marvel, so I wrote an episode idea and tried to send it and they didn’t want any unsolicited scripts, I have a feeling it would have been able to change the direction of the show, or start out, I didn’t know what the show was gonna to be like so the charters are different, if you want I could send a copy, my email is the_beard@hotmail.co.nz

    • Judging from that train-wreck of a run on sentence you wrote there I bet that script is a steaming pile of arse. Your misuse of the comma is astounding. Do you just hate period or something? Maybe you should learn how to write a sentence before you write a screenplay.

  3. Wanna hear my opinion?

    Number 5: Make the series al lover again… and take off Coulson

    For christ sake, guys. How could you explain this to your children when they see both “The Avengers” and these series?

    I can imagine it

    Child: Daddy, why Coulson is back? I thought he died in the movie

    Dad: Well son, there it is an explaination for this. You’ll see: In the movie “The Avengers”… uhhhhh

    Mindblow, right?

    And this was supposed to be a spin-off sequel of the movie? Then why Coulson is it? Unless there will be a future episode explaining that some god like Thor or someone else brought him back to life, (Which i consider kinda awkard if i do expect it from the writers) i don’t see why this series should continue with Coulson

    And i am sorry for this rant, buys. I saw the first two episodes and the series is good so far, but as far as i know, my only complain is that Coulson’s revived somehow :S

    Don’t get angry, it is good, but Coulson revived makes it a little bit awkward for me

    • Oh my God!! I’m so sorry for the guy who commented above me…
      Didn’t you know that Nick Fury Jr. (aka Samuel L. Jackson) planned to fake the death of Agent Coulson so he could inspire the Avengers to work with each other?? One of the reason why I still watch this show is to know whether Agent Coulson might be a Life Decoy or probably Ultron… But I got to admit it, with every episode it’s getting pretty lame until the big cliffhanger they put in the end of each episode which got you thinking…

      Like in episode 2, what’s an 8-0-4?? or in episode 3 was that Graviton, one of the greatest enemies of the Avengers?? or like in episode 5, who is the clairvoyant and who are Skye’s parents??

    • You really weren’t paying much attention.

      Coulson died; the guy in the series is not Coulson, he just thinks he is.

      Numerous scenes have mentioned this.

      Coulson himself even attempts to give an explanation (though his version is later revealed to be a lie). Coulson explains how he survived and was sent on vacation to recover. Each time he retells this story someone else (out of his ear shot) mentions that he is wrong. The most telling interaction was a dialogue between two of the other team members in reference to Coulson: “He doesn’t know?”… nope, Coulson doesn’t even know that he isn’t the real Coulson, and his story that he’s going around telling of how he survived is just the story he was told after waking up.

      It hasn’t been fully revealed what Coulson is (he could be a clone or an android or a cyborg or well, pretty much anything, this is a comic book universe); but it’s been made very clear that he did die in the movie and that the explanation for exactly what this version of him “is” won’t be given until his character figures it out (or gets closer to suspecting)

      So no, he isn’t “revived”, you just missed the several times its been mentioned

      • I am assuming that this was written before last weeks episode, which gave us a good look at what really happened to Coulson. Either way, I can’t stand Skylar mainly. I actually really like the combo of Fitz and Simmons, but I think some things can definitely change to make it better. I do remember recently hearing that two new members were joining the team. An explosives expert and something else.

    • I like Coulson he never should have died on avengers his inter play with nick fury is great and I loved furys line in one ironman movie “I got my eye on you…….”

  4. Vanilla would be the operative word here.

    Black Americans pump one trillion, that’s trillion with a T into the national economy. Disney’s adversion to people of color is glaring in the casting of agents of SHIELD, and, as a governmental agency it would be required by law to hire a diverse workforce.

    Although Joss Whedon’s track record is one of being allergic to strong non-White males, we do have a mixed-race President. C’mon…wake up and smell the 2100’s.

    Oh and stop having Black characters who are hopped up on drugs or enslaved. Its offensive.

    • Their leader (Nick Fury) is black…

      We have no idea how many other black people are in the agency as a whole, the show focuses on one team that happens to be mostly white + 1 asian

      And BTW, the laws you are referring to that require diversity, are not as strict as you imply. There is no law that says you must have X number of black people on every team within a company. The law only mandates that the company as a whole have a certain percentage of diversity (and that diversity does not require black, it can be asian or anything ~ in fact technically hiring 100% black would also be illegal, its diversity overall that is required, not a specific race or balance of any one race)

      Also the percentage requirements change based on how many people are in a company, if for example the entire company were less than 10 people, no diversity at all would be required. We don’t know the total number of shield agents or the total number of mixed races the company as a whole has; but from a purely legal standpoint if you only added up the ones we’ve seen on screen than the asian girl + Nick Fury is actually putting them above their quota requirements (based on the number of agents we’ve seen)

    • And while I have nothing against black people, you pointing out that they contribute 1 trillion to the economy is almost insulting. the US GDP is over 15 trillion. 13% of the US is black; which means if they were “pulling their weight” their contribution would be closer to 2 trillion (nearly double what you imply)

      I hope your numbers are just off, I will assume they are contributing 2 trillion based on their population numbers in comparison to GDP, otherwise they would be at less than half the contribution of any other race per person.

      Now, if you just want to be real with the numbers, 13% of the country is black? You’d need more than double the team members before you statistically would need another black person (in addition to Nick Fury) to make the percentage accurate.

      While I have no problems with them adding more colors to the show; it should be pointed out that doing so would actually over represent that race in comparison to population

      Now if their company didn’t have Nick Fury as their leader (and yes he’s been on the show for at least a cameo), than you might have had a point.

      If you really want something to nit pick over, go complain that the team has no latino, their population is higher than the black population and the team has none of those but from where I sit, 3 girls an asian and a black guy is pretty diverse for a very small team

    • the falcon is black soon to be in cap america 2 cool dude too

    • Oh sweet zombie Jesus, shut up about diversity. It’s frackin’ TV. Take your race wars elsewhere, no one wants to hear them.

      You’re even so racist you called Obama a “mixed-race President”. /smh

      You know what’s offensive? YOU.

      Move back to Africa and STFU. No one wants you here.

    • The year 2100 is 86 years from now, so you must have an amazing sense of smell if you’re “smell[ing] the 2100s.”

  5. Agree with all but the 4th. I have no interest in the espionage. What I want to see is more of shield working with superhumans. Hopefully even working in some of the second string marvel heroes more often. I have watched every episode so far. There have been some ok moments, but overall I am not impressed. I will stick with it, but if the season doesn’t start to get more interesting I may have to give up on it.

  6. I was so excited about S.H.I.E.L.D. that I scheduled it on my Outlook calendar to insure nothing else the time slot, however, I’m growing very bored with it The two geeks are overkill and there is too much quirkiness Although there are humorous moments in most of the MARVEL movies, it’s not so much that it detracts from the seriousness of the movie as does with S.H.I.E.L.D. All of the other characters are fine, but I’d be happier with two less goofy geeks.

    • ahem

  7. Agents in Training was the best description I’ve read about this show. It should be called that. So disappointing.

  8. yeh i must say it is going down hill almost soon as it started i mean wheres super beings and costumes cheap maaaan must have a really low budjet evreybody wheres suits even in the avengers movie shield agents look like they do near anuff in the comics of old COME ON MARVEL SORT IT OUT.

  9. Haven’t seen the show yet but have read quite a variety of comments. May check out the first few episodes but for some reason it never appealed to me at the start. Though it’s well ahead in the story line, I think of gearing the show towards a Secret War type of storyline would allow for key character development and plot twists with enough fruit to keep people interested.

  10. I believe the problem with your suggestions is that you seem to think that the “weak links” are characters that comic book readers won’t like. The fanbase of the show is not to be found among those who buy comics. It’s to be found among those who love Joss Whedon’s work. Despite the fact he’s working with Marvel, his fans aren’t restricted to those who buy comic books.

    Coulson is a unique character, to be sure, but May and Ward are both cliches, in the most cliched use of the word. They’re caricatures of standard SHIELD agents.

    That being said, they will undoubtedly grow as characters as the writers and actors learn the best way to use them.

    Skye is a classic hacker, but she’s unique in that she can see the usefulness of “the system”, albeit in an exploitative sense. Unlike the typical movie/TV IT nerd, she isn’t ridiculously over the top in her insistence that the world will be better off when “the man” is brought down. She’s seeing a larger world, and it shows.

    As far as Fitz and Simmons are concerned, there’s no need to defend them. They have a level of cool with which Ward’s muscles and May’s eternal anger cannot begin to compete.

  11. Hmm, think we can agree that the main ‘team members’ are more than a little bland – not a huge fan of Agent Ward and I’m pretty sure that chap infected with Extremis in episode 1 would make a better ‘action hero’ in the long term.

    Room to explore some ‘hard’ sci-fi concepts in this series, human augmentation, be it genetic, cybernetic or even the theft of justin hammer’s prototype suits – all would feed into the Marvel cannon and create a bit of interest by linking it back into the movies (which was kinda the point!!)

    More to be done here Joss, can do the x files route or the spooks route in my mind, but the current offerings just aint cutting the mustard

  12. My fix…

    Kill Ward. Replace him with Eric O’Grady. (great way to promote AntMan movie)
    Kill Skye. Replace her with Jessica Drew, or Monica Rambeau for those screaming for less vanilla.

    Victoria Hand should become the teams handler.

    When introducing ‘villian of the week’… make it a KNOWN villian. Who is ‘Scorch’? Who is ‘asgardian mason who became a beserker’? Marvel have a library of over 4000 available characters… USE THEM!

    Reveal Coulson’s secret or Skye’s secret now. Running two plotlines revolving around secrets is lazy. Everyone has a secret. We get it. Ideal world… reveal Skye’s secret (please don’t make her Jessica Drew or Jessica Jones)… then kill her.

    Introduce a recurring villian. HAMMER, SWORD, Thunderbolts, AIM, Hydra, Wrecking Crew, The Hand. Give us something evil to connect to.

    Use Marvel Cinematic universe characters already established. I’m not saying they should get Chris Evans in for half a dozen episodes, or have Hulk show up… but what about Kat Dennings? She would have been perfect in episode 8. Zachary Levi as Fandral. He could have ported in and Coulson could have handed him a broom.

    • Couldnt agree more. What the show needs is actual characters from the comics. Hydra or AIM should have been the main antagonists from episode 1. They did the origin of Graviton which is an actual villain from the comics but youd only know who he was if youre a comic book nerd like me.

      • Why do you need to know who Graviton is?

        I think the main problem is people are expecting either a comic-book clone, or an avengers movie clone, or something like that. Comments pushing them to stick to villains from the comic world they can ‘identify with’ or bring more superhuman-types demonstrate that clearly.

        Its always a risk making a series with a link to something that exists as oppose to a brand new story, but just because you don’t know the comic book history doesn’t mean that you need to for the show to be entertaining.

        Also, people seem to want this show to jump straight to the answer to all their questions about Skye’s parentage, or what happened to Coulson, etc. If it answered all the questions by episode 2 or 3, why would you watch the rest?

        And a key villain like Hydra? Seems like there is one that pops up now and again, but is a bit in shadow. I think that’s great, I’m sure it will develop more as the show goes on, but I think its great the show isn’t fixated on having a Shield v One Enemy plot. That sort of thing always spells a death for shows as they just become repetitive and formulaic, let the show develop and the characters and backstories to grow. Don’t jump to criticise every issue that hasn’t been resolved in the first handful of episodes.

  13. I’m in agreement with these four ideas. I really, really want to like this show, but I’m finding it harder and harder to do so every week. Keep Coulson. I’ve always liked Clark Gregg’s portrayal of him. Keep May. Her character is intriguing and there’s lots of potential for some back story. Possibly keep Fitz. I like the character when he’s not with Jemma, but when the two of them are arguing, I want to scream “SHUT THE HELL UP”. The arguing scenes have already gotten very old. Get rid of Jemma, Grant, and Skye. Jemma is shrill and irritating. Grant’s just not very interesting and the tough guy loner has been done to death. The rebellious computer nerd character of Skye has also been done before again and again.

  14. Great idea building on the character of May. It seems as though she is trained in ninjutsu from the way she disappeared in the flashes of light in a fighting scene and also how she took out an entire squad by herself without a weapon. (like she used stealth) This makes her even more intriguing. The touch of her humerous side was great as well. Great development of a character.

  15. I actually disagree with these “4” suggestions. I disagree because the only reason I want to show is for Skye, and seeing how her character develops and how she interacts with everyone. I am a bit disappointed to see so many people assuming that their world view, suggestions and opinions should be taken to heart without any consideration for the people who aren’t comic book fans, but do indeed love this show and the current team that exists.

  16. Here is an idea to improve “AGENTS OF SHIELD”. The audience should learn to develop patience and allow a serial drama like “SHIELD” develop with time, instead of demanding that it be another “LOST” – namely a mind blowing premiere season, followed by not so hot seasons.

    The problem is today’s audience. I know that “AGENTS OF SHIELD” isn’t perfect. No series is. But it has a great deal of potential. And that potential should develop over time. Serial drama is like a long distance race. You don’t want to start at the head of the pack.

    Unfortunately, thanks to “LOST” and “ONCE UPON A TIME”, all television viewers for serial dramas in the sci-fi/fantasy genre expect them to be sensational at the beginning. The problem is that shows that start on top artistic wise, usually end up floundering in its remaining seasons. This happened to “LOST”. The first season was such a sensation that it won a Best Drama Emmy for its first seasons. The five seasons that followed, flip-flopped in quality. The same is now happening to “ONCE UPON A TIME”.

    And this is why I cannot understand why today’s TV audiences are demanding that “AGENTS OF SHIELD” has a sensational first season. If Joss Whedon had done that, the series would end up spending the rest of its run struggling . . . and failing to maintain the quality of its first season. This happened to “LOST”. This happened to the new “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”. And it is now happening to “ONCE UPON A TIME”.

    For God’s sake! Learn some patience and allow “SHIELD” to grow on its own time.

  17. The should be more like Men in Black but more serious and espionage. In looking for more realism one should able to view that this is a “behind the scenes covert operation”. They should be in the foreground, background, in the wake and tracking the “Big Screen Heroes and villains”. Stabilizing, cleaning up the chaos surround the Major Players. In AOS when they surprised Bruce Banner about how they have been tracking him all along and keeping others off his back, that’s what should be depicted. Who are the others? Make it bad ass but these are clean-cut but very tactical agents that can do the dirty work without leaving a trace!

  18. While Agents of SHIELD does have some cool gadgets, and mystical powers going on, it feels too much to me like X-files or the first season of Fringe. It is like X-files set in the Marvel universe, toned down for families. I think this show would be better if it focused on characters from the Marvel universe and had more engaging story line. I feel like if I miss one episode it’s no big deal to understanding the rest of the story. Lets see some more awesome characters with special abilities… maybe their origins how Smallville introduced some great characters like green arrow, aquaman, flash, etc… their are plenty of interesting characters to choose from.

  19. I’ve said this before on reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, go old school. There is a 68 year (7 decade) gap between the “death” of Captain America and Tony Stark’s reason for being in Afghanistan at the beginning of Iron Man.

    Coulson is fixated on the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D. Doing an occassional episode where he’s telling a team member or members about the exploits of Agent Carter, the Howlin Commandos, Sgt. Fury ( Nick’s father Jack) Union Jack (former Howlin Commando) and lots of other things from the “Golden Age” of Marvel.

    All things “AGENT” should be on this show, which means when Jessica Jones ends her run on Netflix bring her on AoS, if not before her own show.
    Get rid of Agent Ward and introduce Agent Q, Clay Quartermain, one of the most popular agents in the Marvel stable.
    Bring Agent 13 from CAWS to do a multi-episode story arc on AoS.
    Cut a deal with Fox to “rehabilitate” Agent Zero (using the same actor, for continuity) and introduce Agent X (which Fox could cast) Giving Fox the opportunity to “bring back” one character and introducing another seems a fair exchange.
    Make Maria Hill, Jasper Sitwell more semi-regular than just showing up from time to time.
    I have high hopes for this show because if done right and allowed to run its course it could very well lead into MARVELS AGENTS OF S.W.O.R.D. once we’ve gotten past Phase III.

  20. I think the show is good so far but there is a few things I would like to see be added to the series after season I is over.

    Mockingbird (Added To The Team)
    Bruce Banner & General Ross (A few linked episodes with them would be Epic)
    Helicarrier (Replace The Bus)

  21. please, please, please kill skye off. she is the worst, most unbelievable character ever. and she is the main reason i stopped watching. yeah. a super sexy young chick hacks in to networks with a laptop that she won in a poker game but the actual shield agency lacks her hacking skills? a multi-billion dollar secret government organization lacks the technical talent that skye has? f’ing please. she is lame. kill her off and quickly. i just may watch the show again.

  22. I found the best way to watch this show.
    1) Set your dvr to record the show
    2) when ever sky is on screen skip ahead until she’s not all her character does is state the obvious you won’t miss anything
    3) enjoy the show

  23. Ward and Coulson are the only really good characters. Fitz and Simmons talk so fast, you can’t get around their accents to understand what they are saying. Skye is kind of bland, useless, common, plain…not really super-spy-team material. Melinda may is too be-yotchy. Ward is about the only one to have on your side in an espionage case or a gunfight or scrap, he is Bond-like (a little). Coulson is, well, Coulson, so keep those two (OK, May can fight too, but she is still too be-yotchy). I enjoy this show, and will buy it in it’s entirety when available on DVD. Hope it is around for awhile.

  24. As, a fan who really like all those new Marvel’s (Personally 3D is a Must) Agent of SHIELD is a Series that I have lots of hope for it. On the constructive side I like most caracters Skype can stay (beatiful with emotion, feelings),as I’m reading lots of controversities, Geeks are need it but as the male one who start to learn to become more tough, the female should start to be, not as a warriors or heroes, understand they are Scientist and generally they are Pacifist, but this is a program related to the NEW ERA where Aliens and Heroes had showed up to our planet and not all came with good intentions, those Geeks need to show their strenth as Geeks (Skype too, even tho now she will have some new powewrs).

    Yes put more ACTION and less whining drama but add better triller espionage goverment greedy corrupt-some drama working with heroes (need more history-related with)and learning-advancing Alien-Tech. This TV Show it start to develope their own EVIL Caracter (some time look lame)but in the Marvel World you allready have all those Evil Caracters and more, if you must need to create a new Evil please do it Right. Also agree with the Director need to do sme BIG Changes with all those angles and fights (they look very low budget). YOU HAVE THE MONEY, ADD BETTER EFFECTS !! All those MOVIES HAVE IT and it is one of the major reason WE the FAN LOVE IT… As the 2 combat expert caracters it feels like they are trying too hard to be tough or there is some misleading Direction or development. BETTER EFFECTS you have all the ingridients… may be need a better Chief. Also and maybe it is just me (but believe it is a must on now days TV and Movies) Do it in 3D !! (All Marvel Movies are 3D ). Start to complicate and mix the plot and add Aliens Monter with several of yours caracters developing Alien force or Technology plot and more caracters from Movies…

    As for the one who use everithing to make it Racial… Please !! Have you read Marvel Comics ? I garantee there is nothing Racial here (Marvel) and as you can see now with Captain America 2 they are working on it… Please don’t pick a fight where there is NONE.

    At the end, I Believe and have high Hopes with you, Marvel. You can do it :)

  25. Haha… everything changed.

    Agents sync’d up with Captain America 2 quite nicely.
    Some character surprises kicked in.
    Maybe some of those characters aren’t quite that dull (I never thought they were anyways).

    The show definitely got more interesting after the last two episodes so far (eps 16 End of the Beginning and 17 Turn, Turn, Turn).

  26. I’m beginning to see a pattern (or at least ‘think’ it’s a pattern) to how Marvel/Disney is handling the storyline to this show, particularly with Coulson. As Agent Coulson learns more and more about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ he survived after being killed by Loki, the more we see why he was placed in the position he is in…far from major S.H.I.E.L.D. events (or H.Y.D.R.A. events), and now, as things seem to be coming clearer and who was ‘really’ running things, everyone will see (possibly) the ‘real’ Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. come forth to take on the Agents Of H.Y.D.R.A. in the last few episodes of this season.

    The NEXT season would be even GREATER if they all wear the uniforms seen in the movies (worn by Agent Hill and Black Widow), while fighting not just H.Y.D.R.A., but A.I.M. as well. No more plane, as the HELECARRIER is seen from now on.

    Note (for those that don’t know this)- The current ‘Nick Fury’ has been around for several years in comics BEFORE being seen onscreen, and is from the ‘Ultimates’ universe, and modeled intentionally to look like Sammuel L. Jackson. The Marvel Universe was recently changed (thanks in part to Disney) to follow the ‘movie’ image, than the old universe where Nick was alive and part of the Howling Commandos’ during WW2.

  27. Too many white people on this show. It’s weird. All I ever see on this is white people (except for Agent Mae) until J. August Richards showed up, but then even his character was handled poorly.

    Here’s an idea, since Marvel is dragging their feet developing a Black Panther movie, why don’t they just introduce Black Panther through this show? All they have to do is a two-parter where the Agents quest over to Wakanda and gets ransacked by Wakandan Warriors.

    Or Black Panther could infiltrate the Bus and takes out the Agents one by one. Then when they come to, he will explain his purpose for being there. Agent Caulson will meet up with T’Challa and in doing so will invite him into the Avengers. Is that so hard?

    • What’s a Nubian?

  28. Sorry, the whole ‘black/white’ issue I’m reading on some of the comments makes me think of the scene from ‘Chasing Amy’-

    Hooper: “Always some white boy gotta invoke the holy trilogy. Bust this: Those movies are about how the white man keeps the brother man down, even in a ‘galaxy far, far away’. Check this s**t: You got ‘cracker’ farm boy Luke Skywalker, ‘Nazi’ poster boy, blond hair, blue eyes. And then you got Darth Vader, the blackest brother in the galaxy, Nubian god!”

    Banky Edwards: “What’s a Nubian?”

    Hooper: “Shut the f**k up! Now… Vader, he’s a spiritual brother, y’know, down with the force and all that good s**t. Then this cracker, Skywalker, gets his hands on a light saber and the boy decides he’s gonna run the f**kin’ universe; gets a whole clan of whites together. And they go and bust up Vader’s hood, the Death Star. Now what the f**k do you call that?”

    Banky Edwards: “Intergalactic civil war?”

    Hooper: “Gentrification! They gon’ drive out the black element to make the galaxy ‘quote, unquote’, safe for white folks. And Jedi’s the most insulting installment! Because Vader’s beautiful black visage is sullied when he pulls off his mask to reveal a feeble, crusty, old white man! They tryin’ to tell us that deep inside ‘we all wants to be white’!”

    Banky Edwards: “Well, isn’t that true?”

  29. I had to find these articles about Agents of Shield sucking during its early episodes because after the recent Captain America tie-in, ITS GOT SOO MUCH BETTER! Just wanted to update on Shield because it WAS slow and I thought it was garbage like I hated everything about it with it being too cliche and s***, but Damn Shield, you like somehow listened to all the fan’s ideas like this article to make it better