4 Ways to Improve ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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4 Ways to Improve Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of SHIELD Tv show improvements changesMarvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a pretty strong premiere (in terms of ratings); however, a very vocal section of the Marvel Universe fan base have been very critical of Avengers director Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot - and based on polling in our own review, even those who enjoyed the premiere episode nonetheless believe there is room for some considerable improvement.Always the helpful bridge-builders, we thought we could identify four ways that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can improve itself in nice, succinct (and relatively quick) fashion.Read on and see if you agree with our picks - and feel free to make your own in the comment section below.

Kill Off the Weak Links

Agents of SHIELD Weak CharactersSo far, it seems that one of the criticisms about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that the characters are too cliched and vanilla - in all meanings of the latter word. Not a problem: The great thing about teams is that there are a lot of bodies - and more than a few of them can be sacrificed. And we all know that Whedon loves to (sort of) kill characters off...TIP: Don't hold on to any weak links. If the fanbase isn't warming to a character within a few episodes - be it snarky blogger Skye (Chloe Bennet) or snarky agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) - then take him/her out of the equation for good.Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) seem to be fan-approved, so there's already a foundation there. And it's fortunate that Marvel went with relative unknowns for the younger cast: we won't feel much loss if (when?) they're gone.

Focus on the Coolest Characters

Melinda May in Agents of SHIELDMaking a TV pilot is like throwing sand into a colander and sifting it out until you discover a few gems buried within. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. threw a lot of things in that colander - and a lot of characters, to boot. Right now it looks like only one or two of them (maybe three) are going to shine, but that's okay: great TV shows have been made from less.Don't want to kill off or write off characters like Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) or Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge)? Fine. Have them take a cue from Q in James Bond and give them a little cameo scene every now and again to present new gadgets (and limited banter) to our agents. Meanwhile, Agent May is intriguing - let's spend more time focused on her!TIP: There is foreground and background to play with, so don't spread the show too thin. Focus on the top players and go deeper into their stories; create more restricted lanes for the other players (or just lose them entirely).  

Introduce Upgraded (and Diverse) Replacements

Agents of SHIELD Better CharactersLook, with every slide it is seeming more and more clear that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in need of a re-tooled cast. It's not just the actors - or the characters, for that matter. It's actually a combination of both.From the early marketing it was clear there was a problem: Nothing about the S.H.I.E.L.D. team seemed that interesting. Or badass. Or believable. Or diverse. It was all Disney/ABC-brand family-friendly blandness. In a world where character-centric cable shows have seized the zeitgeist, bland and forgettable characters are a death-knell for a TV series.TIP: When you pull some weak links out, you better replace them with something that's actually better - something more interesting, badass, believable AND diverse. This is the Marvel Universe; plenty of great characters (superheroes or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents) already exist in canon, and if you're going to create new ones, give us characters with more imagination behind them, instead of a cast assembled from a demographics analysis printout.

Get More Espionage-Serious

Agents of SHIELD tone Spy ShowRight now, people are saying that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. feels like Avengers  with weaker characters and much lower action potential. It's easy to see from the pilot how Marvel could've indeed been going for that Avengers tone and feel to the show - but perhaps that was a misstep. Maybe a change in approach to the material would fix many problems at once - the writing, characters and overall tone of the show being some of the big ones.TIP: This is an ultra-secret espionage organization; give us a show with more espionage edge to it, rather than trying to emulate the superhero high-fantasy adventure of Avengers - with non-super, non-fantastical characters. There is a way to make AoS a little more like Alias24, Strikeback or Homeland and still retain that coveted family-friendly brand. The show needs to sharpen its claws a bit. Better characters and storylines will flow from that.

There Is Hope...

Agents of SHIELD Tv show improvements changesBased on our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere review and podcast discussion of the show, it's safe to say that around the Screen Rant bullpen there is a feeling that there is potential in the show - potential we want to see realized into the best possible show Marvel can deliver to fans.Clearly a pilot is only a test run - which is why both fans and critics alike are eager to see what comes next in Marvel's big spinoff show. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 2 evidences clear smoothing of some of these rough edges, maybe we can tuck our list away... for now.__________Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays @8pm on ABC.Follow me @ppnkof
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  1. My top three problems with this show are:-
    1) Dull characters I’m having a hard time caring about,
    2) The more interesting characters are seemingly sidelined (More Coulson & Cavalry please!!!)
    3) Referencing or talking about cool stuff that happened off camera / in a Marvel film only serves to highlight what’s missing from this show,

    Every other Whedon show drew me in a lot faster than this, Firefly still has rabid fans over ten years after it was canned! With the Disney funding making anything possible we should have had amazing right off the bat but this feels like it’s aimed at children not prime time.

    • I agree that most of the characters are dull. In fact, I’m really surprised that a Joss Whedon piece could suffer as such. I think part of what is missing is at least one superhero.

    • Alright! Another virtually all white cast. (Thor have mercy, Shield employs a Hispanic or African American, other than Fury) Its not just some dull characters its the same character prototype we’ve seen before on other similar television series. Was Agent Ward passed over for the redux of Knight Rider, he would be better suited for day time drama. (Never too late to write him out)…and Skye (LMAO) she’s a hacker??! The first 3 episodes her character appeared to spend more time off camera on make up and hair, to get just the right shot. Her whole persona screams Reality TV Junkie and Facebook addict. And then there are the Wonder Twins, or whatever you want to call them. Are they not just the same character, that the writers decided to split in two? The cliche of “in english, please” when these two are speaking technical jargon has been used and abused so often, you would think one if not both of them would know simply by watching Tv in their down time, that their co-workers wont understand, unless its phrased on a 3rd grade reading level. Though im fine with Agent May & Coulson, the idea that this team of 6 can actually save or do anything substantial, is hard to grasp. Seriously they are better suited for the Telemarketing department of Shield.

  2. Cancel the series, that’s pretty much the only thing that can be done. This show is worse than Heroes.

    • How about you just stop watching the show so that those of us that are enjoying it can continue to do so.

    • I disagree on canceling, for now. Occasionally, series have had false starts but have recovered through a quick revamping and development.

      However, if they don’t do something quick, this one may be doomed.

  3. Personally from watching the show, I feel like they cast these actors/actresses on purpose. Because the three younger cast members are ‘new’, especially sky, it’s relative to have them both grow as actors and their characters. I feel as if your team is only as strong as your weakest link, so having sky choose to learn to become an agent is almost like witnessing a new birth. You never know who she could eventually become.

    • Amen!

  4. Comic book and sci-fi fans are pretty much the whiniest, most hard to please group of people on the planet. They complain about everything. The show has only had 3 freaking episodes. Expecting a show to hit its stride or have full character development in 3 episodes is ridiculous. Of course we aren’t going to care about characters that we don’t know….yet.

    • Well the big problem isn’t JUST with the characters. It’s the writing and “humor”. Some of it’s painful to watch. I can’t really make it past episode 2 because I know what I’m going to be getting into. It’s just not my cup of tea, imo, but kudos for them trying and I hope it does much, much better. It’s easy to blame Disney and I’d like to. I just don’t know that’s the main problem here. Who knows? The new Marvel cartoons and new Super Hero cartoons in general have been a major let down here lately :/ I miss the 90s Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons, they were thoroughly enjoyable.

    • Amen brother! We’ve lost some really good work, due to the vocal outbursts of die-hard fans. Personally, I thought “Green Lantern” was very true to the original character from when I was a boy. The updated costume was a neat change and the star was the epitome of the original GL. Now that one is gone, as are others that were over-criticized.

    • OH MY GOD I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’m a die-hard comic fan, but I personally think SHIELD is great! I don’t get why everyone assumed this show would be the next Firefly and be perfect from the get-go. I think all the characters have potential to grow and become just as loveable and unique as we all hope. But seriously, like you said, WE ARE ONLY A FEW FREAKING EPISODES IN!!!!! Everyone needs to chill. The world does not revolve around a single person’s opinion, and the so-called “concerned fans” of this show need to realize that.

  5. I don’t feel the show was what people expected it to be.

    The main characters are not superheroes with super powers but
    ‘normal’. Maybe if they had super powers or used some alien weapons that SHIELD had aquired, it would be better. (i.e. make them super soldiers).

    The two nerds Simmons & Fitz are too hyper excited. They are like two
    Weasly Crushers !!!! aaarggg. They need to calm down several notches.

    • I could not agree more with your sentiment. Marvel Sheild suppose to have superheroes not ordinary characters. You might as well call it agents in training.

      • SHIELD is the government organization that monitors the superheroes. It typically doesn’t include superheroes themselves on their roster.

      • SHIELD had NO super-powered characters as originally conceived, and through the best years of the comic.

        It was more-or-less normal people fighting an assortment of menaces with exotic devices and weaponry.

        This series is truer to the original spirit of the concept than most comic adaptations ever get.

  6. It’s too bad that Agents of SHIELD is on network TV since that will kneecap it for sure because they have to worry about being “family friendly” and dilute their source material to appeal to as broad an audience as they can. Hopefully, they can produce a SHIELD: Black Ops companion series on cable/Netflix that can get down and dirty.

  7. If you going to kill somebody kill Fits Simmons or maybe ward

  8. It is of my opinion that:

    The problem with SHIELD is after the first episode it jumped the shark, which is probably the fastest I have ever said about any TV show. This has a realm of fakeness around it like when Knight Rider was tried to be brought back from the grave with TKR with Kit being a Mustang (what where they thinking?). With the lack of special effects given the budget of just a TV show vs a major block buster, at what point does the story line pick up? Who is the enemy?

    Disney in it’s infamous wisdom, lawsuit aside with Stan Lee for the moment, is prolly deciding to save a buck and cheap out on proper writing simply because they think Marvel lovers everywhere will watch the show regardless what quality of work is pumped out. Well TKR only lasted 2 seasons, but I suppose that as long as they make it last as long as the marvel movies last what do they care.

    This seems to be the trend with a lot of Marvel movies recently,..

    Incredible Hulk, all of them: No one wants this role because it was made into all CGI now and because of that you will never have proper character development. Lou Ferrigno could have easily been brought back, but for some reason it never happened, I bet money was a factor.

    Iron Man 3: Good CGI, no plot,.. I wish I never seen it, it was made because they could,.. money, that’s all it was about.

    Amazing Spider-man: I tried 3-4 times to watch this movie, for whatever reason it put me to sleep every time. LAME!

    Thor: What a complete waste of money,.. why did you even bother?

    Fantastic 4: You made them into a joke, and every one of those main characters prolly wish they never did the film.

    I don’t get it,.. Tho I have to admit I’ll never be able to do the CGI at home as they could at such places like ILM, but I could write a better story line for any of these films on a roll of toilet paper in a public urnal that would have more quality and use then the writing I seen in these films. And what’s worse is that most of these are sequels that generated revenue from previous moves, so you cannot claim that there was no money for proper writing.

    • Wow, you jumped the shark with your comment that they should have used a real actor to play The Incredible Hulk. Hulk in the comics is huge compared to Banner. Plus you completely lost me with your comments about Thor and IM3…..Bitter DC comics fan ?

  9. I think one of the main things the show needs is some interesting character cameo’s that would fit in well with Agents of Shield. The Punisher I feel could fit easily into this. They could even try and get Thomas Jane to reprise his roll since he did that Punisher short film. I don’t know if there are any studio rights loop holes that would have to be done to use the character or Thomas Jane as the Punisher, but it needs to happen. Not just the Punisher either, I’d like to see nice cameo’s all the time. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Deadpool, etc. I’d like to see Hawkeye or Black Widow, since it is an Avenger’s spin off I feel they could at least give us those two. Really though, in all honesty, none of this is going to happen. This show is probably doomed to suck. :(

  10. I love how most of these suggestions boil down to –

    The cast sucks. Fix it!

    Because, seriously, the cast is terrible. Badly written, poorly conceived characters being played by rank amateurs.

    There is simply no excuse for that on this level.

    • Indeed

  11. I feel like Joss was entirely cut out of the casting decisions.

    “Fashion Model with noxema ad skin and pantene ad hair” isn’t what we’d expect from him, ever, for “Quirky rebel hacker girl living in her van”.

    It’s almost like he’s slapping his name on something he’s too busy to really produce. Sure, there are occasional gems that scream Joss Whedon like Coulson saying “Nobody is nobody”, but the show overall doesn’t feel like something he made.

  12. Ok. This is a pithy, myopic article that needed to be put on hold until the season was over.

    • No, it’s an article that’s generated a strong reaction. That’s kind of my job. Cheers.

  13. Shield has the potential for becoming a very good series, and if handle better than it presently is, the beginnings of a huge Marvel TV Empire. The premise of Shield is good and its never too late to improve the show to reflect its potential. Indeed the show as it stands has many, many problems, one of many being its writing. Too often it feels like the scripts are too concerned with making the characters clever with a lot of snarkiness and pithy set-ups that seem more interested in appeasing every demographic while satisfying none. The action scenes are predictable and much of the characters are so cliched that it borders on parody. Coulson is the only true bright spot, so keep him, ditch the rest. Agents of Shield should take its cue, (in my opinion) from Mark Millar’s version of Shield from “The Ultimates” (Which is pretty much what the Avengers movie utilized but to a lesser extent.)

    In the Ultimates series, Shield dealt with funding issues, and from time to time had to justify its existence to the government, and dealt with issues of human rights as regards its influence on other countries. Then there were elements of Shield, which implied that it sometimes engaged in less than justifiable acts to achieve a preferred outcome. This Shield can benefit from introducing Henry Pym as he continues working to duplicate the super soldier serum, that results in what gives him his powers and the complications he faces as a misunderstood and jealous husband of a frivolous Jan Pym.

    These are just suggestions of course and within these ideas there is plenty of room for espionage, off world tinkering, or a storyline that uncovers what turns out to be the Eternals with Celestials and so on. This could be achieved with a reasonable budget, and without the cartoony essence which currently plagues the resent series.

  14. I have watched every episode (with my 2 teenage boys) The overall consensus: it’s okay, could be better. Why? Most comments are accurate; the cast is not stellar. They are, by-and-large, stereotypical cardboard cutouts. It’s like when they started writing the script, they had a list and needed to check it off.
    All-business soldier type? Check.
    Snarky, feisty hacker chick? Check.
    Wesley Crusher-type techies? Check.
    Sullen, moody veteran agent? Check.
    Yes, I even have an issue with May. I’m tired of seeing this type of character, who must be dragged kicking and screaming into the mix because she’s so ‘talented’. And she should’ve been fired from the team after last night’s order-breaking debacle.
    But Coulson remains a great character, with some fresh, fun writing behind him, and the stories have been pretty interesting.
    And yes, the comments about making this show needing to feel more a part of the Marvel universe are also right on. I don’t expect the agents themselves to exhibit superpowers, but cameos from well-known superheroes will do wonders for this show. (my boys and I wanted to see Professor X show up in the last episode, but Patrick Stewart is probably busy on the set of Days of Future Past right now).
    On a personal note, I want to see a modern Hydra return as a major adversary for S.H.I.E.L.D.

  15. I have watched every episode (with my 2 teenage boys) The overall consensus: it’s okay, could be better. Why? Most comments are accurate; the cast is not stellar. They are, by-and-large, stereotypical cardboard cutouts. It’s like when they started writing the script, they had a list and needed to check it off.
    All-business soldier type? Check.
    Snarky, feisty hacker chick? Check.
    Wesley Crusher-type techies? Check.
    Sullen, moody veteran agent? Check.
    Yes, I even have an issue with May. I’m tired of seeing this type of character, who must be dragged kicking and screaming into the mix because she’s so ‘talented’. And she should’ve been fired from the team after last night’s order-breaking debacle.
    But Coulson remains a great character, with some fresh, fun writing behind him, and the stories have been pretty interesting.
    And yes, the comments about making this show needing to feel more a part of the Marvel universe are also right on. I don’t expect the agents themselves to exhibit superpowers, but cameos from well-known superheroes will do wonders for this show. (my boys and I wanted to see Professor X show up in the last episode, but Patrick Stewart is probably busy on the set of Days of Future Past right now).
    On a personal note, I want to see a modern Hydra return as a major adversary for S.H.I.E.L.D. We’ve seen a little of Hydra, thank goodness. Remember, the Red Skull is still floating around somewhere out there…
    And last, I want to see the HeliCarrier get some screentime as well. without it, it really doesn’t feel like a proper S.H.I.E.L.D. setting. We’ll keep watching, and hoping for the best for this show!

  16. I agree with most of this list, except for the idea of killing of Ward and/or Skye. If you want to kill off a weaker character, kill off Fitz or Simmons. Don’t get me wrong, I love FitzSimmons, but neither of them have had any character development so far. At least we have a bit of back story going for Ward and Skye. They have plenty of potential and I think we should see how they fare the rest of the season before killing one of them is even considered. Personally, I love everything about Agents of SHIELD and I don’t know why everyone is so set against it. It may be a Joss Whedon show,but that doesn’t mean you can go and compare it to Firefly. Because really, nothing can beat Firefly and I doubt anything ever will. So, here’s MY brilliant plan: Let’s all relax and see what Agents of SHIELD has to offer before we criticize it to the point where it’s ruined for the people who actually enjoy it despite its flaws.

    • Fitzsimmons is comfortable as background characters and make the explanations of the super science that goes on so we don’t scratch our heads. Ward and Skye however are characters designed to be in the forefront and as such the characters are not carrying the plot, so they need to be removed. Maybe not killed but def put deep into the background because for what ever reason (arrogance in skye is my guess and perfection in ward) have made them unpopular. I would like to relax and let it unfold but if the views slip we could end up watching its demise, but if they make the right changes now we could watch a much more fulfilling show.

  17. Just watched Episode 4 of
    “Agents Of Shield”
    I am trying so hard to like it, but it is “Weak❗”
    It’s like they are
    afraid to base it fully on the comic books.

    The four younger Characters on the show are killing me with the lame acting. And the Saturday morning cartoon style humor and interactions. The only element missing in their scenes is funny background music.
    Enough Said, I’m willing to let their characters grow.

    Clark Gregg’s “Agent Coulson” character has a “Cool” & Commanding demeanor that needs to be highlighted. I really believe that his character is why this series came to television, because of his screen presence in the Marvel Films.
    Episode 3 was the best of the lot and One of the best scenes was at the end when Agent Coulson gave instructions to the unknown Agent for the storage of the “Gravitonium Device” and he stated “Say it back to Me!” then told him how he did not want the item listed and then told the Agent that he would suffer if his instructions were not carried out exactly as given.
    Ming-Na Wen has always had a great screen presence in all of her roles and she is very underrated.

    This last episode started Off with some potential then fell short at the end.
    The Akela Amador Character would have been a great addition to the team and could have bought an interest skill set with Her robotic implants and it would have attracted those of us that would like to see a more diverse cast on the S.H.I.E.L.D Team.
    Another thing, there should be a bunch of men and women who look like military types from various countries in black BDU’s, suits & ties, or S.H.I.E.L.D Ultra Action Wear on the aircraft (The Bus) or around it whenever it lands. I understand that the show will focus on their core group of main characters but look at the S.H.I.E.L.D scenes from the Marvel Movies. Uniformed, busy, government types moving about taking care of business.

    One important ingredient that has got be pushed forward more, stories about heroes are successful when they face great and memorable villains.
    I thought for sure that Ian Quinn was going to be high ranking member of AIM, but they didn’t even touch it.

    Firefly acquired a loyal following early on probably because the show had such memorable Villainous adversaries in the first few episodes.

    If AOS doesn’t at least bring in AIM or HYDRA as the “Bad Guys” in their series, they will have failed miserably to capture an eager audience.

    And last, this show has its origins from comic books about superheroes and people with supernatural abilities. We are expecting the appearance of some familiar faces as Good Guys & Villains.


  18. Terrible list, i don’t agree with anything said on removing Chloe Bennett. She’s hawt and it’s all part of her character a young but still immature female who is coming into her own. She’s here to connect with the young people. What do you want some old chick trying to talk like she knows what’s up. Also did i mention she’s ridiculously hawt. http://img.pandawhale.com/post-29439-Agents-of-Shield-Sky-running-g-10Uy.gif


  19. It looks too much like a network show. And yes, the characters are dull.

  20. I have been a huge comic fan for decades.
    I have tried to watch the show, hoping it would get better.

    First of all, this is an all white cast basically. Totally vanilla and very boring!

    Second, how about battling some super-powered villains from the comics and have the super heroes pop in sometimes??

    • I know! Exactley! Make the show a small screen version of the movies a bit. I think that’s what folks expected, not “Heroes” with a diferent spin. Then as the show goes on, we can shape it into it’s own universe. Right with ya.

  21. Season 1 is always a standing ground of finding out what works and doesn’t. So I’m gonna give the show a season to improve.

    The shows needs at least one Superhero to help drive things as said by others here. Also different reasons why people have powers beyond alien manipulation from the “Avengers” would be a real plus. The dialoge is still a bit kidish and punchie. Something that worked for “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” in the past, but I don’t see working here.

  22. Wow never have I agreed so strongly with a blog. I want so much to be able to like the show. Coulson is definite for me, i can prob warm towards Calvery. Ward and Skye are just stock characters that do not need screen time as their acting and development just isn’t interesting and so arrogant. (however coulson has a little arrogance which is done well and is endearing). And if a romantic thing happens between Ward and Skye that will be the nail in the coffin for me. I like the idea of more spy missions, we have the big hitters in the mutants and heroes. So normal people would not have the the ability to do that on such a scale. But because they keep referencing the films we know are reminded about how much clout the Avengers have. So anything they do will automatically seem lesser. Please listen and fix it.

  23. The main problem with the show is an audience that’s judged it before it’s had a chance to DO anything! This is a new take on the MCU-and that new perspective will take time to develop. (How about NOT more superheroes-since it would be lame to watch these characters constantly surrounded by characters who are more interesting?)
    What is truly missing is what its like to be a SHIELD agent. This team was established as an Anti-SHIELD group (That is, irregulars.) The audience is wanting to know what its like just to be SHIELD. There is a lot of opportunities there. Show us a Hulk aftermath-rescuing vicitms, mind-wiping, paperwork. You don’t have to show big green-just arriving to 6 blocks of destruction should do it. Show us SHIELD Agents lying about their identitites, unsuccessfully. “FBI!…i mean….NSA!” Show us the tenuous grip on authority in a world where SHIELD doesn’t have it all.
    The problem with the show as is, is that the cast is too small. We need guest star Agents on The Bus. Pick up actors for 1-3 episodes and get into the dynamics of change and loss. The established characters would grow in that scenario…the green ones would ripen, the jaded ones will soften, and your leader will earn his stripes. Coulson should deliver to Ward a Tommy-Lee-Jones-like, “You are not enough.” (There is like, AN ENTIRE CITY of actors who want a piece of Marvel action, right?) I find the show has memorable and inventive sequences every ep…it just takes time. (I didn’t get into watching ST:TNG until season 3!)

  24. The impression I am getting is that the network and studio that is backing this show seems to have the same philosophy that goes into the production many superhero/video game based movies, which is, the fans will NOT like it if it’s closely based on the ORIGINAL story.

    Agent’s Of S.H.E.I.L.D. is a good example to this.

    I understand the logic of ‘unpredictability’ with most storylines, considering the possibility that if the audience knows what will happen, it doesn’t come across as interesting, where as, if the story is unpredictable, the view walks away saying “wow, I did NOT see that coming”. It’s that philosophy that makes shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ work, and believe me, I’ve read the comic to see just how different the show is from the comic, yet I still love the show.

    Still, A.O.S. is much different being that the characters are vastly different than what would be considered agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics, and would work if they approached the story with a military unit type feel. Instead, it looks to be a story set around 3 reject agents that have been reassigned by Nick Fury, with only one that looks to prefer working on the S.H.E.I.L.D helicarrier, than piloting a modified C5 Galaxy. Agent Coulson should be leading a highly advanced tech-strike team, instead of rookies that are made up of one hacker and two science geeks.
    I’ve read that there are no intentions of having any mutants, much less any super powered beings on the show, and that it focuses on the human element that is unseen in the Marvel universe, which is great…but at the same time, I think this show could be used as a bridge between ALL superhero films, not just ‘Avenger-related’ films, creating a much larger Marvel ‘cinematic’ universe, especially with the storyline in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE’S PAST involves a huge part of the human race and heroes of earth (comic), and there is no doubt the movie follows that same concept.

    This show can focus on terrorist groups like ULTIMATUM, A.I.M. and HYDRA, maybe even have appearances of Viper, Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo, Batroc The Leaper, and maybe even The Red Skull.

    Just a few suggestions. Hopefully, the producers of this show will read this, take this and other comments here under advisement and consideration, and make the needed changes so that ALL viewers are happy with what they see.

  25. I couldn’t agree more with Screenrant’s list!! I am still shocked that the characters are so bland, with only two characters/actors of interest on the team. What were they thinking with this blogger character and those Brits?!

    I am going to stop DVR’ing it. I’ve watched 2.5 episodes (couldn’t make it through the most recent screening), all the while chanting in my head, “I really want to like this…I really want to like this…”

    I know they want to get the kids. But enough with the snarky-ness. Play it straight, give us laughs now and then, go deeper, more intrigue and MUCH more diversity. Please.

    ‘Nuff said.

  26. I have to disagree with the main point this post is trying to make. What makes Joss so special (and his previous series, esp Buffy and Firefly) — are of course his characters, but also the situations he puts them in, and the questions every episode raises.

    The sole complaint of this article is that the characters are bad. It’s not like Sarah Michelle Gellar was knocking it out of the park acting-wise in season 1 Buffy – but at least she had something she cared about, and the whole season had a point it was driving towards. SHIELD is episode by episode, with no common thread / character motivation linking the episodes together.

    Basicaly: Joss, bring on the writing.

    As for the people saying the show should be cancelled, of course there is still hope for the series. As another commenter mentioned, plenty of series have had false starts (Newsroom season 2 was 8 times better than season 1) — let’s just hope this isn’t another Doll House.

  27. Overall I am finding the show a bit dull but definately see the potential if they can just get the right characters.
    I love Coulson and Melinda May, there is so much potential backstory to May that I keep (half) watching hoping to find out more of her story as she is VERY interesting.

    I don’t come from a comic book background so am only watching this as a follow on from the fantastic movies.
    May and Coulson are the best characters in the show by a long shot. Try to emulate them a bit more for other characters, that will make it more interesting to watch.

  28. Instead of getting more interesting, it’s getting harder to watch…I agree that the characters are dull and it is hard to care about them… changes need to be made or I will tune out. Give us something to root for..or cancellation is looming nearer.

  29. This show needs to figure out who it is written for. It seems to be skewed pretty young. Almost Disney XD young. THEN they have Skye sleep with a guy she hasn’t seen in 2 years. WHAAAA?? if they want to capture adults then make the story lines darker, mix in some scenes from the heli-carrier, and pleeeease make the story arcs longer than one episode! Has anyone seen any blood from all the shooting? a cameo by Romanov or Barton would help too.