‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Ratings Continue To Drop

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Agents of SHIELD Ratings Dropping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ratings Continue To Drop

Agent Phil Coulson’s vintage Corvette may be soaring ever upward, but the ratings for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are continuing a slow decline. After debuting with some of the highest ratings in recent history for the network, the show managed to pull in 7.1 million viewers during Episode 5, “Girl in the Flower Dress” – with a 2.6 rating among the key 18-49 demographic, down from the previous week’s 2.8.

Those numbers are still a far cry from trouble on their own, but as Marvel’s first venture onto network television continues to slip in both viewers and demographics, the trend could become problematic. Fast.

To reiterate: being able to pull in 7.1 million viewers without a lead-in on a Tuesday night is nothing to scoff at (and clearly, enough to warrant a full-season order). But while the 34% drop in viewers from the series premiere to its second episode was somewhat expected, the fact that AoS can’t seem to hold steady in its fifth week is a sign that it may be charting troubled waters.

A rocky start is to be expected (even if Disney’s marketing and promotion for the show was hoping to smooth things over), but by this point in the season, most procedural dramas tend to have hit their pace both in structure and audience. And while we would argue that Episode 5 seemed to cement the formula AoS will be following, the show continues to bleed viewers in demographics they need to retain.

One of the luxuries afforded the studio by bringing their shared movie universe to TV (with a fan-favorite character leading the charge) was the existing fan base: a healthy viewership who would give the show more time than most out of a simple desire to see how the S.H.I.E.L.D. fiction would be expanded (and which comic book characters might appear). That assumption may or may not be accurate, but if loyalty is helping boost ratings, that enthusiasm seems to be waning.

agents of shield episode 3 asset coulson Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ratings Continue To Drop

So although the downward trend may not be drastic enough to panic ABC execs, it is also certainly not the kind of foundation Marvel was hoping to launch 4 new TV shows on top of. Details on those projects haven’t been released, but if AoS‘s ratings don’t bounce back soon, those plans might need to change.

Of course, lapsed viewers might be brought back into the mix if the show’s writers decide to counter fan criticism by letting the cat out of the bag concerning Coulson’s resurrection, or simply addressing our most nagging issues with the series. Even if that’s the case, it will still take time for viewer feedback to be implemented. Where the ratings sit at that point remains to be seen.

What do you make of the slipping ratings? Does this come as no surprise, or do you think a rebound is coming soon? Sound off in the comments.


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  1. It’s unfortunate the ‘Scorch’ episode aired in Australia during the wost bushfires in 10 years!

    Do you really want everything on TV to be like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad? Give us a break. There are things called genres and you’ve gotta appreciate different flavours.

    To all the whiners: I love Agents of Shield. Yes it’s unrealistic and cartoony. I like it that way. It’s based on a COMIC BOOK. Comics are not subtle or gritty. And don’t talk about arty stuff like Maus or Watchmen I’m talking about propa comics where everything is painted in broad strokes.

    If this version of SHIELD is too cute for you remember this gang is not the whole org, it’s an experimental team. And do you actually read comics? They’re not about agents doing black ops espionage while having a mid life crisis and drinking entire bottles of scotch worrying if they just broke geneva convention. That stuff is for hard-ons. It’s all spandex and funny comebacks and kicking the guns out of someone’s hand with an ninja star.

    Yeah it stars a bunch of cute but dysfunctional kids who solve a paranormal mystery every week and are occasionally tortured by mind control. Hello It’s Joss Whedon. That’s what ALL his stuff is and if you don’t like Buffy then you suck. (Oh no he’s a fanboy! )

    Plot and layers of meaning? It’s there for those who look.

    • ‘Everything on TV to be like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad’, you mean, I dunno, actually good. Why yes, yes we do thanks.

      • GoT s2 is awful and for s4 plans to deviate from the source material, GoT can suck it imo.

        And AoS is a good show, a bit corny like a comic, and thats the way i like it. Breaking bad was a well acted show about stupid crap, like i care about a meth dealer….nope i dont. But i do care about super heroes and the genre in general. Was breaking bad a good show? to me no, but to a huge amount of people, yes it was, it was an amazing show for them. Im so tired of hearing that AoS is bad when it does not appeal to someones tastes.

        The ratings BS is so annoying, it has no lead in and is pulling great numbers. AND ITS 5 EPISODES IN! ffs if seinfeld looked at its rating 5 shows in it would never have made it to mid season. Give shows some time to develop. Look at arrow if you need a show that did not have the best s1 but was still great, and now in s2 is doing even better with better writing.

        • Thrones season 2 was awful and Agents of Shield is a good show. LOL thanks man, that may end up on a t shirt.


          • I like your sarcasm Bri.

          • I must admit I haven’t been generally as thrilled by GoT season 2 as by season 1. And no, AoS isn’t as bad as the loudmouths are making it out to be.

            • No but given the amount of potential for the show it’s bad.

              • Can people please wait until the end of season 1 before crying wolf? It’s only beginning, for f*ck’s sake!

                • I’m sorry I wasn’t aware I had to ask for your permission to not like a show.

                  • It. Is. Only. Beginning. What’s so hard to understand in these 4 simple words?

                    • To begin with If you’re going to talk down to for not liking a show then we are done here. I’m hardly in the minority considering the fact that ratings for Agents of Shield are going down, yes it sucks when not everyone likes the same shows as you but what are you doing here? You act as if talking down to people, throwing a tantrum and screaming about how AOS is just five episodes in is going to suddenly convince everyone to watch the show and save Agents of Shield from being cancelled.

                      I’ll tell you what I’ve told everyone on the internet. I used to argue, now I don’t. You want to debate with me, you want to just talk about why you think AOS is a good sign then fine but if you want to insult me and attack my intelligence because I’m putting forward my opinion then this doesn’t go any further. I’ll debate but I’m going to argue. I’m not coming to the internet or this site to make myself and others feel bad.

                      Also yes I do know it’s only beginning and I don’t like the beginning. I’m entitled to not like things. Does that mean I’ve given up on AOS? No.

    • “Hello It’s Joss Whedon. That’s what ALL his stuff is and if you don’t like Buffy then you suck. (Oh no he’s a fanboy! )”

      I am fine with people having different tastes and I know numerous people enjoy the show as a cheeseball, but with statements like these you loose credibility.

      • Maybe he meant if you don’t like Buffy you’re a vampire…?

    • If you mean great writing and acting than yes I wish more shows were like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I had no idea SHIELD was going to be Marvels Saved By The Bell. But plenty of people loved the cheese that oozed from that show as well so you are not alone. Enjoy it while you can. At least The Tomorrow People has turned out to be what I was expecting from SHIELD so it worked out fine for me!

      • So you wanted bad acting and more super powers? I see…

        • “So you wanted bad acting and more super powers?” If you knew how to read or comprehend my first sentence seven words in said “Acting” Meaning good acting like the type found in Breaking Bad… So you actually don’t “See” well at all. And yes I was hoping to see more superpowers from a Marvel comic. You have the deduction skills of Batman! Thanks for sharing your high level intellect!

        • GizmoduckJP seems like Marvel Fanboy here

          • No, he doesn’t sound like a Marvel fanboy at all. He actually sounds like a clueless person who throws around ridiculous statements and worthy of not being taken seriously or, even better, ignored entirely.

            If he likes the show then good for him but episode 5 airs here in 42 minutes and when it’s done at 9pm, I’ll make my decision whether to continue watching or walk away from this pile of feces.

            • Oh, and someone calling AoS a “pile of feces” only 4 episodes in is worthy of being taken seriously? Sounds just as clueless to me…

              • That is bad BFG. You don’t get shows like Lost and 24 by eventually being good and by Episode 5 the show should have at least some clear idea of what the main goal is and what the conflict is and Agents of Shield hasn’t shown either of those things.

                • Actually that’s not necessarily true. Dollhouse was a good show that stayed in the story-of-the-week format for its first five episodes before Alpha and the Company’s darker motives were introduced. In retrospect, this apparent not-so-appealing debut that derailed the viewers was necessary to accurately convey the sense of dullness and repetitivity of the dolls’ lives. Also, Buffy started out as a pretty silly show but matured over the years until we were given one of the very best TV episodes ever, all shows included. Oh, and we do have an idea what the main goal is: the return of Extremis hints at the resurgence of AIM, who might just be (or not) the people behind Project Centipede. There’s also Rising Tide, whose ulterior motives are unclear, the question of Skye’s true allegiance and the mystery of Coulson’s apparent resurrection. That’s quite a lot for the first season!

                  • Right and Dollhouse is still on the air right? No offence BFG but you could have used an example that made it past two seasons. Also the show barely hints at these things, yeah it’s only been five episodes and anything can happen at this point but the show still needs a hook. Given that SHIELD are the guys who take care of the things the heroes don’t have time for there’s a lot you could have them do.

                    The fact is I want this show to succeed and at the moment that’s not happening, you can’t just blame low ratings on people not giving the show a chance. Regardless of why the ratings are going down the show needs to start expanding on these ideas.

                    • Yes, I can and do blame the hemorraging of viewers on people not giving the show a chance. The hooks are there but people are clinging to their misplaced expectations of existing heroes/villains to show up (they will in due time) and just don’t take into account what is actually there. Dollhouse didn’t fail because it was a bad show (it was great actually) but because people had the attention span of a goldfish and didn’t wait for it to pick up pace.

      • Im also digging Tomorrow People over AoS. However, I still like AoS, I was just hoping for more powers.

    • Shows and Movies are inspired by comic books more than based on them per se.

    • So? Your point is that the only people who don’t like AOS are not fans of Joss Whedon? I’m a massive fan of Whedon and his work yet I’m not a fan of AOS. The problem isn’t the set-up but the lack of conflict in the show.

      There’s no major recurring villain something that even Warehouse 13 managed to have for every season. Someone who’s going to be a big threat and Rising Tide doesn’t count since they barely ever show up. Agents of Shield needs it’s own version of The Master, The First Evil or The Alliance, someone who’s going to be able to match and take on Coulson and the gang.

      What are they fighting for? What’s the end goal of AOS? These are things we need to know. We need some reason to keep coming back to the show and it doesn’t help to know the show’s going to get better eventually. You don’t make popular shows on the premise that it’s going to get better, you do so by keeping the audience interested since the majority of people watching AOS are NOT major marvel fans so couldn’t give a crap if some big Marvel villain or hero or event is going to happen eventually on the show.
      (FTR, I’m a fan of Marvel)

      For instance they should have kept onto the “Is Skye a double agent?” card and gone for having a backstory involving Hydra rebuilding or maybe even Zodiac. There’s a lot of ways this could have gone for instance The Punisher can be used now. However they do it doesn’t matter but there needs to be a threat big enough to be the main enemy for the characters for the 1st season but small enough so that SHIELD won’t need The Avengers to take them down

      • You claim you’re a massive fan of Whedon yet you complain about the lack of a main villain from the get-go? Have you forgotten Dollhouse or several seasons of Buffy, including the first one? For instance, the Master didn’t make an appearance until the few last episodes.

        Also, get real, will you? The Punisher isn’t tailored for this show. He needs to be rated R.

        • The Master makes his first appearance in episode 1 actually. Although the main characters don’t see him, we the audience know about his existence for the entire first season thus making him the primary conflict, a show needs a consistent threat, something the main characters are trying to stop.

          24 has the terrorists, Fringe had the Alternate Universe and David Robert Jones heck if you want to call it a threat Sex in the City had loneliness. Every show whether it’s an action or a comedy or whatever has a reason why the audience keeps coming back. Whether that’s conflict or a desire to see the characters succeed. There’s numerous threats Agents of Shield could make use of yet there’s nothing and not even a hint. We see two potential villains (Ok I admit Scorch was actually kind of awesome and WAY better then Pyro).

          Also The Punisher is the kind of character that people like SHIELD are paid to take down. I recall a comic where Daredevil regrets not helping Frank Castle when he had the chance, allowing him to become the man he is. The idea I had was one where Frank Castle is a SHIELD Agent who after an accidental information leak had his wife and daughter murdered, the idea being that he snaps and takes up the helm of The Punisher with Agent Ward blaming himself for not helping Castle back when he could have been helped.

          If you think about it that could be why Ward prefers to work alone. The last time he did he accidentally destroyed Frank Castle’s life. If Marvel wants they can even have this storyline free of charge (not that I think I’m any better then actual scriptwriters) but my main point is that whether the main characters see the major threat we have to know it’s there, this reminds me again of Fringe. In season 1 there didn’t seem to be a major threat but there was always hints of there being a bigger story going on.

          The show needs to find it’s feet and that’s not a bad thing. There’s a lot of shows out there that have this problem but Joss Whedon’s past work is by no means going to make Agents of Shield work and I know 100% that Joss Whedon is aware of that (To be fair back when he was working on Buffy, Dollhouse and Firefly, Joss wasn’t making a blockbuster film at the same time). Even at this point AOS has a ton of potential and that is what a lot of us are finding annoying, I don’t hate this show, I want to see it succeed and I’m afraid that it’s not good enough to avoid being cancelled.

          P.S – For the record, I’ve never seen Dollhouse. I watched Episode 1 and found I personally didn’t like the show.

          • “a show needs a consistent threat.” And what do you make of Project Centipede? Of the possible return of AIM? Of Rising Tide’s agenda? That’s plenty of hints and possible directions for the first season if you ask me. Sure, the threats are still pretty vague for now, but we do know they’re there and the show’s only barely begun. What will have it cancelled is not its potentialities but people’s increasing craving for immediate satisfaction (we can thank the internet for that) and their constant (but not always deserved) whining and criticism that will deter new viewers from it.

            Regarding Buffy s1, yes we did hear the Master (but he didn’t appear per se) in episode 1, but he remained unheard of again, thus forgotten, until making his real first appearance only in the final episodes, and we spent almost the entire season watching nothing more than a monster-of-the-week format.

            Also, you don’t get to say you don’t like a show when you’ve watched only one episode, especially in this case since Dollhouse picked up its pace only around episode 5 or 6.

    • +1

  2. I would like to say I’ve been watching AoS so I can comment as to it being good or bad but…….I can’t. The problem I have (and I’m pretty sure many others do also) is, it’s put up against NCIS, You know the #1 primetime TV show. Been watching NCIS since the start and I’m sure as hell not going to abandon it (and no, I don’t have a DVR so….)

    Want to increase viewership? Move it to a different time slot or day or both. I would probably watch it then!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you

  4. ScreenRant, you sound like you want this show to fail.

    • By pointing out it’s mistakes and how the creators can improve it? Sure that sounds like someone who wants a show to fail.

      • No, by relentlessly hammering it down over and over again at the risk of possibly driving new viewers away.

        • I like Screenrant and all, but these articles really will not drive any new viewers away. The pilot already had a significant drop in viewers and I doubt anything written on here or elsewhere had anything to do with it.

          • Well, if people keep on hearing “Ew, this is bad!” they’re less likely to lend an eye than if the whiners give the show a chance.

            • Unfortunately, you’re not going to stop the bad comments until the show gets better. I am rooting for it and I will watch it no matter what and I’ve been genuinely bored. My wife loves the Marvel Movies but she just plays Candy Crush when I turn AoS on. I’ve tried hard to find something to get her interested in about it but they’ve given me nothing.

              I think it’s great that you’re so passionate about the show. If it fails then the Marvel Universe on TV will vanish. The only other show I’ve heard about is that Agent Carter idea. So they are going with another show with no heroes? Why is Marvel so reluctant to get their street level heroes on TV? Cage, Knight, Rand and the Heroes For Hire crew would be a hit. I think fanboys and casual watchers would get psyched about it.

              • I’m passionate about the show’s potentialities, yes, and I’d hate for them to be ruined by the viewers’ attention span like they’ve already ruined great shows like Dollhouse, Ringer, Persons Unknown, Alcatraz and countless others. I’m also passionate about its inclusion in the MCU. There’s been shows that ended up on the big screen, there will soon be movies adapted into shows but what Marvel are building is on an unprecedented scale and it’s great!

        • From what I’ve seen the majority of people here are more then happy to explain why they don’t like the show.

  5. The Ratings were actually at a 2.7 in the demo. Which means it has dropped a fairly small amount in the only number that ABC cares about. It is also I believe ABC third highest rated drama sooo as long as it stays relatively put (which seeing as it only slid one tenth of a point between last week and this week it might have found its bottom)it will absolutely not get cancelled. Though I agree that the series is probably not living up to expectations.

  6. Twice they have teased super powered character, and inevitably speculation started about who it might be. Both times it was nobody. Everyone knows the audience wants more connections to the Marvel universe. Name dropping the Avengers isn’t good enough. If you can blow up Jack Taggert after 10 seconds in Iron Man 3, then you can take the cuffs off of a few low tier characters.

  7. I watch the first episode and was not impress. The only interesting character I like were Coulson and Melinda. Everyone else just sucks. Come on Disney/Marvel please make the cast more diverse. Every episode does not have to be about chasing a black person. One more thing, Marvel universe is filled with superheroes but NO SUPERHEROES AND SUPERVILLIANS ON YOUR SHOW???? Your show is like going to KFC to eat and when you get there is NO CHICKEN does that make any sense?

    • You have not watched the show then – Scorch, from the previous episode, is from earth-616 and then two episodes prior they had did the origin story for the villain Graviton. And through the first and previous episode they are hinting at the extremis nanotech coming back into the MCU, from IM3. But sure, no super villains.

      Plus its 5 episodes into the series, i dont want a show about shield agents to be about superheroes, i want it about shield agents.

      • +1,000,000!

  8. I have taken a lot of flack from my peers over my feelings towards Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve made no secret that I haven’t cared much for this series. 4 episodes into the first season now and underwhelming is the general reaction to each episode.

    Nothing stands out as interesting about the series. S.H.I.E.L.D. is clearly a show that has some serious self esteem issues with its own existence, It becomes so much clearer when in every single episode we need to hear numerous references to the events of “The Avengers”. Its almost feels like Marvel is standing behind you when watching an episode and prodding you with a stick every time another Avengers reference pops up and saying “Oi! Remember that movie The Avengers that everyone liked? Yeah? We’re apart of that universe too!! But just in case you forget within the next 5 minutes here’s another reference to “The Battle Of New York”. When you really compare it to the devastation of “The Battle Of Metropolis” from “Man Of Steel” it hardly deserves the epic name of “The Battle Of” anything.

    Its supposed to be a gentle reminder of The Avengers, but instead of it being a gentle prod its like being whacked across the back of the head with blunt stick. The reason they keep reminding us of “The Avengers” is that if the fans look beyond the references to “The Avengers” and remove them (which they should because every show should be able to stand alone) then you are left with a generic show that lacks everything beneath the surface and actually has little seemingly to do with Marvel and The Avengers besides the names and the odd Shield logo thrown around.

    Shield, realistically just comes across as a generic detective show that should be titled CSI Shield with a forced scifi comic book element. Its like Marvel is just doing a George Lucas on this and slapping their name on it and hoping it will sell saying ” Our brand is more important than the quality”.

    Oh and hey Marvel I’ll say what every other Marvel fanboy who is in too much denial to say, which is “Iron Man 3” sucked as bad as “Iron Man 2” there I said it. Oh yes and Joss Wheadon isn’t infallible. And no this isn’t a “DC is better than Marvel” thing.

    • +1

    • Wow, while reading this it was like I was talking out loud!! +1. I don’t even know why The Avengers is getting super high praise… after all, Iron Man was the best marvel movie of Phase 1 by far, much better than Avengers!

      • Because it was literally a comic book brought to life, much more than any other comic movie – even Raimi’s Spider-Man. It had the witty banter, the fun, the drama, the action and especially the visual grammar of comic books nailed perfectly, all rolled into one film. You might feel Iron Man’s more grounded tone worked better when compared to usual action flicks but as a COMIC BOOK MOVIE, Avengers is unchallenged as of yet. Was Iron Man a better film? Maybe, that’s debatable. Was it a better comic book movie? Nope.

    • +1

  9. Agents of shield aint suppose to be about avengers people expect too much on avengers its totally different from avengers

    • Well the they need to stop referencing them every 37 seconds and live off their own intrigue and yet they can’t.

      • I only recall it referenced like what 3 times. I may be wrong though.

        • “The Battle Of New York”. “I got stabbed through the heart by an asgardian spear”, ’The Hammer” , “I was ok when I met The Avengers”, “I fought along side The Avengers”, “i died”. ‘Aliens invaded New York”. Like thats just from memory and thats only like 5 episodes in.

          • they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. People b**** now because they say things that tie the universe together. If they didnt say anything people would b**** that this show isnt connected to the MCU.

            • having agent coulson in the cast and maria hill in the pilot played by the same actors in the MCU isn’t enough? there’s even a sam jackson cameo

              the fact is they try too hard to let people know that they’re part of the MCU continuity when everybody already knows that.

              • So what, you think people wouldn’t still be talking about such a game-changing event just a few months afterwards? Let me ask you, how long did it take for New Yorkers to stop talking extensively about 9/11?

                • smh, AOS’s name drops and references are being used to say that “hey we’re part of the MCU” when everyone already knows that. why not do something else like better writing than putting stuff here and there. 9/11 is real, in real life you don’t have people watching you noticing and saying that they’re overdoing the references. AOS is TV, you can’t keep doing the same thing and not have people notice and complain. smh.

                  • “in real life you don’t have people watching you noticing and saying that they’re overdoing the references.” Yeah, my point exactly.

                    • are you confused?
                      AoS isn’t real life, it’s TV.
                      so people will watch and notice AoS is overdoing it with the references.

                    • So? Because it’s TV people shouldn’t be allowed to do what they’d do in real life, like for instance talking about what concerns them (that is, for SHIELD, superhumans and a massively traumatic event on an even bigger scale than 9/11)? Who’s confused?

                  • Amen Dude.

                • and that annoys me as well. People really need to stop saying Post 9/11 as if it the event somehow magically changed the entire freaking world.

                  • It did for us.


                    • Yup. Was about to say so.

                    • If you mean it broke the illusion that America is somehow save from any kind of attack then yes, yes it did.

    • I guess nobody told ABC that when they were marketing the show.

  10. few things i’ve noticed so far through 5 episodes.

    they just fly around their bus directionless waiting for a mission to be assigned, even when they’re not doing anything (like playing poker and battleship) they’re flying around that bus without a destination.

    they try too hard to let the audience know that “hey we’re part of the MCU” name drop here and there, mention of this and there. they don’t have to do that everytime, we get it, you’re part of the MCU.

    this one is just from episode 5, coulson tells may to follow skye, so we can assume that may sees skye go into the house and the hacker guy go there as well, so what does she do? she lets them finish having sex while she’s at the door holding clothes, for what? for dramatic purposes? or just an excuse to see skye half naked?

    • No excuse to see hotties naked could ever be a bad thing.

  11. The show just isn’t dark enough. It needs a dramatic soundtrack, action and dark visuals or lots of awesome special effects to compensate.
    Sound and light build atmosphere which will take the viewer into the Marvel world.
    If the Marvel world just seems like the regular world outside then there is nowhere to escape our imaginations to.
    It reminds me of when the X-Files starting shooting in Los Angeles. It just became too bright and sunny for the stories being told.

    • +1 on all that !
      Problem is the show is on ABC and with Disney connected it was clear it would be just another “Once upon a time”

      Now jump forward and imagine,they all want to have a Star Wars live show on their Channel !
      GOD,no please ! Not from them !

  12. AOS is a dead show even Beware The Batman is way superior to AOS

  13. Has anyone actually taken a good hard look at what’s going on in the comics vs the movie world. SHIELD hasn’t been a secret organization in such a long time. Civil War, the aftermath of the House of M. The sole problem that Shield is going through is that it’s world isn’t complete. It isn’t, X-men, mutants, spider-man. Marvel is currently crafting a barren world, half of the lore is gone. No Mutants, no superhero brawls that actually matter, no training the next generation of super heroes. This little phase by phase thing that they’re doing is crap, it is. Black Panther, alternate dimensions, Fantastic Four. The political intrigue about mutants and what not. They keep saying that the events of New York changed everything. What’s changed really people are still going about their day to day business. There isn’t some grand alien invasion (Secret Invasion). So what we’re stuck with is stuff that we don’t really give a crap about. I don’t care if she doesn’t know who she is, I don’t. She hasn’t done anything to make me care. God damn Marvel selling off the rights to X-men. God damn Marvel selling off the rights to spiderman.

    • They’re doing what they can with what they can use. It might be useful to remember they sold the rights to X-Men and Spidey back in a time when they didn’t have the means to make the movies themselves. Now that they do, the rightsholders are doing everything they can to keep these franchises and there’s nothing Marvel can do about it. Crappy situation, sure, but hardly Marvel’s fault. What’s it gotta do with the topic, anyway? Oh by the way, who the hell is “she”?

      • she is Skye. She’s the one trying to find out who she is and who her parents were.

      • They exist in a world where magic exists, ghost rider, some other people who can throw magic around. They exist in a world where all these other great characters exist is my point. The world may be extremely barren without mutants, but to suggest that there isn’t a lot of other things going on is the main problem that Marvel currently has right now. I understand the rights issue but Marvel created a world without proper meta-people. My point is, buy back the rights so you can corner the market. Avengers was an interesting blend between funny and serious, that is open to a broad market. I didn’t like the attempt at the grounding in reality that was The Dark Knight and the attempt to be extremely dark all of the time. I just realized they can’t even do a propers runaway movie without Molly who is a mutant. Because Fox owns the rights to the word mutant. Marvel has shot themselves in the foot, they absolutely have. It’s becoming more and more evident, that they need to sit down and buy back x-men.

        • Exactly, there are “a lot of other things going on.” Than mutants. Sure, Marvel (and us) would be better off with all their eggs in their basket, if only for the possibility of seeing Wolvie and Spidey in the Avengers but seriously, there’s way enough non-mutant characters to fill a hundred lifetimes of TV shows.

          And Marvel could only buy the rights back if Fox and Sony agreed on selling them, which seems pretty unlikely to say the least.

          • There are plenty of other things going on yet, has anyone seen anything going on? Arrow is amazing and I’ve never picked up a green arrow comic in my life. They throw in characters from the entire DC world, it appeals to a larger audience and they throw in stuff for the comic book geeks. So we get the origin story of a villain who might come back in season 2 if there is a season 2. You’ve got aliens, you’ve got the young avengers, you’ve got vampires, you’ve got demons running around, you’ve got proper meta-humans. And we get Scorch. Seriously, nothing important is going on. They’re not doing anything that I would expect SHIELD to do. Not really.

            “Everything changed” the line they keep spouting throughout the show is absolute bull absolutely nothing changed. People are still going about their business, no one cares about superheroes. No one cares what happened in New York which they keep mentioning over and over and over and over again. I could put up with crappy acting if the story was there and I was interested in what was going to happen next. The story is devoid of life and while I might complain about how Marvel shot themselves in the foot by selling the rights, they’ve still got what 70-80 years of source material to go from, Dr. Strange, Tchunka, Punisher, actually I have no idea who owns the right to Punisher. Runaways, Young Avengers etc etc.

            My issue with Marvel is that it was bordering on stupid to sell the rights to the word mutant.

            • Holy hell!! From this day forth my name is Tchunka!!! Thank you so much for that inadvertently, fabulous name. Now, what should Tchunka be the master of? Thoughts??

  14. I don’t ask for a single marvel hero to appear. just make a good show. the first iron man movie seems to have become a gift and a curse of sorts for marvel entertainment. they now rely too heavily on a humor infused universe which worked well for tony stark but shouldn’t just get washed over every character and every situation. a disconnected socially aloof skye is the focus of the show, turns off viewers by the boatload, and now the ratings drop comes as a surprise?

    if we are dealing with an espionage agency, make it thrilling. a tad grittier, not paul mart meets tom clancy.

    • They “rely (…) heavily on a humor infused universe” just like they do in the original comics. How is that a problem when translated to screen?

      • you forgot to add the ” too ” before heavily, dude. the ” too ” is where that part of my argument lies.

        • No, I left a needless part out on purpose. There’s no more humor in any Marvel movie or AoS episode than in the comics. Even grittier comics like Punisher or Wolverine are ripe with humor.

  15. meant paul blart, mall cop.

  16. The show is silly, the acting is cheesy, i gave up on it as many others it seems. Move along move along, its not the show you’re looking for.

  17. I really want to like this program. I love the MCU. But I have identified what I feel are the problems;
    1. It doesn’t feel like a Whedon show. Buffy and Firefly have shown what WhedonTV is supposed to look like, but this does not feel like it.
    2. Poor Scripting. Brett Dalton’s acting aside, I’m feeling like the scripts are poor – plots and speech. Or maybe Robert Downey Jr has spoiled me.
    3. Too many Avengers hints. Okay, I get that the show needs contextualizing, but does Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk or Thor need to be mentioned every single episode for no specific reason other than to make fanboys giggle? Even Coulson’s wound is brought up every single episode – this I wouldn’t mind if the script made it a little more subtle than ‘That magic spear I was stabbed with’.
    Fitz and Simmons are great; May is great; Coulson seems a little cliché over his movie counterpart, but is great nonetheless. Skye seems that hacker who just happens to also be beautiful and hot and very tanned. Because we wouldn’t want her hooking up with Ward if she wasn’t.

    Series 2 hopes to be the WhedonTV, excellently scripted, fantastically acted totally-not-what-we expected show.

    • 1. Watch Buffy season 1 again then ponder this statement.
      2. Downey has spoiled much but the Whedon/Tancharoen team can do better.
      3. SHIELD deals with superhuman threats, so often talking about them isn’t exactly out of place.
      And Coulson will always seem cliché, that’s what bland suits are.

  18. The series is comprised of supporting actors with nobody to lead them.

  19. I’m still trying to figure out how a floppy life raft plugged a hole in the plane’s hull instead of being sucked out instantly.

    I love Whedon. I love Marvel Comics. So I’m sticking with the show hoping that the writing and acting get better over time. But right now SHIELD is kind of a ho-hum mess with incredibly uninteresting characters.

    As far as this article goes, it makes great comparisons and contrasts between SHIELD and Firefly that I completely agree with because I adored the crew of the Serenity. However, the entire point of the feature is flawed. Using a failed TV show like Firefly as a template for success doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Past TV failures probably compelled Whedon to strip away much of the Scooby formula and inject more action into SHIELD. I think it was a conscious choice to try and appeal more to the masses. Unfortunately it backfired, making the show quite hollow. The lack of character depth and charisma is especially apparent if you are a fan of his past efforts. I’m actually thinking about chasing weekly SHIELD eps with Angel eps just to get me through the season…

    • “So I’m sticking with the show hoping that the writing and acting get better over time.”

      That’s the spirit! Please guys remember it took Buffy a couple seasons to get there.

  20. We all want the show to work but it sucks so bad. Really, Shield is actually nothing more than a bunch of juveniles in a club house.

    When that girl needed delicate surgery on her eye they could have had a professional team of doctors working on her but instead they had two kids doing it back at the club house.

    How effing ridiculous.This show should be so great that many who never gave the movies a look would be so hooked that they get addicted to the movies also.

    Did nobody even read the scripts for these episodes?

  21. The problem list.

    1. Is Coulson an agent or head of shield? If head why is he out with sometimes only one person to cover him. If an agent where is the person he answers to.

    2. The two kids. way to bring the show down into absolute silliness.

    3. Where is everyone? This is a major agency is it not.

    4. Every show Coulson references his death in the Avengers. It comes across as if the show is trying to get some cred by reminding audiences it has ties to the film.

    5. Leo and Jemma. Get rid of them. I’m sure they are good actors in the right context but they have been drawn so silly in this show it would be better to just move on.

    6. Why is Grant teaching Skye to fight. Sure he could go and spar with her but why is there not an entire system for her training rather than from the other guy in the office.

    The show does have potential.

    1. Skye, great character but it hurts that the security for her is so low. She is otherwise the highlight.

    2. Coulson. The reason people are giving the show a chance.

    3. Melinda and Grant are ok. Not deal breakers either way at this stage.

    Don’t let this show be a blight on the franchise. Pull what is left off the air and go back to the drawing board and give us something decent next year.

    • 1. Why would the person he answers to need to be in the show? It’s called “Agents of SHIELD,” not “SHIELD’s chain of command.”
      2. That’s Whedon shows to you, except it’s usually better done.
      3. No, this is a small cell of a major agency.
      4. I think a mystery life after death might be something big to anyone experiencing it.
      5. See 2.
      6. He’s kind of her partner. Rookies being trained by seasoned partners doesn’t sound odd to me. Also, who says he’s her only instructor? Characters also have an off-screen life, you know.
      1. (??) No argument here.
      2. I don’t watch the show for such a bland character. Never cared for the guy and probably never will.
      3. Yup.

  22. I don’t know if Marvel is worrying, but I am worrying. I basically like this show, but it is time to ramp this up quick, change course slightly, and maybe use it to launch something bigger to regain viewers, like Moon Knight or Heroes For Hire. If they sit the way it is too long, they will be sitting in the “discontinued” column at the end of the season. I myself do not mind this series as is too much, and am enjoying it, but I am not the overall general viewing public, who appear to be voting some displeasure in numbers. If Marvel just stands like a deer in the headlights too long, they’ll be chopped venison on the hood ornament. If I were them, I would go or get off the pot. Time to scramble, boys!

  23. I think the show is not great, but may lead to something worth solid weekly viewership for fans of the Marvel universe. But, please stop comparing this show to Buffy and or Firefly!

    The Sky character arch is starting to get a bit tired, but she is sexy as hell. So I’ll take the hot bedroom scenes, when I can get them.

    The release of Thor 2 will more than likely increase the ratings. The Marvel brand is that powerful. I saw the Winter Solider trailer. Amazing!!!

    End of Line.

    • Why not comparing it to its glorious ancestors? It’s much more on point than comparing it to the DC shows: it shares the same DNA, both in terms of creators and content.

  24. Big marvel fan but sad to say this is smh terrible I mean damn… Is it me or are they trying to hard with this show.. For 1 sky ok actor but her getting trained lmao for what smh she can’t even hit a punching bag convincingly I don’t buy it or her getting all this attenion SORRY!… 2 avengers this an that every show smh really? Do we need to hear that… The nerd smart kids ok I guess Alil over the top at times but whatever… Sky’s XO smh the dudes fighting scenes succ so bad smh it just looks like he’s act’n no passion for what he’s doin I don’t buy it or him in this show period don’t like him Scott Adkins a do great… AC is AC but all in 1 acting succs scrip succs fights succ plot succs bad direction to much humor from not so funny actor like ummmm all of them it’s just to cheesy how can the world almost end an everybody has jokes lol thought this was drama fiction type of show not cornball jokes… Cancel this show reboot an start over PERSONAL! OPINION!

    • agree!

    • Please watch you syntax. PERSONAL! OPINION!

  25. Really wanted this show to do well, but the general consensus around the office here is that it’s just not all that great or compelling. Even I can’t get excited for it anymore.

  26. The show is not too bad. They should really work on introducing second and third rate marvel villians. It seems their trying too hard to stay away from the movies. The reason why people are watching it is because we want to know whats going on the MCU between the films. It would be nice to start alluding to The Dark World, and The Winter Soldier.

    • “They should really work on introducing second and third rate marvel villians.”

      Have a little patience, they’re getting to it.

  27. anyone remember Alphas on the syfy channel, yeah i was hoping AoS would be similar to that show

    • Alphas was a show I was skeptical about at first but, it progressed along pretty well as far as character development and storyline. It was written by one of the guys who wrote the X-Men film and the influences of the comic book showed, which was not at all a bad thing. The show seemed to get ignored because it was on SyFy and was not big name franchise, but if they tacked a preexisting name brand on it like S.H.I.E.L.D. it may have lasted longer.

    • Actually it IS awfully similar to Alphas. Both feel like a not-so-exciting NCIS with powers. Unfortunately that one was canceled just when it became interesting. Hope this one doesn’t follow suit.

      • No Alphas had more character development, super-powered characters, an overall storyline and overall better acting. What it did not have was a known brand name on it and backing from the right “names”.

        • +1 exactly if alphas was marketed like AoS it would have been amazing for the shows life

  28. I love the Marvel cinema universe and how all those movies came together to create The Avengers but this show is lacking something. I think if they added a more serious tone to it or get rid of some of the annoying teeny cast and stupid little jokes it might do better. Maybe add more actual Super Heroes. When I saw the trailers I was in-visioning more of an X-files meets Heroes kinda concept.

  29. Drop the Marvel logo, drop the Avengers plugs, drop the weak sci-fi elements and what do you have? A Homeland/CSI/24 type show that lacks any decent episodes. Get the show together.