Is ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Getting Better as Ratings Fall?

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Agents of SHIELD Cast1 Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Getting Better as Ratings Fall?

When it was first announced that Marvel intended to extend their shared cinematic universe beyond feature films (and companion one-shot shorts) to a network TV series centered on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., expectations were understandably high. Coming off enormous success of The Avengers (to the tune of $1.5 billion in global ticket revenue), fans were eager to see the studio leave behind origin stories and shared universe world-building to play in the much-hyped Phase 2 sandbox.

However, despite $1.2 billion in box office sales, Iron Man 3 became one of the most divisive superhero movies in recent memory – only to be followed months later by lackluster responses to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot. A problematic feature film can be yesterday’s news but a network TV series has the opportunity to evolve overtime, learning from mistakes, and adjusting to the interests of its audience. To that point, is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting better with each episode – even as ratings continue to drop?

This week’s chapter “The Hub” (Season 1, Episode 7) marked the lowest viewership (6.63 million) and ratings (2.2 in the 18-49 demographic) in the series’ admittedly brief history – meaning that while many TV watchers are still happily tuning in for the show (which has managed to cull 22 million pilot views), an ever-increasing number are choosing to opt-out. Interestingly, the ratings drop-off has continued in spite of recent improvements to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. format – as the writers made it past the initial introduction and began executing on story lines with actual emotional impact.

agents of shield episode 3 asset coulson Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Getting Better as Ratings Fall?

Last week’s episode in particular, “F.Z.Z.T.” (read our review), pulled triple-duty by telling an engaging character story, tying in shared universe material, and evolving the core dynamics at the heart of this particular S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Many viewers saw the episode as a potential turning point for the show – or, at the very least, a moment of redemption for their continued commitment to the series. Furthermore, the Coulson character has begun to lock back into a more stern, yet charming, profile – ditching some of the more over-the-top and cheeky comedy moments in favor of a more agreeable (as well as subtle) balance between humorous and badass moments.

Yet, despite the episode’s overall quality, and growing interest in the team of characters, the series lost another 400,000 viewers (7.03 to 6.63 million) before airing “The Hub.” To put those numbers in perspective, ABC’s prior (and cancelled after one season) superhero ensemble show, No Ordinary Family had 6.9 million viewers in its seventh episode (300,000 more than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). If the best episode of the series not only fails to retain, much less improve viewership, it’s hard to know what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can do to win-back skeptical TV watchers. So where is the disconnect?

Too Much Hype

Given that the series debuted to exceptionally high ratings, and is still one of Tuesday night’s most-viewed series, the problem could be (at least in part) a matter of perspective – and a few unrealistic expectations. ABC and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show runners are certainly culpable for a number of problems that have prevented Marvel enthusiasts (and casual TV lovers) from embracing the series – especially the campy take on fan-favorite Agent Coulson as well as the clumsy (and downright goofy) demeanor of this “hand-picked” operative team – but few television shows have ever faced this type of hype directly out the gate.

agents of shield coulson 2 570x294 Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Getting Better as Ratings Fall?

Unlike films, most TV pilots are built around entirely unknown characters (using genre archetypes) with no connection to anything outside of isolated week to week drama. Consequently, viewers will either respond to characters and the central premise – or not. If enough people choose to tune in, the show will go on. Although, in the case of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., viewers already had an idea of what they wanted to see from the series – and how it should, subjectively, tie-into the larger shared universe.


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  1. The problem with this show is, that instead of people saying what they don’t like about. Then continue watching it into at lest 10 episodes so it can modify and grow. The people decided to just say they hate it and run from it. It’s getting better and better as episodes pass. Because that’s what shows do, they keep building up. Something really great is probably going to die soon. If the show would get to a second season, it would probably have some avenger action. It’s very likely with no plains of an iron man 4 soon, that tony could stop into the next season. Or someone else. The great things they are planning won’t have chance to happen if people can’t like the show for the great story lines that are being built.

    • Tony or any of the big Avengers won’t be appearing. That has already been said about the show numerous times from the showrunners. The show improved a little last episode but then they had Tuesdays episode that took it a step back. Again, it’s all about storyline progression in which I just don’t see. There is plotholes in the storyline and the whole “easter egg” references is fun but there is no plans on tieing them up on the show. So basically this is a cop show(NCIS, CSI) with the Marvel brand and bad writing

  2. No. It is what I suggested might happen a whiles back on this site. The passersby that got ‘The Avengers’ hook and helped it to its significant box office are drifting away because of a lack of personal involvement to the history and the expectancy. Those paying attention, or should I say choose to do so as a hobby/lifestyle, would’ve known from bit one that none of the actual Avengers were ever going to appear. The rest, as we see, are disappearing. They will still give the Marvel movies good box office though. For this core of audience, that should be Marvel’s main focus. For the diehards, a better show would be appreciated I suspect.

    • I am a fan of the avengers and of the marvel movies…. so I was excited to see this. But after watching 5 episodes, i’m sorry to say but this show is horrible. And honestly, I don’t think I was expecting anything in particular, just a good tv show with some cool marvel tie ins. This feels more like a paranormal cop show. There is no drama, the comedy doesn’t make me laugh. And some of the accents are so thick that I don’t always follow what they are saying. I think this was targeting college or high school age which is totally fine, but I can’t imagine that it will continue on a prime time spot. The older crowd likes modern family level humor and drama that actually feels like drama. I have yet to find one character interesting after 5 episodes. Sadly the only reason I like Clark Gregg’s character is because I was more attached to his portrayal of agent Coulson in the movies than I am of the one in this show. I have the show dvr’d but i’m not sure I can take much more. I wish that were not the case cause I was rooting for it.

  3. The issue may just be that people have had a hard time remaining interested in Coulson who was as side character used mainly for exposition, and S.H.I.E.L.D. which served as a background set mainly for the Avengers. Some of the criticism has bee this show has not showcased S.H.I.E.L.D. the way it should be based on the films, but really outside of Fury and a few agents the organization is pretty much like what the Rebellion and Stoorm Troopers are in Star Wars. I mean even die-hard comic fans have to ask themselves that if this was a comic, would it be worth reading ?

  4. Except for FZZT, the show’s been boring. The Hub was mildly engaging, but only because it revealed something about the MCU

    Considering what can be done on TV, such as found on X-Files, Alias, Hannibal, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, I think we could get more expansive stories with better effects. (considering how old X-Files is, this shouldn’t be a problem with modern effects)

  5. Yes I know, and I’m perfectly fine with there not ever being any avenger action. If the show went 10 seasons without one of them appearing I would be fine. The show is agents of shield, they made what they said they were making. but I do remember reading that in the future rare cameos could happen. I don’t care if that happens or not. I like the show for the story lines it’s building. And where it’s going

  6. The show is getting better bit by bit. Not great. But getting watchable.

    My main problems

    1) As mentioned, this is NOT the agency called SHIELD as portrayed in the movies. Coulson is a top dog. He gets to hand pick a team to be first line response to threats, and this is what they give us? SHIELD has been portrayed as a bunch of hard m-fers (besides the Galaga dude) There is a MAJOR disconnect between what we see in the movies and what is portayed on TV. It has nothing to do with budget or big name cameos, and all about tone. It makes it feel like it isn’t in the same universe at all.

    2) Tahiti. Extremis. Upcoming Thor reference. Upcoming Captain America reference. Tahiti is a carrot that is being used to try and extort fans of the MCU into watching. It is frustrating and is going to be drawn out as long as possible to try and keep people tuning in. The MCU references don’t feel organic, but shoe horned in.

    I didn’t mind Coulson being hammy so much. He always had a bit of that in the movies, and I can easily imagine that this is what his character would be like when he wasn’t on screen in IM2 or Thor. When Thor and Jane were sitting on the roof making goo goo eyes I totally buy that Coulson would be joking around at that weird ET base they built.

    I hope it continues to get better. I want it to be amazing.

    Also, it’s interesting that the Netflix deal came on the heels of the rating decline. I think they know they can tell the stories they want on Netflix a whole lot easier than having to do it while competing for prime time viewers. And as exciting as that lineup is, the thing I am most excited about is a giant like Disney betting on the Netflix model for TV shows. I hope they knock those shows out of the park. It could be a major turning point for how serialized entertainment is delivered, with others following the trend. I use netflix and an HD antenna for local. I will never pay another dime to big cable for 900 channels when there are, at any given time, 6 or 7 watchable shows I am interested in.

  7. “did many viewers give up on the ABC show too soon?”

    You should be turning around and asking that question to folks like Anthony Ocasio and Andrew Dyce who’ve been all over spreading negativity about a show that’s all of 7 episodes in so far.

    Arrow, which is the TV darling right now as super hero shows go was pretty terrible 7 episodes in as well. But look at it now.

    • The whole concept of the show is flawed… it doesn’t matter if we’re in episode 7 or 70. This bunch of nervous kids simply isn’t SHIELD and will not be for years to come. Nothing short of killing off half the cast and completey overhauling the concept of the show will change that.

      • Man you’re absolutely correct. I knew the show wouldnt feature actual superheros and I was ok with that. However I wanted to see hardcore SHIELD agents and it’s just the opposite. Even the character who can pass as an actual agent (melinda may) is one dimensional. The entire direction of the show is wrong.

      • People were saying the same thing with Thea (kill her off, she’s annoying), they were saying the same thing about Laurel (kill her off, she’s annoying). Heck people were saying that about Amell and how his portrayal of Oliver Queen wasn’t good enough. Well Thea’s appearance in the show has decreased quite a bit and Laurel is still around annoying the hell out of people.

        Story wise we were getting villain of the week stories for the first half of Arrow along with a heavy dose of teen-drama so I wouldn’t call Arrow’s first half that great either. The show didn’t pick up until the Xmas break episode that really got the ball rolling for the overarching story line. And that episode was episode 9…

        Contrast that to AoS, where we finally get to see more inner workings of Shield with introductions of Victoria Hand and at least some different agents. On episode 7.

        So crucifying the series after 7 episodes is imo jumping the gun.

        Although I do agree they need to throw in another Black Widow / Hawkeye / May type to balance out the brat-pack that makes up the current team. But that’s something that can be adjusted easily enough.

    • I hate the Arrow comparisons because in reality it’s not the same. Arrow at least had a decent progessing storyline that got better as the episodes went on. By episode 8 it started to pick up with it’s pacing but the storyline was never the issue like AOS has. Also, Arrow improved on every episode whereas AOS only improved in episode 6. Episode 7 felt like a step back with it’s plothole issues. They are trying to progress the story but it’s not working out right. They need to go back to the drawing board and have a direction of where all of this is going

      • Arrow was a terrible teen drama for the first 6 episodes with a sprinkling of super hero story line + villain of the week. It didn’t do anything special and had some very, very irritating characters. The show didn’t pick up until Huntress was introduced and the Xmas break episode aired as a set up to a much better second half of the show.

        AoS certainly has flaws, I can’t stand Sky much like I couldn’t stand Thea and Laurel in Arrow and the stories so far aren’t overarching to make me want to see the next episode to find out what happens. But there’s enough potential in AoS as there was in Arrow that I’ll give it at least the rest of the season before I start passing judgment like several writers on SR seem to be doing.

        • The difference is that even in season 1 of Arrow since episode 4 you felt like there was a sense of direction. Sure there was some bits that needed tweeking but overall the storyline wasn’t the biggest issue(it was an issue but not the main one). With AOS I feel like there is no direction. Yes, you have some easter egg references but they all tie into the movie side whereas Arrow ties into the show itself. AOS does have it’s issue and like Arrow, I will give it 10 episodes to judge because for myself I usually know within 10 episodes if the series will be any good. Arrow started showing real improvements within the 8th episode and really didn’t take off until the 10th. If AOS does the same thing, then that’s great because I want this show to succeed but as of right now, I don’t think it’s a show worthy of a Marvel brand(as of yet).

          • Not sure I agree that Arrow had a sense of direction at the start. Besides wondering whether we were going to be subjected to Thea whining and Laurel being grumpy for the entire series that is. It felt like a villain-of-the-week show. If you’re referring to the flashback sequences, they got tiresome as they never went anywhere. In fact the sequences didn’t go anywhere at all until near the end of the first season. The overarching story didn’t really appear until the show off with the Dark Archer before the Xmas break.

            AoS feels much the same way right now. Annoying character(s) that some of us hope get thrown off the bus asap. Case-of-the-week episodes with the occasional character building thrown in. With some hints that what happened to Coulson, May, Sky in the past will be revealed in later episodes. I would think in the next few episodes we’ll get some hints to the main story line that will take place for the rest of the first season, much like it did for Arrow.

            On that subject, besides Iron Man 1, Thor and the Avengers, I haven’t been all that enamored with Marvel’s movies to begin with. At least compared to the Dark Knight trilogy and MoS for DC. Iron Man 2 was aimless with a poorly written villain. Captain America was mediocre and all over the place. Iron Man 3 was well, depending on who you ask terrible or at least a bit of a head scratcher to some of the choices made. I’ve yet to see Thor 2 so I can’t comment on it.

            So in that sense my expectations going into AoS wasn’t that high. My expectations of Arrow was even lower since I hated the first few seasons of Smallville.

    • I second that sentiment. To much personal opinion in the articles than actual information reporting. After the first time you voice your opinion then move on. People tend to regurgitate the negativity about something and it never stops.

      I agree its not the best show ever on TV, but then again its based on a comic book. Comic book arcs are good then bad then good. For instance the comics leading up to Project Pegasus in Two-In-One were not great but that story line was awesome and then the stuff after it were mediocre again.

      But if we just focus on the negativity then the comic would have died off long before we got to that point. We have to remember that AOS should not be viewed as a TV show but more as a comic book project put to film instead of paper.

      • The reviews are just that: reviews on the current episode. And what are reviews? Exactly… personal opinions. And this article here is an editorial about the quality of the show, how else would you approach that than using personal opinion? Not really sure what you are looking for, but the opinions are what I visit this site for. You can find the bland information on the ABC site if you want to.

      • The thing is, and it’s something a lot of people have expressed as well, if this show wasn’t connected with the Marvel brand it would be ripped apart but because it has Marvel attached to it a lot of the “fan boys” do overlook the issues in the show. The only people I know that watch the show still are fans of the Marvel comics. The “general public” audience has seemed to move on or some just record it and watch it when there is nothing else on(a couple of people including myself do this option). The site bashing or stating their opinion is what critics do. They base their opinion on the quality of the show and right now I agree with them in which I don’t think the quality is all that great

        • Okay…there has been exactly what? 6 or 7 shows? And somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or 40+ articles “expressing there opinions”. After a while its not expressing, its trying to convince and rant…which I suppose on retrospect is appropriate. LOL.

          If that is what this site wants to spend there time on doing then more power to them. I think its just making the show unattractive to the people who would stay and support it cause it seems like its a sinking ship…when its really just a show normalizing for the most part from the excessively high ratings.

          Just my personal opinion. They could spend more time writing articles about other shows that are on this season and provide more even coverage of all TV shows…might be nice to find out about things I am not watching more than find out about the already oft stated opinion I am aware of.

          But as long as the only articles to respond to are AOS complaining I might as well complain about the complaining. LOL *shrug* ( joke ).

          • They provide articles for Arrow, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Sleepy Hollow, and others. AOS is not the only TV article they focus on and it’s also not the only show they express their concerns or what other people call as bashing. They provide a detailed analysis of the quality of a show based on their opinion. Some I agree with and some I don’t but I never think it’s the sites intent on just bashing a show. If I remember correctly, they expressed the same concerns with Arrow in the beginning but as the show got better so did their opinion of the show. Right now, like it or not, AOS is not all that great. People (fan boys) only defend it because it’s Marvel. If this show wasn’t attached to Marvel and was named something like CSI superhero edition then the show would be ripped apart and that’s a something about 81% of the comic readers have agreed on (poll done on a comic book fan club).

              • Great point! They could go back to reviewing and ranting about Revolution or Grimm or the dozen other genre shows out there.

              • That’s about the average for a site though that covers both movies and TV. I am go to a comic book fan club site that has more detailed information but even with that they only have about 10-15 TV shows that they review from Dexter to Grimm. They also do the same as this site though when it comes to AOS. Last article was on different ways to improve the show. They have another one on the evolution of the show Grimm and the continous plot holes in Revolution. So in essence, it’s just not this site that is “bashing” the show. It seems to be a common thing around the web and most of it is due to the material present thus far.

            • I don’t feel like SR is purposefully bashing the show, and I think the writers honestly want the show to succeed. But they’ve posted way more AoS related articles that are negative than ones that are positive.

              • It’s probably due to the fact that there’s nothing positive about this show to report. I screen rant and many others want a good show not what we’re getting.

                • I see what you’re saying, but there is no reason to release a negative review for an episode and then a day later release another negative article about the ratings for the episode they’ve already reviewed negatively. It’s overkill.

                  • The article is actually talking positively about the show and stressing its improvements of the last couple of episodes. How that be construed as negativity is beyond me.

                    As for the ratings: the shows ratings are actually moving into cancellation territory, as the comparison to the cancelled show No Ordinary Family proves. I believe that is a fact that is definitely worth mentioning. What are they supposed to do instead? Lie? Pretend that it everything is fine and dandy?

                    • I’m not pointing at this article in particular, just two writers on here in particular I mentioned in my first post. They write an episode review then follow that up with a review on the ratings then sometimes follow that up with with even more bashing. It’s just overkill. I stopped clicking into articles written by those two.

                    • And yet you’re still here bounce.
                      Honestly the only people who think this show is good are one of 2 people.
                      1. People with low standards.
                      2. Fanbois.

                    • @TheLostWinchester – If you go back and read my comments on each of the episode reviews, I was pointed out ideas to improve the show and had some negative comments about the tone of the show. I argued at length that I wanted the show to be more like 24. But now, I feel like the show is being bullied, so here I am defending it. But you’re right, SR has been a bit more positive as the show has improved. I still think they should move away from so many AoS articles and review some of the other shows out there.

                • See, I see potential in the show. I don’t read nor comment on a couple of the SR writers articles because I think they’re terrible.

                  You on the other hand obviously dislike the show and want nothing to do with it.

                  So now ask yourself this question.
                  Why am I reading an article and commenting on a show that I don’t like…

                  The answer may surprise you lol.

      • I do not know how a review is supposed to give information without an opinion sounds like a synopsis. Maybe Screenrant should just start doing bullet point break downs so as not to worry about putting out negative criticisms on anything.

  8. I think the overarching story of ” how did coulson survive avengers” should be more clues and mystery solving for the audience rather than the way they ocasionally mention it. We all get it, coulson “died” in avengers but he “survived” somehow. Cool, how about giving some clues on the how rather than mentioning every other episode “didn’t he die…” “oh you don’t know” (fallowed by awkward silence and cut). Give us little hints or even false ones that lead us astray (but still make sense). Just find a good episode from a murder mystery show (csi, law and order, castle, etc.) And change the killer to how coulson survived and stetch it over the season. Thats my main problem with the show it has a great story behind the season but the exicution doesn’t feel as great as it could be.

  9. Ugh …

  10. make this tv show more serious, kill all those rookie agent, and be more like 24. Intense.

  11. S.H.I.E.L.D is Marvels Saved By The Bell and there are a lot of people who like corny TV and this show delivers it extremely well! This show is what it is and it’s not going to change so for those who like it enjoy it while you can cause it wont last long.

  12. ‘The Hub’ was a pretty cool episode.. It actually made me feel bad that the show might be cancelled. It is already starting to shape itself up, starting become the spy show that it should be, not some amateurish TV drama.

    It is really unfair for the show that people have expectations that only the budget for Marvel movies can achieve. It may be part of the MCU, but it is still a TV show trying to make the best out of its little budget.

  13. Its had a fair shot, it just hasn’t really presented anything really interesting till recently. Which was a) too late and b) not of a level most viewers would have liked to see. Where are the big overarching storylines and the epic expositions that make a tv series a series rather than a number of disjointed plots held together by disinterested characters and a limp concept?

  14. These last two episodes were really good, so I’m glad I stuck around. There were more than a few duds in the series so far, but I hope the last two weeks is a sign of what to expect, moving forward.

    • @The Avenger – I agree. It has improved. The eyeball episode was decent too. My wife tuned out around episode 3 or 4, but she watches Hart of Dixie…so she’s really not into this genre and has horrible taste (she did marry me). I continue to watch AoS each week. It is showing some potential, but I still watch Revolution so most the Scranters would say my standards aren’t that high. But who cares. And, I actually liked No Ordinary Family…there that’s out there now.

  15. Glad to hear it’s getting better. I’ll have to go back and watch the season when it concludes (haven’t tuned in since the pilot) and start back with season 2.

  16. I am speaking out of knowledge, but his the budget really the issue? Look at Arrow; I am sure the budget is not that high. Yet the show constantly gets better, even if they don’t heavily emphases on DC universe connection. There little hints here and there to get us hook. I have to admit that the lack of movie connection in the DC universe may lower ours expectations. I only watch the first three episodes of A.O.S so maybe it does get better. But on the other end, Arrow does it so well that my superhero television need is already full.

    • I don’t see the budget being the issue for AOS. It’s more the writing and direction of the show. There is no direction and the writing is average at best. You don’t need a big budget to make a show really good. It’s all about direction, plots, and good storytelling which I’ve only seen 1 episode in which it showed promise. Take away the Marvel brand from this show and it would have been scratched already.

      • +1 arrow has built its foundation on DC’s mythology. And I hope that it’s connected to the movie universe.

      • Exactly and most importantly they connect to those easter eggs with intros to those characters, i.e. The Flash, Brother Blood, Walter Steele and so on.

  17. I think part of the reason ratings fell this week is due to the college basketball schedule. The new episode aired at 1:00 AM in my market and is scheduled to continue to air at that time for several weeks so that college basketball can be shown during primetime on ABC.

  18. The show is finally promising what it should. An espionage style show. The original Nick fury comics were like James bond, not The Avengers Movie. I enjoy this show for what it is actually. People need to stop expecting Iron Man to come flying in every day.
    My only complaint is that they need to stop referencing the avengers movie every episode. I understand that its centering around Coulson but enough with the “Alien artifacts” or “alien technology” stuff and do some sweet espionage more like this last episode. I was cracking up at the end when Fitz was fluffing up that he kicked one guy in the head.
    I hope it keeps going personally.

  19. I feel the whole interest in the shared universe interest is grossly overestimated by many when we relate it to the general public. Most people simply have basic and very superficial knowledge of the characters and just like seeying thor fight with ironman etc they dont know anything more, they dont care to know more, they dont understand the easter eggs, the hidden connections etc and generally don’t care to know. This is why Agents of Shield isnt doing well. iUnless you have recognisable characters from the movies or put the character from the tv show into said movies people just wont care. Doesnt matter how good the show is etc. the vocal minority that we are may love it, may absolutely love the connections, how the world is being fleshed out etc but we are very much a minority and sadly our presence and influence tends to be overestimated. Just because everyone goes bananas for it at comicon doesnt mean much to the other 99% that dictate whether something ends up being financially successful or not. Just my take on this.

    Insofar as the show specifically, short of having full episodes with one of the big hitters on it, the ratings won’t improve. No. Superheroes, no general interedt I’m afraid.

    • That’s the thing though. It’s not just the general public. I went onto this comic book fan club site and they had a poll up asking if this show wasn’t connected to Marvel, would you continue watching the show? 81% of them said they wouldn’t continue watching. Most of them have said they appreciate the easter egg references but aside from that everything else is not all that great. “It’s not the SHIELD I am used to reading about and the characters, aside from Coulson, isn’t all that interesting. SHIELD is supposed to have the best of the best but at times these characters look like a bunch of amateurs”

  20. They can save Agents of SHIELD with two words:

    Hail HYDRA!

    • Seriously! The Centipede organization can be HYDRA. The girl in the flower dress can be Madame Hydra and the bald white guy she met in prison could be Baron von Strucker!

      • Exactly ;) tie-in A.I.M. or H.Y.D.R.A. and give the show an actual villain. That is what the show needs.

        • Agree +1,000,000

          The premise of AOS seems to be: “Let’s see what trouble we can get a team of rookies into and see if they can narrowly escape it.” The show would be better with a recurring villain instead and if not that, some kind of regular threat. Something (in concept) like the “Reavers” from Firefly.

          • I think the Deviants would fulfill the “Reaver” role well.

  21. You know what they should do to help this show? Go and cover all the Easter eggs presented in the movies.
    The stories so far have been more about the members of Shield than the ties to the movies.
    Show footage from the movies and cover the names brought up of people, places, and objects. This would bring people in. First they could reuse special effects by playing back movies clips (if allowed). Second, we all know there is far more going on in the movies than most people understand and a lot more exposition could help get the audience more involved.
    It would probably even drive people to see the movies over again, and buy DVDs, etc.
    Characters like the Hulk will be lucky to ever get their own movie. But in Shield more of their backstory could be explained along with the occasional appearance of the actual star.
    They wouldn’t present this content as a “best of” type slideshow but it would be woven into an actual story each week regarding that particular subject.
    Where is Bruce’s Betty?
    The Leader?
    Other normal humans affected by Bruce’s blood?
    Obediah’s legacy?
    Left over parts of Tony’s suits?
    The little boy in Tennessee?

    You get the idea.

    • Here is my thoughts on Agents of SHIELD:

      Coulson is somehow resurrected, right? So, do you really think that the higher ups are going to give him the best special ops team? I don’t think so. They are going to be constantly monitoring him. I think SHIELD is giving Coulson these lesser missions (but something always goes awry) for him and his hand picked team. A team that SHIELD considers to be expendable…which was shown in episode 7.

      But it would be great to see some of those tie-ins you posted.

    • Extremis + Gamma Radiation = Red Hulk?

    • Right. It’s like that guy who doesn’t know how to fight ends up being a combat expect the next day but for me, I can overlook that sort of stuff. My biggest issue is Skye constantly disobey orders. Comic book SHIELD would have kicked her out already. The sandwich being thrown out in the water as the dogs were tracking them like it would eliminate the scent. The blanket that blends into the ground is just in the right position that the truck runs right under them without a scratch, and that is just from the last episode. Also, the lack of direction

  22. If giving up on it 5 episodes in is too soon, then they started getting good far too late.

  23. The show is getting better and I’m glad I stuck around but to be honest the reason so many of us are so negative is that we know how quickly some networks are to make the choice to cancel a show. It’s annoying but it’s also true and while I didn’t like the earlier episodes I knew it had potential and like a lot of people I didn’t want the show to be cancelled before it could show off it’s potential as a TV Show.

    Even if this is the best it’s capable of and Agents of Shield is cancelled, I hope Netflix pick it up and continue to produce it as a show.

  24. I think the last two episodes have been the best so far, as this article says. Some of the problem could be that it is following Whedonverse structure pretty precisely; this is the same archetypes, pacing and design as Buffy, Angel and Firely. People who were tuning in hoping for something like the films would be disappointed, but those who are content with weekly adventuring with a gelling cast of characters will stick around.

    While ratings are dropping, the numbers being put up are still nothing to sneeze at. Disney has a vested interest in keeping the franchise going, so I’m still expecting a second season.

    • They are only vested in 1 season leading up to Cap 2. Anything after that is TBD. This is why the ratings of the show is important.

    • I think they greenlit a second season already.

  25. i like the graviton episode and the last two, i don’t know what everyone is hating on

  26. By the way, anyone notice that in Russia (or wherever they were, I forgot) the “arm” that lifted up on the military check in to let cars pass had an X-Men symbol?

    I know I’m grasping at straws but it was totally an X-men symbol!

  27. The only ones who gave up on the show is Screen Rant…..

  28. i believe that everyone thought shield would hold up a candle to movies of ironman and avengers but it wont because it does not have that in a show,but it is not a bad show,just cant compare it to the movies.