‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.': Still Going Through the Motions in Week 5

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Agents of Shield Girl in the Flower Dress Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Still Going Through the Motions in Week 5

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 5. There will be SPOILERS.]

In this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Girl in the Flower Dress,” written by former Lost and Spartacus writer Brent Fletcher, a beautiful title and introduction are given to a tale that essentially devolves throughout its telling, leaving a heavy-handed story of a villain’s origin and faux-allegiances to once again progress the plot inches away from the pilot. (But hey – at least the final fight fire effects were great, right?)

Chin Lin Quan, a street performer with a flair for the pyrotechnics (under the watchful eye of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s INDEX program), is seduced by Centipede into further exploring his powers; meanwhile, Centipede is attempting to evolve the Extremis virus. Quan is eventually given the name of Scorch – one of Marvel’s many ancillary characters – and a battle of betrayal, evolution, and lots of confusion (at least on the viewer’s part) ensues.

Unfortunately, like most things in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., everything is but a hint or a nod to a great tale that will eventually come – a tale that has, so far, gone nowhere.

Even though Marvel has decided to pull yet another previously known (to some) comic book character for the small screen – even gracing him with impressive effects – there’s still no actual context or purpose for what’s occurring, and even in week 5, this is something the series is still struggling to reveal. Each tale, so far, has felt as it was merely going through the motions of what a series of this (supposed) caliber should be. This, of course, leads to an important question: Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being held back by the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

agents of shield episode 5 scorch 570x294 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Still Going Through the Motions in Week 5

Marvel launched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a way expand its universe onto the small screen, and as a result, there will be times when the show will have to reflect what’s occurring in the theatrical films. Though this sounds like a very impressive venture, the series, which must already face the many obstacles of any new television series, is now working against the clock to (logically) get the series where it needs to be by the time the first act of synergy occurs – which, if what we’ve told is true, will be around the time that Captain America: The Winter Solider is released in theaters next year.

Like many new shows on the air, S.H.I.E.L.D. is attempting to deal with the growing pains of being a new series. What the other shows don’t have, though, is numerous theatrical releases to pair with and – most importantly – writers who have the knowledge of what’s going to happen in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe years into the future. With that, Whedon’s infamous delayed payoffs also include a show that needs to be tweaked and a writers room excited about what’s going to happen, not what is currently happening.

As in past episodes, Skye’s character takes two steps forward in terms of progression, and Coulson does things that cause others to bring up his mystery. Melinda May is still as coy as ever, and Fitz and Simmons are still… part of the team. All in all, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has yet to prove that it’s better than the worst season of NBC’s Heroes. But really, it won’t be able to – not yet, at least.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started off a bit rocky – rockier than most – so the episodes written before the series premiered on television literally don’t allow for the writers to make the fixes they need to. Right now, at episode 5, the series still has a few more episodes to go before it burns through what was already in the can. When that happens, hopeful fans will then see what the series will become, and then they’ll have to decide whether or not they want to continue watching.

Until that time, don’t be surprised if you find that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is but a show going through the motions – because that’s exactly what it is.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next Tuesday with “FZZT” @8pm on ABC.

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  1. Great episode, this website is obvious DC pro. It gets annoying sometimes.

    • They get accused of being pro marvel in this fake fan war just as often, so that statement is ridiculous.

      All anybody wants is great shows yeah? Who cares where they’re coming from?

    • I wouldn’t say they are DC pro, but i do think they have been overly critical of the show to a fault. If anyone were to read the reviews, they would think this is a completely terrible show from top to bottom, which its not.

      Agents of SHIELD isn’t great, but its competent and entertaining IMO. For a 7 pm ABC show that has to be family friendly, you can do a lot worse than this

      • There is nothing interesting or unique about this show. The writing is mediocre at best and the characters are flat and predictable. I keep watching it, hoping it’ll get better, but I’m disappointed every week.

        • Eh..i feel like this show is what it is for the most part. My family and I enjoy it and it’re rare that we have a TV show that everyone has a base interest in. Its a fun show with room to grow. I think people just have a tendency to be overly critical when it comes to Marvel stuff in general. I guess i don’t see the point in continuing to review the series if they’re going to be so negative in each and every article and podcast. Even the rare compliments are so backhanded.

          I dunno, i just think its solid enough a show that doesnt deserve to be trashed weekly by the writers here.

          • I’m glad some people like it. i really am because I want it to be successful. I don’t think this site is biased against Marvel. I think they give credit where credit is due and this show has been pretty unimpressive when compared to the other Marvel properties. Unfortunately this show is expected to live up to the Avengers and it just can’t. They’re negative in every review because the show is not what it could and should be. It’s not a solid show. There is no over arching plot at all. Each episode is half-formed spy stuff with some Marvel sprinkled over it. It is not a cohesive story and it does not do the franchise justice.

            • Actually no. You DO NOT keep watching something when you know it isn’t going good and the plot you KNOW is weak HOPING it would get better. This is how HORRIBLE tv shows are produced. The countless ER/COP/POLITICAL-LAW dramas are made. Trust me. This is a complete disappointment! A FAIRY TALE SHOW (Once Upon a Time) HAS BETTER ACTING AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THAN THIS!

              No one can act and why do we have to focus on the most boring people ever when we have SO many more interesting heroes and villains who haven’t even seen the light of screen time?

              When you have shows like American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Bates Motel…I expect more. Much more than awful cheesy bullcrap to something that looks epic. ESPECIALLY out of Whedon.

              If Agents had been animated I think it would be a different tune to my thoughts on this lackluster event of a show.

              • I have a strong suspicion you either only watched the first episode then denounced the show as trash or haven’t watched any episodes at all, which means you are probably just going off of reviews like this to justify your frustration. Believe me, the people like this are in the strong minority. You don’t keep outstanding ratings by smearing feces on a TV screen… there’s a reason people still watch the show.

                • @ Hollywood

                  Really? How many seasons of the Jersey Shore did we have? How many show about cupcakes and dresses are there? How long has crap like Two and a Half Men been on? Feces definitely gets smeared on the screen and gets ratings. People watch this show now because Avengers was so much fun and they just associate it with that. It doesn’t have to be good to get good ratings.

                  • The shows you mentioned have a devout following that enjoy those shows… except maybe the vague cupcake and dress thing. It’s not crap to them, thus why the show prospers and ratings are high. No show is going to be great for everybody, so they target niche markets. Feces is in the eye of the beholder (probably followed by pink eye), but as a rule of thumb, if it’s successful it can be classified as a “good” show, even if you don’t like it. Therefore, there are many people that like AoS, thus its high ratings. If you aren’t in that camp, which neither of you two seem to be, the only reason to comment on articles like this are to be a cynical tool. Similarly, I would never comment on a Jersey Shore article. A negative review is one thing; it’s his job to review the show. I don’t mind that he doesn’t like it, I just don’t like that he gives no REAL explanation why.

                    • No. popular is synonymous with good. And he gave great explanations as to why this show has not impressed anyone who can look past it’s connection to Avengers.

                      “there’s still no actual context or purpose for what’s occurring, and even in week 5, this is something the series is still struggling to reveal.”

                      He goes on to talk about how the writers of the show are very excited for the future of the show and characters but not excited about what’s happening now which translates in each episode. I predict that the only good episodes will the be the ones immediately following the release of a movie.

                      I’m glad it’s still afloat. I want it to be good but it is not yet.

              • Haha. I very much agree with you. I just want the show to be good. I think shows like the ones you mentioned have raised the bar. I expect more from these types of shows.

                • Er…I meant NOT synonymous with good. My bad

                  • Perhaps you should let someone else review the show. You sound…well…very emotionally invested in hating it. I agree, its fairly mediocre, but then again, its TV…90% of its mediocre.

                    We get you hate it. A weekly article on how much you hate it at this point is a waste of column space in my opinion and is as boring as the very show your trashing. Just my opinion.

              • #1 You used caps like you have down syndrome

                #2 Agents of SHIELD is a tv show…so what were expecting? Avenger 2.0?

                #3 It is improving(slowly but surely)

                #4 You obviously haven’t seen any other of Whedon’s work

                @ David^^

                • 1. Insult for no reason much? Especially with comments like that. Leads people to believe you’re a 14 year old with no real argument.

                  2. TV shows should be good and entertaining. AoS is neither. Why would anyone expect a TV version of a movie when the movie you’re comparing it to wasn’t that good either?

                  3. Improving slowly but surely? I haven’t noticed ANY improvement whatsoever, neither slowly nor surely.

                  4. I HAVE seen Whedon’s work and it’s just as bad as AoS, which is why I walked away from Whedon’s previous TV shows/movies/comic books wishing I hadn’t wasted my time.

                  • you state your opinions as if they are facts that everybody MUST agree with. you are in the minority of people who didn’t like The Avengers. I find it incredulous that you can call that film “dull.” i really don’t know why you are watching this show when you quite obviously loathe it, and then you call people out for being pro-marvel that they can’t see how horrendous AOS is. I/we can say they same about you for thinking TA was dull. i have seen comments calling it [TA] cheesy, too much humor, etc, but not dull. you are certainly entitled to you opinions, but so are we. i dislike the show sleepy hollow. i watched the pilot, found it to be ridiculous, and have not even accidentally watched anymore of it. i don’t read the review’s of the episodes, nor do i comment on them, which again begs the question, why are you continuing to watch this?

              • You lost cred when you mentioned Bates Motel

                • Why?

                  Bates Motel is a great show. Cheesy sometimes but great fun.

            • “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

              Just let that soak in and I promise you’ll not only enjoy the show A LOT more, but life in general as well.

        • @Oneiros

          I’m exactly the same.

          I can understand the differing opinions thing but I honestly wonder how anybody is excited or entertained by this dull, one-note show. The four episodes I’ve seen so far have been so lacklustre that while I was watching episode 4 last weekend, the whole thing went by and I was still none the wiser as to why this isn’t improving at all, in any aspect.

          For that person who claimed SR is pro-DC to say such a thing is completely and utterly blinkered and ridiculous and it feels like that person is easily entertained by crap and so “pro-Marvel” that he/she can’t see how horrendous AoS really is.

          I don’t say such things lightly either because despite leaning towards DC slightly more growing up, I’ve always seen and read more Marvel cartoons/comic books than DC and the only Marvel related live action stuff I’ve hated and found dull and boring since 2008 are The Avengers and Agents Of SHIELD.

          I dunno, the episode airs Friday and I’ll catch it Saturday morning so I’ll avoid spoilers until I see it for myself but at this point, I’m only tuning in to see if it will improve and seriously doubting that it ever will.

          There seriously hasn’t been anything other than Samuel L’s brief appearance and the joke in the pilot about Coulson standing in a dark corner that’s raised anything above “stoic boredom” since the show first started.

          If season 1 ends and it continues this lack of anything exciting or interesting happening then I won’t bother returning for season 2 and I’ll stick with Arrow instead (the first two episodes of Arrow season 2 aired this past Monday and holy hell, it held my interest and had me enjoying the viewing experience over both hours, something Marvel’s AoS hasn’t in the 4 hours I’ve seen so far).

  2. Get to watch it on Friday…. slightly bummed as I had hoped that AoS had turned the corner with the greatly improved (but still NOT great) ep.4.


    Still as always I’ll give it a season and then I’ll decide whether to come back for seconds

  3. I watched Ep 1 and that’s it for me, it doesn’t pique my interest in the very least. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe but I fear the series is just overstretching the movies, a way for ABC to cash in on the superhero hype until there’s nothing else to wring. I think they should approach this like BBC Sherlock, a self-contained short mini-series that sometimes can be used as a bridge in between Marvel movie releases. If all things stay the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC cancels this show in its 1st season.

    • Ratings are still excellent and are actually rising. As long as that’s the case, I seriously doubt they will cancel it.

      • ratings are actually gradually declining
        pilot 12.12m viewers
        ep 2 8.66m viewers
        ep 3 7.87m viewers
        ep 4 7.85m viewers (a very little drop)

        we’ll see if this episode stays around the 7.8-8m or if it declines further

        • Up 16% in the all important Adults 18-34 demographic from week 3 to 4. Other numbers are great, but that’s the one they are targeting and really care about.

          • target demographic or not ratings are ratings and they’re still declining.
            but it looks like it’s settling on the 7-8m mark

          • where did you even get this stat “Up 16% in the all important Adults 18-34 demographic from week 3 to 4″ ?
            it sounds dubious

              • You’re right. It’s not gonna be canceled. It’s making money but that doesn’t make it good.

                • to YOU, it’s not good. to the 7 million people tuning in every week, it is. you keep making comments as if what you say is law. that may not be your intention, but that’s how it comes across.

              • arrow is from CW, CW ratings have always been low.
                3m-5m range. AOS is from ABC, that alone gets viewers.

                i haven’t mentioned cancellation anywhere, if anything i think it would stay around 7m-8m viewers, that doesn’t mean i think it’s a good show.

                • The OP says it wouldn’t surprise him if it got cancelled. I said that wouldn’t happen.

            • By ratings he meant how good it was not how many people watch it. People record on DVR why don’t you get those numbers too?

        • What website do you use to find ratings? I keep looking, but I can’t find anything.

  4. Is it just me our would having Ben Kingsley, as the prisoner in the end tag save this episode maybe the series and even shut up some IM3 critics? Too easy for marvel to do?

    • Nothing would save this show the way they’re going, especially Ben Kingsley showing up and nothing can redeem the terrible waste of film that is Iron Man 3.

    • That wouldn’t shut me up, that would make me give up on the show completely.

      • ^Ha! This.

    • IM3 was terrible and Sir Ben can’t save this show from itself.

      • Just because you don´t like Iron Man 3 doesn´t mean it´s a terrible film. It´s actually a very good movie and Ben Kingsley owned the role. Was it the real Mandarin? No. But in the movies, Tony Stark isn´t an alcoholic, Happy Hogan isn´t an ex-boxer who´s married to Pepper Potts, the first Iron Man suit wasn´t golden, etc. They change things all the time. Would you have preferred an old chinese dude wearing magic rings that shoot lasers? How ridiculous would that have been?

        • Well actually I think people wanted the terrorist mandarin first portrayed in the film and commercials over the “twist” mandarin or even the magical comics one.

          • This^^^^ if he was at least still a villain it would have been funny but he was a joke…an unfunny joke.

            • i, and the packed house i saw it with, found it to be quite a good joke/twist/whatever. opinions vary.

        • Less ridiculous than what we got. The movie sucked and that’s all there is to it. The only ones who like this film are the blind faithful to marvel camp.

        • Nope. It was a TERRIBLE movie lol. Sorry bud?

        • Scapegoat, I don’t think anybody but the hardcore purists wanted the Yellow-power racist version of the Mandarin seen in the 1960’s comics. We wanted a villain, not a cheep parlor trick. They touched on Stark’s outlandish and irresponsible use of alcohol in IM2 and Hogan did teach him to box. It wasn’t verbatim but it served to accurately portray the characters. The first suit was almost golden. He added the red last minute. It was meant as a nod to the original suit. And the “old chinese dude wearing magic rings that shoot lasers” jab is going to make you look ridiculous when Dr. Strange comes out. Spoiler alert: he learns to shoot lasers from an old Tibetan dude. How would that have been unbelievable in the MCCU after the Avengers? Iron Man 3 wasn’t only bad because of the Mandarin. That movie practically needed a laugh track.

  5. Episode 3 has been my favourite so far. Overall I’m enjoying it. Finally watched the first 2 episodes of season one of arrow. I wish this was more like that!

    • Agreed. Arrow season 2 really has started with a bang.

      • he said Arrow season one, but agreed, they are both incredible.

  6. I’m finding the whole thing very juvenile. I cannot believe how much they have dropped the quality control on such an important franchise.

    Maybe they are so confident of everything else they have been completely bulletproof.

    Maybe they should put what they have in the trash and go back to the drawing board. The concept is great the delivery really really bad.

    Come back in a year or so with a show that actually looks like it is the world’s greatest spy agency not some youthgroup for kids in juvenile detention with a couple of youth leaders.

    I’m not saying go all DC but I am saying give the show some gravitas.

    • youth group line was great. it’s as if shield keeps it’s enemies at bay with a guard dog instead of smarts and advanced tech. any and all hacker’s get their way with them and run laps. and this agency is supposed to go head on with the likes of asgardians and whatever the hell eventually makes it way through the next wormhole? coulsen is furious that the obnoxious chatterbox skye revealed herself to be ” who they thought she was ” ( and they let her off the hook, couldn’t resist )?

    • Average age of the actors on the bus is 34. Matt Damon was 32 when he played Jason Bourne for the first time. Exactly how old do you want these agents to be…?

      • Shirley, you can’t be serious.

        1. Average age of 6 vs. the age of one person??

        2. Who cares how old they are, it’s how old the look. I just found out the actress who plays Beth from The Walking Dead is 28!?

        3. They look and act juvenile.

        • Dude…Beth is 28? My mind…blown does not even cover it.

        • 1) I don’t understand this. That’s the point of averaging them and not adding their ages and saying they’re 204? An average is equal to the age of one person…

          2) So you’re saying the look young? Have you ever watched a TV show before or is this your first time? Nobody wants to watch old, unattractive people do anything. Blame society, not AoS.

          3) Seems to be a bit of rehashing point (2) here, but I agree that they do act a bit naive sometimes and that can be a bit annoying, especially the two nerds. All I can say is that it’s ABC, not HBO. It’s not going to be super duper mature all the time. But Skye, Fitz, and Simmons are all extremely good at what they do, and they’re the only ones acting immature. It’s not like they’re grizzled field agents.

          • i got two 50 year olds and three 15 year olds.
            their average age is 29.

            • Exactly. So the two 50 year olds’ maturity should balance out the naiveté of the 15 year olds to approximately a 29 year old’s level of maturity.

              Math is pretty wicked like that.

              • not really, you still have two 50 year olds and three 15 year olds.
                none of them are 29.
                math is simple like that.

                • i’m outta here see ya

                • In my experience, if three 15 year olds were with their 50 year old parents out in public, they would act far more mature than three 15 year olds out in public without their parents. Likewise, the same applies for the parents. Said parents would be more likely to do things and go places with their three 15 year old children than they would if it was just the two of them.

                  The group isn’t going to do things together that either 15 year olds or 50 year olds would do separately, they’d probably do things more in the middle, that both age groups can enjoy.

                  Therefore: while technically, none of them are EXACTLY 29, the group as a whole will ACT similarly as a middle-aged person would. Like I said. Math and all that.

          • Oh Hollywood, this was a great laugh.

            1)You missed the point totally and even when Mr. Clean spells it out for you, you don’t get it. How would two 50 year olds and the 15 year olds average the maturity of a 29 year old. That makes 0 sense. Maturity doesn’t work like that.

            2) Yes I’ve watched TV before, good TV, which is why I am complaining about this show. This is a new age for TV where people want quality writing and acting. You may care what people look like and that’s fine. I don’t, though.

            3) Yes it’s ABC and not HBO, but you don’t need boobies, gore and swearing to make quality, it just make quality even better, lol. The show seems to disrespect mature viewers, regularly, in my opinion.

            • Well, I’m more than happy to give you some enjoyment at this late/early hour (time-zone dependent).

  7. i just noticed this episode.
    do they just fly around their “bus” directionless all the time while waiting for a call on what mission they’re going to be? they’re always in that bus flying even if they’ve got nothing to do.

    • Good point. Who pays for all that gas? And does May get bathroom breaks?

  8. Articles like this are why I barely come to this site anymore. You spit out criticisms with no basis behind them. How is there no context or purpose to what’s happening? How was this villain’s origin “heavy-handed”? And how on Earth is advancing Skye’s character (said advancement was directly attributed to this “faux alliance”) a bad thing? You bashed the series for not advancing the plot quick enough, yet in the same article write about how they aren’t explaining what’s going on or why it matters enough. Seriously? The show is 3 hours and 45 minutes deep. There’s hardly a single thing you wrote that I agree with. The series has improved drastically over the last two episodes and is finally starting to progress towards a central storyline, yet there’s not even a mention of that. Someone needs to start reviewing your reviews, so I will.

    This week’s episode: 3/5 stars
    Your review of this week’s episode: 1.5/5 stars

    • 3 hours and 45 minutes and we still haven’t gotten anything story that would fly on the big screen. 3 hours of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad would be a movie. That’s what audiences want: stories that are movie worthy. This show is one cheesy banter from needing a laugh track.

      • Seriously? That’s ludicrous. Breaking Bad costs about $3 million per episode to produce and Game of Thrones is even double that. Both of those shows are notoriously expensive, which is one of the major reasons they are movie quality. It will never live up to those expectations, so if that’s what you’re expecting, then stop watching now. Agents of Shield only gets about $1.4 million per episode.

        • you don’t need a lot of money to have better writing.
          breaking bad wasn’t as popular in season 1, i don’t know when it started to cost $3m/episode but that probably wasn’t the case in the earlier seasons but it was still pretty damn good.

        • Dude I’m talking story. Those stories are connected and cohesive and intricate. Effects are second if not third rung on the ladder. Story is top tier and this show does not have it. They could write better. That doesn’t cost any more money.

          • More $$ = better everything. Especially acting, writing and directing. There’s a very real reason Joss isn’t even involved in the show (although everyone seems to think he is for some reason) except as a selling point for the pilot, or any other well known writer or director for that matter, and it’s the all important dollar. They have TV writers and TV directors that’ll work for cheap so they can afford any effects at all.

          • All I’m saying is that you, and everyone else, seem to be judging this show on unfair grounds. It’s like comparing an entry to a B-list film festival with a Hollywood blockbuster. Is it the best show in the history of man? Well no, not by a longshot. Is it good at what it’s supposed to be? It’s getting there. And as long as it keeps improving that’s good enough for me.

            • yep

            • Give it up hollywood. So you like fluff we get it now move on.

  9. Anyone that actually thought there would be movie hero tie in should punch themselves in the throat until they can’t talk anymore

  10. Every time I see that the show is on, I think “maybe its not as bad as remember the last episode being” and I turn it on. It takes about 30 seconds for me to roll my eyes and 5 minutes to change the channel. This show is not good. At all.

    • *as bad as I remember*

    • So you watch 1/9th of each episode? Seems like a reliable opinion to me, thank you for sharing.

      • So far every ninth has sucked.

  11. “Unfortunately, like most things in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., everything is but a hint or a nod to a great tale that will eventually come – a tale that has, so far, gone nowhere.”

    Sums up my thoughts exactly from the end of last nights episode. All mystery and no intrigue. I hope you’re right about more recently filmed episodes because this isn’t going to cut it for me.

  12. The funny thing is that any of the Marvel One-Shots are actually better than AoS.
    And those are what…15 mins tops!?

    • The Agent Carter one-shot was badass!!!

    • Maybe that is part of the problem, it is hard to get hours of material out of 15 minutes worth of an idea. You can only stretch something so far.

  13. everybody complains about this show, and even the complainers are STILL watching it, and i have never seen a tv episode review get more than 20 comments, and here we are at almost 60. haha!
    This reminds my of the movie Private Parts when they talk about Howard’s ratings, and the people who hate him still listen because they want to know what he’ll say next.

    • *reminds ME, not my…smh.

  14. I don’t know, I found myself enjoying this episode (for the most part). It’s probably because my standards and expectations for this show have fallen so low. I kind of wish this had been the second episode, because truly we are pretty much back where we started. I much prefer Skye’s search for her parents to her secretly being a double agent. I’m sticking with it, but seriously guys, most disappointing show of the year.

    • oh, and I still think they should kill off Simmons. Nothing they have done justifies her presence other than her being quirky and British. Not that I have anything against the British, but SHIELD is an international organization. Couldn’t they have made the team a little more…international?

      • It almost like Joss is trying to bring back the Buffy cast. The quiet angst ridden girl, the Brits, the goofy bumbling nerd, the big strong hero, the commedian.

        This show could stand be set on its head and head off in a different direction all of a sudden to give us the feeling that nothing is stable in SHIELD land.

  15. I dont think this site is pro DC. I listen to their podcast and these guys are well educated and knowledgeable about their source material. This site is actually pretty fair in its criticisms and praise of film and TV. Just listen to their IRon Man 3 and Dark Knight Rises episodes.
    Totally agree with reviewer. This show should be as least on par with Arrow and I am lukewarm on Arrow SEason 1. The main problem with AOS is casting. A better cast could overcome the horrible plotlines.

  16. Naturally getting a full season order on a marketing technicality, you’ll see the line of quality bordering somewhere between simply average and forgettable. The show could have room to grow, if the writers/creators looked further than just making this simply this CSI with Marvel stand-ins.

  17. Good episode, better than last week’s.
    I have to say, now that we’re 5 weeks in, the show has been a disappointment, but it’s still better than most things out there on the air waves now.

    I do wish they’d have put a bit more effort into it and started strong (like Arrow season 2), but if the quality keeps going up steadily the way it is now, we could have a pretty great show by the time the first season ends.

  18. “The Human Scorch”…cousin of Torch? Johnny Storm’s evil twin? Smokey the Bear Gone Wild? This show does have room for improvement and fine-tuning, but I will watch it in it’s entirety. I am enjoying it so far, and not expecting it to reach for as high a height as the movies themselves. This is not the meat and potatoes main course, just the salad and side-dishes. I am probably OK with that.

  19. Did anyone else notice the terrible editing during the love scene? His shirt completely came off then in the next shot it was back on! Guess they had to keep it family friendly…

    • I remeber sharing a tender moment of amouriety when I was a teenager with my girlfriend, and her mom came home suddenly. You would not believe how fast my clothes flew back on (or how fast they flew back off the next chance alone we got!).

  20. I personally like the way the show is keeping things from us, because that is what keeps me watching! Who wants to know every little thing when you begin reading a book? It’s about the journey you take. How is Coulson still alive? Who is the clairvoyant? What did Skye’s parents do? Who is Centipede and what is their motive? When will Graviton appear? All these and more are questions that keep me watching and motivate an audience to have interest in a show. I think the “give it to me now” attitude is not the one to have when approaching any show. Thinks will be answered and the payoff will be HUGE. Patience is just something to have.

    Although I must say, this episode was the first one to keep me completely glued to the screen without doing something else like checking my phone or not waiting to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, quality is improving.

    • (Note: I stopped watching AoS after episode 3.)

      1) Life Model Decoy.

      2) Never explained.

      3) I don’t have a snappy answer to this one, but seriously it pertains to Skye, so who cares?

      4) An evil organization out to preform evil experiments for domination.

      5) Episode 7 – 13.

  21. I will agree with David T and the Avenger, in that this episode was better than last week’s. As a matter of fact, each episode has gotten a little better than the last. This is a good indicator in the direction that the show is going. However, imo, the show still has a ways to go. To start with they have to get rid of the overall juvenile immature feel that it has. They also need to start giving us some “payoffs” to some of the questions already provided by the first several episodes. This will install some confidence and keep me watching until the season ends.

  22. I think it’s a fun show. It’s not the greatest thing to ever happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s also not the worst (Iron Man 2). So far, I think it’s a 6/10 show.

    • Iron Man 3 was actually the worst so far in the MCU, imo.

      • agreed

        • Disagreed.

          • Agree to disagree.

            • Neutral.

  23. The problem with your bashing of the series is that fanboys will believe it, the show will not be watched and it will be canceled. I think the show is fine. In fact it beats any other hero related show on tv at the moment… Give it a rest. Let us enjoy our show. This is not a movie. It does not have a $250 million budget. What more can you expect. (get someone on your staff who likes the show to provide a counter point!)

    • You seem to have your own bias if you can say, with a straight face, that you think AoS is the best hero-related show on TV. I happen to find “Arrow” (granted, in its second season, so more developed) and “The Tomorrow People” (still at the start of its premiere season, so a much closer comparison) to be MUCH better made shows.

      Is MY bias more extreme than yours? Nope…not even close.

      • You’re right, I do have a ‘some’ bias here. I haven’t seen tomorrow people. I’ll have to look into that. Arrow is cool. I just hate to see MAOS go down before it has a chance to find its legs. Plus, I grew up in the 1970’s. I know how bad a Marvel live action show can be. IE: the Captain America stuff…

        • PS: I meant the terrible Captain America work of the 1970’s. Not watchable. Cap wears a motorcycle helmet for crying loud!

          Yeah, I’m totally biased. I can admit it.

          • Fair enough.

    • The likelihood that the show will be canceled is, I would think, pretty low for the moment. Regardless of opinions, people are watching it.

      • …and Disney is backing it, come HE11 or high water. I think THAT is its REAL source of staying power.

  24. This show is on Network TV (a.k.a plain white bread). Everyone wanting Breaking Bad, GoT or any other cable TV show needs to realize that almost every aspect, age, race, sex, costumes, effects, etc… has been focus grouped to bejeezus and is distilled to appeal to the lowest common denominator. That is network TV. And this show fits right in. Not the best, even for network TV, but it is definitely not the worst either.

    • Exactly!

    • That still doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Which it’s not.

      • I am inclined to agree with that.

  25. Just like Rob Dyrdek’s tv show was a 30 min prime time commercial for DC shoes. This tv show is just a commercial for Marvel films.

  26. They had already teased Skye as being a mole and they played that card last night, but if they gave her one of those bracelets is she restricted from using computers? If that is the case then she is pretty much worthless to the team and to an extent on the show. Her boyfriend breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D. computer system again brings up the question of how effective the agency looks on the show.

    This is the second episode where they have gone to rescue someone and they either get killed or appear to get killed (Coulson dropping the doctor into the graviton machine). Aside from it’s connection to the Avengers movie at this point the agency and this team looks so ineffective the main question becomes how do they not only stay funded, but how are they even still alive. Now that they have been renewed I would hope they tighten this show up and get some focus soon.

  27. did they not mention that the show was not gonna be a villian of the week…seems like it

    • And no heroes either…

  28. I personally think this show is improving, I mean it’s campy, but i’m getting more invested in where things will go. people clearly feel very strongly about this show one way or another, which is great that’s the whole point even if the emotions are rage towards it. this is not the greatest TV show IMO but it is serviceable for my taste.