‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Takes the Battle to the Clouds

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agents of shield episode 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Takes the Battle to the Clouds

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD roared to life, with last week’s premiere drawing in 12 million viewers, but can the series maintain the legions of fans that the Marvel cinematic universe has amassed? These are not the members of S.H.I.E.L.D. we are used to seeing. While Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America are off saving the universe, Coulson’s new team must tackle more isolated events.

’0-8-4′ (an unknown artifact) takes the team to Peru where they find what appears to be alien technology, harnessed by a German device. We soon discover that the power inside the weapon comes from the Tesserract, which was a device that Odin himself once used, only to be manipulated by the Nazis in Captain America, and then by Loki in The Avengers.

agents of shield episode 2 simmons Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Takes the Battle to the Clouds

The backdrop of this week’s episode comes in the form of a Peruvian rebel uprising over mining operations throughout the country. This conflict introducers us to an old fling of Coulson’s named Camilla Reyes, who is played by the stunning Chilean actress, Leonor Varela (Human Target). The political struggle also gives way to some nice dialogue between Skye and Agent Grant, who discover that they have very different perspectives on the world. Grant is a hardened solider with an overly negative outlook on war and violence – while Skye, in her naiveté, sees this conflict through the lens of Twitter, and how social media can be used to bring a nation together. Neither viewpoint is wrong, yet it’s exciting to see the writers deepening the character’s relationships as the series progresses.

Melinda May’s dark past was another interesting story, and hopefully, we’ll learn more about this “Cavalry” term applied to her. Fitzs and Simmons are the weakest members of the group in terms of character development; their only purpose seems to be comic relief. At times their banter can be overkill, especially with such a talented comedic actor as Clark Gregg leading the charge. However, it’s important to remember that Joss Whedon’s shows – like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse - often take time to find their footing. Whedon has a slow-burn approach to building his series, so we might have to be patient.

agents of shield episode 2 plane Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Takes the Battle to the Clouds

The battle in the clouds was a thrilling affair, which gave this new team time to work out their kinks and find a solution. Watching Coulson figure out Reyes’ seduction techniques was comedic gold, and Skye’s plan to use the inflatable life-raft to seal a hull-breach was so over-the-top that it actually made the scene work. ’0-8-4′ was an episode with some much needed character development that last week’s premiere lacked. This kind of development needs to continue in order for ABC to keep viewers coming back for more.

The big surprise at the end of this episode came in the form of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who laments over the loss of the plane’s bar. Is this a sign that some of the other Avengers could make appearances? Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, but one of the more enjoyable aspects of this series is how they tie-in stories from the films in order to give more depth to each episode. Also, it’s worth mentioning Skye’s mysterious text from the Rising Tide. What are her true motivations? Tune in next week to find out.


Agents of SHIELD continues with ‘The Asset’ next Tuesday @8pm on ABC. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:


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  1. This “calvary” group? Are you kidding?

    Also, nazis doesn’t require an apostrophe. FYI.

    • Nazis should be capitalized. FYI.

      • Nazis should be castrated in the Capitol.

    • I see this mistake everywhere, and every time I’m less forgiving of it. “Oh, there’s no red squiggly line under ‘Calvary’, guess I spelled it correctly.”

  2. Sam Jackson cameo at the end was perfect. Could not stop laughing at the convo between him and coulson

  3. much better episode. Nick fury was awesome to see. Ill continue watching next week. The show is so over the top cheesy and I am coming to accept that.

    • That pretty much sums it up for me, and I think it’ll improve even more as the season goes on.

      Embrace the cheese!!!

      • Hmmm, I just got done eating a plate of Deviled eggs, right about the time I encountered mention of Easter Eggs in Marvel works, and now I was just contemplating a run to the kitchen for some good sharp cheddar I have in the fridge, and someone mentioned “cheese”! Quick, someone mention a winning lotto ticket!!!!!

  4. Posted elsewhere: Episode 2 was better then the pilot but it was not without its problems. I definitely got the feeling I was watching a cartoon with the simplistic way the team learned to appreciate each other’s differences and the “it all works out in the end” storyline. I am also really tired of the we must distroy this object because “mankind is not ready” or some such BS. I really hope that was a fake out and we learn that the device and other such devices are actually squirreled away in a lab somewhere. Also the really obvious attempts at building mystery are ham fisted at best (its a magical place, secret texts). The ratings were down for this episode but that could be for a variety if reasons. I see them working out the kinks so I hope the show continues on and gets better.

    • What is with you? You expect perfection. It is GOOD ENOUGH.

      I bet if the work you did was put on live TV and subject to people on forums review, you would be found to be lacking. Get real. It is just a tv show.

  5. “S.H.I.E.L.D.” is filled with lots of cheesy and horrible acting. Its kind of feels like tv-series “MutantX”.

  6. The actress who plays Skye is absolutely Gorgeous!!

    • I’d like to be up in the sky….!

  7. Anyone else catch the Hydra reference???

    • One would probably have to have been asleep (or not watching) to not catch it ;)

  8. This show needs to get a lot (subjectively for me) better to convince me that it is worth watching. If it was not part of the Marvel universe, I would not be giving it a second thought right now.

    Aside from Coulson and Melinda May, none of the other characters do it for me, at all. Part of that is the writing, though, so they might improve.

    Did the Nick Fury cameo strike anyone as being almost completely absurd? I get that humor is important, but really.

    • Yeah I liked that he showed up, but it came off like a weird Saturday Night Live sketch. I am betting it was tacked on and wasnt a part if the original script.

  9. Geez, this show is unbelievably corny. Bad dialogue, boring characters, sub-par acting….just all around goofy. I like Coulson of course, and I also really like Fitz and Simmons, but not too much else. I am surprised this show is so mediocre.

    • I don’t know if its the dialogue or a combination of their really thick accents and poor timing but a lot of their scenes fall flat for me.

    • AMEN!!! I’m ONLY watching to find out what the deal is with Coulson’s “death”

    • What about the raft? That was such bs. Come on that’s the best you can do

  10. After watching the pilot, I thought Skie deserved a bullet between the eyes. After watching this episode, I now think she deserves two. Why is she on this team again? Someone explain how a blogger hacks into a top-secret government agency, avoids all consequence, and becomes a member of said squad while offering no real contributions that could not be better accomplished by a trained agent or solider.

    • Ha ha. Yeah. Her big contribution to the episode was: we all can contribute! Is this Facts of Life? And she is Mrs. Garrett?

    • I guess it’s similar to real life hackers being recruited by the FBI and other government agencies worldwide to help them find flaws and holes in their security systems.

      Episode 2 doesn’t air here until Friday night though so I can’t much comment on her actions this week. She was definitely one of the few non-annoying characters of episode 1 though.

  11. This show is still lacking for me

  12. This show is just like the Knight Rider reboot of 2008. Anyone else feel the same? And yes…I will continue to watch.

    • Yeah. It is a little “paint by numbers”. I feel like they are just going by a Firmula. Plug in characters and stories. I have seen this before. Very 80s. I was going to say MacGyver. But yes I will continue to watch. It’s a fun enough diversion. Also Aarow took awhile for me to really get into it.

      • True but at lest its not goofy

    • Yeah you right, same feeling, but I am curious…and I think i keep watching it!..I like the small reference that they put in for the rest of the Marve universe….If this show is still around next year….when we get up to Avengers Age of Ultron….its probably going to be a kind of viral advertising……I am not yet yet its and awsome show..but Iwill keep on watching

  13. I predict that this show will survive this season. However next season — ?????? We shall see. I hope it improves and last a good several seasons but that might be wishful thinking. Honestly I still believe shield would have been better as a movie franchise than a TV series.

  14. Really good episode this time, much better than the first.

    Loved the cameo, not too over the top. I enjoyed the theme of team building and I liked the character background. This time the tone seemed more similar to an episode of Firefly than the pilot did.

    Still room to improve but I like where this is going so far.

    • Not too over the top? Personally, I found it to be precisely way over the top.

    • I too got the Fierfly vibes. Mostly from the plane, though.

  15. Oh, by the way, there is no “cavalry group”, I believe “Calvalry” is Melinda May’s nickname.

    • Completely agree with what you said in your first comment and yeah, as far as I understand it, “Calvalry” isn’t a group, it’s just what they (used to) call May. (Might want to edit the article there, David)

  16. I have officially lost interest in this show.
    Not that it needs me for its survival.

  17. I loved the Nick Fury cameo, but I would have been much happier if his conversation with Coulson revealed more about “Tahiti” or their lie to the Avengers. It gives me hope that Sam L will make more appearances as it warrants.

    I literally laughed out loud when the inflatable raft plugged the hole in the plane… that thing would have been sucked right out the hole and Agent Ward would be gone.

    • “Agent Ward would be gone.”

      Thus solving most issues with this show, right?

      • Haha I dont know if Ward being sucked out of the plane would solve most of the issues, but I thought it would have been funny. I don’t like his “send me in alone, i’ll eliminate the target!” attitude, but I assume over the course of the season his personality will change (already see him “training” Skye in next weeks episode) so we’ll see how long it takes for him to be a team player.

    • Tahiti is the carrot held in front of Coulson-ites. Expect them to drag that out as long as possible in an attempt to keep “fans” watching.

  18. This is not good cheese. Geez, when May was holding the two guns before the break, I thought I wasn’t coming back. I know it’s early but I expected better.

    Again some of the cheesy hold shots are brutal. It makes me think this show is aimed at kids, maybe it is. I can’t give it too many more chances to be good.

    Thankfully Sleepy Hollow has been surprising.

    • Sleepy Hollow = best new show.
      Way better than this. Way better.

    • Sleepy Hollow has been a good suprise

      • Agreed re: Sleepy Hollow. I did not know what to expect when I watched it, but it was actually reasonably good, so I am continuing watching that. I am however, also watching Agents of Shield. Not that lightning-strike, roaring-thunder great, but mildly entertaining, so I will watch it all the way as well. Oh, if you are wondering what else to watch, The Blacklist actually is not too bad with James Spader, either.

    • I love Sleepy Hollow! So far it has exceeded my expectations!

    • Sleepy Hollow featured the worst cops ever. “Hey lets arrest this random Jay walker. Who’s clearly disoriented, and say he’s the murderer. This way we can at least close one case.”

      • and then the cops let a crazy man claiming to be from the revolutionary war go on ride alongs with the cop who forged documents to break him out of the psych ward, and she suffers no consequences. also, someone in the podcast said something about the cops reactions “oh, a headless guy shooting and decapitating people, so i guess that exists now” was right on the money. no sleepy hollow for me thanks.

        on topic; i thought this was a much better ep of AOS than the pilot was. i was hoping this pilot would be as good as lost. [THAT show got me hooked from the beginning, and i wasnt going to watch it, but decided to tape it (yes, i STILL have a working VCR ) at the last minute] i think it will get better each week. hopefully it will be around for awhile

  19. As freaking usual comicbook nerds are bent out of shape , everybody else is praising it and those who do critique it ACTUALLY give critiques not repeated parroted lines , if you don’t like it don’t watch it nobody is forcing you to watch it

    • I think that a lot of the people complaining actually really wanted to like the show. And as someone who likes the show so far I can say that most of their “critique” isn’t unfounded: the show is cheesy.

      Some are just more forgiving than others and will keep watching for more than 2 episodes before deciding whether it’s worth watching or not.

      • Cheesyness is something you either like or dont like. Avengers made great points

      • I rmember when the shopw “The Event” came out, and people went way over the top complaining unduly and undeservadly about it, and you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I remember when the movie Green lantern came out. Again everyone jumped on the tear-it-to-shreds bandwagon, a fate it did not deserve, and again, it wasn’t that bad. You know what? Shows don’t suck, critical people do!

        • I’m sorry but Green Lantern was just bad. I am also not a big fan of Ryan Reynolds playing any type of superhero. I think the casting choices was average at best and the writing was all over the place. When you compare GL to other CBMs it isn’t even in the top 10 IMO

    • I think a lot of the complaints are based on the show not being what was expected out of a Marvel/Whedon type of product. There is no arguement in the show being cheesy because it really is. I want to love the show because I am a huge Marvel/DC fan but right now it’s just not what I was expecting. I will still continue to watch and hope, like Arrow, the show gets better

      • See, whenever I see Joss Whedon’s name attached to anything, my expectations instantly drop as low as they possibly can because I’ve found all of his output in the last 20 years to be cheesy, cliched and pretty dumb in the bad way.

        Therefore, if the show continues to suck, it won’t be such a shock to me.

        • I thought I was the only one who felt this. But I do like his run on astonishing x-men.

    • @Gene

      Drop the “If you don’t like it don’t watch it”, please. Really lame reply. Besides this is the comment section. People are commenting on what they saw, good or bad.

    • Well, on Sleepy Hollow a demonic baddie broke a human baddie’s neck. But then as the heroes watch a video play of it, rather than just snap the neck on film like the monster did, an invisible being (the monster, I presume) breaks the human’s neck by running him against a wall on the tape, which he did not do when he broke the neck “live”. Or did I miss something? Also, if the baddie cop who got his neck broke and was killed then was brought back to life and revived, how come no one has noticed he is back from the dead now running around in a stolen squad car? or did I miss something again? Anyways, still like this show, but kind of picked those two things out. Maybe I should watch that episode again to be sure I saw what I thought I saw, mistake-wise??

  20. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Snow White joke, or the very bad editing in the beginning where suddenly one of the Peru agency vehicles is in one shot, gone the next, and then back.

    Overall, yeah, the episode was pretty lame. I’ll watch it for the hell of it, but I don’t see this keeping many peoples interests for long.


  21. The show overall needs lots of improvements. I don’t know if Whedon lost his touch or if the writers/producers/directors actually think this is what we expect out of Marvel but things need to improve quickly. I hate to say it but this show makes Arrow look like a Breaking Bad type of masterpiece. Yes, both shows need improvements but at least with Arrow the writing and plots feel more polished. Like Arrow though I will give this show a season and hope it improves like Arrow did. I think the show just needs more actual villians and less human Nazi army type of characters.

  22. Also I would like to know how this is all going to tie into phase 2/3 of the marvel projects because right now I am not seeing it

    • What about the whole Extremis plot in the pilot?

      • I saw that and it brought back memories of IM3 LOL

        • Soooo, that answers your question does it not? :/
          Since IM3 is part of Phase 2, and the pilot of the show had a direct tie to that movie, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory how the show is tying into the movies.

  23. I think the biggest thing this show has working against it is that we all want something like firefly….and the characters here really dont match overall. Clark Gregg is as good if not better then Mr. Fillion but realistically none of the rest of the cast stands up and its a real problem. The #2 is brooding just like firefly but no where near as interesting. The love interest (Skye) is good to look at but she’s no Inara in terms of acting or script.

    I am liking the show but would agree that our expectations of a new firefly are non-realistic

    • “We all want something like Firefly…”

      I don’t. I want a show that’s actually watchable and doesn’t suck like Firefly did. And Buffy. And Angel. Haven’t seen Dollhouse.

      • Out of curiousity, what do you dislike about Firefly, Dazz?

        I don’t like everything Whedon, but I am a fan of Firefly/Serenity.

    • I don’t want something like firefly either.

      I want something with
      1.investigational prowess
      2.stories of mythology/magic/fantasy/etc from Marvel’s stories and also made up.
      3.quick witted humor
      4. a show that doesn’t take itself too serious (a little cheesy like the comics)
      5.cameos from famous and not so famous Marvel characters,
      6some good ole ass kicking
      6. and worldly adventures like Indiana Jones

      Basically a combination of NCIS, X-Files, Macguyver, and Indiana Jones but with some cheese!

      • X-Files was pretty good (in most episodes).

    • I don’t want Firefly, rather something of the same quality level as Firefly. That is probably too much to expect, but there is a lot of middle ground to make up. AoS has had some great moments of humor, but everything else feels flat to me.

      I like Clark Gregg and Ming Na, but on Firefly ever member of the cast was interesting. Here, I am only feeling the two, and one of them doesn’t say much.

  24. no mention of Coulson saying that the car was an “afterlife crisis”…

    that was the biggest clue yet as to what is going on with Coulson and his “magical” retreat in Tahiti

  25. 1. Didn’t think it was better or worse than pilot episode. Still not great but not horrible
    2. Caught the reference AGAIN about Tahiti being magical. Gotta be something related to Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch. (Fingers crossed)
    3. Coulson bled from his mouth. Does that imply he is not a Life Model Decoy or Vision? Or does Vision / LMD’s bleed too? I wasn’t sure.
    4. They talked about the device being there for 100′s of years (or did they say over a 1000 years? I don’t remember) Either way, could that imply time travel? Maybe Kang? In the comics Baron Zemo created death rays and also was known to hide out in South America. Could it be his doing? Or maybe a combination of the 2? Or did it end up there from when Red Skull was sucked into that vortex in CA. Maybe that vortex was a time displacement.

    Those are my thoughts!!!

  26. CAVALRY, as in dudes on horses. Calvary is where Jesus was crucified.

    Melinda May was Cavalry. It seemed pretty clear that it was not a group, which is actually supposed to be a joke/play on words. When someone would “call in the cavalry” for support, they would get just her. And she’s all they needed.

    • Agree, I thought it was obvious

  27. Two things bugged me about this episode:

    1) A piece of a Tesseract “powered” cell is stuck to an ancient Peruvian ruin? If I was Thanos or Loki, why invade NY? Just go to Peru and pull a chunk of it out of the cave wall. It’s been there for Hundreds of years. Seriously!?

    2) This is a dangerous weapon that we can’t control, shouldn’t move, can’t extract, it’s too sensitive, and needs to be destroyed, but somehow they harness it’s power PERFECTLY to blow a HOLE in the side of the plane. They were only moments earlier worried about destroying the entire plane with it.

    Ahhh, what’s the point…

    • oops. Lemme clarify 1)

      Why invade SHIELD HQ to get the Tesseract which essentially tips off Earth’s biggest extra-terrestrial intelligence agency that, hey, ET is going to invade? There is a piece in a cave wall. Unguarded! Just stealthily go grab it and then hatch your plan on Stark tower.

      • Bro, you’re still talking about the difference between taking a nuclear reactor or a car battery.

        More on point, its the difference between an *infinite* power source (that does a good bit more than just being a power source)…and a gallon of gas.

    • Didn’t have a Peru guidebook.

  28. “It’s a magical place.” That’s the direction this show is going with it’s writing, it’s becoming Once Upon a Time for Marvel. All eye candy very little substance. If this show does not pick up it’s game it will be a short run but then again there are a lot of nerds out there that love a good o’l combo of corny and cheese. There was better dialogue in Young Justice than there is on S.H.I.E.D!

    • Yes, but Young Justice was really good.

  29. This needs to have a biig improvement. Somebody said it looks like a kidshow and I agree to the fullest. It looks.. just plain. The story, the “mysterious” Skye , Ward and so on. For a Marvel show I expect more.