Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 2 Clip – What Does it Tell Us About 0-8-4?

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The series premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bowed to impressive ratings, but a decidedly mixed reception from fans and critics. Following the billion-dollar success of Iron Man 3, the television spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was bound to get plenty of attention right out of the gate.

The show’s first episode was far from perfect, but then again, first episodes are rarely the most memorable. It will definitely take time for showrunners Jed Whedon (brother to Joss) and Jed’s wife Maurissa Tancharoen to find their footing – and we have some ideas on how they could that. But as the first promotional video for episode 2 showed us, the let’s-appeal-to-everyone tone of the pilot won’t be shifting anytime soon.

Now, a new clip (above) from Tuesday’s episode – titled ‘0-8-4′ – confirms that a character will be joining the S.H.I.E.L.D agents and gives us what will presumably be the central mystery of the second episode.

So what does the clip tell us about 0-8-4? Absolutely nothing, of course. The episode’s synopsis proves a little more revealing, however:

“Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents travel to Peru to investigate an object of unknown origin, codenamed 0-8-4. But when he runs into Comandante Camilla Reyes, more than just sparks fly at 30,000 feet.”

The main question, of course, is just who is Comandante Camilla Reyes? We could presume that Reyes is an old flame of Coulson’s… but the synopsis hints that she’s more likely to become a new flame of Coulson’s.

Agents of SHIELD Rising Tide Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2 Clip   What Does it Tell Us About 0 8 4?

The other development revealed in the clip is that Skye (Chloe Bennet), the hacker who was forcibly compelled to assist Coulson’s agents in the premiere, has evidently been invited to join S.H.I.E.L.D. full-time… for the time being. Not everyone’s terribly happy about this, most notably Agents Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) and Grant Ward (Brett Dalton).

So just what the hell is 0-8-4? Another errant Chitauri weapon, like in the Marvel One-Shot Item 47? Might be, since a similar item was the early MacGuffin in the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Preferably not, though. We’ve been told to eventually expect something a little more than a monster-of-the-week type of approach, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige has promised that the show will tie into the mythos in a significant way, but beyond some references to Tony Stark and Thor – along with the inclusion of some kind of modified attempt at a super-soldier serum – the series has yet to break new ground and explore as-yet-unrevealed corners of Marvel Universe.

Still, it’s only been one episode. We’re more than willing to give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. time to figure out what it wants to be. It’s only fair.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays @8pm on ABC.

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  1. Everyone keeps ripping on Dalton’s character being too dry and bland. I actually think it fits perfectly right now. There is so much personality on this team that I think he needs to “that guy” that is the d*ck/badass who loosens up at certain times.

    I agree with you Anthony, I hope it is not related to the Chutauri. The show needws to branch out to differnt mythos. Like how X-Files didn’t always focus on aliens. That show branched out to all kinds of weird.

    Anthony, what are your thoughts on the character from episode 1 being Luke Cage? His story mirrors that of the comics (test subject, criminal past, changed legal name to leave past behind)

    • I really hope he isn’t Luke Cage. Mainly because Luke always came across as charismatic and fun in the comics and that Michael guy in episode 1 of this show seemed completely one dimensional and without much to really have the desire to see him again.

      • I actually thought the actor that played him was great. Great actor. That scene at the end with Coulson he was great.

        • Couldn’t agree more with you Bob.

      • I hope he isnt.. I love how in the end they just all gloss over the fact that he brutally murdered his ex plant supervisor. No murder charge, no jail time.. Just he kid your dad will be reunites with u in a week”? Really? Coulston’s all like, “i bilieve you can be a hero” or some nonsense.. Umm the guy is a murderer and clearly has a pretty essed up duality, reguardless of what the serum was doing to him.

        • They gave the illusion he killed him but when he visits the female scientist in the hospital she says the guy he beat was just in serious condition but still alive.

        • Michael didn’t kill him. Per the news that Coulson and Skye are watching on their plane, he’s said to be in critical condition.

          • People seem to want the character they introduced to be Luke Cage or some other recognizable Marvel character probably because they want someone or something to identify with from the comic books. I don’t know if that character was just a one-off done to throw a former Whedon alumni a part or if they will continue on with the character, but it plays to the argument that the main cast seemed dull when a guest stars character is getting so much attention.

            The part about Michael not killing the guy going over people’s heads may also be a sign that people were just watching the show and plot points were not particularly jumping out at them. Time will tell if the show finds its pacing though.

    • I can’t see how he can have the highest espionage score since agent Romanoff but have crap people skills. IMO, it was a mistake to mention him with such a high score.

      Not having Ron Glass as a full time cast member was bad too.

      • He wasn’t trying to be a spy at the time that he was interrogating Skye. And just because he has the highest score since Romanoff doesn’t mean that he’s the perfect spy yet.

        • My comment had nothing to do with Skye.

      • His whole identity was wiped clean. He need’s a new one. Luke Cage sounds like something that he could change his name to.

  2. 42+42: 82 Coincidence?

    • 42+42=84. Just saying.

  3. It seems Daltons and Chloes character are taking a lot of heat

    • Perhaps because they’re the ‘pretty, young characters’ that are going to end up with each other eventually, with him passing on some of his spy know-how and her making him open up and improve his people skills, but only after a ton of UST and false starts. I hope it doesn’t go that way simply because of how face-slappingly obvious it is.

  4. Growing weary of this show.. I wasn’t that big a fan of the first episode, i mean it was good, but sub-par. I’m an avid MCU fan, but this show is going to get underwhelming and un-interesting to audience members, I can feel it. :/

    Sad day..

    That clip didn’t do a THING for me in terms of “pulling me in” to the show.

    • You need to work on your patience levels. I didn’t think the pilot was great but that’s how t.v goes sometimes. Weary after 45 minutes? The Simpsons wasn’t THE SIMPSONS until season 3 or 4. Buffy wasn’t great until season 2.

      • Sorry it’s just my opinion, guys…. Shoot me.

    • You’re growing weary after one episode? My advice, quit watching tv. No need to be weary.

      • Lol I’ll keep my opinion at where it stands, and will continue to watch the show regardless. Yes, weary after first episode, it’s very underwhelming.

    • Oh please its a trial and error which most shows do if you don’t like you don’t have to watch it.

      • I know that, I’m an idiot. I’m not saying GET THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR, ITS A HOT MESS!, no, it has it’s faults as any new show does, I get that.

    • I like how people are attacking you for not liking the first episode and telling you to stop watching TV when the reality is, some shows hook you from episode one, others take a while and others just don’t do it for you at all.

      We can all like and dislike things without the sheep mentality of “that one person didn’t think the show was good while the large group of us loved it, grab your torch and pitchfork, boys!”.

      The Following and Low Winter Sun had me from episode one, other people didn’t like those shows.

      Some took a while to enjoy Buffy and Breaking Bad, I still don’t see what people enjoyed about those shows.

      It’s called opinions, ladies and gents. Lets not get too quick with the insults just because he feels differently to you guys because actually, if it wasn’t for the fact it ties directly into the films, I’d be removing the showing from my TV planner so that it doesn’t record every Friday night and be perfectly happy not watching the show again.

      • It’s fine not relying on critical recommendations to decide whether you like a show or not, but if critics have been mostly positive towards something then you can’t claim that that ‘reviews are mixed’, like this article was.

        You may dislike Breaking Bad, but I doubt you seriously believe that views towards it are mixed, just because you dislike it.

        • Dammit, replied to the wrong comment. I meant to reply to your reply to Will

  5. OK, the first episode of AoS was a bit underwhelming. Having been in my mid teens when Marvel started, I am a true MMMS aficionado. That having been said, this “reboot” of AoS is nothing like the graphic novels of my youth. In fact, what this is, is a poor man’s Torchwood (minus all the gay sex scenes.) Mind you, I am for giving AoS the benefit of the doubt and look forward to seeing where it will go, but I have no illusions that the House of Mouse’s involvement will lead to a series that will have the impact of a “Breaking Bad.” ABC like SyFy’s slogan is “Imagine Greater but what yer gonna git is mediocre.”
    OK, that’s my opinion and I sometimes get it wrong.

    • I feel you on that, its very underwhelming.

    • I was disappointed too but honestly, I just put it down to “oh well, it’s Joss Whedon” thing.

      Now that he’s not involved in writing or directing the show, I have the feeling it will vastly improve in quality.

      • Episode 2 is usually the ‘proper’ start to a show. It’s sometimes kind of fun to try to guess what the studio execs said needed changing between the pilot and the fully-commissioned season.

  6. From that teaser, they show a hacker without training, or authorization. They also say that they do not know what the artifact is that they are going up against (Alien tech? Asgard tech? Future?), could that be the start of Ultron? Some kind of jump from Jarvis acting up to becoming Ultron?

    Maybe the hacker does not take a few precautions and a computer virus gets out and goes to the place with the most technology, and it evolves enough that when it gets to Jarvis, it has complete control and becomes its own entity?

    Hell, maybe its from the future and someone (An Avenger) sent it back in time for things to go a certain way because the alternative is worse. Like the comic event “Age of Ultron”?

    Just a thought.

    • I doubt it has anything to do with Ultron as AoS starts where The Avengers leaves off. (in the films, they’re set a year after what happened.)

      • No it takes place after Iron Man 3 it looks like. Extremis and all.

        • Or maybe parallel with Iron Man 3.

        • It doesn’t take place after or inbetween Iron Man 3, it comes after The Avengers, Extremis is extremely new at the point and they even point it out.

          • Extremis was also new in IM3, meaning that technically, it could take place DURING that movie.

            • Extremis was at a very advanced point in Iron Man 3. People were going bang, but the blast was much greater in Iron Man 3. The powers too were greater. It looks like this rising tide is just a front for AIM

  7. “the series has yet to break new ground and explore as-yet-unrevealed corners of Marvel Universe.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me right?

    There’s been ONE episode so far and you’re already harping on the series not breaking any new ground or exploring unrevealed parts of the Marvel Universe?!?

    I’m glad the show didn’t try to use Marvel universe bread crumbs to try and hook users in the first episode. Instead the show tried to stand on it’s own two feet and establishing something a little different from the movie Marvel universe. In the long run that will be a good thing because it will establish itself as something other than toilet paper for the movies.

    • Even still, I’ve always hated the complaint about films and TV shows not being groundbreaking or anything new.

      I mean, why does it have to be new and/or different? Why can’t it just be decent to good and entertaining?

  8. Mixed reviews from critics you say? Rotten Tomatoes is rating this show at 86 % with a 7.9/10 average rating, which is an exceedingly positive reception. On Metacrtic it’s receiving a 74% which is generally positive, NOT mixed. Please don’t mislead your readers into thinking your opinion are the opinions of others.

    • It’s a fanboy website dude. Fanboy reactions were def mixed.

    • This, Agents of SHIELD aricles on this site are turning me off from it completly. TV ratings are off the chart for the show, RT rating is great, metacritic rating is pretty good and the review on Collider gave it an A-. First episode was a damn great pilot imo. And this site talks like everyone agrees that the show sucks when he’s obviously in the minority. Heck, this is the only site that has really showed they didnt like it, like I said all those other sites praise it or think its good. Just annoying.

      • Like Joe said, It’s a fanboy site. Not the average viewer.

    • Ratings and sites like Metacritic and RT mean nothing though, at least in my opinion.

      Low Winter Sun is getting poor ratings but I think it’s a brilliant show while Breaking Bad gets high ratings and I think that show sucks.

      I also never use RT or sites like it to gauge whether or not to watch anything. After all, I’m the only one who can judge these things and seem to be one of the few non-sheep in this world who don’t follow what a website says. I watch videos and if what I see looks like crap, I’ll avoid it, not think “Well, it looks terrible but RT have it at 99% fresh so I’ll watch it anyway, even if it’s a total waste of my time”.

      That’s why I ignore those who use RT or TV ratings in arguments on a show/movie because what that says to me is that the person using it doesn’t have the ability to form their own opinion and has to spout off statistics from websites to “prove their point”.

      • You have terrible taste. There’s an opinion for ya. Seriously you can’t see why people think Breaking Bad is good? Sure I can accept its not your cup of tea but you can’t see the quality or why people think its good? Also statistics are a valid tool in arguments like this. If they indicate one way or another whether or not a large group of people have an opinion about the quality of a product.

      • Lol, spouting statistics and facts is a bad arguement. Okay. Saying crappy shows like Low Winter Sun is good and arguably one of the greatest shows of all times sucks is a good argument? Yes, these statements make sense. Perfect sense. I say my opinon of a show; I like it. And then lets say someone says its crap. I say why its good. And then I also back it up by giving statisics/facts and you say this make my arguments moot? Actually quite the opposite, it makes yours moot. You say, you see a commercial and think it looks “terrible” and wont watch it even though critics love it; and most likely audiences. This is a dumb decision honestly. Dont judge a book by its cover is a common saying for a reason. Watch it and discover if its terrible. Sites like RT are a refferance to look a critics who have similar opinions to yours and see if its maybe worth it to check something out.

  9. SHIELD’s pilot was pretty much AWESOME. Looking forward for Ep2. A spy agency without a James Bond-esque character? plz… I think they nailed it.

    • Pfffttt…Person Of Interest, 24, Homeland, Burn Notice, Spooks (except for the Adam Carter era, he was written as closely as the James Bond from the book), Graceland and Chuck are all spy shows that doesn’t feature any James Bond character.

      Hope this show will turn out like how Graceland did. That show also has a mediocre pilot and subsequent episodes and the entire first season was great. The only thing that haters keep ranting about it, is “how unrealistic it is cause not different agencies would share and live in a house…bla bla bla…”

  10. I have yet to see any TV show that had its best episodes in the first half of its first season. Most TV shows only get real interesting in the second half of their first season or by season two.

    I don’t get why people are so overly critical. This is not a movie, where everything is crammed full into a two-hour long story, this is TV, things are building up a lot slower.

    We know literally nothing about the characters or the main story. What TV show in the history of ever revealed the main plot-line of its first season right at the first or second episode?

    People really need to wait at least 5-6 or more episodes before making such judgemental statements. You have seen nothing yet. It’s like judging a whole film by its very first 2 minutes. Ridiculous.

    I still say that AoS has a lot of potential and can grow into something incredible, but people really need to chill and give it time to expand and deepen. What exactly are you expecting from the first few episodes?

    This is just the prologue, the ACT I, and with a TV show that lasts at least 5-6 episodes.

    • “We know literally nothing about the characters or the main story. What TV show in the history of ever revealed the main plot-line of its first season right at the first or second episode?”

      24, Spartacus, The Following, Game Of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Ashes To Ashes.

      Those are just 6 shows off the top of my head that revealed the main story in the first episode of season one. If you gave me some time, I could name lots more.

  11. Ugh the fan boy hate is just such a bore the general understanding is its a good show with good ratings

    • General understanding according to who?

      Fanboys can be overly critical but regular folk can also be just as ridiculous.

      Name a TV show you really hate and I can guarantee it got high ratings and was generally talked about in the general populace as a great show.

      Again, just because a lot of people liked this show, that doesn’t mean we have to give up our individuality and principles to begrudgingly like it just to fit in with the crowd. If I don’t like something, I won’t like it.

      Should I sit and watch The X Factor despite hating it while 7 million viewers around the country are glued to their screens, making it one of the most watched shows in the country right now? Do you really want to go there? Is this 1984 or the Soviet Union where because the majority like something, so do we?

  12. I’ll give it another chance,but Person Of Interest and Arrow are the better comic book tv shows,and Person of Interest is not even an official comic book television show,even though it was created by Johnathon Nolan(Christopher Nolan’s brother),one of the writers of The Dark Knight.

    • It makes me deeply sad for you to somehow consider anything written by Johnathon Nolan to in any way be categorized as a “comic book tv show”.

      • Based only on that, as you said.

      • Maybe if you actually read a batman titlez(Scott Snyder’s current run on Batman maybe) and not a justice league book or any street level hero titles, you would understand why Person Of Interest could be categorized as a “comic book-esque show”.

        Also, it makes me deeply sad that people thinks comic book are only about the cowl and capes. Read DC’s Sandman, Hellblazer or Saga, Fatale by images.

  13. I just hope the characters soon develop past not knowing what’s going on. The line about and 0-8-4 meaning “we don’t what that means” makes Coulson seem like an amateur. I really enjoyed his small roles in the Iron Man movies and Thor because he really seemed to have it together and be one step ahead. I hope we get more lines from him like, “Put the girl on the phone or I’ll blow the building before you can make the lobby.” I’m fine with the rest of crew being new at this but he’s been doing it for a while. He should have the answers.

  14. I thought guy who played main superhero (Cage?) was pretty good. Im wondering if producers are seeing how fans react to his character/acting before deciding if they should make him Cage.

    I feel like producers are thinking “Lets toy with the idea of him being cage and see how the reaction is. If fans react positively we have him come back as Cage and have him assist with SHIELD and lead into Heros for Hire.”

    I know that’s weird thinking but could be possible.

    Plus, if he IS NOT Cage I WILL NOT want Cage to be introduced because the similarities to Cage and that character are too close. to have another guy become Cage after we’ve seen this guy in the Marvel/Disney universe would be lame.

    Same reason I don’t want to see Red Hulk, Beta Rey Bill, She-Hulk, Patriot, etc. too similar to previous characters. I’d rather see new characters with new powers/gadgets. Not stuff similar to what we’ve seen before.

    In the Marvel/Disney Universe either through Agents of SHIeld or Movies I want to see cameos of Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Cage, New Warriors, Daredevil, Punisher, Mockingbird, etc.

  15. “What is 0-8-4″

    “Who is John Galt?”

  16. Got around to watching the pilot last night. I liked it. Set up the characters nicely, some laughs and the action was ok. Bring on episode 2 and the 0-8-4!

  17. Those clips somehow look even worse than the pilot…

    • Yup gotta agree that clip did not get my attention

  18. Agents of Shield is good enough for me to continue watching. No major complaints yet…still needs a little time to gel, but basically good.

  19. I think Nick Fury will be in more episodes than we think

  20. Episode 2 was a vast improvement over the pilot, IMO. Nick Fury’s appearance at the end was killer, and it fulfills my biggest hope for the series–that is, that the actors from the MCU films will reprise their roles in occasional guest spots.

    Oh, and to the person who derided my suggestion that Whedon do this with Hawkeye and Romanoff, because he thought it would be too financially costly to pay Johannsen and/or Renner, are you willing to eat crow now that you see ABC paid the MUCH more expensive Samuel L. Jackson to work on the show? 😉 Disney has the funds, folks. And they would be wise to continue investing more into bringing the big Marvel stars to this promising series.

    Loved the references to Cap, Hydra, and Thor tonight!

    • Consider that crow eaten, whatever that means. I got it totally wrong. Disney seems more heavily invested in this show than I thought. I still stand by more earlier comment about how having Hawkeye and Black Widow would overshadow the rest of the crew, though.

  21. Well one thing’s for certain. I’ll have more free time now that I don’t want to watch this show past the second episode. Godawful.