Deathlok Confirmed For ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’; Lady Sif’s Mission Revealed

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Marvel Deathlok Art Deathlok Confirmed For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Lady Sifs Mission Revealed

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Marvel and ABC reps were present to talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., offering some details on what’s coming up in the final stretch of the show’s first season. The live-action Marvel series has been subject of much scrutiny and criticism since its premiere for its ratings drops, mixed reviews and failure to capitalize on its comic book roots or place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee spoke earlier at the event, addressing the issues and admitting disappointment, but like series executive producer Jeffrey Bell and Marvel’s TV boss Jeph Loeb said a month ago said, they’re now making an effort to work “closely with the studios” in order to bring in more connections to the films and more characters from the source material.

And we already know some of that is on the way with Marvel announcing that Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif (Thor and Thor: The Dark World) will be making an appearance and signing signing Bill Paxton on to a four-episode arc as John Garrett, another character from Marvel Comics.

Thor 2 The Dark World Official Photo Sif Jaimie Alexander Closeup 1024x681 Deathlok Confirmed For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Lady Sifs Mission Revealed

With Sif coming to Earth from Asgard on a special mission, we wondered what that could mean. Marvel previous had a tie-in episode with Thor: The Dark World and it didn’t really connect to the comics or films, so this time they’re attempting to make up for that missed opportunity. During the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. presentation today, footage was shown from episode 15 revealing Sif squaring off in battle against Lorelei, a key character from Thor comics who will be played by Elene Satine.

Our immediate question concerns whether or not Sif will meet up with Thor while on Earth since he chose to live with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) at the end of the Thor sequel. It’s highly unlikely to get a film star like Chris Hemsworth to appear in the series but for the sake of connectivity and character stories it’s arguably weak for the story not to. Sif and Thor share strong feelings for one another and there’s no way either would pass up the opportunity in meeting up – in a perfect universe.

Marvel also took the opportunity to confirm what fans had been speculating since the last scene in episode 12 (“Seeds”) where Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) was revealed to still be alive but missing limbs. He will become the Marvel Comics cyborg known as Deathlok in the coming episodes. Loeb on the introduction of a key character (and technology) from Marvel’s library:

“We’ve been leaving breadcrumbs along the way. This is a major Marvel character appearing on TV, on film for the first time.”

Loeb, Bell and the other Marvel and Agents of SHIELD reps present heightened expectations for the remaining episodes by explaining that everything fans have seen so far is just setting up for the “back half of the movie” and that they’re finally ready to “pull the trigger” on the goods. There was no talk however, of if and how the series may or may not tie-in or setup the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier – which just so happens to release near the finale date of the show’s first season.


Theories: What’s Special About Agent Coulson?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday, February 4th @8pm on ABC.

Thor: The Dark World releases on 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD February 25th.

Sources: DeadlineMarvel

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  1. Well they did get Samuel Jackson to do a cameo as Nick Fury at the beginning of the season so getting Hemsworth might not be as far fetched a dream as it sounds although it still makes it kind of unlikely. we should be glad we’re getting Sif in for a new Thor tie in for the home release as retribution for the mediocre tie in they did back in November.

    • Hey, at least Marvel LISTENS to complaints and tries to amend their mistakes for the sake of their fans. That is more than anyone can say about pretty much any other studio out there period.

        • I mean, there’s a LOT they can do. They can have just voices like in voice message or something, we can see Tony Stark interviewed on TV, they can replay more footage from the movies during a mission briefing, etc.

          The fact that they haven’t tied extremis to Iron Man 3 more is a shame. They could have tried to call Tony Stark and talked to freaking Jarvis on the phone about they know about extremis.

          They have so many angles and tricks they can use without even having to actually get these people on screen. They need to shoot 5-10 minutes of the episodes surrounding the movies on the same locations as the film, for example.

          I’m a fan of a lot of what they’ve done, but there’s a little more they can do to tighten the ties.

          • @5aucy all the ideas you have in your first paragraph are awesome..

          • I wonder if its a matter of money or lack of creativity that we dont see any of that.

            • I’m sure it’s all contractual issues, since there’s profit sharing and all tv/movie rights arent always identical and etc, but I’m sure it’s doable.

              They need to start specifying in contracts that they can reuse and recycle stuff. I realize they don’t want to lean too much on the movies, but the movies lean on each other.

              If Captain America can be freaking Thor 2, then they can’t say they want this to “stand on its own”

          • Saucy, you are right on, especially about the way that the ball was dropped on the Extremis tie-in. Gee, one would think that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts would take a pretty proprietary interest in the fact that Extremis is now out in the wild, so to speak. They could’ve tied in the “fix” that Tony came up with to save Pepper in IM3, had Fitz and Simmons use that (maybe with a few tweaks) to save Mike Peterson in the AoS pilot. But no mention of it was ever made. Heck, I don’t think we ever really found out just when the AoS pilot actually takes place in respect to IM3; I think most of us have assumed that the pilot is after IM3, but some of the details in more recent episodes seem to imply that the pilot may have happened before IM3. If so, when? And how did Centipede get their hands on Extremis? There’s enough plot holes to fly a 747 through!

            Whedon recently commented that he’s not making Age of Ultron with an eye to significant ties to previous films, and I see that same kind of short sightedness in the way that AoS is so disconnected from the films. Yes, AoS is meant to follow its own concept, that of the “ordinary” people living and working in a world of superheroes, but it is still a part of the MCU and when there’s an obvious natural connection that can be made between an episode of the series and one or more of the films, that connection needs to be made. Continuity works. And you’re right, it really wouldn’t take much to fix this problem. A few extra lines of dialogue, a website article or TV report seen in the background. Little details like that can do so much.

            • Well I think AoS is supposed to happen shortly after IM3 and happen before Captain America.

              Obviously Tony and Pepper don’t have to be on the show, but just a head nod. Or a joke about how Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are totally girlfriends now, and etc.

              I think Whedon is right and it is a bad idea to write the next movie based off the first one, but once you are done, just find the similar areas and make them touch.

              The show is one word away from easy tie-ins so often that I don’t know why they don’t just connect the dots.

      • So true!
        When do you suppose they are going to get around to fixing the Mandarin?

  2. Lorelei refers to several character but also the name of Amora The Enchantress’ sister, are they going that route? Amora was planned to be included in the first movie (from the art design) so it’s not unlikely. If that so, then this might be a sign that Thor: Ragnarok is definitely in the plan…

    Actually, beside Sif, Fandral can also show up fairly easily since Zach Levy is a TV actor too. Now that we think about that, they can even use Rhodey or other characters whose actors who are currently busy in the TV department.

    • In the article it states:
      More from #Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD, Sif will come to Earth to track down Lorelei, a villain from Walter Simonson’s #Thor run

      This is where I believe her first appearance was. She is Amoras sister. I dont think there are any other Lorelei that would fit that clue.

      Also Lorelei is being played by Elena Satine which appears to fit the role looks wise.

      • Good call. Thinking they are saving Amora for the feature films and will use Lorelei for the tv show. Well see. If Sif say nothing of whats going on in Asgard I won’t be inpressed… though the arrival of Lorelei to Earth could mean Loki is assembling a group of asguardian to help him run his “tricks”. Think Lorelei was first introed as a willing participant to aiding in Loki’s schemes. Might mean Amora is also in the picture now over in Asgard acting as Loki’s second in command type scenario.

        • I saw on one blog that Lorelei has some feelings for Thor, which will be mentioned in the episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sif and Lorelei were rivals for Thor’s affections on Asgard. (In their own ways they’ve thrown themselves at him.) Also in the clip when the two square off Lorelei throws Thor in Sif’s face, saying Thor only sees her as a pet. That’s when Sif goes off. And that’s why there will not be a Sif/Thor reunion – it’s one sided. And Sif’s too proud. Jane caught Thor because she didn’t chase him; she ogled him but she didn’t chase him. Jane’s probably the first woman in Thor’s life that didn’t offer herself so quickly to him.

    • It’s actually an easy fix when you think about it; Sif is ordered by ‘Odin’ not to involve Thor or interfere with his life. The reason being that ‘Odin’ hopes Sif fails and dies in battle, in fact I wouldn’t doubt if all the Warriors Three get the same risky treatment. Getting rid of them asap would be the best move considering their knowledge of the whereabouts of the Gems or the ‘Stones’.

      • Also, if “Odin” slips up and reveals himself as Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three would lead a rebellion to overthrow the pretender to the throne and bring Thor back.

  3. To be honest I have lost (most) of my interest in the show during these first 12 episodes. I never expected to see ANY super-powered characters but still… it’s just that almost every character in the show seem to lack depth. The name-dropping has helped me through so far but I just keep expecting for even some low tier characters to show up. Maybe I’m just watching it too “seriously” / HBO-like. (Speaking of which… WOW! I wonder what a HBO Marvel TV series would look like?)

    In my opinion the best way to go with the show would have been “one big villain per season”-approach (yes, Arrow!). The Clairvoyant is there but we haven’t even met the guy halfway through the season. Also what annoys me in this “mission per episode”-system is that in the beginning of each episode the team always gets smacked in the butt big time but then they take care of the situation in under 5 minutes at the end. Then happy happy joy joy and roll the credits (with the bonus scene)…

    • Pfftt… Arrow, Person Of Interest, Burn Notice, 24, Almost Human, Hannibal shows you that you can still make good shows with brilliant writing without being on HBO.

      • Breaking Bad wasn’t HBO either. And Heroes was good when it was around, and I was hoping this show would be more like that.

        • AMC is still a cable channel.

    • An HBO Marvel series would look like this:

      Because HBO is owned by Time Warner, aka Warner Bothers.

  4. I used to have the full set of Deathlok comics….. And there weren’t many. Sold my entire comic book collection way back in the day to buy a car. Of course now I’m kicking myself.

    Deathlok was a really good character. Very dark and violent…… I wonder how they’ll handle it?

    • There’s a Marvel Masterworks hardcover that collects the full Astonishing Tales run (and more). Well worth having. As you say, uncommonly dark and violent for time, until they assimilated him into the rest of the Marvel universe.

      • for *its* time

    • Hope he has his Laser gun & talks to his “computer”.

    • They will sprinkle Disney fairly dust on it and turn him into rated PG robocop.

      • Or even better, he will just be a washed up cop who is oblivious of reality, running around with cardboard armor and a halloween mask, shield will pick him up and use him as a decoy agent for the bad guys.

  5. Since the show is on another break, should I catch up or should I just let it go. I’m a sucker for spy/espionage show and have been hoping this show would delved into the secret avenger/suicide squad territory.

    Reading the reviews for this show here made it look like it still is the snoozefest it was when I gave up on it while reviews for Sleepy Hollow made me give it another chance after the first 2 episode didn’t impress me to stay for another week.

      • +1

        My wife and I have enjoyed pretty much every episode. I thought they’ve been fun. Nothing huge or deep, just fun and entertaining.

    • Depends on your interests I guess. Few will say the show is good.

    • it’s so-so. There are some okay episodes and some boring ones. Right now it’s a 50/50 type in which half of it’s episodes felt useless and half of it was okay with potential

    • The show is mostly light, fun entertainment with a touch of darkness. Just right for day time family tv imo. Reminds me a lot of Joss Whedon’s style.

      So having said that, from your description it doesn’t sound like AOS is something you’d enjoy.

      I’m glad I ignored the reviewers, esp. on Screenrant who’ve been running the “omg AOS is terrible” line from even before the show aired though. If Screenrant had it’s way every comic-based tv show would be a Dark Knight remake lol.

      • Nope, Screen Rant were excited for the show and couldn’t wait to have another superhero TV series alongside Arrow, especially with it supposedly connecting to the Marvel movies via the more human side of the Marvel Movie Universe.

        The negative reviews since it first started airing have been totally justified. If you’re into great writing and great acting, this clearly isn’t your show, otherwise, AoS is right up there with other terribly written, terribly acted cheesefests that didn’t deserve to run for as long as they did.

        • @Dazz – Technically, Anthony had a bad attitude towards this project on the podcast months before the pilot aired…but that may be because he saw an early screening of the pilot. I’m not sure. But if you listen to last summer’s SR Underground, he clearly states that show won’t live up to the hype and blasts it well before the mass audiences had a chance to see it. His negative attitude towards AoS actually lowered my expectations so I wasn’t as disappointed as others. I believe that he helped me be able to see that the show has improved leaps and bounds since the pilot. I admit it still has flaws in the basic writing, but it’s finding some footing.

        • preach!!!!!

      • Only read the reviews because I stop watching the show and hoping that it’ll change my mind. I did this with Sleepy Hollow and GRIMM. After reading the reviews after stop watching it, I decide to give it a second chance.

        Didn’t really see the “Joss Whedon’s style” in the episodes I watched and by Joss style, I mean as in Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse or Firefly, not the campy 2001 feeling when I watch the show.

        Wasn’t hoping for another Arrow but a Person Of Interest/24/Burn Notice with Shield agents/Marvel character and since Arrow has been taking a lot of cues from those show/the street level storyline from the comics…well…

  6. This is somewhat promising news. The show is improving, but the first half of the season just felt disconnected, like they didn’t have an actual order to them. Looking back I think Coulson should have known about Skye from the beginning, that reveal felt out of place to me… and yes we should have seen more of the clairvoyent’s organization if not him by now. Maybe they could make up for that by having a villain-centric episode, maybe the episode where Peterson becomes Deathlok? (I know absolutley nothing about that character)

    I know nothing about the Thor villainesse either, but the actress playing her is very easy on the eyes, and seeing her/Jaime Alexander have an Asgardian throw down could be pretty cool! Seeing Thor show up after that fight just to have a quip with Sif about thinking she would need his help would be enough for me, but still won’t be expecting it.

    The second half is sounding promising, with Paxton coming on for 4 episodes, Deathlok, Sif, Clairvoyent reveal and Coulson reveal (hopefully?) they might just be able to salvage this.

    • cat-fight…giggity giggity!

  7. Finally, Deathlok is going to be live-action . Expect “Robocop 2.0″ on the small screen.

  8. I just love saying “Elene Satine”!

    • Me too!

  9. I certainly hope Deathlok’s creator, Rich Buckler, will receive screen credit and money for the use of his creation.

    • Not taking anything from him and I do hope he gets credit however it depends on the structure of the contract he was under when he created the character if he gets money or not.

      If I invent/discover the best widget for my current company I do believe they own exclusive rights to it as is the agreement I made upon accepting employment. I do believe the widget has to be job/company related etc. but I think you get the idea.

      • Anyone who followed the Jack Kirby lawsuit against Marvel knows that once a writer or artist gives the company a character they lose any rights to them. Aside from comments like yours they guy who created Deathlok will not get too much recognition.

  10. Deathlok is hardly a MAJOR Marvel character. But I guess AoS needs to get a boost somehow.

  11. “Our immediate question concerns whether or not Sif will meet up with Thor while on Earth since he chose to live with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) at the end of the Thor sequel. It’s highly unlikely to get a film star like Chris Hemsworth to appear in the series but for the sake of connectivity and character stories it’s arguably weak for the story not to. Sif and Thor share strong feelings for one another and there’s no way either would pass up the opportunity in meeting up – in a perfect universe.”

    By some of the other reports floating around, Sif’s episode will tackle some of the feelings of unrequited love between Sif & Thor, so I think that it’s possible to connect their stories without having Thor appear himself. As long as they do address it in some way, I don’t think it’s necessary that Hemsworth guests on the show.

  12. There is no way the clairvoyant is not Enchantress at this point if they’re smart.

    • wow good call.

  13. Yea they definitely need to speed this up or the second season will be the last if renewed at all.

  14. With Lorelei confirmed in the show, is it such a stretch that they’ll mention her sister, Amora the Enchantress? That would be killer! #comicbooknerdgasms.

    Amora also has ties to Surtur in certain incarnations…. (notably Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes)

    Could this mean that we’ll see Amora on screen in Thor 3? I certainly hope so!

  15. I supported this show from the beginning. But after several weeks in I saw a lame duck. I have quit watching the show live but I dvr it just in case it starts to get good. I’ll come to SR and read about how the show is getting better and go watch a recorded episode. Each time I watch another episode I am equally disappointed and I don’t find myself wanting to watch the next recorded episode. The show isn’t good. I don’t know why people keep trying to find hope in a failed show. Yes, it’s Marvel but its bad Marvel. People watch Marvel CBM’s because of the spectacle. For the simple people that means we want to see powers, abilities, and super hero fights. When fans get a good story around that spectacle then it’s win-win, icing on an already good cake so to speak. Agents of SHIELD gives us none of that. Rare use of super abilities, uninteresting casting, poor writing….. why is this show still on air (that’s rhetorical)? This new info is probably too little too late.

  16. they could mention Thor, Cap, Iron Man even Superman every episode it still won’t be good until they improve the writing…empty calories

    • I agree completely, except I feel like a lot of the empty calories are a result of them trying to write _around_ the existing universe instead of writing with it.

      They create unnecessary story elements in an attempt to make the show stand on its own. The show should use the Avengers and other marvel movies as a crutch or training wheels of a sort until it has enough momentum to split off on its own.

      Also, the directors of each movie should be contracted to write/direct 1 or two episodes before and/or after each movie installment. They already do something similar with some of the one shots and post credit scenes.

  17. The thing is, it’s not the “lack of superheros, marvel tie-ins, or big screen names” that’s the issue but rather the writing. It has improved but not by much. I took the show off my series manager from my DVR because there are soo many other shows now that have better quality writing. Heck, even the writing of TWD is leaps and bounds ahead of this show and that’s saying a lot because TWD writing has been all over the place. When this show improves the writing then everything else will improve, including ratings.

    • agreed.

      the writing and the cast have been blah. the characters and the dialog just come off as corny to me. Swear if i see one more shot of them lined up like freaking power rangers idk what ima do lol.

      • I paid little attention to the first 3 episodes because it felt like any other tv action/drama. Even before the show aired i knew i wouldn’t like cuz none of main cast members had existed in Marvel lore, and the marketing for the show focused too much on stuff already shown in the Avengers, I recall reading an article on this site that pointed how odd of the show to not feature the shield helicarrier as a recuring setting. At least netflix is gonna do its take on actual marvel characters.

    • Agreed. As much people harp on the lack of known characters, super powered or otherwise, the main issue with the show is that the agents they are focusing on are not interesting overall or very convincing.

      Most of these additional cameos at this point may be a good distraction until the season ends, but if they do not make serious changes for season two there may be the same tired arguments going on next season about the show.

  18. “Stop the presses, who is that?”
    HOTTIE! I remember Elena from an episode of smallville. Profile says she was born in Georgia(the one in Russia); I’m all in on this, watch party at my house.
    “I am Fifth Element, supreme being…”

  19. Called it!

    • Was that you? I remember someone posting this as a possibility on another AoS thread. I told them that I liked their theory and I’m running with it. So in essence, I called it too ;)

    • up until he lost his leg i thought peterson was gonna be the patriot.
      deathlok is a cool consolation prize tho.

  20. …How quickly everyone just jumped on this bandwagon. Heck it’s funny how most people said they stopped watching after the first 5 episodes but knows the Deathlok hint that happened :) Comic book fans are like the Browns ownership…impatient. The show has been good, it was obviously just building on future stories.

  21. I think ABC and Marvel should test the waters with having different actors in the same role. Cast a TV Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America so those characters can be used. The obvious problem with the show is it cannot afford the movie actors so it has to write around them. It limits the scope of the show. Doesn’t mean the show would revolve around the characters, but they could be used in an organic way to expand the show.

    • Or, find a fill in…have Sif approaching a built blonde guy from behind towards the end of the episode after she dealt with her problem. Cut away/fade to black. Let the viewer fill in the rest with their imagination.

      Or as she approaches, ZAP! She goes back to Asgard…because you know who doesn’t want Thor thinking about home.

      • Thor had a stunt double. Sif could always approach him from the back.

  22. So if you “signing signing”‘d Bill Paxton, does that mean you unsigned him?

  23. Can we have one Joss Whedon written episode at least? His brother doesn’t seem to have the same magic in his veins

  24. Maybe you guys can help me out.. In the EMH cartoon who is the villain the the big house that predicts the breakout? He had a mechanical brain and can calculate all probabilities etc. I’m getting thats the clairvoyant. Obscure villain, high tech from centepede. Fits. Well know soon enough.

    • That, I believe, was the Mad Thinker. He’s mostly a Fantastic Four villain if memory serves. But who knows, he might just fall into that magical grey area in the whole ‘who owns the rights to what’ conflict.

  25. Just put this show up against The Blacklist and you will realize just how lame it is….

  26. If they want to tie in the movies with tevTV show they don’t actually need the stats to show up. The hulk is CGI and Iron man is a suit. You can have a news report or a screen in the SHIELD hellacarrier showing them in action. A report over comms that Thor is in a battle over Hawaii or something. Numerous ways to have them there bit not really there. I mean these are the biggest stars in the world right now (I mean in the MU) there is no way news shows would not be on them.

  27. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Deathlok. I just downloaded all the comics I could find. He made his first appearance in Astonishing Tales. I also found a few short run series from 1999-2000 and 2010. Not a whole lot of seeders so hopefully it’ll pick up once this news spreads. Here’s what one download said about this:

    “The final feature in Astonishing Tales starred and introduced Deathlok, a conflicted cyborg who predated the popular movie character Robocop by several years and has become one of the most enduring Marvel characters among those introduced in the 1970s; at least two major iterations of the character, featuring different individuals, starred in series in the 1990s and 2000s. Created by artist Rich Buckler, who devised the initial concept, and writer Doug Moench, the feature ran from #25-28 & 30-36 (Aug. 1974 – Feb. 1965 & June 1975 – July 1976), the final issue. Bill Mantlo scripted issues #32-35, with Buckler himself scripting the finale.”

    I guess I’ll have some reading to do before this airs!