Blue Alien in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Explained – What Does It Mean For Coulson?

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Agents of SHIELD Blue Alien TAHITI Blue Alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained   What Does It Mean For Coulson?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently on break (again) before returning next week on April 1st to complete its final non-stop run until its season finale on May 13th, and more than ever the wait has been unbearable for fans following along. The latest few sporadic episodes were host to several major revelations along with more unanswered questions, as information about Agent Coulson’s miraculous recovery and Skye’s mysterious origins begins to surface.

While we don’t exactly know why just yet, Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) is special (read our theories here). He’s not a normal agent and because of that, he was forced to endure an “inhuman” series of operations to bring him back to life. He should have been dead but S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury “moved heaven and earth” to ensure that he lived, providing Coulson with special treatment that no ordinary S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or officer would ever receive. But thanks to the operations that had him begging to die, Coulson is back… but he’s different.

Coulson now leads a special ops team that’s growing increasingly suspicious with the organization they work for, and with the help of Agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton), they managed to locate a secret bunker run by an unknown group housing the mysterious cure that saved Coulson in the first place. This “cure” is simply known as GH-325, but as we now know, it’s not of human origins.

The blue serum we saw injected into Coulson during his operation is the same blue juice we saw siphoned off the the remains of a blue being. It wasn’t human and the revelation shocked Coulson, who’s dealt with otherworldly beings before, to the point of being speechless. The GH-325 worked on him and it worked on Skye, saving her life as well. It worked on her because she, similar to what we believe about Coulson, isn’t quite normal either. We learned in episode 12 (“Seeds”) a bit of her backstory where agents died protecting her as a child and that she’s a 084, a code S.H.I.E.L.D. uses to label an “object of unknown origin.” More on that later.

Agents of SHIELD Blue Alien Face Closeup 1024x576 Blue Alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained   What Does It Mean For Coulson?

The immediate mystery, now that Skye is safe and sound, seemingly healthy with normal DNA, is about the alien. The following week in episode 15 (“Yes Men”) – and still the most recent episode – a pair of Asgardians come to Earth, including of course the fan-fave warrior, Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) from Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Coulson rightfully took the opportunity to ask Sif about blue aliens and in a showcase of the Marvel Comics knowledge the writers of the series have, they listed off some of the possibilities, narrowing down the possibilities of what the blue being really is. Here are six Marvel alien species the blue man could originate from (with some Wikipedia text for details).

  • Interdites – A humanoid race with blue skin, they have developed precognition as well as other psionic powers. They come from the planet Interdis, seventh from the sun in the Tartaru star system in the Milky Way galaxy. Their civilization was demolished by the Badoon, and surviving Interdites have turned to mysticism and live like hermits scattered across the galaxy. First seen in Warlock #15 (November 1974).
  • Levians – A humanoid race with blue skin that otherwise looks very similar to Earth humans. Surviving Levians live aboard the “world-ship” Levianon. Their homeworld Levia was destroyed as they depleted the planet of magma and resources. First seen in Thor #256 (February 1977).
  • Pheragots – A semi-humanoid race with light blue skin that averages 10′ in height. They come from the planet Arago-7 in the Arago star system in the Andromeda galaxy. They have extraordinary superhuman strength due in part to their dense molecular structure. First seen in Hercules #1 (September 1982).
  • Kree - Also known as the Ruul, they are a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic alien race in the fictional Marvel Universe. They are native to the planet Hala in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Their first on-panel appearance was in Fantastic Four #65 (August 1967), created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
  • Sarks – A humanoid race with light blue skin, standing 6’1″ on average. They come from the planet Sarka, third from the sun in the Tilnast star system in the Milky Way galaxy. Sarks were among the highest officials in the Universal Church of Truth. Captain Autolycus is a Sark. First seen in Strange Tales #179 (April 1975).
  • Centaurians – First appeared in The Marvel Super Heroes. A humanoid race with blue skin and a sizeable red dorsal fin along the back and atop their head that gives them an average height of 7 feet (2.1 m). Some demonstrate “psionic” abilities. They are a primitive tribal race, using bows and arrows in hunting. Centaurians are native to Centauri IV, Yondu of the Guardians of the Galaxy is a Centaurian.

We won’t even bother mentioning the Frost Giants because it’s not a possibility. The Kree and Centaurians stand out the most since both are featured in Guardians of the Galaxy, hitting theaters in August. The Kree is the race of Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), the primary antagonist of Guardians and Yondu (Michael Rooker) – another new character in the film – is a Centaurian.

If we look closely at the scarring and details on the remains of Mr. Blue Man, we can see white markings seemingly etched or tattooed on his left pectoral muscle. Here’s a closer look:

Agents of SHIELD Blue Alien Kree Tattoo Blue Alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained   What Does It Mean For Coulson?

Look familiar? Check out this photo we snapped at Toy Fair of Ronan the Accuser and look closely as this chest armor:

 Blue Alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained   What Does It Mean For Coulson?

Ronan the Accuser Toy

Interesting match, right? Similar cross-line markings appear on the Ronan LEGO and Minimates toy figures. We were saving this discussion for another article – which we still may augment and post – about what we know the Kree body, Skye, Coulson and other interesting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connections and mysteries but Chloe Bennet had to go spoil it for us at Payleyfest 2014 (skip to 1:30 mark):

So, it’s no longer a question or mystery. The blue alien is a Kree. Agent Coulson and Agent Skye have Kree blood inside of them and somehow, S.H.I.E.L.D. or another shady organization knows about the species and has housed this body for sometime. Where did it come from? Is Coulson Kree as well? Remember, in the comics there are the blue Kree we see above and the pink Kree which are much more human in appearance.

Could this plot point lead to those old rumors about Agent Coulson becoming or actually already being some version of Captain Mar-Vell from the comics? The horrifying operations that saved Coulson’s life and messed with his memories – could they have involved the transfer of memories from the alien into him?

We won’t get too deep into comics lore (in this post, anyway) but in the Ultimate Marvel universe, from which much of the cinematic universe draws inspiration from, Captain Marvel (Mahr Vehl) looks human (can disguise himself) and is named Geheneris HalaSon. He’s a Kree spy sent to Earth who switches sides, crosses paths with Nick Fury and Thanos. Could that name be what the “GH” in the show actually means instead of “Guest House” as Fitz and Simmons surmised in episode 14 when they located the bunker housing the alien? Adding to this theory, the Ultimate version of Captain Marvel takes on the human alias “Philip Lawson” and that’s not too far off from “Phil Coulson” even if it is a stretch.

Ultimate Captain Marvel Mahr Vehl 570x320 Blue Alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained   What Does It Mean For Coulson?

Mahr Vehl

We hope this is some fun food for thought to hold you over until next week’s return of the series where more information will slowly unravel. Needless to say, the cast and crew keep hyping up the tagline “everything is connected” and with rumors that Ms. Marvel may still appear in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a lot more aliens coming our way later this year in Guardians of the Galaxy, perhaps Coulson and Skye have a much larger role to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


More: What’s Special About Agent Coulson?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on Tuesday, April 1st @ 8pm on ABC. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - which connects to the series – hits theaters April 4, 2014.

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Sources: ABC, Marvel

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  1. NERDGASM !!

    Thx so much Rob! U the man.

  2. What??????? Why can’t it be a frost giant? That would just continue the Thor crossover. Plus, why did sky not react to the serum like Coulson did. My Theory:
    The Alien was a Frost Giant, and Sky is part Frost Giant on her fathers side, and that her father is Loki, but he doesn’t know. That would be awesome.

    • Chloe Bennett confirmed it is a Kree. It also doesn’t actually look like a Frost Giant from the films. The only thing they have in common is being blue.

    • The producers have already gone on record saying it isn’t a Frost Giant. The evidence above, especially the video with Chloe/Skye saying its Kree.

      Skye isn’t a “normal” human, she’s classified as an 0-8-4, so her origins are unknown which is definitely a clue about why she didn’t have the same reaction to the Kree blood as Phillip Son of Coul.

    • Skye maybe that blue dudes (Genis-Vell) daughter, the show may tie Elysius to both Coulson and Skye, which will explain why Skye is so good with computers.

      I think Coulson, John Garrett and Agent Ward are either robots or partial robots -cyborgs.

      Now, the big question is which of the three remaining team members are Hydra?

    • Some reasons I can think of – Frost Giants are massive, and have facial ridges, it’s blood wouldn’t have these effects, it wouldn’t tie into the upcoming stories, the Frost Giants haven’t been to Earth since pushed out by Asgardians a millenia ago, Sif said it’s not, and because the producers and actor confirmed it’s not.

      Sorry, no Frost Giants.

      • I was thinking Frost Giants too because Lady Sif did say in that episode that Frost Giants were the only ones who have been on Earth.

        And since Loki is a human sized Frost Giant, it’s not a far fetched idea that the blue alien could be like Loki and this would connect AoS with Thor’s storyline.

        But it would be interesting if they connect AoS to GotG instead.

  3. Thank you for this… this actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. And it would play out brilliantly on screen, in my opinion.

  4. I don’t know much about Captain Marvel but from what I read on wiki he seems like a very cosmic being, his powers are beyond most of the superheroes in the MCU right now so it’s hard for me to see Coulson turning into him and still remain a part of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The pieces appear to be set but what is Marvel’s overall plan for Coulson? It’d be cool if he was reintroduced as Captain Marvel in Avengers 3 but I think that would confuse those who don’t watch the show.

    • He’ll be a scaled down Captain Marvel; because Coulson may be a robot with the Blue guys thoughts or brain patterns. If he is a LMD, he won’t get the super powers only the blue guys memories.

      Skye already has powers; she displayed them as a baby, I think she will be Songbird and Coulson has the memories of her father.

      • I think they’ve confirmed he’s not an LMD by showing his brain, scars and blood.

        • Remember, “What have they done to Coulson” and when Coulson said – “my blood is a high in iron.”

          IMHO, I believe the machine Coulson was hooked up to is the device used to make artificial intelligence. Coulson’s brain was not injured in the Avengers, so why did S.H.I.E.L.D have a device jabbing away at his brain? I believe Fury used that device to implant memories both real (Coulson’s memories) and fake (tahiti) inside artificial intelligence (the new Coulson).

          The show is giving us clues, the clairvoyant is basically turning humans into LMD like devices, Glen Talbot is a LMD in the comics and he’ll appear on the show, John Garrett is a cyborg and he is a recurring character on the show, Agent Eric Koenig was replaced by a LMD in the comics and that character is also scheduled to appear on the show. I’m just connecting the dots.

          • He still has a giant scar on his chest though. Was that planted on the LMD as well?

            I don’t buy it.

        • I believe that the Clairvoyant from Agents of SHIELD is revealed in Capt America: The winter Soldier

          • Wrong BUB

    • lol, I stopped watching the show too but i’m a tad bit into Marvel comics, so I follow comments from online on message boards and articles like this one which has comment sections.

      Therefore, im a fan of discussions, about a show, that I don’t watch, lmao.

    • Fun Fact: While his name is in fact Captain Marvel, most of the comics print his name as Captain Mar-Vell(spelled like the characters birth-name/given-name), because of DC copyright on Captain Marvel.

      • Marvel has the copyright on the name Captain Marvel, and they always have; it’s why they have kept reviving the name on various characters over the years AND make sure to keep publishing a solo title with the name to retain those rights.

        DC has NEVER held the copyright, and it’s why they’ve had to refer to their own CM as ‘Shazam’ on comic covers and any merchandise based on the character since he was re-introduced after DC acquired him from Fawcett way back in the day.

        He tends to get referred to as “Mar-Vell” because it was his Kree name AND because it automatically distinguishes which Captain Marvel you are talking about without further explanation.

        • I thought Marvel copyrighted the title Captain Marvel, but not the character name. Two characters can have the same name if different enough (yes, I’m a lawyer), and that won’t be copyright infringement; think of all the comic book characters DC and Marvel have that do share the same or similar names (heck think, of all the characters they share that are literal rip off’s of each other…I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU DEADPOOL!). I thought DC changed Captain Marvel’s name because most non-comic book readers thought his name was Shazam.

        • DC refers to their character as captain marvel, he’s never been refered to as shazam. shazam is the wizard who gave him his powers.

          what DC is NOT allowed to do, is use the name Captain Marvel on the COVER of a comic book. that’s why his books are called things like “the power of shazam”. but on the pages, he’s still captain marvel. and they have mary marvel and captain marvel, jr.

          as has been pointed out, marvel’s kree name was Mar-Vell, and has been since his first introduction in 1968

    • Fun Fact: While his name is in fact Captain Marvel, most of the comics print his name as Captain Mar-Vell(spelled like the characters birth-name/given-name), because of DC’s copyright on Captain Marvel.

  5. My current guesses as to who or what is the Clairvoyant are either Leader (Hulk tie-in) or the Power Broker with Vamp/Animus (who in the show could possible be Agent May).

    • after watching Captain America, you’ll change your mind. and no, I shalt not spoil thee.

    • I’m guessing Mentallo, but that’s without seeing Cap 2 yet.

  6. FINALLY! They’re setting it all up… The Inhumans are coming. I’m literally shaking. I never thought it would happen one day, and yet here it is. Thanks Marvel.

  7. Its Gnobian: once you see the after credits scene in Winter Soldier it will make sense.

    • Umm, very interesting. I did a web search on Gnobians use mind control, the clairvoyant is controlling people by placing a bomb in their head.

      Are Gnobians Blue?

      • Gnobians are blue, and have a history of buying weapons & technology from the Kree.

        • OK, thanks! I read a lot of comics, but I never heard of Gnobians until yesterday. If this is true, its 1st surprising thing to ever come out of this show. I thought Loki was the clairvoyant.

          I wonder if this means Marvel is moving towards making Andrew Marlowe’s Nick Fury movie. I hope this does not push back the Black Panther movie because the art work for that film is utterly amazing.

          • Loki can’t read minds, well in the comics he could because he can use magic spells.

            It’s tough to tell who it is, because a character could read minds through technology, or magic, or through many other means. There haven’t been a lot of hints in the show, but from what people have said there’s a hint in Cap 2.

      • Thought you’d appreciate this image.

        Incidentally, Gnobians are known to butt heads with SHIELD in the comics, and in the comic this image is from, they encounter Baron Von Strucker (head of HYDRA, and he’s appearing in Avengers 2)

        He’s in this image as well (monocle)

        • Those aliens in the pic from the link you provided do not resemble the Blue Surfer dude (That looks like he was bitten in half by a great white). After seeing what Gnobians look like I still think the Blue ex-Surfer is Kree.

          • hm?

            I wasn’t claiming he was a Gnobian. The Gnobian conversation is about who the Clairvoyant might be. All my other comments have said that the dead alien is probably a Kree.

            • OK, my bad

  8. It appears Chloe Bennett is back-tracking her comments, now she says that was just her speculation as a fan, but I just re-watched that interview and it doesn’t sound like she’s speculating…

    • where was she backtracking? I’d like to read the context of that.

      if she did backtrack, it would only be because she wasn’t supposed to reveal it. It’s pretty obvious that it is a Kree.

      • She is backtracking on Twitter:

        • ….they mentioned her confidentiality agreement and scared the hell out of her so she had to twit :D

        • Yeah, they made her backtrack I would bet. Her tweet says “I said I was guessing!” when she actually said “I know that the alien is a Kree.”

  9. Considering we already know Ronan is going to be a part of things (and the Kree have a major role to play in the cosmic side), it is the most logical conclusion.

  10. But what if the blue alien was actually a Skrull disguised as a Kree. Yeah. Think about that!

    • Fairly certain that Skrulls revert back to Skrull on death. Its a werewolf/shapeshifter trope.

      • Good post, you beat me to it!

      • Ah but what if a live Skrull was imitating a dead Kree and then they put him in suspended animation liquid where he dround but didn’t revert?

        • Dround? rofl

    • lol, Skrulls are partly owned by Fox so we don’t know what elements of them Marvel is allowed to use or even if they can call them Skrulls.

      • Feige has said Marvel can use Skrulls. Check this interview from 2012 (cued up to the right moment):

        That said, they don’t seem to be interested in using Skrulls for now.

        • chitauri = skrulls.

    • Skrull are tied up with the Fantastic Four. Also regardless of movie rights Marvel owns the TV rights for all of it’s characters. If they want Spiderman on Agents of Shield they could technically do it.

  11. The only way her backtrack tweet is correct, and it’s not a Kree, is if the scar on the body that 100% matches Ronan’s armor is a logo for a multi-species alliance, instead of a Kree symbol. Even the context of her tweet is incorrect, because it says “I said I was guessing!” when in the video she says “I know the alien is a Kree.”

    So either she flubbed and wasn’t supposed to say it, and now she’s denying it, or the symbol isn’t Kree-specific.

  12. The Blue man actually appears to be an Atlantean warrior. If you google picks of the Atlantean warrior you will see a group shot. They all have the chest tattoo. It would also fit for them as they plan to introduce Namor soon.

    • Nope, look at the ears.

    • No Namor or Atlanteans in the MCU from what Feige said – Universal owns them.

    • Atlanteans do have blue body art, but they also tend to have pointy ears, and Marvel doesn’t have access to them outside of the comics according to Feige.

      • Not on the big screen, no, but they do have the TV rights to their entire catalog.

  13. Like I said before, the only way it’s not a Kree is if the symbol on Ronan’s armor is for a multi-species alliance and not a Kree-specific notation. The symbol on Ronan’s armor and the marking on the body looks like different letters from the same alphabet, like the difference between M and N.

    Blue skin, similar markings as Ronan, who is a known blue Kree…the chances are very small it’s not a Kree. plus Chloe Bennett accidentally let that detail out.

  14. REALLY good article. Thanks so much. You obviously did a lot of research and homework to put this article together. It’s a great article and it’s really going to be referenced a lot now that Marvel is moving forward. Awesome job. You deserve a bonus for researching and writing such a thorough article. I hope to god you’re right about Coulson awakening and becoming Captain Marvel. That would be amazing and probably make a ton of people go back and watch AoS

    • my money is on Skye being Carol Danvers

      from wikipedia re: comic book version of ms marvel

      “it is revealed that the energy exposure from the explosion of a device called the “Psyche-Magnetron” caused Danvers’s genetic structure to meld with Captain Marvel’s, effectively turning her into a human-Kree hybrid”

  15. Chloe, I am your father. “Darth Vader”

  16. i wonder if this means we’ll discover skye’s real name is carol danvers…

  17. I knew it was Kree from the off, can’t believe the amount of people going on about Frost Giants, did you not see the Thor film? they look nothing like that alien and are called Giants for a reason, this will be a good story for the show now, very happy with this.
    I think Chloe is half Kree, half human.

  18. Pardon my ignorance, but what does LMD break out to?

    • LMD: Life Model Decoy, aka robot created in the image of the original human he’s supposed to replace, and imprinted with his brain patterns so that he keeps his personality and memories. Some LMDs don’t even know they’re LMDs and believe they’re the original.

  19. Ward is captain marvel

  20. late to the party – but here’s the off-the-wall theory. The Alien is blue because it’s related to Mystique and Nightcrawler. And we haven’t had the reveal yet that, yeah, Mystique is part Kree.

    Furthermore, when Hank McCoy started synthesizing the ‘normalization’ serum, he accidentally stumbled upon the genome of Kree DNA that turns people blue. In his madness, he destroys the lab causing the serum to spill and seep into sewers and starts infecting Yordles and turns them into SMURFs – which are then loathed by the Enlightened who think that XM (the source of which is Kree as well) should remain natural. Any relation to blue Night Elves and Dranei are clearly because Kree stopped by Azeroth as well. And everyone knows that Soraka was a mal-formed Dranei. Ditto for Aayla Secura. And don’t forget about Zeratul who also sports some Kree-’toss uber abilities. Ever wonder why both Zeratul and Nightcrawler can teleport…?? riiiight – they share Kree blood.

    Conclusion: we know what will happen to Phil and Skye… they’re gonna turn blue, go to vegas and give a certain 3-man-group a run for their money.

  21. Personally, I think the “alien” is Vision. Here are my reasons.

    1. Vision is often seen missing his body below his stomach, often with his guts showing.
    2. Vision has regenerative bio programming in him.
    3. Vision is a key character in the age of Ultron epic which just happens to be what the next avengers will be based off of.
    4. Vision is often regarded in the comics as property, both by SHIELD and the avengers. He is dismembered, killed, and reconstructed several times.

    Anyway, that’s my theory.

  22. I’d thought that the blue skin and the cosmic awareness shared by Coulson and Garrett after getting his blood would have been a dead giveaway that the blue alien was Captain Marvel. Way to confirm though. Good stuff.

  23. Is it possible that they are setting up the involvement of the inhumans? Could sky be an inhuman?

  24. It’s obBiofuels kree, looks exactly like kree from guardians, and it makes them carve the city blue prints kree had to make on earth moon for the skull:

  25. Has it occurred to anybody–due to all the crossovers–that maybe Sky Lord [Peter Quill] is Skye’s half-brother?

    This could create a link to further tie together the Universe they’re creating…

  26. its quite clear that skye’s mom is an inhuman from the last episode……
    inhuman in sense are cotai from the planet hala.