‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Casts Amy Acker as Coulson’s Cellist Love Interest

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Amy Acker Joins Agents of SHIELD as Audrey the Cellist Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts Amy Acker as Coulsons Cellist Love Interest

As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. heads down the final stretch of episodes in highly divisive freshman season, it seems that the showrunners are attempting to pull out all the stops they can to get fans onboard the plane with Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and his band of misfit soldiers. That includes adding comic book characters like Deathlok to mix; bringing in fun new celebrity guest-stars (Heroes star Adrian Pasdar and comedian Patton Oswalt); better ties to the movies (Captain America 2 in particular); and finally solving some dragged-out season-long mysteries, like the full explanation of Coulson and Skye’s resurrections and the identity of the villainous Clairvoyant.

However, it seems like we’ll be getting another reveal that should be fun for Marvel Movie fans as well: We’ll finally get to meet Audrey, “The Cellist” that Phil Coulson was courting during the Marvel Phase One movies before his seeming death in The Avengers. Not only that, but the oft-mentioned love interest will be played by none other than “Camp Whedon” alum, Amy Acker. TV Guide reports that Acker will at least appear in one episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as Audrey (unaware that Coulson is alive and watching over her) is put in peril by a super-powered threat from her past. Naturally, Coulson will step in to save the day, and romantic dilemma will ensue.

If you don’t know Acker by name, she is probably best known for playing roles in Joss Whedon TV series Angel and Dollhouse – or more recently, playing the iconic role of feisty heroine Beatrice in Whedon’s big-screen adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (read our review). She also has background in both superhero and espionage TV shows: she voiced The Huntress in the mid-2000s Justice League cartoon series and had a recurring role on Alias.

Clark Gregg and Amy Acker in Much Ado About Nothing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts Amy Acker as Coulsons Cellist Love Interest

Clark Gregg addresses Amy Acker in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

To Whedonites Acker is a familiar favorite, and is the latest from “Camp Whedon” to make it into the Marvel universe (her Much Ado co-star Alexis Denisof played Thanos’ henchman “The Other” in The Avengers). It is creepy that she and Gregg are going from father/daughter roles in Much Ado to love interests in AoS; but with Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson going from playing lovers in Godzilla to siblings in Avengers 2, this incestuous role casting is now getting to be par for the course in the Marvel universe…

While the casting of geek-goddess Acker may sit well with fans, the introduction of Audrey comes across as somewhat ‘too little, too late’ – a problem AoS has been experiencing throughout season 1. When Coulson first started dropping hints about his cellist lady-friend from Portland, hardcore comic book fans started combing over theories that he was dating everyone from Kate Bishop (the female Hawkeye) to Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (who never played the cello in the comics, BTW). The point is: after all that fun speculation, getting Audrey as a regular ol’ one-off love interest seems like a disappointment.

Scarlet Witch by AdamHughes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts Amy Acker as Coulsons Cellist Love Interest

…Then again, we have no idea what the showrunners have planned for Acker and her character. Being a cellist has not been a defining or exclusive quality tied to any particular Marvel character – so who knows who or what Audrey could turn out to be.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on Tuesday, April 1st @ 8pm on ABC.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Since she is threatened by a super-powered threat from her past, I think we are in for more of a reveal then just “Oh hey Coulson’s cellist!”. Acker was the best part of Dollhouse and continues to kill in everything (Cabin in the Woods anyone?). Despite a rocky start I think Agents is poised to deliver a mind blowing final run of episodes for the season. I would bet good money on The Cellist having been an enemy agent this whole time and this is all a set up to try and get to Coulson. Something along the lines of the super powered threat causes Coulson to return to protect her but all along she was in on it and working for The Clairvoyant/HYDRA/SHIELD/HAMMER/AIM whatever organization has been pulling strings the whole time.

    I am stoked to see Acker join the Marvel Universe.

  2. so does that mean she’ll be getting killed off on Person of Interest

  3. and no mention of her on POI? Nice article. lol

    • Haha. Exactly! Talk about a big ol’ pile of fail. “I’m going to mention everything else she’s done, except for her current starring role on one of the most popular dramas on TV.”

      It’s especially troubling considering that she’s a regular on that show, which means that there are serious implications for her crazy cool character Root if she starts hanging out on Agents of Shield. That’s the real story, and honestly, it’s what I was hoping to learn more about in this article.

      • Sorry, I don’t watch PoI – but I can direct you to its fan page…

        • You are missing out Kofi. Its one of the best tv shows on air period. You need to start!

          • Just because you don’t watch Person of interest you don’t put it in?

            • Yeah! She’s was also in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, The Cabin in the Woods, How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Once Upon a Time, No Ordinary Family, Happy Town, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt ,and Wishbone! Freaking Wishbone!

              How DARE you not mention all the things! Do you even read IMDB?

            • I remembered hot black lol!

        • So your research for an article is limited to what you watch? Seriously lazy.

    • In Kofi’s defense most of his references seem to focus more on her connections to Whedon projects than an overall review of her past credits.

  4. this was to be expected. Wheadon and his nepotism gotta love it :). I’m totally cool with it i love Amy Acker she was awesome in Dollhouse. really looking forward to seeing how the first season wraps up, I’m optimistic it will deliver. P.S. Incestuous role casting earns you a hardy LOL

  5. This could be cool. I hope they can get to a point where were are trying to solve mind blowing Marvel Universe connections instead of searching for potential connections that the show is being too slow to develop.

    Lost was like “WHAT’S IN THE HATCH?!?”


  6. AMAZING NEWS! Love Amy Acker!

  7. Didn’t they also just confirm that the blue body is a Kree?

    • Chloe Bennett strongly implied such at Paleyfest. It’s obviously Kree. Anyone who has seen Thor can tell the difference between the frost giants and what is in the tube.

  8. Hi guys i love amy acker but you forget to mention she’s is also fantastic in person of interest. i know you don’t talk about that tv series (i don’t know why because it is awesome!) So anyway, love your podcasts and keep up the good work.

  9. Fred’s back YEAY!!!!!

    Agents of Shield has just been saved. Acker kicks ass…. PERIOD!

    Nuff said

  10. You’re doing Ms. Acker a real disservice by not mentioning her most recent role as Root on Person of Interest, so you can paint her as a whedon only actress. I won’t be coming back to your site. Go screw.

  11. Maybe she will be Coulson’s daughter? Who knows. So excited for the final run though and TWS coming out next week. Keep it up Marvel!

    • did you actually read the article?

      • Yes sir! Every word of it. I was just saying because of the age difference and all. Idk wishful thinking I guess.

        • So you read every word and you think the phil will be dating his own daughter?

          You must be the super genius we heard so much about.

  12. That would really be a shocker if Coulson was having an affair with his daughter. Not gonna happen on an 8 o’clock Disney/Marvel show though. Then again they did have an interracial coupling so who knows.

    • Incest isn’t really the same as inter-racial relationships kinda aren’t comparable….

  13. Sad to say I think this may be to little to late.

    The fact that she’s a whedon girl doesn’t matter to a sinking ship. Will there be a season 2? And if so how will she be portrayed a secret agent pretending to be a celist?

    My intrest with the show has been depleted. But. Achers a good actress so good on her.

  14. I hope this is just a recurring role. I stop watching AoS and only when back just to watch the Sif episode and even that episode is just decent.

    And Root>>>>>any character she played/will play in any Whedon’s show.

  15. Come on Kofi. Acker is simply amazing on Person of Interest which is a critically acclaimed that actually gets good ratings and has been renewed. You gotta mention that my man. Thanks for the update. Def best casting so far from Disney for that horrible AOS show

  16. Whedon and his recycling buddies.
    I dont like that very much. filmakers calling out his buddies over and over again.

  17. I remember when the cast was being announced and I was surprised she wasn’t in it.

    I’m one of the very very slim few that prefered Dollhouse over Firefly (yes we exist, but only in the deep dark corners of the internet.) and I’ve been a fan since seeing her on Alias and am glad she’ll be on the show.

  18. Never heard of Amy Acker, and this cellist ish is kind of lame. If Nick Fury is taking on S.H.I.E.L.D, then Coulson should be battling LMD’s. (Or if he is a LMD, Coulson should be battling Nick Fury)

    If the blue surfer dude was Kree, then Skye should be getting some low t.v. budget powers wonder twin powers and a tacky outfit like 2nd Degree BURNLOK (Mike Peterson).

  19. if he is gonna recycle his actors give me some Gina Torres

    • I’m sure if Whedon’s the one handling X-Men, Gina Torres will be Storm.

  20. Why do many people say that it’s ‘too little too late’ and continue complaining that this show has problem? Every shows have problem on their own, and obviously the one you don’t like stand out the most… but must every article about it be called that same thing over and over again? I mean, I personally don’t like certain shows, but I never had the need or urge to continue bashing about it… JUST because I don’t enjoy it?

    Plus, if you don’t like the show, and has quit watching since early on… WHY BOTHER POSTING A COMMENT here? It’s not like anything’s going to change your mind about it? It’s not like anything instant will happen and will take away your disappointment.

    If you don’t like it, fine… this is obviously NOT for you. It’s your liberty to do so, so go ahead and watch something else instead, but remember that there are people (millions of them) out there who are thinking the complete opposite and are still watching this and anticipating every possible outcome in pure delight. You’re not the only person in the planet, plant that in your head, and please stop posting negative comments.

    Now I’m not defending this show at all, I think it has it’s flaws and not perfect… but please, at least target your ‘hate’ in a positive way. Personally, I enjoyed this show even if it’s not the best thing in the whole universe, and am happy to hear the Cellist that has been talked about several times in the show has finally arrived. I don’t care if she’s played by a Whedon alumn, or if she’s supposed to be a superhero… all I know that I want to see how Coulson deals with this hanging emotional struggle he has since The Avengers, a personal desire he had to let go just because of SHIELD came first. That’s all… and I don’t think there can ever be a ‘too late’ for a nice conclusion to something. Even real life sometime took extra time to solve something… Doh!

  21. I don’t know why but i’ve always found her sexy since Angel…

  22. Well, they certainly “fiddled around” with introducing ther cello player a long time, but I am glad Audry is finally being revealed. Also anxious for the BIG REVEALS of who The Clairvoyant is, as well as how dead or nearly-dead characters are resurrected. And who will we find the big blue guy to be (one of Blue Man Group’s members?!)I am enjoying this show, and hope it gets another season or two.

  23. What if Audrey is revealed to be the Clairvoyant? Amy could act the hell out of that.

    • That would be a weak and contrived plot development for me.

      • I agree with Rob, it would be tacky to bring her in and be all “Surprise it was Coulson’s pissed off girlfriend all along”

  24. Amy Acker doesn’t play Gregg’s daughter in Much Ado About Nothing…

  25. Having guest stars on that have appeal to a niche, genre audience playing obscure or new ancillary characters seems like an odd choice for a show still trying to develop some of the core characters. This has become a go-to with some shows of this genre and it usually ends up feeling gimmicky on one hand, or even worse the the thrown in characters end up being more intriguing and then they write them off.