Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What’s Special About Agent Coulson?

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Agent Coulson Theories Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Whats Special About Agent Coulson?

This week’s mid-season premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was built around the long-awaited answer to one of the biggest questions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – how did Agent Coulson survive the events of The Avengers?

While that tricky question was only partly answered, it raised a much more important and interesting question in why he was resurrected. Needless to say, there’s a lot more that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to answer on this front and star Clark Gregg promises that more is coming. Let’s take a look at some updated theories on what’s going on with Coulson.

We’re going to assume you’re caught up with the show and films if you’re reading ahead, so yes, obvious spoilers abound for those who’ve not seen Season 1, Episode 11: The Magical Place or Thor: The Dark World. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s highlight a few things actor Clark Gregg, Agent Coulson himself, has said about the big reveal, why it’ll be worth it for fans, and how it’ll play out in the second half of the season.

“The way our team has kind of turned the back half of this season into a reveal that uses the mystery of Coulson’s death not just as a standalone reveal but as an integral part of the bigger reveal, which is that this organization Centipede, run by this person the Clairvoyant, has been part of almost everything we’ve done and connects on a deep level to everything going forward. [Centipede] is determined to destroy SHIELD and, to Coulson’s chagrin, has some of the same questions about SHIELD that Coulson himself is starting to evolve.”

“The fact that they’ve already managed to kind of make the reveal of what Coulson’s doing alive [be] the one thing that the Clairvoyant wants is just part of the way the back half of this season is going to be — more exciting and more satisfying than the first half of this season, where so much work had to be done to kind of set up this world of these people and this team, and all these separate pieces get kind of woven together.”

This statement came before Episode 11 aired. Now that we’ve seen it, we know that Coulson’s visions of being on a beautiful beach in Tahiti were artificially implanted to help cover up the awful memories of the pain and suffering he endured in his seven days of constant operations to keep him alive – operations that had him pleading for S.H.I.E.L.D. to let him die. Coulson had literally lost the will to live and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s surgeons (and some crazy brain-tampering robot) – at the personal request of Director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) – messed with his mind and memories to change that outlook.

agents of shield coulson death operation Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Whats Special About Agent Coulson?

That’s not “the reveal” though. The reveal was only detailing what Tahiti (“The Magical Place”) was really all about. It’s just part of something bigger and more important that we’ll learn more of throughout the next few episodes and, likely, all the way to the end of the season – and it might be tying into some important story elements coming up in future feature films, but more on that later.

Coulson should have died, but SHIELD kept him alive using methods and technology we’re still unclear on. However, there’s more to the story than an epic recovery, because Coulson – for reasons not yet known – is special. As Agent Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows) made it clear to Agent Ward, it doesn’t make sense for SHIELD’s executives to be so concerned for any individual agent. They’re giving Coulson special attention because there’s a very specific reason why he needs to survive. So, let’s look at some reasons, hints and confirmations as to why Coulson is so important to SHIELD, to Nick Fury and Commander Maria Hill, and how the complete reveal ties into the interests of the Clairvoyant and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Page 2: Coulson Bot & Asgardian Magic


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., starring Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge, returns next Tuesday with “Seeds” @8pm on ABC.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, with unannounced films coming May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Marvel could connect almost anything to Coulson’s revival and make it work…… Asgard tech, Super soldier tech, Dr. Strange magic/brain surgeon stuff…… Crazy science or crazy magic or both. I’m glad they’re finally getting to it.

    I just wish the rest of the AOS team weren’t so generic and boring. They look like Sears catalog models. I would have cast some ugly people…. Some weirdos. Just grab some Silverlake hipsters off the street…. All covered in tats and piercings…… Drop the super straight, be-suited Coulson in the mix and BAM! A show that everyone would watch.

    • but, whty would they be SHIELD agents in this first place? i’d imagine SHIELD agents would primarily wear suits and be professional looking… not all tatted up and covered in piercings.

  2. As for Coulston specifically, the speculation itself is more interesting than the show. Kinda leaning towards the inhuman angle but the thing is whether he’s an inhuman/secret kree agent/hybrid etc.. Any genetic scan would confirm it and so how does one keep that a secret? seems just to easy to circumvent. If he’d been given the infinity formula post ww2 (ostensibly the blue stuff in the tubes) wouldnt it make him immortal? Or perhaps he can still die from injury, but idk. One thing that’s not been explored is his past, the clairvoyant states via the flower woman that Coulston’s dad died when he was young did she not? Who in the pantheon of characters at marvel has such a past? Granted probably quite a few heros and villains alike.. Eventhough Coulton is supposed to originally be an MCU creation with no connection to the comics, that was then, they’ve perhaps figured out a way to intergrate/weave him in more with the continuity found within the MCU. Who knows, maybe this wasnt the first time Coulston had been “tampered” with by shield, who knows how many of his memories are genuine? How crazy would it be if he was actually a crazy villain all this time that shield mind wiped and turned into an asset decades ago? Doubt it, but would be interesting.

  3. Otherwise for Coulston, his importance is possibly derived from secret knowledge that he has or some (mystical? ) connection to something much bigger and not a genetic link or what have you that could be easily scanned and found. Secret knowledges that sheild has hidden in his mind? That he’s not even aware of? Explains his importance. Makes him a data mule or sorts? Lol why not.

  4. @Leo like your take on it, makes alot of sense. Had he received the infinity formula back in the day he’d be, as you state, around 80. All that accumulated knowledge, his predilection for “antiques” from those past eras etc. He would be the physical embodiment of Shield and been a member since the start. Still if somebody was that important, with all that accumulated knowledge, why put him on the front lines and in constant peril? oh right comicbook logic lol nevermind.

    Somebody else said something I liked in the comments, the part where Coulston starts to drift on the operating table and “sees” the entirety of the galaxy/universe. I’ll just put it out there, could it be possible that Coulston at some early point in the training etc either came in contact with the tesseract or other object that granted him or rather showed him a glimpse of cosmic knowledge? Though he doesn’t “remember” it simply because the human mind cannot handle such info, there could be stores of information within Coulston in keeping with my idea that he’s basically a walking hard drive of knoweldge and as such why he’s so important. His mind is the important thing, for what it contains.. not his body, or genetics etc.

    • it’s coulson. there’s no “t” in his name.

  5. Umm his brain is glowing from the inside. How is that “human looking”? Looked like he was a bot to me.

    • Think the glow was simply to illustrate that his brain was being kept from dying, the machine simply stimulating it with electricity. His body might have been dead for days but they made sure to keep his brain running. When the say “dead” for days in the show, assume its meant or implied his body and mind where kept alive via artificial/tech means and not dead on a slab for days until they decided to plug that machine in. Beleive thye say he was kept artificially conscious for the days he was “dead” and being operated on, hence why with all that excruciating pain just became someone else, someone that simply wanted to die.

  6. His brain was open and being poked. He was saying “please let me die”. Maybe the poking was making him say that over and over…the same way that you can control a computer to play a specific sound over and over if you press the right buttons.

    • Or like the Kayak commercial where the brain surgeon is surfing the web while fixing the guys brain?

      • I love that commercial.

  7. Clearly I’m bored at work lol.. so to take the Coulston thing to its craziest implications.. what if he’s important because of some prophecy? Coulston IS Sheild but on a larger scale he’s also the embodiment of what the MCU is all about. That said, what if he’s the only one that can put reality back together went it’s broken? By that I mean Thanos and the infinity gauntlet. What if Thanos succeeds in altering reality and Coulston is the only one that can will it back together/fix it. lol yeah I know craziness. Just thought about that when I was throwing around my idea about Coulston being exposed to cosmic knowledge and why he might be so valuable.. that he holds a blueprint of the MCU reality within his mind. So maybe we should be saying Coulston is the MCU lol.

    • To me would be kinda cool, that with all the superheroes out there and their powers etc.. the only person that could make things right in the end was simply an every-man, with no special powers or abilities, just a big heart and a desire to do the right thing.

  8. My theory is that Centipede is actually AIM and this “clairvoyant” is MODOK. If we remember, AIM are the ones that created Extremis in Iron Man 3. And MODOK is a very behind-the-curtain manipulator whose abilities include telepathy and technological mind-control, all of which we’ve seen from the clairvoyant. And I’ve always thought MODOK wasn’t quite sinister enough for a big budget superhero film, but would work well for the small screen like this.
    My other more far-fetched theory is that the clairvoyant may be some form of Coulson himself. Like, despite the memories, perhaps the Coulson we saw on the SHIELD operating table that wanted to die is somehow not the Coulson we see now, which would account for the intimate knowledge of Coulson’s past. But like I said, it’s far-fetched and I don’t really know how all that would work.
    I could be completely wrong about all of it. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

  9. Not the 1st time they brought him back!? I love that! Anyway, who’s more important, Agent Coulson or Clark Gregg? Think about that. I mean hopefully Marvel has some deeper reasons for keeping him around, but if this story thread is left to the show runners they might drop the ball. My oppinion is just that he’s a beloved agent and that’s why they mainly want him around. Personally tho, I hope he’s Kree!

  10. this show is barely fit for saturday afternoons on UPN. for me, marvel has somehow managed to set the bar impressively low all while recruiting some pretty big names and big talents to do so. i don’t hate it all though. they have come through with some real good stuff since they started collecting their intellectual properties from the various studios that were (mostly) screwing them up even worse, and some of those gems have been their post credits scenes and one-off shorts like “all hail the king” and “the consultant”. if marvel/disney wanted to do something modern and cool that would reach out to younger, hipper audiences, they could have developed a regular release of short s.h.i.e.l.d. films whose releases were independent of the release dates of their larger properties. this could have made things easier in regards to including big names and big (enough) set pieces, and made it easier on writers to keep things snappy and interesting when it came to small name actors and more subtle scenes. keeping a top-secret super spy badass thriller show interesting for an hour a week, six months a year with a cast of rag-tag wacky drunken twenty-somthings straight from the CSI miami intern pool and not giving marvel film fans a chance to wish they were just watching avengers on blu ray for the 47th time is a tall order. when i watch this show, i don’t think “wow, SHIELD is awesome!” i think “am i watching la femme nikita, or stargate SG-1? oh, neither… (click)”. honestly, i think of SHIELD as that mythical organization that handles all the crazy conspiracy level madness that we all dream about in the wildest recesses of our imaginations. it’s x-files, james bond, and mission impossible all rolled into one. the level of secrecy i imagine SHIELD to be under is such that, if i only saw the most condensed moments of drama, action, or comedy from their stories a la marvel one offs or short films (or even pre-movie shorts, like disney does with their animated films) i would watch happily in my assumption that a) i don’t have the security clearance to know the rest and b) if “the rest” is overly tan youngsters griping about how they never knew their mommy, or drooling over the new recruit, i don’t want to know. there are a number of ways marvel could have handled the coulson resurrection (most appealing to me would have been simply letting him die, and moving on. if we love him so much or his backstory needs developing for something much bigger, couldn’t he appear in the agent carter series, if in fact coulsin has been involved in the story since the early Cap days?) but if keeping this character on the radar is the only reason to maintain this satellite story, then agents of shield is as unnecessary as it is bad. give me coulson serving up savage beat downs in convenience stores, and delivering his dry-as cardboard wit in clandestine meetings at greasy diners. introduce new characters and agents in concentrated doses that get the hair on my neck standing up, not in a slow roll-out with no name, go nowhere, hollywood cast-offs playing out tired high school drama cliches.

    • Good sir, if i could highfive you and buy you a beer I would. Well said. Thinking eventually the show might get tanked by ABC.. And then marvel could move it to netflix and be free to structure it the way they see fit. I think they learned a lot from the AbC deal.. That it was a mistake lol why else would they run to Netflix.. Well because netflix is probably like, “yeah do whatever” as opposed to ABC that all about demographics etc.

      • What “ABC deal” are you talking about? Both ABC and Marvel are owned by Disney. So Disney made a deal with itself? If “Agents of SHIELD” ever moved to Netflix it would sadly be for no other reason than it being more profitable profitable for them on Netflix than if it remained on ABC. Unfortunately, I don’t think the creative freedom freedom or quality of Netflix as opposed to ABC would have anything to do with it.

  11. Personally, I think Coulson is special is because he is every bit as unyielding as Nick Fury, but without the surliness.. He almost always keeps his composure and does whatever it takes to solve whatever problem they are facing..but he is likeable enough that everyone who works for him is happy working with him.. You can’t put a price on that…

    I suspect they used an artifact to fix him…and they might have sent him to a different realm to have it used. It would be easy to assume Asgard, considering they’d be responsible for the damage Loki did in New York and to Coulson, but since they didn’t directly show anything Asgardian, and it just looked like a flash of the universe in his dream, he could have been sent to any of the realms. I wouldn’t be surprised if this somehow leads back to Thanatos..

  12. didn’t Thor call him Son of Coul

  13. I like the super soldier theory, it seems to fit well with most of the available evidence. The one thing that doesn’t necessarily seem to fit is in the Episode where Coulson is talking to the mechanic who’s been infected with the Chitari(sp?)virus. In talking about his own “near” death experience, he specifically says that where he was on the other side was “beautiful.” That one comment alone makes me think there may still be some sort of Asgardian connection…because almost anyone seeing Asgard would probably describe it that way.

    • If the asgard ian connection were to be true then wouldnt Thor know? And by extention the rest of the avengers? But with Odin’s attitude when Thor brought Portman to get looked at, I doubt Odin would let a random human enter asgard, let alone get any kind of treatment.

  14. Actually, the name Coulson is Gaelic in origin and it means black stranger, therefore, Coulson’s turn origins are not Asgardian

  15. Agent Coulson is special because he was something people were familiar with from the Marvel films and Clark Gregg probably would not ask for and arm and leg to do the show. Whatever story they come up with for his resurrection at this point is probably an afterthought.

  16. Is it possible that he becomes the Vision?

    • If he becomes the Vision we might as well just dump all pretense of these characters being based on anything resembling Marvel Comics…its already a mess as it is…with fake Mandarians, Asgardians being “aliens”, Ultron not being created by Hank Pym and losing any point to the character ( its close family ties which is what makes the character so scary and poignant ), Hawkeye never being part of the circus nor sarcastic, The Infinity Gems being..well…something other than gems…, Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver not being mutants nor related to Magneto and like the Witch having powers that are no where near the ones she is suppose to have. At this point other than the names on the characters we are so far off point that its almost becoming something else altogether.

      I am really worried how far afield that the next two movies are going to take us personally….

      • u do realize there’s a reason y certain things have been changed w/ the movies, right, taychon? they can’t have pym created ultron cuz ant-man comes out after age of ultron. tony’s the one who creates ultron in this timeline. plus, they can’t have quicksilver or witch as mutants cuz fox has those rights, which is y the characters r also in dofp. marvel had most of this all planned out in advance. i’m thinkin’ the reason y the mandarin was a fake in iron man 3 was to build up the name itself for a future movie. kinda like they did for batman begins. the character of ra’s al ghul was initially introduced as the asian guy, when it turned out to really be liam neeson. the name is just the symbol, not necessarily the face. we might eventually see the real mandarin somewhere down the line.

        • No, I don’t think there is a valid reason for things to change in the movies, bill.

          You can simply change the order of the movies and/or introduce Hank in the Avengers film, the first problem is solved. It really can’t be all that hard to do things correctly and not have to make up fake crap since they have plans out to 2023. They just want to put the effort into doing it right. First point is solved.

          And yes, I do understand that Fox owns the rights. So do not introduce them until such time they can do it correctly. Until then introduce the vision, black panther, wonder man, hercules, captain marvel ( monica version ), wasp, moondragon, mantis and starfox ( the later 3 since the Thanos is inevitable and GotG ). There is no lack of Avengers members to play with. Problem number two is solved.

          Batman Begins fixed the Ra’s Al Ghul issue in the same movie, about half way through if I am not mistaken. The Iron Man folks never had any intention of fixing Mandarian because they could not even be sure that RDJ would sign on for another movie much less if the Iron Man franchise might be replaced by something in phrase 4 or whatever comes next. They even stated if I am not mistaken that they are not apologizing for it. That is just a semi-optimistic argument in my opinion but you can have it if you want. :)

          No, I don’t think there is a really good reason for any major deviations from the comics. The comics were good enough to base the movies on so why the heavy editing. I really hate that generic argument that you can’t translate a comic book exactly the way it is to a movie.

          I don’t get why swapping out the word “aliens” for “gods” would change anything other than helping christian groups to be less offended ( assuming that is the reason ). Most of the changes are pointless and stupid in my opinion and are a result of lazy writing and marginal creativity.

          Just my 2 cents and I will get off my soapbox now. :)

        • Stupid website won’t take my post. :)

          Yes, I am aware of all of that…the Fox thing just means don’t introduce the witch or pietro but instead introduce Wasp, Mantis, Captain Marvel ( Monica ), Hercules, Vision, Moondragon, Swordman, Black Knight, Sersi, Starfox, She-Hulk and 100 others first until they get the rights back which will happen at some point. The Ultron thing is just a scheduling issue…movie one movie up and the other movie back or either get creative and just introduce Hank early and make Ant-Man a spin off movie. And the Mandarian argument is a red herring…Ra’s Al Ghul was fixed in the same movie as the fake out…the Iron Man 3 thing was intentional and if it is fixed its only cause of all the complaining….:)

          There is no need for changes, just better writing and less lazyness.

  17. If Coulson is some kind of android, robot, vampire thing that SHIELD spent a whole lot of time and resources on, then how come he did not have type of tracking device implanted in him ?

    • Why aren’t all SHIELD members given some sort of tracking chip?

  18. So we know that we at some point are going to be dealing with the infinity gauntlet . What if Coulson will be emu’s Adam warlock now being an artificial human and all

    • Making Ultrton, Adam Warlock or any other known super-powered character would not only cause some die-hard fans to protest the altering of “canon”, but it would also mean he would not fit into the parameters already set-up on the show he is for all intents and purposes the star of. After the multiple commments about how SHEILD had not really encountered many super-powered beings and the butt kickings they take fighting juiced up mercenaries I really do not see anyone even remotely powerful appearing on the show as constructed without the having the core characters getting soundly beaten regularly.

  19. I just hope that the story will be awesome soon … otherwise it will eventually have a natural death by lack of ratings … but I have a feeling the story line will have a connection with the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron story line since Josh Whedon is directly in charge of the tv series as well … I wont be surprise that this Clairvoyant Marvel villain is actually the Vision since Marvel is going to introduce Ultron in the Marvel Live action Universe in their next movie and Vision is a Marvel character created by Ultron but evetually becomes a member of the Avengers at the end … this story in referrence to an episode of Avegers EMH season 2 :P

  20. As much as I love the Marvel movies and enjoy AoS, Marvel have shown that their plots, plans and reveals are NEVER as weird or wonderful as the internet community would have them be.

    Take for example all the articles on Screenrant discussing Iron Man 3 before it released – look where that went – no deeper tie to the MCU, no space flight, no good use of the extra Iron Legion suits other than cannon fodder.

    So as much as I hate to be defeatist or pessimistic, it means I am rarely disappointed. My prediction is the Coulson reveal will be thanks to some random macguffin or call back to the comics which is then perhaps used as a recurring theme for AoS (and hopefully enlivens the show), but is not referenced in the slightest in the MCU. They can’t rely on movie goers having seen previous movies, let alone AoS.

    So, I prefer to be a miserable bastard and not speculate as I find that’s the best way to go into these movies and shows. It means I always enjoy them.

    • That’s the single reason why The Inhumans/Scarlet Witch stuff seems super unlikely.

      I’d bet something regarding Cap 2, supersolder serums, Zola, HYDRA etc. is what may factor into the rest of this season.

  21. I find the Coulson character to be really one dimensional and just plain boring. They really have not made him earn his leadership role or given us some flashbacks of his exploits to develop his character fully. He was a good character playing the straight man to RDJ in Ironman, but he is not compelling as a leader of a worldwide homeland security organization. Not believable at all. The character needs more of what made “Mal” in Firefly and “Buffy” in BuffyVampire slayer such great deep 3D leads that are worthy of leading a team against formidable adversaries or circumstances.

  22. i watched only about a half dozen of these till i realized it wasn’t getting any better and stopped. that said, after reading this article i have a guess. maybe the reveal is connected to ultron and how the AI that becomes the robotic villian is created. something like a project funded by stark and used to save coulson’s conscious by transferring it into a cyborg-like body. to be sure, coulson is not ultron but the first test of the tech that leads to ultron’s origin. an AI infused with coulston’s consciousness. maybe, and this is a stretch and very very unlikely, once coulston’s conscious is removed from the AI it becomes Ultron

    • but that last bit i see no way of happening. most likely, if close to something like this, in Avengers 2 when stark is testing the tech he mentions something about a past successful experiment and that is why he further wants to explore the tech that leads to the origin of Ultron. can’t be too closely connected to the mediocre television show i think

  23. This article was posted 6 months ago, and pretty much has the scoop when it comes to Phil and the potential Super-soldier serum tie-in.

  24. Ok folks, bear with me here…

    I’ve been milling over this little tease since it aired, and trying to piece together all of the little breadcrumbs littered throughout to make sense of all of this in my mind (so I can sleep at night)…

    So, the first thing that piqued my curiousity is on the first shot of Coulson’s brain, it seems there is pulsing energy coursing through it as the machine keeps poking and prodding. My first reaction was ‘Oh, it’s using extremis (genetic recoding of DNA, Killian’s words) to reinvigorate his tissue’. But then I thought about it more and since extremis hadn’t been stabilized at that point, it seemed like a longshot.

    So my next thought was that it was alien tech (teased first from the starscape shot, the ‘Heaven and Earth’ quote, then the Brainbot afterwards). And then I thought, well, that’s a bit of a cheap explanation; ‘Aliens did it’ seems a little flimsy…

    But then, I got to think a little more when Clark Gregg posted the ‘Inhuman’ keyword in his tweet. Which really got my Marvelite gears going since Inhumans are a direct link between alien (Kree) tech and genetic manipulation to induce mutations in humans.

    You with me so far? Good… Time for my theory on the subject, so here it is :

    Coulson was dead as disco, and for whatever reason he is monumentally important to Nick Fury (Victoria Hand said it was way overboard to commit so many resources for one Agent, so the reason for this will probably not be revealed until later on).

    So, Fury authorizes extreme measures to revive him, which all fail, so he is forced to outsource for tech which will be able to perform tasks that no doctor can accomplish. So he negotiates procuring alien tech from the Kree to manipulate Coulson’s genetic coding to resurrect him (which explains the extremis look to the energy reconstructing his mind, Extremis was humanity’s attempt at genetic manipulation for powers, like fire breathing for instance, but it was fundamentally flawed, hence the exploding people thing), and since the Kree have been doing this successfully for a while, it was Fury’s only option to negotiate a deal with them.

    This theory would explain why Centipede finds Coulson so valuable, since he is the only person who has not died as a result of Genetic Manipulation (as stated by Reina to Coulson). He is a living test-tube of Kree genetic manipulation at its finest, and understanding how that works would allow Centipede to custom build any superpowered person without the need for implants or the inherent defects that Extremis presents.

    Now, here’s the smart bit. Since Fox owns all of the mutant based properties, this theory would seem to push the Marvel Movie universe in the direction of being able to have people with powers without it being natural from birth, but from genetic manipulation of their ancestors. This would help support mutant characters like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in ‘Age of Ultron’ without directly saying that they are ‘mutants’. And if Kevin Feige’s teases are accurate in any way, it would seem Inhumans and Ms. Marvel are on the drawing board for a potential movies in the future as well. So dissecting all of this stuff in the show would make sense in a buildup towards future properties, as well as bringing cosmic elements into the MMU.

    I could obviously talk about this all day, so I’m going to leave you all with a quote from a pointy-eared friend of mine : “We have no evidence to support our claims, just a theory, which happens to fit the facts.”

    Cheers folks…

    • that would have to be the best theory i’ve read so far, duder. if that’s the direction they’re takin’, that’d be awesome & a perfect way to explain the mutants in the mcu w/o infringin’ on fox’s rights to x-men.

    • Yes, but the one who worked in the brain, Skye the 084, her Kree based knowledge allows her to easily manipulate computers and hack. Me and you boy, could write this series like non other!!!!!!!!

  25. What they showed onscreen hasn’t fundamentally changed anything since we all walked out of Avengers expecting Coulson to come back as The Vision. There are three possibilities excluding magic:

    1. Coulson is an LMD/The Vision.
    2. Coulson is a clone.

    In either of these two the lack of a surgical scar is easily explained and the machine was tracing Coulson’s neural pathways to transfer to the new body, which woke up the dead body. It woke it up so well that the memory of the procedure carried over to the new body.

    3. SHIELD has developed the technology to resurrect a human being. Cool. Downside? It’s so painful that within minutes of waking up the subject is begging for death, followed by the subject losing the ability to do anything besides scream, and ultimately it completely destroys the person’s psyche. False memories appear to be able to overcome the problem, at least temporarily.

    In any event, Coulson is a prototype, that’s why he would be so important. He’s completely familiarto SHIELD, and so a perfect candidate to test their ability to replace someone.

  26. S.H.I.E.L.D has been infultraited by HYDRA, and kept coulson alive to inbed the counciousness of the RED SKULL. COULSON WILLBECOME THE RED SKULL.


  27. Does anyone want to comment on what they believe this object is? It is very briefly shown in the flashback of Coulson’s surgery.

  28. There’s a good reason they kept Coulson alive. Yes, He’s special. He’s special because he can be used by Hollywood/ Pentagon to do a show that will suck sci fi lovers and fan boys into the world of militarization that the Pentagon and CIA, which have infiltrated Hollywood, know and love and which is always in need of both support and recruits.

    That’s why the actual fantasy elements in some of the recent comic book treatments came and went so fast. Batman Begins was awesome and part of the awesomeness of it was the sets. Gotham’s monorail was cool. But that really wasn’t much in the way of otherworldly/ fantasy and sort of indicated where the producers stood and where they were going, even if we didn’t pick up on it. The next two Nolan Batmans were nothing more than grim (militarized) police operations with some third world national victim of imperialism scenery and citizenry thrown in. Just wonderful. Fantasy transformed into imperialism, if we accept it.

    Is Hollywood/ Pentagon going to continue with that crap?

  29. So here are some of my thoughts on this (keep in mind I have not followed the AOS show for various reasons). I love the idea of bringing in the kree and if they were to do that then maybe for avengers 3 have the kree characters come in to help fight a thanos lead skrull invasion? If they were to go the way of doing a altered super soldier serum idea then because of his love for Cap , make Coulson USAgent. He won’t be vision though as they have already cast the actor who does the Jarvis voice to be the vison.