Hayley Atwell Teases ‘Agent Carter’ Character Details

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agent carter tv series writers Hayley Atwell Teases Agent Carter Character Details

For all the movies Hollywood releases every year, only 15% of them actually star a female in the lead role. This seems to be an even greater problem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently argued that the reason there hasn’t been a female superhero movie yet is because they’re just too busy to make one. Thankfully, Marvel is at least willing to take the risk on the small screen and will premiere the female-led Agent Carter early next year.

Fans may remember that Agent Peggy Carter was first seen in Captain America: The First Avenger, managing the super-soldier experiment at Scientific Strategic Reserve that would turn Steve Rogers into Captain America. She also partnered with Howard Stark, father of Iron Man’s Tony Stark, to help Cap infiltrate Hydra, and a one-shot attached to the Iron Man 3 DVD fleshed out her character even more. Next, her story will come full circle, as the TV series deals with her life afterward.

At the beginning of Agent Carter, it’s 1946; The war is over and Peggy Carter must deal with becoming marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Still working for the covert SSR, she balances administrative work, all while going on secret missions for Howard Stark. Series star Hayley Atwell sat down with TVLine and shared her thoughts on playing the strong female role:

“My favorite part is something the audiences haven’t seen yet. It’s the development of her character throughout the series which will be someone who is kind of more three-dimensional, something that women can relate to, as not just the competent, strong, intelligent woman in this workforce, but the psychological, emotional cost. What it takes for a woman to have to sacrifice personal relationships in order to find her place in the world and to fulfill her kind of destiny.”

Hayley Atwell stars in Agent Carter TV Series 570x294 Hayley Atwell Teases Agent Carter Character Details
As Atwell says, a strong female character isn’t just one that can kick ass (though that’s helpful as well), but what it really means is being well-developed and having her own agenda. By giving Agent Carter her own struggles in life, independent of others, Marvel has done a lot to pave the way for a strong female-led series. Yet, Atwell is also quick to explain, there will still be some physical action for the character:

“We start end of September, so I have 10 weeks to do a lot of physical training to be able do the stunts and all the combat that’s going to be required of me, as well as the stamina to be shooting five days a week in quite intense conditions.”

Atwell also confirms Agent Carter will be one story told over eight episodes, airing during the midseason break of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2:

“I think the idea is, because it’s eight episodes, it’s going to be a very contained, intense adventure, lots of twists and turns along the way. There isn’t much time for it to breathe or become too diluted or drawn out. It’s going to be a lot of adventure, a lot of action, as well as driving the plot along of this girl trying to form this better world for herself and the people around her.”

Right now the series is only expected to have a beginning and an ending within those eight episodes. However, should Agent Carter do well, it’s  possible ABC and Marvel could decide to bring it back for another season. Gone are the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Alias, so a new female action series would be a refreshing change of pace from all the others currently populating TV. Let’s hope this one’s good.

Are you looking forward to Agent Carter? Let us know in the comments below.

Agent Carter will premiere on ABC in January 2015.

Source: TVLine (via ComicBookMovie)

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  2. Sounds like a solid tv show, look forward to seeing it.

  3. Loved the One Shot and am super excited for the show.

    • if it can keep the atmosphere ,tone and feel of it and not go all shields,thats would be awesome !

  4. Really looking forward to it!

    Still not crazy about the apparent plan to have it take place *before* the One-Shot though, because of the minor character development conflicts that creates, but oh well.

    • It takes place after the events of the one shot. The one shot is her first mission for Howard Stark.

  5. Looks decent. But what about diversity? why arent there any male leads in this cast yet? And what about minorities? Jeez, you’d think that in this day and age we would have some equal representation. I mean men do make up almost one half of the population. Cmon Marvel, wake up.

    • ok, that made me laugh. kudos.

    • Howard Stark is going to be in it! Generally he’ll be standing off to the side looking pretty while occasionally having a line. More often than not he’ll have to be rescued by the female protagonist. But he will be a Strong Male Character! He will show his Empowerment through sex appeal! You misogynazis just complain too much.

      • If that’s the case I’ll be happy. I like my men like I like my coffee: strong, steamy and generally not talking.

        • I like my women how I like my coffee…; Puerto Rican

          • I like my men like I like my coffee; tied to the back of a mule and advertised by a guy in a sombrero.

      • Hahaha! I love this

  6. Yes yes yes!

    • …this entire conversation

  7. As much flack as Marvel gets for not having a female fronted movie in the works, You have to admit they have a ton of strong female characters.

    Black Widow,
    Agent Carter,
    Lady Sithe,
    Agent 13-Sharon Carter
    Maria Hill,
    Melinda May,
    Skye and Simmons,
    Pepper Pots,
    Jessica Jones,
    Add Evangeline Lilly’s, Rosario Dawson’s and Deborah Anne Woll’s upcoming roles..

    • That’s just a list of female characters. Games and Widow are ones I would consider strong. Perhaps Agent Carter after this series airs.

      • Don’t forget they’re grooming Eden Sher for a big role… possibly Ms. Marvel

      • Ummmm, excuse me sir….I’m afraid that I am gonna have to ask you to turn in your man card. Yes, thats right, it’s being revoked. Good day.

    • I assume you mean “Lady Sif,” though since Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilms, I suppose a female Sith Lord appearing in Avengers 3 is a possibility!

      As far as strong female characters, it depends what you mean: are they strong females (“able to lift buses off helpless children”) or strong characters (who can carry a story on their own, with substantial character development)? If it’s the first, I would put Black Widow, Agent Carter, Gamora, Sif, and Melinda May in that category. You could even make a case for Pepper falling into that category–not in the sense of being physically powerful, but being powerful in other ways (“empowered” if you will). In the future Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, and Skye (among characters already introduced) could become stronger women.

      As far as strong characters, however, they just haven’t invested enough time in developing most of their characters for us to see if they can carry the story themselves. Sif managed to carry an episode of AoS largely by herself, as have May and Skye. Agent Carter has definitely shown that she can carry a story herself; why else would they make a TV series in which she is expected to do just that? The same can’t be said for Jessica Jones, who hasn’t even been cast yet. On the big screen, the only female character to show the ability to carry the story herself is Black Widow, who hasn’t gotten many opportunities to do so. Hopefully in the future we will see a female character given that opportunity.

  8. It’s unfortunate Marvel couldn’t have used their resources to make a female superhero movie that people actually want, rather than AntMan.

    • The Antman movie is a twofer. It will introduce Antman and Wasp. Maybe even Yellowjacket as the bad guy and the potential for Giant-man. Considering Antman and Wasp are founding members of the Avengers it is long overdue.

      What Marvel property would you green light for a feature if you were in charge? Pitch it, don’t b**** about it.

      • Well Yellow Jacket is confirmed already. Do you mean that Yellow Jacket becomes giant man?

        • I wasn’t sure if Yellowjacket was confirmed as the villain yet.

          No, I think Antman/Rudd will have old tech. Yellowjacket and Wasp will have newer tech(i.e.. flight and energy weapons). So, I think once Antman joins the Avengers he may join as Giantman, not Antman. Maybe just as a line or two hinting at it in Antman.

  9. Something that just occurred to me is that the show is titled Agent Carter. It doesn’t specify which Agent Carter. Potential for Sharon Carter in season 2 (if a second season happens)? Food for thought

    • That would be cool but isn’t Emily Van Camp on REVENGE on ABC? You think she would have time to do it? I mean it is only 8 episodes and ABC is owned by Disney so it’s possible.

    • Maybe Sharon Carter will appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? That could help tie the two shows together.

  10. If Cap was the First Avenger then in a way does this make Peggy Carter the first Black Widow (heck, she pretty much is a widow)?

    Anyway, this sounds like it will be great, looking forward to it!

  11. It would be cool if this show could explain the blue alien show a little bit, maybe they find the body at some point and thats when the experiments begin.

  12. Don’t forget about Jessica Jones! They’re also bringing her to Netflix, so Marvel will really be expanding their roster of female leads on the small screen. And she’s a very different kind of heroine in contrast to Peggy Carter.

    Also, television is a more appropriate medium to explore stories and themes in a lot more depth, and allows for a lot more character development. So even though other studios are bringing female leads on the big screen first, Marvel may still end up telling a better story.

  13. She seems to have that “it” factor. Was a bit disgruntled to find her part in Captain America was limited. Interested in seeing a professional and effective approach to the character’s further development.

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is going to be very good? The character wasn’t all that interesting in her supporting role in Cap 1, what makes everyone think that she’l be enough to carry an entire mini-series series in a main role? Admittedly I haven’t seen the one-shot she was in, but that was because none of the one-shots up til that point had been anything worth noting except maybe the one with Coulson at the gas station which was a bit funny.

    • Agent Carter and Howard Stark are the founders of SHIELD so I’m sure this will be a good show, love to see how SHIELD came about and I can’t wait to see more of the Howling Commandos