Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series Casts Two Key Roles

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agent carter enver gjokaj chad michael murray Marvels Agent Carter TV Series Casts Two Key Roles

The upcoming ABC series Agent Carter has won the title of being the first Marvel Studios project to feature a female lead (not counting the One-Shot that inspired the show), in the form of Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter. Atwell’s Captain America: The First Avenger costar Dominic Cooper will be making at least the occasional appearance as Howard Stark on the series, but we now know of two more actors who should each have a fairly consistent presence on the show.

Marvel has confirmed that Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray have joined the cast for Agent Carter. According to Deadline, Gjokaj will play the “sweet and honorable” Daniel Sousa, a seasoned war veteran who suffered a permanent leg injury in battle; Murray will portray Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Jack Thompson, but additional details on the character remain under lock and key. However, according to Marvel’s official announcement, both Sousa and Thompson will work alongside Carter “while she takes on a new role at the SSR in New York City.”

Gjokaj’s most noteworthy work to date was on the Joss Whedon sci-fi series Dollhouse, though he’s also appeared on a number of TV shows over the years since then (including, most recently, Extant and Rizzoli & Isles); in addition, Gjokaj made a brief cameo as a modern-day cop during the climactic Battle of Manhattan in Whedon’s first Avengers movie. Murray, as it were, is perhaps best known for his longtime role as Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill; more recently, he appeared on the TV series Chosen and had a small role in the indie drama Fruitvale Station.

agent carter tv show Marvels Agent Carter TV Series Casts Two Key Roles

The Agent Carter show takes place shortly after the end of WWII – and, in turn, the events that transpired in The First Avengers. As such, Agent Carter will be exploring not only the emotional consequences that the loss of Steve Rogers/Captain America has on Peggy, but also the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated workplace in the 1940s. Agent Carter has show-runners in the form of Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who are also the creators of the Reaper series from the aughts (a show that is generally regarded as being underrated).

Similar to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter is expected to offer a blend of human drama with comic book fantasy-inspired espionage action (albeit, in a historical setting this time around). That’s why such folk as The First Avenger director Joe Johnston and the Captain America: The Winter Soldier helmsmen Anthony and Joe Russo have been recruited to call the shots on a handful of episodes in Agent Carter‘s first season (with Cap 1 & 2 writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely having penned the pilot).

All in all, the series is looking to be in pretty good shape, with regards to the talent it has working on both sides of the camera. If all goes well, then Agent Carter‘s debut season will only be the first of multiple eight-episode adventures that feature the title character.

Agent Carter season one will air on ABC in January 2015 (during the mid-season break for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

Source: MarvelDeadline

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  1. Can’t wait for this (and the second season of AOS). Seems like they’ll really be able to flesh out the MCU’s past… and seeing more of Hayley Atwell is always a good thing.

  2. I liked dollhouse more than firefly. I wonder if Carter will be better than AOS

    • It will probably be much more cohesive since AoS was much longer with a lot of different plots working throughout. Agent Carter, on the other hand, will be focused on a single mission (presumably), which will keep it going at a much more steady rate.

  3. Who cares!! This show is gonna suck big time

    • I think it will too.I hope I’m wrong…but I have a feeling I’m not.

  4. why are we getting an agent carter series when captain America was released almost 5 years ago

    • Hmm, did you miss the Captain America movie this spring? It seemed to have been a big of a success. Caves are so overrated as habitation.

  5. My ongoing concern is still the fact that the show is supposed to take place PRIOR to the One-Shot.

    The problem is that the One-Shot was designed really as a sort of logical advancement of the character of Carter from the first Cap film to stepping up to help start S.H.I.E.L.D., with not a lot of development implied offscreen. I understand why they’d want to set it before instead of after, because it means filling in that gap, but for better or worse the One-Shot ended up suggesting that Carter didn’t grow at all during that gap. She got sent to that SSR branch office after the war ended, and was marginalized up until the events of the One-Shot and the call from Howard.

    She was already a skilled agent, so it’s not like the show should deal with her getting better. She was clearly having to deal with being sidelined for a long time by her sexist colleagues, so is every episode going to have the same setup gimmick of her sneaking around behind her colleagues’ backs to take on missions, none of which they apparently find out about until the last one in the One-Shot?

    Most of my concerns are largely continuity concerns, which Marvel seems okay with having to deal with. But it just seems like they could avoid creating problems to be solved by just starting the show directly after the One-Shot.

    Oh well. As long as they get Bradley Whitford back for a guest appearance or three, I’ll probably get over the whole thing.

    • I do agree, but I think part of their reasoning is that the One-Shot ends with her going to join Howard Stark and Chester Philips in SHIELD leadership, which doesn’t lend itself as well to her going on field missions.

      • That’s fair, but it’s not as if they couldn’t still have her going on field missions in a post-One-Shot timeframe, if they really wanted to. I’d have bought the idea in the context that S.H.I.E.L.D. was basically nothing at that point, and having to create an organization out of nothing would obviously require even the nominal senior staff to get out there and be hands-on until sufficient agents could be recruited and trained, or poached from the SSR.

        I suppose that might be too on the nose, though, considering the show will air in between halves of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s second season, and what that season will be dealing with.

    • I agree with you about the character growth problem (if I’m being honest I think the writers have had trouble really developing her.Except for the ‘it’s not like the show should deal with her getting better’.In the first Cap film she didn’t really contribute much action wise and in the one-shot she kept her back turned to the door after retrieving the serum leaving her vulnerable to an attack from behind.That’s a pretty rookie mistake.So maybe they should show her getting better.

  6. This show is looking good.

  7. With the rumors she’s going to be in Avengers 3, I’m hoping for a setup of her getting some kind of super boost that restores her youth in modern day times…

  8. I feel like theyre forcing her into the universe I dont really see the appeal in her. Shes a character from the past, I really just want to focus on the future

    • Honestly that’s how I feel too.I know I should support more female fronted products but this particular character bores me to tears.She was just a generic,pretty faced love interest in the first movie and as far as action scenes go she’s clearly good but nothing to put her on the level of Black Widow,Maria Hill or her niece Sharon.
      I think the folks at MCU studios just fancy Hayley Atwell and that’s why they’re forcing her character.

      • That’s the impression I’m getting as well.Joss Whedon apparently only included her in Age of Ultron because he wanted to work with her.The fact of the matter is the majority of the people online really don’t like the character all that much.They just want to see something female fronted so they jumped on Carter.It sucks because there are so many other better and more kickass women in Marvel comics but because they seem to have a bias for Hayley Atwell they’re forcing her character on us and trying to convince us that she’s essential to SHIELDS history.
        It’s honestly pretty unprofessional of them.

  9. Just looked up Enver Gjokaj cuz I have no idea who he is, apparently he was on Avengers go figure.

    • This goes out to everyone who comments without reading the article. Stop it.

  10. I am looking forward to this series. Should be fun.

  11. LOL, Chad Michael Murray.

  12. Please bring in Bradley Whitford and Neal McDonough!

  13. Out of everything that Marvel will be bringing to the screen, “Agent Carter” is my most anticipated Marvel property for the time-being, probably because of the charm Hayley Atwell brings to the role, and as the article mentioned the directors of the Cap movies will be there for some episodes, so another plus, and oh the writers of the Cap movies wrote the pilot :D

    • As far as the MCU’s shows go I’m right there with you. TFA was my favorite phase 1 film and TWS was my favorite phase 2 film so having the writers, directors, and actors from those two films all coming together for this mini series makes me really excited. Now I’m just hoping they announce Silvestri for the musical score :) (and maybe a cap flashback)

  14. Enver Gjokaj is the D-bag Albanian that played the part of a Serbian mass murderer on Community! So not watching this show because i can’t stand the guy!