Rumor Patrol: Hayley Atwell to Star in ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series

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Hayley Atwell Agent Carter TV Series Rumor Patrol: Hayley Atwell to Star in Agent Carter TV Series

In her role as the tough British Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, Hayley Atwell delivered one of the film’s standout performances and instantly enamored herself with Marvel fanboys everywhere. Given her popularity, it was no surprise when the studio commissioned a special Agent Carter One-Shot.

Still, however, fans clamored for more, leading to rumors that Marvel was considering giving the actress a chance to play the character every week in her own TV series. Many thought the show might be announced as part of Marvel’s epic Netflix deal (which instead included shows for Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones, as well as a Defenders miniseries) but that never came to pass. Would Agent Carter ever see the light of day?

A new rumor suggests the answer is yes and that Atwell herself has already inked a deal to star in the series. (I can hear the cheering and huzzahs from here.) Of course, it’s important to mention just where this information came from. The Daily Mirror, one of the UK’s leading (and often most inaccurate) tabloids was the first to “break” the story, citing an unnamed source.

captain america 2 peggy steve Rumor Patrol: Hayley Atwell to Star in Agent Carter TV Series

Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

Now, there’s no reason to believe that this isn’t true. We’ve already established that Carter is a fan-favorite character and Atwell has gone on record talking about how much she’d like to be involved. However, it shouldn’t be treated as a confirmation. Despite the best efforts of some of our colleagues in the blogosphere, Marvel does a pretty good job of keeping things close to the vest, so it may still be a bit before we get any official word.

In the meantime, fans will have to settle for Atwell’s appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Granted, she probably won’t be kicking as much butt in the sequel, but even as an octogenarian she can still probably give Steve a run for his money

Would you like to see an Agent Carter TV show? Would you like to see Atwell star in it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4th, 2014. To check out the Agent Carter One-Shot, pick up a copy of Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray (if you haven’t already).

Source: The Daily Mirror

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  1. AOS had a lot going for it in the beginning with it being a spin off of a billion dollar franchise, unlike this one where Cap was released close to 3 years ago. So depending on the medium in which is presented and how its marketed will be crucial to its success. While the One Shot is popular with some fans I’m not sure enough people has seen it to generate enough buzz

  2. Why? Whyyyyy? Whhhyyyyyyyyy? Waste of a tv spot, I could careless how good she was in the first avenger.

    • Sorry for being a smartass, but that mistake is a pet peeve of mine: the phrase goes “I COULDN’T care less”, because you want to say that you have reached your maximum of not caring. If you “COULD care less” it would mean that you actually DO care, which doesn’t
      really go in line with the rest of your posting. 😉

      I see and hear this a lot lately and it’s really starting to bug me for some reason. 😀

  3. As long as its not like Agents of S.H.I.T, I’d be game for an Agent Carter show. That may have been too harsh but I digress.

    • What does the S.H.I.T. stand for?

      • s***** Hit In Television.

            • Ooooh. I like that one better.

              • LOL

              • +1

                I like both. I think they sum up that show perfectly.

              • Should. Have(been). Instantly. Terminated.

                • So. Horrible. It’s. Tragic.

      • Stupid Hokey Idiotic Television haha

    • if the show runs on ABC then forget about it !
      Needs be on HBO,AMC or any other serious channel who understand how to make a good TV Show!

  4. It’ll be interesting to see they have planned for her. It can’t be worse than AOS. I don’t a show about her drawing in many viewers though.

  5. AOS is not the worst show ever. It can be a lot better, but they need to work on that before you jump into another show in the same universe. They can add a few things to make it connect, but nothing can beat the avengers. Their just playing with us now until part 2

    • “AoS is not the worst show ever”

      Comes pretty close to taking that crown though.

      “Nothing can beat The Avengers”

      The Avengers wasn’t even that good, probably the worst of the Phase 1 movies. Whedon has never been a great storyteller and making a billion dollars at the box office isn’t an indication of quality, it just means more people than usual bought into the hype machine.

      • Oh, please. You liked Pacific Rim, don’t talk about quality or hype.

        • I also believe he’s the one who said Breaking Bad is overrated, but Low Winter Sun is better, so yeah.

        • Burn.

      • “Whedon has never been a great storyteller”

        Highly arguable.

        I don’t disagree that The Avengers itself was not the greatest thing ever, but it succeeded on much more than mere hype, even if the story was thin.

      • Not a good storyteller? Firefly, astonishing Xmen, Buffy, angel, and Fray… I think he tells great stories…

  6. Atwell, Cooper and McDonaugh have proven themselves as great actors and veterans of TV drama so as long as the three of them are in it and the writing is actually good, I can’t imagine why people won’t watch.

    Honestly, I’d like to see Cooper return to his old role from The History Boys as inspiration for a cocky yet popular Howard Stark, we didn’t get to see much of that in Captain America.

  7. Seriously, I find this as great news…If it’s not just a rumor. This easily has more potential than SHIELD, simply because it doesn’t have to tie itself to anything. The episodes can be completely dependent from the rest of the MCU, able to explore characters like Howard Stark, the Commandos, and of course, Peggy, after the events of Cap 1. Maybe they could move into some sort of Cold War era stuff? Bring in the Russians, throw HYDRA into the mix every once and a while (if they’re still around post-WW2) and just have an awesome spy show. Then again, wasn’t that what SHIELD was supposed to be? And we all know how that turned out.

    • Also take into account that period dramas are still immensely popular.

      The amount of detective and medical shows we’ve had in the UK set anywhere between the 1920s and the 1970s (and then throw in shows like Downton Abbey, Mad Men, The Hour, Boardwalk Empire, not forgetting the brilliant Life On Mars set in 1970s Manchester and the sequel, Ashes To Ashes, set in 1980s London).

      There’s a reason David Suchet’s final story after 25 years playing Hercule Poirot was one of the most talked about and popular TV moments of 2013. People like shows that are set some time other than the present. Play up to that.

      • Agree !
        But the point is..”if it’s well made”,and that I doubt !
        They should let the British make it ,would be much better then an American show from feel and style !

  8. Would def watch, has more potential than Shield does. Following her in the 40’s after captain America would be a good series imo.

  9. I feel like this show could work I just hope tht agents of shield doesn’t affect the shows rating mainly because its another marvel agent show and people already don’t like agents of shield

  10. I am not interested in Agents of SHIELD.

    I am, however, interested in Agent Carter.

  11. A World War 2 era, action oriented period piece with a female lead. Sounds like a Vegas dice roll to me. I just hope they have learned their lesson and have an actual antagonist in mind to create some level of tension, otherwise this is just going to be a Young Indian Jones knock-off, without Indiana Jones to sell it.

  12. Yeah Id watch this. More Howling Commandos!

    • Yea thats what the series should be called The Howling Commandos

  13. I think Peggy would be close to 100 in Cap 2: Winter Soldier. Should have passed away a long time ago. Personally, while I like the character, I don’t see how she could carry a franchise on her own. Probably a mini series or TV film but that’s pretty much it. Don’t want to see another AoS/Coulson wasted in a series.

    • There are going to be flashbacks in Winter Soldier to WW2 time, and yes Peggy Carter will have a small role in it.

  14. And the cow is getting to get milked…
    Dont give a damn about Peggy.

  15. AOS is pretty average at the moment. I watch it regularly…but, just to get my Marvel fix between the movies. But one of the problems in that show is that although its connected directly to the Marvel Universe, there have been veryy few superheroes or super villains introduced. One of the better episodes was the Thor aftermath, Gravitron was a decent episode..
    With a Peggy centric show, what’s the point? People say it would be exciting, bringing in the WWII type stuff, maybe hydra…. but it would start to feel stale, cuz they’d be no superpowers. I mean, SHIELD comics, and Howling Commandos type comics, dont really sell all that well nowdays. People, except the fans of a particular character, arn’t really interested in this.

  16. Might be cool if they introduce the Invaders or other WW2 heroes.

  17. NO! Come on…this is lame! This could be a cool TV series…but who gives a s**t about Agent Carter? DC is giving us Arrow and Flash and they’re trying to develop Agent Carter? Lame! I know we’re getting some cool TV series in 2015 on Netflix, but come on…haven’t they learned from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? It’s a show about 5 people we don’t give a s**t about and a guy we kind of give a s**t about. They have to make this show incredible…otherwise, nobody’s gonna watch! It’s hard to do that era in a family friendly TV series. I really hope they don’t go through with this…it’s Marvel! Give us some superhero/vigilante/sci-fi related TV series! You can’t do a family friendly spy show without it being campy.

    • Only AoS is a pretty good show… at least most people think so, which is why it continues to get high ratings and is still on the air. At first thought I think Agent Carter could be a few shows… but then when you think about a period show, which has a lot of early characters, such as Howard Stark and the beginnings origins of SHIELD, that creates even more possibility… and then if they mix in steampunk, which is super popular now as well and have a very strong antagonist… mixed with Hydra and other such organizations… They could create a very strong show, which people would enjoy.

      However, it would all hinge on keeping a good storyline, and filling in details which could tie into the rest of the Marvel Universe, and even maybe creating some new characters that could paint a picture, by building a strong foundation from that time frame. They are doing this with other characters, so why not a fan favorite, with great origins stories… especially when it is the hero’s without super hero abilities. The normal people.

  18. She was memorable in CA:TFA, but I don’t think she is strong enough character to have her own series. Beside, another spy drama? Come one. There are many more unique aspect of Marvel Universe waiting to be explored.

  19. I doubt it true, but if it is I think they should be focusing on making a good superhero tv show not this.

  20. I guess kudos to whatever vocal minority got this off of the ground. Sometime I just don’t understand the popularity of such lame characters, Coulson and Agent May, for example. A full dose of Coulson and I’m sick of him and May has all of the charisma od a wet rug.

  21. Don’t know whether they’re gunning for a full series run (65 to 100 episodes) or a limited series (13 episodes) but either way I don’t care I’m there. Love the classic stuff and think its a damn smart move to explore the foundations of the entire M.C.U. Bring back the Howlin Commandos, introduce SGT. Fury (Nickel dad, Jack) and Union Jack. Having early Hydra and Zodiac are great adversaries, not to mention Nazis, Soviets, Chinese, etc. It can also fill in some of Tony Starks backstory thru Howard Stark. Can’t wait.

  22. If true then what took so long? It would have made more sense following soon after Cap I.

  23. As much as I would like to see that show (the indianajonsish WW2 setting was the best part about Captain America), I’m doubtful it will happen. Marvel’s live action TV cred isn’t really off to a good start, considering the mediocrity of Agents of SHIELD, and period pieces are expensive to make.

  24. Very Nice movie

  25. Love the talent and character – don’t like ABC prospects.

    • you said it.

      if we’re using AOS as a gage, ABC will use everything at its disposal to take an interesting premise & a likable character & turn it to flat, heartless dreck.

  26. zzzzzzzzzzz

    • I’m not sure what I was going to reply about, I got distracted by the Godzilla teaser again.