New ‘After Earth’ Trailer: Jaden Smith Explores Post-Apocalyptic Earth

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First TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski releases Oblivion starring Tom Cruise in April, followed two months later by M. Night Shyamalan unveiling his own post-apocalyptic sci-fi action/drama featuring an A-list lead, in the form of After Earth.

Shyamalan’s project takes place one thousand years after humanity has evacuated Earth, as a legendary warrior (Will Smith) and his inexperienced son (Jaden Smith) crash-land on the planet surface – forcing the latter to prove himself and seek help for his injured father, by exploring a mysterious world populated by lifeforms which have evolved to protect themselves from the human race.

After Earth marks the first occasion where Shyamalan did not direct his own script; he instead used an original screenplay written by Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli) and subsequently revised by Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Candy Store). In addition to The Smiths (the former Fresh Prince and son, not the band), the cast includes Zoë Kravitz (X-Men: First Class), Oscar-nominee Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda) and Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games).

Watch the new After Earth trailer, then check out the poster:

[Poster Removed at the Request of Columbia Pictures]

This second After Earth preview expands on the previous teaser by diving further into the father-son relationship, which serves as the core of Shyamalan’s sci-fi flick – on both the surface and a deeper thematic level, in keeping with the filmmaker’s traditional approach of using popcorn movies to explore heady philosophical ideas (to a fault, in his recent efforts). So far, though, Shyamalan seems to have brought his storytelling A-game to the table.

Meanwhile, the film’s vision of a long-abandoned Earth populated by creatures and flora stand apart as something evocative and relatively unique, even given certain similarities to recent sci-fi fare like Avatar. Could this indeed be the director’s long awaited return to form, after films like The Happening and The Last Airbender? Personally, I hope so, but I’m not willing to lay down money on that bet just yet.


After Earth opens in U.S. theaters on June 7th, 2013.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. Special effects look horrible.
    Hell the whole movie looks horrible
    I’ll pass

    • Jaden Smith is in it? That’s all I need to know. I’ll pass, too. Can’t stand the kid.

    • I will pass also they stole Deus Ex Human Revolution music there is no originality here. This is going to be a bogus movie.

      • Really?
        You’re going to pan a movie because the studio (you realize that the film’s director doesn’t choose the music for the trailer, don’t you? it’s the studio suits) used some game’s music in the trailer?

        Do you know how few films actually use the music that was written for the film, in their trailers? Almost none. Because the music is usually not recorded until a bare few weeks before the film’s release.

        • I condemn it for m night shamalamadingdong…. that dude SUCKS!! I’ll admit he had unbreakable and 6th sense, but now all he’s had is happening and airbender… like I said, condemned!!

      • Given the comment in the article that this is meant to be an entertaining movie, but one hiding deep philosophical themes, it may be that the inclusion of the song from Deus Ex was meant to be a reference, as that game seems to have tried something similar.

  2. Looks nice, but already ruined by:

    1. The stench of nepotism. I am a movie star because my daddy is a movie star.
    2. The predictable cliché of father and son going through trials together and building their relationship, most recently rehashed in Real Steel. Are we going to hear “I love you dad” in the final scene? Bet on it.
    3. Zero suspense. All the danger is fine, but no way Jaden Smith dies. They might kill Will Smith at the end just so we can have the “I love you Dad” scene, but I don’t see much suspense here.

    • +1

  3. CANNOT WAIT!!! And this has nothing to do with the director, I dont really hate him or like him. But im a big will smith fan and this looks really good.

  4. I’ll pass big time.

  5. I’m not saying this because the director’s had a few flops, but it seems like we’ve seen this all before… Plus there’s that moment of the fake camera shake… and those accents…

  6. Looks interesting

  7. This Movie looks as exciting as getting tickets to hear Kristen Stewart read the United States Budget for 2013.

    • Kristen Stewart can’t read the budget. There hasn’t been a budget in 4 years, just continuing resolutions to fund the government. I am inbetween about this movie. Looks like a rehash of old father/son cliches, but it could be intersting. I’ll wait for the “oh what a twist!” at the end.

      • Haha…true about the “budget”. The word has no meaning anymore, like “debt ceiling”.

      • Also, Kristen Stewart cant read the budget because she cant read.

        • She can’t read properly because she can’t close her mouth to pronounce words properly.

  8. People expect way too much from directors nowadays, M. Night won’t be able to put out another “Signs” or “Sixth Sense” That’s what people fail to realize.

  9. Meh. I’ll almost certainly pass on this, because the summer is packed enough as it is. Oblivion, on the other hand, looks much better, and is being released in a much less competitive time, so I’ll probably be seeing that.

    • I’ve seen the trailer like 5 times already and I can’t figure out the plot if the movie has one

      • It’s a remake if Wall-E, right ?

        • Of*

      • uhh… arent you glad that the trailer doesnt spoil the whole movie for once?

  10. The question is what will be the TWIST?! I SAY:

    You find out that the main characters are distant ancestors of ‘Hitch’.

    • The twist is that Bill Pullman is still the President of the United States.

  11. Is it possible for M. Night to redeem himself after what he has put us through? HAHA we will have to see.

  12. I’ll give it a shot.

  13. will smith needs to stop messin around and get on board with independence day 2 lol

    • Sorry but Roland Emmerich is the KING of disaster movies. His movies don’t suck. The stories might. But he equals massive destruction.

      • Roland movies don’t suck? BWAWAWAWAWA

        you must be 12.

    • Yea who doesn’t have bad movies…you are right. but thats why people hate M. Night also. He is still and will always be on the list of sharty sharty movies!

  14. It will do well… it’s a Will Smith movie. :)

  15. Will Smith is great actor so I will see anything that he is in. Jaden is not that great of an actor but he has the charm and charisma that made his dad a star so I look forward to see how he does in this and his future career.
    As for the director, yeah he might have had a few missteps but I still believe that he has some good directing left in him.

    SO yeah!!! ok Yeah

  16. Seeing it. I love the fact that after watching this trailer you still don’t really know anything about it!

  17. people need to give m. night a chance. this looks pretty good. better than oblivion for sure.

    • I will give it a chance because M. nights lame a$$ did not write it!

  18. I’m as cynical as much as the next guy, but I think I will give this one a chance.

  19. Why would anyone be rooting for M. Night to “get back to form”? He had two good movies – maybe three – out of seven, which means he’s averaging a forty-two percent at best. He lost his “form” a long time ago (if it ever even existed). Also, I’ll never understand how someone with so many critical and even financial flops manages to keep getting studios to fund him. Anyone else that made the mistakes he’s made in Hollywood would’ve been teaching film at a community college by now. He’s also an arrogant **** to boot.

    • The reason why people should give him one last chance is because of one simple reason… HE DID NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT FOR THIS MOVIE!

  20. This looks awesome!!!

    Don’t know what all the haters are moaning about, looks original and full of new ideas, plus I’m loving the stingray style spaceship, can’t wait!!!

  21. Haha I like how the poster and the trailer doesn’t reveal who is the director of the film. Smart move by the studio. But by the special effects I wouldn’t see the film. Both I,Robot and I am Legend had better special effects than this film imo.

    • I noticed his name was absent. I’m sure the studio knows the negative connotations that name brings on. Lol

  22. AHHHH!!!!! I hate it when they use music from a pre existing movie or video game for there own trailers! This poor decision makes me want to skip the movie… not make me want to see it!

  23. Looks like an M. Night Shyamalan movie… that pretty much says it all :/
    (Will Smith’s great though, but then again, that guy can make any movie seem better)

  24. Can’t Wait! Looks good!

  25. The director and the film’s star, Will Smith have something to prove. (“What have you done for us, lately?”) Jaden has been a wonderful child actor; but now that he’s older, it’s like starting all over again.

    As for the movie based on the trailer…it feels like a routine father-son mashup with a postapocalyptic theme (re: THE ROAD) but given a CGI setting. At this stage, a more enticing logline could help–if there is one. If not, wait for the first movie reviews.

    Given competititon at the box office for the perceived demographics during the June sweepstakes, the final cut of the movie must give us more than we have here or risk being released same day on VOD.

  26. I find that some of you people are ignorant and rude. Just because Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s son doesn’t mean thats the only reason he is famous. If he wished to become famous then that was his puprsuit he achieved. I think this movie is going to show a more mature side of Jaden since we last seen him in Karate Kid. Seeing how there is a supposed Karate Kid 2, this might carve a path too that seeing as his maturity has risen. I think its going to be interesting and looks pretty good too. Just because music was used again from a video game and that the main characters really are related doesn’t mean there will be no suspense and that it won’t be good. Give it a try people.

    • agreed.

  27. I don’t remember seeing all those other passengers in the ship on previous trailers. I thought it was just Will and Jaden… how were they the only ones who survived? Unless they are in the tail section (ala Lost).

    Maybe when Jaden gets to the tail section, he’ll find the other passengers and tell his dad:

    “I see dead people.”

    (sorry… couldn’t resist)