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After Earth Movie Spoilers Jaden Will Smith After Earth Spoilers Discussion
While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our After Earth review, this is the place where you can discuss After Earth spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our After Earth episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate After Earth for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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After Earth runs 100 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence and some disturbing images. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. Is there a twist?

    I have no intention of seeing this movie, it has never looked appealing to me. I’m just curious that since this is a Shyamalan film and he has a habit of adding twists to his movies, is there one in this film.

    Is there a twist? and if so, what is it?

    • The audience is actually dead at the end

      • lol, that was kind of funny.

      • Best comment so far

      • And the projectionist, the only one alive, proclaims either
        “Shyamalan is a genius!! A true unexpected sequel to The Happening!


        or, “I see dead people”

    • No twist

      • thank you

        • There is a small twist mid-movie, more like a mild surprise.

          Like you, I was looking for something at the end but it didn’t happen.

          I was thinking that Jaden would be talking to his dad and then when they were finally rescued, he would realize that his dad actually died as soon as he left and he was imagining his voice so that all the advice/strategy/courage actually came from himself.

    • During the end credits it’s revealed that this Earth in the movie must be very very old as the continents haven’t really separated yet, placing it something like 200 million years in the past for us.

      I suppose the cave paintings little Smith comes across are supposed to show that “prehistoric” people (aka our ancestors) are around, as all the high tech civilization from their past has disappeared. Too bad that earliest discovered cave paintings are only from 40 000 years ago…

  2. Film reviewers with the right to gripe place AFTER EARTH uncomfortably between awesome and awful with a storyline both thin and transparent.

    It’s worth noting, both Stephen Gaghan (SYRIANA, TRAFFIC) and Mark Boal (THE HURT LOCKER, ZERO DARK THIRTY) had been script doctors for the film. Perhaps too much backstory is too much of a good thing (for even Gaghan and Boal) when so little is shown.

    • I have no intention of seeing this, but even the best doctors can’t save a patient that is dead on arrival.

      • Heyooo

      • Actually, some patients have been revived from the dead by certain doctors ;) Nevertheless, I get your point.

        • Don’t declare that patient anything until I’ve seen them.

        • ughhhh…^^^^this guy

        • Hey there’s that recent odd news story out of Zimbabwe where a guy was presumed dead and woke up at his own funeral.

          Shyamalan’s film has yet to play there…

        • Justin, you never ruin another man’s joke.

      • Matt, that comment was ON POINT! 10/10.

  3. shymlan digs his own grave with this movie thats the biggest spoiler

    • didnt he do that with last airbender?

      • no this time he confirmed it

  4. for moviegoers, the twist at the end is where they find out that M. Night directed this movie.

  5. There were no MNS story twists. He plays it safe and delivers a predictable movie. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Jaden can’t act. I thought Karate Kid wasn’t terrible. But he certainly was painful to watch in this movie.

  6. Evolution questions:

    1. Is it ever stated in the film how the animals on Earth evolved to kill humans? Why did it begin? Yes, the aliens dropped the Ursa on the planet, but according to the story, that’s all they did.
    2. The evolution of the animals took place after the humans’ evacuation, correct? How did the animals on Earth evolve to kill humans if there were no humans present to kill?
    3. Evolution relies on the passing on of traits that are beneficial to the species survival. Even if there were humans present to kill, how would that benefit every single species on Earth?
    4. How in the world did all this drastic evolution take place over the course of only a thousand years?

    • Given the overt discrepancies the animals’ evolution has with reality, when I saw it was an M Night film set only 1,000 years into the future… my immediate conclusion was that the Fresh Prince had traveled into Earth’s past without his knowing it. The truth turned out to be worse, for the viewers.

  7. All they had to do is have Jaden Smith encounter an indigenous society ignorant to the off world survivors and it would of been Star Trek.

    Only if JJ directed “After Earth” and M Night directed “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The switch would of made things a lot better.

  8. The story was too simple, even if M. Night didn’t direct it, it would not get Will Smith numbers.

    This movie could have actually used some M. Night twists.

    I was waiting for the bird thing but I thought it was going to be more like it would help Jaden fight the Ursa.

    • yah same it would have been a whole lot cooler if the bird helped him fight Ursa but instead they cheapened out and killed the bird off

  9. I saw this yesterday, and while it could have been better, I didn’t think it was all that bad. Sure, Jaden could have acted better and some of the CGI could have been better (the cats looked horrible), but I keep reading about Will’s acting not being good; I disagree. His character was suppose to be without fear, which means he has to be able to control his emotions. Yes, those emotions started showing near the end but his son had just done what seemed impossible. I would give it 3/5.

  10. I was puzzled by the big bird. It seemed to blame the boy for killing its chicks; but it was presumably the bird that saved his life by dragging him out of the cold. Were we meant to think that the bird protected the boy by keeping him warm? And did it die of the cold because it did that?