Adrien Brody May Become Ant-Man for The Avengers [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 6:11 pm,

Oscar winner Adrien Brody is getting a lot of attention in recent weeks, following the recent release of Splice and last weekend’s opening of Predators. In Nimród Antal’s sequel to the original Predator, Brody plays a gruff and silent killer as a bad-ass mercenary and in Splice, he moves to the other end of the spectrum to play a rebellious scientist. If that wasn’t making enough headlines for the star whose acting range knows no bounds, Brody may soon become a superhero as well.

Reports and Twitter buzz indicate that Adrien Brody may be playing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios in The Avengers and in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man solo film. Nothing is confirmed yet on this front, but it no doubt will be this Saturday at Marvel’s Thor and Captain America panel presentation.

With several insiders talking up the major surprise announcements for Marvel Studios for San Diego Comic-Con 2010, one of them I’ve been expecting revolves around the character of Ant-Man, whose solo film has been years in development.

Or pal John Campea, Editor of AMC Theatres Script To Screen, tweeted that he heard from his sources that Adrien Brody is “most likely” Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Around the same time, master scooper El Mayimbe from Latino Review shed some more light on the rumor.

“I personally checked with my pals at Paradigm (Adrien Brody’s agency) and at press time, YES they were pursuing Ant Man but got nothing yet.”

It’s a safe bet that Brody is definite contender and possible leading candidate. If he is the choice for Edgar Wright, Joss Whedon and the studio, we’ll find out in less than a week.

[Update: John spoke with Edgar Wright who denied this – but we won’t know for sure until someone else is announced]

ant man movie Adrien Brody May Become Ant Man for The Avengers [Updated]

While I’m fond of the idea of Nathan Fillion playing Ant-Man, Adrien Brody is another talented high-caliber actor who’d make a great addition to The Avengers. I just hope he doesn’t bring with him the Christian Bale-Batman voice he used in Predators

If you’re psyched for the Marvel movie happenings, there will be free signings with the directors and cast of Thor and Captain America on the Comic-Con floor on Saturday. Also, check out the info and rumors on the Marvel Studios SDCC panel.

We’ll be reporting live at SDCC as it happens so follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant and let us know your thoughts

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012. We’ll find out what comes next at San Diego Comic-Con this week!

Sources: AMC, Latino Review

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  1. I thought I knew my comics pretty well (Marvel less so because the terrible artwork in nearly every Marvel comic makes them damn near unreadable), but this is not a character I’m familiar with at all. Never heard of him.

    • Okay opinions are always appreciated,but Marvel artwork is terrible?? Please tell me thats some form of sarcasm..Does it depend on an artist or something.Marvel has some of the best artist around

      • Uh, no it wasnt sarcasm at all, I have never seen a Marvel comic that I though ‘wow doesnt that look pretty’. Not once. Wheras I cant say I have seen an ugly DC comic for several years, their artwork is light years ahead in quality.

        • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
          Clearly the last time you read comics was a loooooooooonnggg time ago.
          Both companies have outstanding artists, to say one is light years ahead is just, well, as mentioned earlier, jus an opinion, not fact at all.

          • No I read about 25 different comics a month.

            • if that’s the case then you must’ve JUST STARTED READING THEM because Henry Pym/Ant-man aka Giant-Man aka YellowJacket and creator of Avengers baddie Ultron as well as part creator of The Wasp has been an Avenger character as well as a Marvel mainstay for many,many one point Scott Lang took over for him but that character got “blown” up by jack of Hearts when Scarlet Witch “flipped her lid”, which also caused the temporary death of Hawkeye,and The Vision..Henry Pym is also in THE Ultimates as Giantman who gets his ass handed to him by Captain america..How do you not know who this character is??if you haven’t read The Ultimates yet,then you are clearly missing something..or living under a rock…

              • Because I dont like Marvel comics, I find the art to be ugly and the storylines duller than ditchwater.

                • Your loss then. You not being familiar with him is due to your obviously superior standards. Those of us who don’t require perfection (which is obviously subjective) are familiar with the character. Antman/Dr. Pym/Yellowjacket/Giant Man is not an obscure character by any stretch of the imagination. Something tells me that if you’re not familiar with him, you haven’t given too many Marvel stories a chance.

    • Umm Sam alot of the art work is the same especially sense they use pretty much all of the same artists. I don’t see how you could possibly think the art is bad in Marvel.

  2. This has already been dismissed.

    • By who?

        • That doesn’t make it debunked. Especially sense their sources are unclear and considering the website they aren’t exactly known for having Marvels Ear. A rumor is debunked when the actor or someone involved publically debunks it. Not when a friend of a friend of a friends tells his friend that just knows it isn’t true. So that friend posts it on his second rate website.

            • Hypothetically speaking. If it were true, would Mr. Wright say so so John can tweet about it? Assuming it’s supposed to be a surprise for Marvel’s panel?

  3. ohhh man, marvel dones done it again

  4. what about banner? i could see him as the ultimates version of banner

  5. Not everyone is abreast of Ant-Man, but an obvious fan favorite of Marvel……..they need a strong actor the public can identify with to get the butts in the seats.

    • In a movie like this, I think they already have actors in the other roles that can get butts into seats. With Marvel making a habit out of low-balling actors, they don’t really need a big name here. Better to get someone who is willing to work for a little less, is familiar with Whedon and who has bucketloads of geek cred…Fillion. Yeah, none of those are really good reasons, but I’m pulling for Fillion, especially since he seems to have a knack for playing good guys with a fatal flaw.

  6. nice i think Adrien Brody would play a good role for ant man, he did good in pianist, preditors.

  7. I was really disappointed when it was announced that Edward Norton wasn’t going to play the Hulk. After the news had sunk in, I started thinking about how I might react if other actors I was looking forward to ended up out of The Avengers. I think Nathan Fillion is an absolutely perfect fit for Ant-Man, and I thought I’d be seriously disappointed if anyone else took the role. But now that I hear this news… I actually think that Adrien Brody would do a pretty good job. Not my first choice, but I’d be totally okay with it.

    • Same exact thought here. I don’t know Ant Man too terribly well, but conceptually he’s one of my favorites for the idea of continually changing size for acts of heroism. Nathan Fillion could do a lot with that role- but come to think of it so could Adrien Brody.

  8. As good an actor as Nathan Fillion is, it seems to me that every role that comes up, the geek community jumps and says he would be perfect for the part regardless of what it is.

    • And when it comes to Fillion, the geek community has yet to be wrong…not that anyone has listened to them.

  9. well looks like we are going to see what happens with this movie, lets hope it does not suck

  10. I think he should switch to the X-Men franchise as… oh I don’t know, BEAK?? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

  11. Not who who would I choose myself (I’m thinking more Don Johnson/Bill Pullman character actor type) but if this is on the money my complaints are few. Brody is a really good actor- and I thought his role in the Predators film was outstanding. Hey– I didn’t even mind The Jacket a number of years ago.

    I actually think there’s something to it. Perhaps that rumor with Brody as Banner-Hulk was really a consideration for another role. If he’s not Pym, he’s connected to The Avengers somehow, no doubt.

  12. Nah I dont think Adrien Brody would make a good Ant-Man
    He’d be a great Aardvark though

    • hmmm….

  13. I think that for ant man, they should get someone unknown, or even simon pegg, hes a great actor… but adrian brody could fill in edward nortons role for bruce “hulk” banner… I was very dissapointed when i heard norton wasnt gonna be the hulk in the avengers movie, but super excited when i heard that adrian brody may be antman… but ant man doesnt have the fans like the hulk, so either they are gonna try to make ant man a more main stream super hero by casting adrain brody for antman, or they cast him as the hulk… either would be great… I hope that he gets the hulk…

  14. Ant-Man is pretty much, iirc, the LAST “original Marvel superhero” to be featured in a film. Look at the date of first appearances of these guys:

    Fantastic Four – November 1961
    The Incredible Hulk – May 1962
    Ant-Man (Hank Pym) – September 1962

    So yeah, I was expecting this movie to HAPPEN sometimes. I think it can be quite a different kind of film, but what I’m hoping for is that it finally revitalizes Ant-Man in a way that his popularity in the comics will be on par with the others, just like it did for Iron Man. That would be a great accomplishment, simply because Ant-Man could be said to be Marvel’s first “failure.”

    Ant-Man simply could not ever keep a book going. I’ve read some though and I can pretty much say it was due to bad writing for the most part, so the character still has plenty of potential.

    Hopefully the Wasp will show up too. One of the best Marvel female characters.

  15. Can someone explain to me why Marvel has been pushing so hard for Ant Man the movie? Just from what I’ve read about him he sounds stupid because he can shrink to the size of an ant and communicate with ants, making him an insect version of the Batman villain the Ratcatcher. Now admittedly I have never read any of his comics so I don’t know anything about his personality or anything else that might make him a compelling character, hence why I’m asking anyone with knowledge of this character. I DON’T want to fight with anyone about this, I just want to know why out of all Marvel’s probably more marketable heroes they want to give Ant-man the big screen treatment.

    • Beacuse he is an ORIGINAL founding member of “The Avengers” who first appeared in MARVEL’s Tales to Astonish #27 Jan 1962.

      An Ant-Man movie is long overdue if you ask me. A highly intelligent interesting dark and broody character with hints of humor and sarcasm.

      As well as Ant-Man, Hank Pym has also been known as Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket. There are also great dynamics and failures in his relationship / marriage to Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp another founding member of The Avengers.

      He created Ultron, one of The Avengers greatest adversaries, worthy of a movie all it’s own in my opinion.


      Henry Pym is a scientific genius with a Ph.D in biochemistry, along with expertise in the fields of quantum physics; robotics/cybernetics; artificial intelligence; biochemistry, and entomology. The character discovered the subatomic “Pym particles” that enable mass to be shunted or gained from an alternate dimension, thereby changing the size of himself or other beings or objects; and is the creator of the robot Ultron.

      After constant experimentation with size-changing via ingested capsules and particle-filled gas, Pym is eventually able to change size at will, and mentally generate Pym particles to change the sizes of other living beings or inanimate objects. Pym retains his normal strength when “ant” size, and possesses greatly increased strength and stamina when in “giant” form, courtesy of the increased mass. Pym’s costume is synthetic stretch fabric composed of unstable molecules and automatically adapts to his shifting sizes.

      The character also uses a cybernetic helmet for achieving rudimentary communication with ants and other higher order insects. As Yellowjacket, Pym wears artificial wings and has weapons called bio-blasters called “stingers” built into his gloves. Pym also carries a variety of weaponry, provisions, and scientific instruments, which are shrunken to the size of microchips and stored in the pockets of his uniform.

      • I see well if he’s an interesting character I could get behind him. I have to ask though, why all the name changes?

        • @ Jes,

          Hank Pym has always struck me as an intellectual genius but one who struggles with his emotional well being hence his crisis with multiple identity changes. I’ve always loved the idea that he has had four changes, two that shrink to ant size and two that that grow to giant size.

          I’ve cut and pasted the following from Wikipedia. :-)

          Pym began what would be a constant shifting of superhero identities in Tales to Astonish, becoming the 12-foot-tall Giant-Man in issue #49 (Nov. 1963).

          Retitled “Giant-Man”, Pym and the Wasp continued to star in the feature until issue #69 (July 1965), while simultaneously appearing in The Avengers until issue #15 (April 1965), after which the couple temporarily left the team.

          Pym rejoined the Avengers and adopted the new identity of Goliath in Avengers #28 (May 1966). Gradually falling to mental duress, he adopted a fourth superhero identity, Yellowjacket, in issue #59 (Dec. 1968).

          Pym reappeared as Ant-Man in Avengers #93 (Nov. 1971) and for issues #4 – 10 starred in the lead story of the first volume of Marvel Feature (July 1972 – July 1973).

          Temporarily abandoning a costumed persona, Pym joined the team the West Coast Avengers as a scientist and inventor in West Coast Avengers vol. 2, #21 (June 1987).

          The character returned to the Avengers as the superhero Giant-Man in The Avengers vol. 3, #1 (Feb. 1998). When the team disbanded after a series of tragedies, Pym, using the Yellowjacket persona again, took a leave of absence beginning with vol. 3, #85 (Sept. 2004)

  16. hmm that picture of Brody is a bit creepy — he’s got more boobs than a girlfriend I had a while ago..

  17. Lame. At least it’s not 100% confirmed I really don’t like Brody much. Also I was looking forward to Fillion or at least someone worth watching as Ant man.

  18. Bad casting decision. The actor should resemble the character at least somewhat. Even if they dye Brody’s hair blond, he still won’t look anything like Hank Pym. Simon Baker or Nathon Fillion all the way. Brody would have made a good Loki though. MAYBE Brody will be a villian for the ANT-Man movie!!!!!

    • Simon Baker and Nathon Fillion would be better candidates for sure.

  19. I was so happy about the Nathan Fillion rumor. I’ve been waiting for an Ant-Man movie. Hank Pym is my favorite comic character. Brody does not say “Hank Pym” to me. He’s not attractive enough. I hope this is wrong…

    • lol

  20. Nathan fillion as ant man brody as banner

  21. I go back to the beginning of the Avengers comics, the 60s, 70s, etc. (I’m age 52), and remember the best team as being Captain America, Goliath (Hank Pym), Hawkeye, Wasp, Quicksilver, & Scarlet Witch. I also always liked Iron Man quite a bit. I hope these members are featured somewhere along the line. Lots of potential & characters would mesh well together. I was never big on some of the later characters, nor on Thor & Hulk. I do wish Marvel would stick with original costumes for Captain America, Thor, etc., and please, if Giant-Man (or OK, Ant-Man too) appears in one or more movies (I hope!), please stick with the blue and yellow Goliath costume; it was by far the classiest-looking (Marvel, are you listening?)! I have heard The Avengers potentially will be a trilogy, so lots of potential. And let’s see some classic villains like Mandarin, The Masters of Evil, Ultron, etc. (ones that we “old-time fans, who made Marvel what it is today with our long-term support, can appreciate!).

  22. Brody can be the next Sad Man, lol.

  23. I have been reading Marvel comics sense FF#1 in 1961. Ant-Man was my favorite character before the writters and artists started messing with him. I hated Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, etc.
    I loved the original Ant-Man. I look forward to this movie, which will be very different fron the other super heros. Adrien Brody is the perfect choice. Will his #1 nemesis be there? Egghead. Who will portray the evil Egghead?

  24. Put Adrien Brody in the gym for six months and I reckon he could pass for Namor the Sub-Mariner. :-)

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