Adrianne Palicki To Play Wonder Woman For NBC

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David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman has finally found its lasso-throwing, invisible plane flying superheroine.

Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Red Dawn) will star as the multifaceted Wonder Woman. Besides donning the (hopefully) familiar red, blue and gold outfit, Palicki will also have to play Wonder Woman’s two alter-egos: Diana Themscira (which the public knows) and Diana Prince (her “secret” identity).

As today’s casting descriptions revealed, Diana Themscira will be the publicly known C.E.O. of Themyscira Industries – a company that serves no other purpose than to sell Wonder Woman merchandise and fund Wonder Woman’s crime fighting adventures.

Diana Prince will be the more vulnerable (read: every woman) personality who Wonder Woman uses when she doesn’t want society to know who she is. Of course, no matter which emotional hat Wonder Woman chooses to wear, one thing will remain the same: she continuously yearns to live a normal life.

Putting aside the interesting portrayal of Wonder Woman that Kelley has written and her numerous, generic (annoying) friends – you can read our thoughts about that here – one has to look at Palicki and wonder whether she’ll be able to fill the role.

While Palicki is most known as the tough-as-nails Tyra Collette from Friday Night Lights, which may help her pull off the powerful C.E.O. personality, she hasn’t really had many action roles. Even though Palicki will star in the upcoming Red Dawn remake and has had roles in both Smallville and Supernatural, she has yet to prove herself as a capable action star.

Given that Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot revolves mostly around the superhero aspect of the character’s life, Palicki might struggle to fill that role. Fortunately, when it comes to the two other personalities, Diana Themscira and Diana Prince, Palicki will most certainly be able to pull it off – thanks to her stint down in Dylan, Texas.

wonder woman costume Adrianne Palicki To Play Wonder Woman For NBC

Of course, Palicki’s success as Wonder Woman, Diana Themscira or Diana Prince (whatever you want to call her) really won’t be up to her. If television history has shown us anything, it’s that the series creator and executive producers are what makes or breaks superhero series.

While David E. Kelley has done some wonderful television work in the past, his most recent television ventures haven’t exactly been up to par – even when they fall within his known genres. With Boston Legal, Boston Public, Ally McBeal and The Practice under his belt, an action series of this magnitude does appear to be a far reach.

Although, if Kelley does get everything with Wonder Woman correct from his end, it appears that Palicki has the capabilities to convincingly pull off this role.

David E. Kelley and Bill D’Elia (The Practice) will serve as executive producers. Jeffery Reiner (The Event) will direct the pilot written by Kelley.

If picked up, Wonder Woman will debut this fall on NBC.

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  1. Can’t wait for the outfit!

    • yeah the outfit looks awesome

  2. She’s pretty. I don’t know her though. Striking blue eyes like Wonder Woman. I think Wonder Woman will be a lawyer since Kelly likes to make lawyer shows so often. It will probably be set in Boston. Superhero shows are hard to do these days, but maybe it comes in the right time when Smallville is going off the air.

    • Last I heard, the new show is set in LA, and Diana is an executive for a beauty products company. This does not fill me with anticipation.

  3. I like her, she was hilarious in Women in Trouble, but i still think the show will FAIL. (unless they drop the crap script they’ve got and went back and actually read some of the wonder woman comics.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now. I would have preferred a big screen movie, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m only really disappointed that one of the big three networks (NBC) is doing it, they have a bad track record with sticking with shows like this. I would have liked to see one of the independent channels or a cable network to pick it up.

  5. Hummmm……..She has the height but I don’t really know about anything else. She seems more like a glamor girl than a strong physical type. Can she pull off an imposing screen presence as a Superheroine or will she just be Miss Eye Candy?

    Does she have any martial arts experience? They can’t get away with women faking combat savvy anymore like they did all through the 70′s and 80′s. If it looks like she trained with an expert for 2 months that’s what it will look like.

    At least with my choice (Jessica Biel) I knew she already all of the needed talents to pull it off. Adrianne Palicki is one big I don’t know for me.

    The concept of playing 3 different personas also seems out of place and totally unnecessary. Setting up a corporation just to fund WonderWoman’s exploits is so out of place. She isn’t Batman who relies on an endless cash supply to run a personal Cray computing system and keep his gadgets up to date and well stocked. She has an indestructible lasso, indestructible bracers, tiara and then general costume (PLEASE no invisible plane). She is a lot closer to Superman in the financial requirement department than Batman. Whatever funding she might need past her “normal job” though could (and should) be supplemented by her Amazonian sisters on Themscira. She is a princess after all.

    Does no one read or even try to follow the source the source material anymore?

    • Try watching Friday Night Lights some day. Believe me, she has a strong screen presence and the right physique. Plus she’s about 1000 times the actress Jessica Biel is.

      • I disagree I really liked Friday Night Lights, but she was a major weak point for the show.

  6. Third time in a DC role for her then. Smallville was the first, but what was the second fact fans????

    • Terrible pilots that never made it to air don’t count. 😉

      • Was it really that bad? Yes, actually, yes it was.

    • Just realized what I wrote might be the future of this series.

      • That was my thoughts also.

    • Thought I read somewhere she was going to be in the Aquaman series they were working on.

      • She was indeed in the pilot as the villain. You can easily find it on the net, but frankly, it’s pretty awful.

  7. She seems like she could pull it off. But I heard she runs an action figure/toys company and works out to Gaga in this. Doesn’t sound very Wonder Woman to me. Why not just make a good movie instead of Ally McBealling it and dragging it on, only to be canceled after one season. The animated version already proved it is possible to both serve fans and be a fun ride to those who know little about the character.

  8. Awesome …definitely think she can pull it off LOVED her in FNL also it’s ‘Dillon, TX’ not ‘Dylan, TX’

  9. Bad choice IMO. One she really doesn’t seem to fit the part and I know she isn’t that great of an actress. I really liked Friday Night Lights but I couldn’t really stand her in it because her acting was so weak. She really doesn’t have much talent and is only looks.

    As far as the story I have to ask WTF?

    This isn’t wonder woman at all it’s just a really strong girl. I mean they stripped away every detail about the character. She sounds like the female Batman with powers.

    • I think she sounds like Power Girl, who Adrianne is a better fit for, IMO. Runs a large company? Three identities? Just ticking off the boxes.

  10. So do you guys think she will die her hair or wear a wig?

    • Honestly with how much they have ripped away from the character and her actual origins hair color is the least of my worries.

  11. Its a sad sad sad day , i cant believe they are continuing on this path , so basically we get a show that will feel like ally Mcbeal meets The Cape, boy I cant wait, some one out there must put this animal to sleep before we all suffer to much.
    At this point I will they where doing a Wonder Girl show, with Cassie going to Hs , haunted by bad dreams of greek gods , Mentored by Diana, dealing with HS and being a Super hero, She can have friends like Bart,and Conner from smallville. You also then introduce Tim Drake, you can have the whole love triangle between Cassie, Conner, and Tim. Cassie is a very intresting character and the stories with Ares and the lasso and her powers would make for great episodes. Her constant problems with getting Kicked out of schools and her parents. It would make for great drama and great action. Lots of possiblities

  12. Yeah, I’m Not watching this show. The are other women who are better suited to the role of Diana. Not only that but last I checked Diana Prince WAS Wonder Woman’s ONLY secret idenity, and that she Was NOT a CEO of aher own company, if I wanted that, then why not a new BATMAN tv series.

  13. People seem to forget that she also starred in the film “Legion,” that was pretty action packed. She would never have been my choice to play this iconic role, but then again it’s for television not film. And after reading what was said to be in the script, I’d be surprised if it lasts beyond the pilot. Epic fail! How would she look like with black hair anyway? They have to dye her hair black, no I will not settle for brown! This show is gonna suck major ba||s!!!

  14. She has done quite a few roles as a brunette lately.
    And Last I heard, Diana is an exec at a PR company .

  15. So happy that Womder Woman new TV series is really happening, hope we
    can get a few good seasons out of the show, by letting other DC heroes
    make guest appearances now & then!

  16. I thought Tanit Pheonix was the best choice for the role. I haven’t seen Palicki’s work, so I don’t know.

    • I thought Tanit Phoenix was just physically right for the role. Can she act at all?

  17. She’s cute. I’ve only seen her in Legion. I’m just gonna send out lots of sunshine and luck and hope to this project. Cause I really don’t want it to suck. If it’s not good, Wonder Woman will get shuffled around for another 4-5 years.

  18. WW should’ve had a feature film. Will she fight David e. kelly’s dancing babies?

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This show will get cancelled. Guys we all know how good David Kelly is. But the fact of the matter is we are in a different world now. You can have the best Idea for a Wonderwoman show but as soon as those execs choose the wrong actress its over. And unfortunately this girl is the absolute WRONG choice. My gawd, so is that all it takes to make it in hollywood these days? to have a pretty face? She is terrible. Nothing special about her at all. Zero!!

  20. I am dissapointed with this casting. They could have done so much better. Two things that stand out, is she knew the dirctor, and she is tall. Other wise, that is it. She is an average actress at best. As are so many other’s. The one that they passed over is Nadia Bjorlin. She should have had her audition. They never bothered to give one who is far more beautiful and very talanted to try out for the role she was born to play. There is no contest. Nadia got shafted and they scewed this up. I won’t be watching because of what I have read about the script, and who they cast, was the wrong choice. Maybe Nadia was spared from what could be one of the worst TV pilots ever aired. Nadia will as be Wonder Woman.

  21. I just hope they don’t mess it up and make it stupid like they did with smallville

  22. EPIC FAIL.

    • AGREED!

  23. You mean with the super-heroes guest appearing on smallville? if
    they don’t have any other special appearrances by other heroes or
    well known worthy villains on this new show, but corny lame ones, then
    this show really isn’t going to be lasting more than a season, but
    taken off the air then.

  24. In what world is this Adrianne Palicki a WONDER WOMAN?! Holy crap! This is absurdly a bad choice in every single way.

    She is way too young looking. She doesnt look like an amazon to me… at all or athletic!

    Does the producers that came out with this show even read the comic or watched the cartoons?

    She is just horrible for the part! Like Smallville they will HAVE TO go away from anything related to the character and start bringing a bunch of other superheroes in. Because she is a chick they will have to bring probably a young Bruce Wayne and been that Smallville is in the last season they could have Tom Welling flirting with her here and there.

    Smallville staid on because it was a soap opera and Welling and Hartley kept the females watching. This Palicki wont interest guys how Lynda Carter did… doomed to fail miserably.

    They should have stick to a darker story of her as an amazon and how she got to Wonder Woman but in a movie… not a tv show.