Adrianne Palicki Wants to Play Wonder Woman Again

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Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Wants to Play Wonder Woman Again

No doubt inspired by the success of both The Dark Knight and the Marvel movie universe, NBC sought to get it’s own chunk of costumed superhero real estate in 2010 when they hooked up with former Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley to make a Wonder Woman TV show.

Unfortunately, the pilot wound up being a disaster despite the presence Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) and ample buzz. NBC passed on it and then, when the semi-finished product slipped out onto the internet, it became a public joke, earning a sort of infamy-powered afterlife. Regardless, Palicki apparently wants more.

Speaking with Bang Showbiz on the red carpet for the London premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Palicki said:

“If they wanted me, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat. [...] I was devastated [when it wasn't picked up]. We shot it and it was amazing. I got to wear the uniform, I got to wear the outfit, and it didn’t go. I was completely devastated about it.”

The G.I. Joe: Retaliation star isn’t the first person associated with the Wonder Woman TV project to voice disappointment with the show’s failure. Back in January, David E. Kelley spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about it, admitting that there were mistakes, but that they “could have fixed what [they] had done wrong.” When asked what he would change if given the chance, Kelley said: 

“We produced it at warp speed and it’s a special effects show and it took more time than we were able to give it. We [would've been] able to give it more time and extend it had we been picked up. Just learning the storytelling – the genre was very different for me and I had a lot to learn; my learning curve probably would have gotten better.”

Like Palicki, Kelley also said that he would like to try his hand at making Wonder Woman again, but both parties are almost certainly going to be disappointed.

While a new series isn’t impossible (The CW’s proposed Wonder Woman origin series, Amazon, still seems likely to be made), it is pretty hard to imagine any network putting their faith in Kelley with a superhero show. Not just because of his failure with Wonder Woman, but because of his (admitted) unfamiliarity for that specific kind of storytelling.wonder woman costumes palicki carter Adrianne Palicki Wants to Play Wonder Woman Again

For Palicki – a talented actress – it’s more about being justly or unjustly stained by negative public perception.

Few would say she was the worst part of the show, many might even say she was the best, but she was still first mate on the superhero TV show version of the Titanic. So even if a new show, a standalone film, or the Justice League movie became a reality, she wouldn’t likely have a shot.

All of those potential projects would represent a gamble for Warner Bros., so why would they try to sell people on a new Wonder Woman by using a painful reminder of the last one? Especially when so many other qualified talents could also be had.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Would you be interested in a Wonder Woman movie or TV show starring Palicki?

We’ll keep an eye out for any Wonder Woman - or Amazon - news as it becomes available, so stay tuned.


Sources: THR & Bang Showbiz [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. How did this horse-faced disaster get the role? Must have performed well on the casting couch. Worst possible choice for WW.

    • where can i find the wonder woman pilot? give me a link somebody

    • Yeah. That was completely unnecessary…

    • Totally agree.

    • @Etrigan, That’s the most sexist comment I’ve read so far this year. Hope you’re proud of yourself

      • Sexist? No lol. He didn’t objectify all women or referred to her in a derogatory term that is normally associated with women. He’s just a jerk that calls people mean things. Horses are beautiful creatures anyways. Most men would like to be called “stallion” lol.

        • I’m reasonably sure he’s implying something different by ‘performed well on the casting couch’ to what you think. Or maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am

    • I’ve been looking for a copy of the show on the internet for over a year, now! When did it leak? Where? Does anyone know where I can find it?

  2. I’m a fan of Palicki just from Friday Night Lights, but I don’t know about her acting chops, kind of like Taylor Kitsch. I would like for them to give her another shot, but like you said, why offer it to her when you have tarnished memories and bigger talent wanting to do it. Would not want to give Kelley another shot though. With something as big as a DC classic character, you can’t really afford to have someone who isn’t familiar with that kind of story telling or setting.

  3. I don’t think the costume for the tv show looked at all good but I think Palicki would make a good wonder woman if written correctly and a proper director was chosen. Maybe they could get a game of thrones director like Brian Kirk or something and then bring her into it. As the article says its a slim chance but I don’t hate her I actually haven’t seen her in anything so I don’t really hate or love her as an actress yet I do plan on seeing retaliation when t comes out though and I think that looks good. I thin if they ask her to come back they need to make the costume different because the costumes the highlight to me. So give her the more traditional look and make her more wonder woman I guess I vote bring her back what’s the worst that could happen at least in my opinion nothing

  4. The WW pilot was dreadful. There were so many things wrong with it I wont even bother to list them.

    I kinda like Adrianne in some roles but she was just lackluster in the pilot, I felt maybe the script had some do do with that.

  5. i would like to see the pilot just to see how it is for myself. she looks the part, but for me the worst part is the costume. a woman would not fight bad-guys wearing a teddy. to bad joss whedon never got his version going, but then he wouldnt be shaping the MCU now either

  6. They’d be better of Bringing The Flash BACK to Tv before WW.

    • Sorry, Better Off is what I meant to say. :D

      • I loved the Flash show :)

  7. Gina Carano OR NOBODY! She is perfect for Wonder Woman.

    • Plus 100 for gina carano shes perfect for ww

      • No, she’s not……she can’t act her way out of a paper bag and will never get beyond the niche action heroine.

        You can fake fighting but you can’t “fake” acting.

  8. Bridget Regan, just Bridget Regan!

    • +1!

  9. Katie McGrath or Morena Baccarin. These are the only two I would choose.

  10. Gemma Arterton is my #1 choice followed by Olivia Wilde

  11. Does anyone remember her being a major character in the failed Aquaman pilot as well? She played a decent fake Supergirl/Kara on Season 2/3 of Smallville but she apparently can’t do a DC Pilot without it failing. It seems she’s bad luck for the company.

    • Ha, that’s where I know her from. Almost done with season 10 of Smallville. And Im still looking for the pilot of Aquaman (non iTunes).

  12. She can play WW for me, if she wants…

  13. Adrianne Palicki should go for Gamora now.

  14. Nothing against Palicki, i’m sure she would make a great wonder woman.

    But i kind of want to see something out of the box on casting. Someone like Maggie Q or Zoe Saldana would really shine in the role as well as give The Justice League some diversity. Superman (Cavill) and Green Lantern (Reynolds) are pretty much already cast, and they wouldnt dare cast someone racially controversial to dawn Batman’s cowl. So that leaves Wonder Woman and The Flash, and i think Wonder Woman (the exotic one of the group) would be the likely choice to switch things up.

    • Would most likely cause a huge sh*tstorm, but, +1.

  15. Gina carano is perfect for wonder woman. She is gorgeous and can kick some butt! I can’t think of a better wonder woman, but her relationship with henry cavil may complicate things…

    • Why would Gina Carano be perfect? Because she has black hair? Because she’s cute?

      She’s too short, she can’t act & I swear to God, I would walk out of the cinema if I saw Wonder Woman using a UFC move.

      Jaimie Alexander for Wonder Woman, all the way, she understands Wonder Woman, she can fight, she has experience on big budget action movies, she can act & she has the right look & size necessary for the part.

      Jaimie Alexander was born to play Wonder Woman.

      • Odds are Jamie Alexander won’t be Wonder Woman, she’s contracted to marvels thor films and already plays a Wonder Woman type role there anyway. Sid plays a large role in thor mythos, so I doubt marvel wants to lose her talent to DC. Also doubt DC would cast her out of fear of confusing people into thinking Wonder Woman is connected to thor/marvel at all too

        • Jaimie has said she’s open to the role, as long as they treat it with respect, quite a few actors have worked between studios, it doesn’t really matter, Ryan Reynolds did it, Chris Evans did it, James Marsden did it, Tommy Lee Jones did it, Sam Elliot did it, Jaimie Alexander could do it.

          Jaimie is only contracted for Thor 2, after that, it’s all up in the air.

      • @cam_11 I must rescind my previous comment. Although I don’t think gina carano’s size is an issue (stallone is practically a midget, but didn’t appear to be on film), and I do think she has both the look that wonder woman needs and can make her fight scenes believable, I must admit I’ve never see her act, and that could potentially ruin the movie..

  16. Gina carano is perfect for wonder woman. She is gorgeous and can kick some @$$! I can’t think of a better wonder woman, but her relationship with henry cavil may complicate things…

  17. I don’t have a major problem with Palicki as Wonder Woman, although I would like to see someone like Gemma Arterton or Gina Carano. But if they take another shot at an adaptation of the character, they need to do something about that costume. I know when I first saw the modern Captain America suit for The Avengers, I thought it looked extremely goofy. But after seeing Cap wearing it in action, I don’t mind it. But I don’t even think that suit for Wonder Woman would even look remotely good on screen. I couldn’t take the character serious with her wearing it…

    To be honest, I don’t even know how I would want WW to look in live action. I’d love to see something similar to Arrow get put together for the character, but I’m not sure how they can do it. Hopefully they can get a director and a writer that know what they want to to do with her.

  18. Nah I didn’t like the pilot nor the actress that portrayed her

    Olivia Wilde please

    Or lyndsy fonseca she’d be good in anything!

  19. I tihnk Nina Bergman would be great, she is the hot girl in the fan-made WW trailer

  20. I still don’t see the selling point in a Wonder Woman tv show yet. Especially the way the show was pitched for Amazon. It would destroy the true origin of the character. Arrow was a long shot but Oliver Queen is almost like Batman so I can see why it worked out so far. I think WB/DC should do what they do best and play their cards right before they take a shot in the dark. Introduce her into Arrow first as a second lead and then maybe she gets her own show? See how the audience accepts her first.

  21. I doubt that many people in the broad audience have watched the failed pilot. At least, I haven’t, and I am someone who is more interested in Wonder Woman than the average person on the street. I think that Palicki could do fine as Diana, and I would love to see her get a second shot. The main thing is that it needs to be well-written and well-produced. There are several actresses out there who could play the role well, but no one person can stop a train-wreck of bad

  22. i would like to see rhona mitra as wonderwoman

  23. no thanks…

  24. This lady just doesn’t look right, she is attractive etc but I just don’t see her as WW – its like she is at a fancy dress party

  25. Since she has exquisite breasts, I am glad that she wants to play Wonder Woman again.

    • She actually has surprisingly (considering they’re fake) small breasts, but I think the corset-like top makes them appear much bigger. Poor girl must have been flat as a pancake before her “enhancements.” I for one believe, if they’re going to stick with the traditional, voluptuous, boobs-in-your-face Wonder Woman, then it has to be someone with not just a natural acting talent, but a couple other NATURAL talents as well.

  26. It’s funny that this is a story, but then again, most stories on the Web are like this. Somebody says something about wanting to do something, whether they have any ability to make it happen or not. Of course she would want to do the role again. But that’s up to the decision of Warner Brothers, DC, and a producer.
    Nowadays you see some actor saying I want to play Batman, or a director wanting to do a movie, whether or not there is any reality to it or not, whether that person has had any discussion with a studio about it.

  27. Nah forget this, it was a half hearted effort at best. WB needs to focus on Superman and if the opportunity comes up to do three other heroes together then do them for the big screen. Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman do all three in an interlinked story. A story like that can be done and I think done well. They just need the right vehicle…

  28. Alexandra Daddario/Serinda Swan/Gina Carano as Diana
    Lucy Lawless/Monica Bellucci as Hippolyta

  29. Look at that chin and jaw!!! Looks like a female version of Quagmire!