Adrianne Palicki’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume Revealed

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 5:03 pm,

Ever since NBC’s Wonder Woman series was announced, fans of the DC Comics legend have been debating what David E. Kelley’s interpretation of Diana Prince’s famed superhero costume would look like.

With Entertainment Weekly’s release of the first official photo from the pilot, we see exactly what Adrianne Palicki will look like when she takes to the streets to fight crime.

Inspired by elements from both the classic and re-envisioned look of Wonder Woman, Kelley may have made his first big mistake when it comes to bringing this famed character to the small screen.

By simply mimicking the look of the comics, instead of delivering his own vision of the character, Kelley has come across one of the least acknowledged traits of superhero costumes – most direct interpretations of superhero costumes look terrible when they’re taken outside the medium of comics or animation.

You can see Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman below: (click for larger version)

adrianne palicki wonder woman nbc1 Adrianne Palickis Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

While the colorful, and fantastical, wardrobes of iconic comic book characters look wonderful on the page or in animated features, these same eye-popping colors and cleverly designed outfits simply cannot exist in a three-dimensional world.

Without someone taking the time to decide the best way to interpret these characters and their outfits for other mediums, you will always end up with embarrassingly uninspired costumes – the same as the one pictured above.

Not only does the costume look ridiculous, but it somehow manages to make the always beautiful Adrianne Palicki unattractive – to such an extent that many will have to look twice at the image to make sure it’s not the WWE’s Chyna dressing up for Halloween.

Since the start, Kelley’s resume, which is filled with television legal dramas, has brought doubts about his ability to fully realize a superhero television series. After the script for the pilot leaked out, those doubts grew exponentially. With the release of this terrible image, the naysayers appear to have won.

While filming of the Wonder Woman pilot is currently underway, and it’s possible (although, extremely unlikely) that the finished product could be amazing, I’d be lying if I said that I’d be surprised if this pilot ever sees the light of day, let alone picked up for a series.


The fate of Wonder Woman will be decided in May, at NBC’s upfront.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Crap. If anyone needs to be told this is already a failure. I wish u luck in life.

  2. wow beyond tacky lol…colors are too bright. get rid of the bright make up and dull the colors also give her a dark blue or black jacket and maybe straps to hold up her bazookas. also her boots should be darker and have some color coordination in her outfit. aka dark red boots…not heels.

    Honestly her costume is too cartoony…and she could use a tan lol.

  3. I honestly think i could have designed a better costume. whats with the crappy headband…it should be bigger also.

  4. I knew what ever they choose would be bad. But I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

    I was hoping they went for a new look of Wonder Woman it’s not like her outfit is any good to begin with, I’d take any thing that doesn’t look like this 15 dollar Halloween costume that they chose though.

    But hey it’s NBC, the love the fact that they don’t any sense in what they do. Only having 2 episodes of the Office during a month & a half span, having 2 hour shows of The Biggest Loser on every week, and of course employing Leno for this long. All just three instances of blatant stupidity that come to mind.

  5. Looks like Wonder Woman to me. What was everyone expecting. lol

    • Well sure, if you put her in a Superhero line up and was told to pick out the one that looked most like WW I would pick her BUT……If it was a WW line up, this version would be most likely to get picked Wonder Hooker or WCHC (Woman in a Cheap Halloween Costume) but NOT Wonder Woman.

  6. I’m going out to fight crime, gosh, lets see, high heels- check wrestler chic outfit-check nevermind man Icant even finish the joke.

  7. They should have done her costume CGI

    • lol, even GLs CGI costume looks better than this!


  9. It’s better than Cathy Lee Crosby’s costume was

  10. Hey don’t judge too quickly…

    I think we need a shot from the rear to really get the full effect.
    … I said “from the rear” not “of the rear” butt in those pants that may be all it comes down to – he he

    Latex – GOOD
    Bondage Lasso – GOOD
    Outfit – GOOOOOD!

  11. How does she look like a hooker, but the Wonder Woman in the comics doesn’t? I don’t argue that she’s not busting out of that outfit. But the character in the comics does too. And until last year, the comic version’s ass was hanging out. So this version actually wins the modesty award between the two.

    And if you think Wonder Woman is never made to look slutty, Google “Wonder Woman + Star Sapphire” and look the Images. Go on, I’ll wait.


  13. Now this is Wonder Women:

    • I fail to see how that could translate to live-action.

      Your example perfectly illustrates how ridiculous the idea of a live-action Wonder Woman is. She’s an illustrated pin-up. A body in a one-piece costume. No real woman can wear that past the age of 22, and yet fans won’t allow any changes.

      It’s a Catch-22.

      She can be a campy sexpot in the traditional outfit, or something more subdued and deal with “female empowerment.” Can’t be both.

      The stars-aligned and we had Lynda Carter. Let us be thankful.

      • actually this is how a Wonder Woman costume can work

        • WOW, I have to say that is pretty good. I am not necessarily a fan of the exact way the did the skirt or the footwear (a bit TOO Romanesque imho) but its MUCH better as is than the Halloween costume we were presented with.

          I say take the top pretty much as is, change the tiara to a more traditional look, do the bottom skirt more simply, possibly akin to a loin cloth (second from the right), add some silver stars and go back to boots but use the dark red and you have it!

        • I see where you’re going, but the public wouldn’t bite. Once you subdue the colors, the American flag motif is gone, and then why go with blue leather at all? She becomes Xena Warrior Princess in LA. I don’t know how long you can have an angry, @$$-kicking amazon in a modern setting. For a two hour movie perhaps.

          Maybe they should go the Smallville route and have her wear different outfits (which is more womanly anyway) that pay homage to the original.

          When they first announced the show I pictured her in black, don’t know why.

          BTW, I’m not opposed to the campy sexpot WW, I just don’t think you can have both.

          • What about the modified Wonder Girl outfit from the comics? Actually I’m not opposed to the outfit they have here, but it does look too much like pleather.

          • Wonder Woman is a Amazonian Warrior it make sense she wear that costume also even Smallville had Erica Durance wearing Wonder Woman costume.


            • Thats what they need to use. Just add the WW symbol and things like that and its perfect

  14. Now this is Paige from “Charmed”:

    • Oh, God, that’s it! I was trying to put my finger on what this reminds me of. It looks like that silly episode of Charmed where they became costumed crime-fighters. The exact same cheesy stripper look and cheap quality of wardrobe you’d expect from a low-budget Aaron Spelling show. It actually even looks like Tori Spelling in a brunette wig (take a look at that jaw).

  15. It is not too bad. I have seen worst.

  16. To be fair, there is a chance the final outfit will be modified before we see the filmed footage or if they choose to pick it up for a series. It’s not uncommon for pilots to have a different outfit than the series itself – example, the suit for “The Greatest American Hero” lacked a high necked collar, and the “GAHeroine” spinoff attempt Holly’s suit was one piece and shiny spandex (totally 180 of the “pajamas” look needed).

    I’m going to say give the show a chance, and hopefully they’ll change the pants to DARK BLUE, and a non-shiny fabric, Red boots or return to the strapless leotard. (really, going from the new comic outfit to TV isn’t super hard to do if you look at the basics closely).

    The rest of it – corset top, headband and wristlets are not bad though.

    • Agreed. I’m wondering if this some kind of “test” wardrobe that some marketing genius decided to feed to the public in order to get attention.

      I think it worked. They can change the material and it’ll look vastly different.

    • Yeah I have to agree. I will wait until the show comes out before passing judgement on the series.

  17. not to bad

  18. … So who’s gonna play the mailman with a mustache that comes knocking on the door to delivery a package?… I didn’t know NBC was showing this type of stuff nowadays- Wait a minute…IT’S NOT A CHEAP PORNO?!?!?! *Face palm!*

  19. sorry, typo…..i meant JESSICA biel (not jennifer)

  20. I like it actually. I’m not sure she’s right for the role, but the costume design isn’t too bad considering the original series worked just fine with the classic costume. This costume looks more up to date (pants making the costume a bit more respectable).

    And Superman did work on the silver screen, with his costume being faithful to the comics. Batman worked on the silver screen as well. Spider-Man. There is no reason that any comic book character can’t work on film without a little imagination and creativity while being faithful to their roots.

  21. I just think Ms. Palicki doesnt look good as a brunette. Also is that suit made out of vinyl or pleather? Plus if the series takes place in L.A. it’s going to get rather hot and hard to film action sequences in those pants.

    • I agree. Not to be too crude, but looking at those pleather pants, one word comes to mind: yeast.

  22. I think the costume looks horrible. She looks like a Solid Gold dancer.

    • Too true.

  23. this is just sad.
    unless the time slot is Saturday morning.

  24. Could the make her look more pale, people she is an Amazon princess that lives on an island howmany pale islanders have you seen? I guess this is going to be one of those piolts everyone will be looking for a copy of at the CONs,LOL. Im just glad it was a TV show and not a movie version, people would be blowing WB and DC up right now, and I cant understand why Dc and WB would even allow this, It make them look like they dont care about their properties and any douche bag can come in and twist their characters , sort of like with Fox, Singer, and the X men

  25. Just as i expected,lousy. It looks like a costume of Wonderwoman & Wondergirl would wear, mostly Wondergirl. I wished WB would of just made a film instead of a series.

  26. I can’t believe this ever made it out of wardrobe and into print, nor can I believe anyone is defending it. This is the most horrendous thing imaginable. It looks like a cheap, plastic stripper costume (pole rode separately). And I get it, some will like this simply because she’s finally in pants. Who cares? I don’t even mind the fact she’s wearing pants, just not ones that look like they belong on a hooker in a Belgian whorehouse, or worse on a Solid Gold dancer from the 70s. And the blue isn’t even the right shade. The only thing that passes is the lasso — that actually looks good. What should be armor on the bustier and belt looks plastic. The bracelets and tiara, that are obviously supposed to be metal, look plastic. Any questions whether the cheese-ridden David E. Kelley would destroy this character can be laid to rest. The answer is yes. From the atrociously corny, cliche-worn script to this PVC get-up make me think he wants this to fail, or that it is some colossal joke.

    And not to be cruel, but does anyone else think this actress looks like she has a Tori Spelling horse jaw? Stock craft services with some oats, please.

    Truly, this looks like a costume that would be worn in a spoof or a parody on SNL meant to make fun of Wonder Woman. This is actually EVEN WORSE than the Cathy Lee Crosby outfit from 1974, and that is a feat. Again a total lack of respect for an awesome character.

  27. I still think, as far as appearances go, Megan Gale was the strongest choice in casting Wonder Woman. She actually looks the part of a Greek Amazon princess. Too bad the Justice League movie was shelved. She would’ve been great as WW in her own feature film. I read she was quite good in her audition reel.

    But this Adrianne Palicki, well, she sure is no Lynda Carter, that’s for sure.

    • I agree that Gale really does look the part BUT, she isn’t a proven actor. You cannot be gambling on something like that for something like this.

    • Im sorry but that Gale lady looks like a tranny

  28. I could create a better costume on WWE Smackdown vs Raw creat a wrestler feature. I’m (not) sorry but this “costume” is ugly as sin, SHould have gone with jeans and Called the show WonderGIRL, which might actually work. I also stand by my choice for Wonder Woman, Bridget Regan. This show Might and I Mean MIGHT last as long as The Cape, maybe a whole season, but with NBC in charge who knows.

  29. Is this person insane, I think Adrianne looks great. What a compromise, the colors are bright, and colorful, you can really tell she is wonder woman, I just hope the script will do justice. I believe Adrianne will do Lynda Carter,and her version of wonder woman justice.

    • How can you tell it’s wonder woman? To be honest i would of tough someone was dressing up for a Halloween party. I’m pretty sure they could of found someone better looking for the role.