Adrianne Palicki’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume Revealed

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 5:03 pm,

Ever since NBC’s Wonder Woman series was announced, fans of the DC Comics legend have been debating what David E. Kelley’s interpretation of Diana Prince’s famed superhero costume would look like.

With Entertainment Weekly’s release of the first official photo from the pilot, we see exactly what Adrianne Palicki will look like when she takes to the streets to fight crime.

Inspired by elements from both the classic and re-envisioned look of Wonder Woman, Kelley may have made his first big mistake when it comes to bringing this famed character to the small screen.

By simply mimicking the look of the comics, instead of delivering his own vision of the character, Kelley has come across one of the least acknowledged traits of superhero costumes – most direct interpretations of superhero costumes look terrible when they’re taken outside the medium of comics or animation.

You can see Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman below: (click for larger version)

adrianne palicki wonder woman nbc1 Adrianne Palickis Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

While the colorful, and fantastical, wardrobes of iconic comic book characters look wonderful on the page or in animated features, these same eye-popping colors and cleverly designed outfits simply cannot exist in a three-dimensional world.

Without someone taking the time to decide the best way to interpret these characters and their outfits for other mediums, you will always end up with embarrassingly uninspired costumes – the same as the one pictured above.

Not only does the costume look ridiculous, but it somehow manages to make the always beautiful Adrianne Palicki unattractive – to such an extent that many will have to look twice at the image to make sure it’s not the WWE’s Chyna dressing up for Halloween.

Since the start, Kelley’s resume, which is filled with television legal dramas, has brought doubts about his ability to fully realize a superhero television series. After the script for the pilot leaked out, those doubts grew exponentially. With the release of this terrible image, the naysayers appear to have won.

While filming of the Wonder Woman pilot is currently underway, and it’s possible (although, extremely unlikely) that the finished product could be amazing, I’d be lying if I said that I’d be surprised if this pilot ever sees the light of day, let alone picked up for a series.


The fate of Wonder Woman will be decided in May, at NBC’s upfront.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. They should have gone with the outfit ED wore during Warrior that was more close to WW…they could have modify it a little. This looks to WWE for my taste I expected a little bit more from the TPTB. Can they aleast get some SV show runners to help em out.

  2. The fake boobs, the obviously dyed hair, and the stupid face are a nice touch.

    • Alex,

      Comment of the day – if not the week. 8)


  3. Wwwwwwwwwhat….

  4. Super lame look

  5. It`s a little to shinning but it looks better than the one in the comics
    at least they kept some of the traditional costume look, but were are the stars

    • The stars run down the sides of the pants kind of like stripes. :P

  6. It looks like Wonder Woman, a bit cheesy but I’m fine with it. She should’ve been a feature film anyway.

  7. I’ve seen better costumes at ComicCon. This does nothing to generate confidence in the series.

  8. The people behind this show need to look at what SMALLVILLE has done. They have always made the comic book costumes look great, just look at Absolute Justice.

  9. I too have seen better costumes in Comic Con. In INDIA! I mean if we can get it right in India then why the hell can’t a bog production studios?

    And yes, fake boobs.

  10. It’s NBC, they greenlit “The Cape”. You just feel this will get a 10 episode order.

  11. This costume looks like a halloween costume — a CHEAP and really ugly halloween costume. It’s really ugly! What’s up with the shine? When I see this, I don’t see Wonder Woman. I see something really ugly and cheap looking as if someone were trying to pull of a Wonder Woman costume for a party or for Halloween but it went reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wrong!

    I can’t believe this is what they came up with and that they released this picture. Some people need to be fired and fast.

    This sucks but I see a very expensive disaster in the making here unless they go back to the drawing board and rethink some stuff. Start with the costume. And make her look friggin awesome as WONDER WOMAN, not Wonder Girl, not Halloween Costume Girl, not WWE or ComicsCon Wonderful Woman. But a kick a** WONDER WOMAN costume. They seemed to be fighting who and what she is and came up with a big giant mess.

  12. You have got to be kidding me, REALLY? That material looks like cheap latex/plastic. There are numerous materials that would have looked MUCH better. If they were going to do this they might as well have stuck to the original swimsuit look, it would have been more attractive.

    Who signs off on these horrible decisions?

    Also the boots need to be red, RED DAMMIT!

  13. Mongoose is right. It looks like cheap latex and plastic-y. One of my reactions and I try to process this mess is exactly what Mongoose said: “Really?!!!”

  14. “(click for lager version)” Haha a lager?! I could go for one.

    • Heh. Thanks, it’s fixed. :)

      On a side note, a first picture that looks like it was taken in a family portrait studio is probably not the best first look at this thing.


      • I was wondering myself if maybe it will look better on TV than it does in the picture.

  15. She doesn’t have the legs for the tity tites

  16. design is good,but could have used different materials.

  17. Um. Is show Wonder WOMAN or Wonder GIRL? Seriously, this costume based on first appearance looks TERRIBLE. The people at CW could do Wonder Woman justice on SMALLVILLE. I don’t care for the actress either. I’d much rather have Bridget Regan as Diana, but I’m biased. Heck Serinda Swan who played Zatanna on Smallville would make a better Wonder Woman. Just saying.

  18. Wow… That really does look like a Halloween costume. Doesn’t bode well for a series.

    • How is she exactly going to run, jump or kick in those pants?

      As others have said across the Net, it really does look like a Halloween costume. For a costume party, it’s great, but for a TV show? It just looks silly. The headwear, bird on her chest, the parts on her boots and the belt look like plastic.

      Why didn’t they just use cloth material rather than plastic-looking latex?

      • Are you old enough to remember “Chuck Norris jeans”? They had an elastic crotch area that was made of jean-like material but stretched so you could do those killer kicks when you got into a bar fight. Maybe her pants have the same feature. 8)


  19. …so she’s going to fight while wearing that? Seriously? A shame, I was assuming they’d have the sense to use the new costume. I guess I gave them too much credit.

  20. Haha I love SR’s April Fool’s Day fake news … Wait a minute *checks calender* O_O…… Please tell me they released the April Fool’s Day stuff early?…………… Please?……………………………………. Someone?……………………………………………… :’(

  21. Why latex? I thought we stopped putting our Superheros in that after the 90s…. Maybe the 80s :P

  22. Oh dear.

    Oh dear.


  23. That’s gotta be a b**** to sweat in.

  24. They left out the rollers Skates! HOW THE HECK IS SHE GONNA BRING ME MY SONIC BURGER AND FRIES???

  25. Wow……thats quite……off-putting

  26. Wow…This pic looks absolutely fantastic!!!

    (face, gently at first, then with increasingly pained severity, contorts…obviously horrified smile catches the steady stream of tears from the reddened, haunted eyes)

    By Satan’s underpants!!!

  27. horrible. im not even a wonderwoman fan and i know that this is stupid. and what the eff is with the pants?? the WW outfit was fine and modest the way it was! what the crap man. this just proves that superhero tv shows are only successful as a cartoon. (dont you dare call smallville a success! that show is a putrid perversion of superman’s dignity as a superhero comic icon)

  28. She looks like a dirty porn hooker!

    • Ahhh yeahhh…bow chicka wow wow.

  29. I like how this costume is like the modern costume (pants) and the classic costume (the top). I think that it would have been better if it wasn’t latex.