Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Is Algrim the Strong In ‘Thor 2′

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adewale thor 2 Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje Is Algrim the Strong In Thor 2

Yesterday brought confirmation that Kat Dennings is returning as the Facebook-referencing Darcy in Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, and today brings news that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is joining the superhero festivities as both the Dark Elf warrior Algrim the Strong and the villain Kurse.

Algrim was introduced in Thor #347 as the most powerful of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. He suffers terrible injuries after Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston in Thor 2) double-crosses him during a battle with Thor – and re-emerges as Kurse, a powerful warrior with enchanted armor fused to his skin, who is even stronger than the God of Thunder. Kurse also blames Thor for his condition, as he suffers from amnesia brought on by his injuries.

Variety has the scoop on Agbaje (a.k.a. Triple A) signing up for the Thor sequel, but makes no mention of how Algrim/Kurse will fit into the narrative proceedings. One possibility is that the showdown between Algrim and Thor takes place in the fiery realm of Muspelheim, which is rumored to be among the cosmic realms that appear in Thor 2. Furthermore, it’s conceivable that the film’s climax could involve the fight between Kurse and Thor taking place on Earth (in keeping with the comics continuity).

Agbaje is a fan-favorite thanks to his work on TV series Oz and Lost, along with appearances in such films as The Mummy Returns, The Bourne Identity, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and The Thing; he’s also the villain in Sly Stallone’s next movie, Bullet to the Head. Several of our readers have been pushing for him to be cast as King T’Chaka, the father of T’Challa (a.k.a. Black Panther), as he’s a good fit for the BP universe, but is too old to portray the eponymous super-powered hero.

The situation is similar to the casting of fellow fan-fave Afro-Brit Idris Elba as the Asgardian gatekeeper Heimdall, when many fans would’ve preferred him as a more important player in the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU). Nonetheless, the pair of actors stand to get a decent amount of screen time in Thor 2 (not to mention, participate in an action sequence or two).

Rene Russo Talks Thor The Dark World Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje Is Algrim the Strong In Thor 2

Most of the primary cast members of Thor are returning for the followup, including Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Rene Russo, Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano, and Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder. Zachary Levi is replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral, while Alice Krige is committed to a minor role speculated to be that of Alflyse, Queen of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim.

Story-wise, Thor 2 picks up after Loki (Hiddleston) has been transported to Asgard, where he stands trial for his crimes against the people of Earth in The Avengers. Meanwhile, Malekith’s schemes almost certainly involve retaking control of the Casket of Ancient Winters (ie. the Frost Giants’ weapon from the first film), which remains heavily-guarded in Odin’s (Hopkins) vault following Loki’s attempt to destroy Jotunheim.

That chamber also houses the Infinity Gauntlet, a weapon sought by Thanos (introduced during The Avengers‘ mid-credits scene), whose quest to “court Death” should link Thor 2 with the events of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – before all players in “Phase 2″ of the MMU come together for The Avengers 2.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


Source: Variety

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  1. if the tardis landed in my backyard and the doctor asked where i wanted to go, one of the places i would say is 2018, when hopefully all the MCU movies would be out so i could watch them all. i wonder if the doctor would let me take the dvds (if they are still around) back with me if i swore not to use them for personal gain?

    • +1!

    • why 2018 go for 2025 and watch all off phase 2 & 3 of the marvelverse. Or even 2032 for phase 4, assuming of course they havent rebooted everything do to some actors ages.

  2. Good, I’m happy that he got the gig. Now we can focus upon some other actor to inevitably portray the Black Panther in Avengers 2, Captain America 2, or whichever movie Marvel deems fit to put him in.

    • Aldis Hodge!

      • i been saying that Aldis Hodge should play Black Panther.

        • I know… I’m pretty sure you were the first one to every mention him on Screen Rant, and after all Hodge’s recent interviews about BP, he’s become my prime-candidate for BP as well.

          • but after the comment by Louis D’Esposito im worried we aint getting a Black Panther movie at all. all the Black actors who should get bigger roles are doing supporting sidekick roles. i wont be surprise if they cast a Black actor or actress to play Drax the Destroyer or Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.

            even Ant-Man solo movie might even have Bill Foster aka Black Goliath lol

      • Either Aldis or Edwin Hodge for T’Challa. I would personally want Aldis as T’Shan with Edwin as T’Challa, but that’s just me.

  3. I understand why they cast the movies the way they do, but when they cast good actors like Adewale and Idris in Thor while avoiding a Black Panther movie it’s a bit confusing.

    • Yeah it seems like they are using these great actors that could play bp . I’m a huge idris Elba fan and I can’t stand that he always has small roles.

      • I don’t think either would be T’challa, but especially Adewale I wanted in Black Panther in some large capacity…most likely a villain.

        Since we aren’t getting Black Panther this phase, I hope I comes out as the second film in 2015. I think it’d be cool if he just shows up in Avengers 2. They kinda just have to accept him into the group without knowing much about him, then frame the Black Panther later that year in like a debrief between him and Fury.

        • It’s not that either actor would have necessarily played T’challa, but it’s just kind of self conscience of them on some level. I’m Black and I read comics back in the early 80′s, so I know that there were a handful of Black characters (mostly in Marvel books). It was just part of the business, but now that they are trying to sell these movies to a wider audience they have been trying to be more “politically correct” so to speak.

  4. He was awesome in Lost, Im glad he’s getting a part in a big movie.

    • Yea Mr. eko was the best, he was also incredible in OZ if anyone watched that.

    • yah he was pretty awesome in lost hated when he got killed off

    • Totally agree with your. Mr. Echo is one of the great TV characters. Always thought that was the most unfortunate thing that happened, was him not liking living in Hawaii. Apparently the writers wanted his character to continue in the story.
      Oh well, still a great part.

  5. Malekith and now Kurse…… I don’t know if I’m liking the direction this is going. I want to see Malekith, Thanos and Surtur but it appears as if now the main antagonist will be the Kurse story fueled by Malekith who might be having his puppet strings pulled by Loki. Yeah, I just don’t know how excited I am about this development.

    This also has the same general theme as the Ultron story (neutral turns villain and seeks revenge on his “creator”) No, there are of course many different nuances but it does make me further doubt Avengers 2 will use Ultron because of the base similarities.

    and there is obviously going to be some heavy makeup involved if they are going to get Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Eccleston to look like they are from the same race.

    • Not sure why anyone would even consider Ultron as being in Avengers 2 considering what we’ve known about Phase 2 for the last few months.

      As seen in Avengers, Thanos will be the main guy to fight.

      • um, because we know for a fact that Avengers 2 will be a more personal movie and that is NOT Thanos. Ultron however does fit that concept rather well.

        Plus as I have said many times, using Thanos as the main protagonist in Avengers 2 leaves us no place to go but down for Avengers 3. He in one of THE apex villains in the Marvel universe that needs to be saved for an epic final showdown.

        • @mongoose, Ha, you already beat me to it. I didn’t see that.

        • I was hopin for Ultron in 2 and Thanos in 3. Perhaps they’re gonna go the star wars route and Thanos is in Avengers 2 but the movie ends on a negative tone; the bad guy wins. Thanos can see more than one movie

        • I was hoping for Ultron in 2 and Thanos in 3. But i think they’re gonna go the star wars route and Thanos is in Avengers 2 but the movie ends on a negative tone; the bad guy wins. Thanos can see more than one movie

        • no one seemed to notice but I mistakenly used protagonist when Thanos is definitely the antagonist ><

        • Ultron might still be used. They have changed these stories around so much that you never know what the storyline will be. I honestly think GotG are going to deal with Thanos mainly, maybe there will be remnants of the story for phase 3, but I don’t think that the wad will be shot if they use Thanos. However, you are correct that A2 is supposed to be more personal. Ultron would be perfect, especially with the intro of Ant-Man. They could show his Ultron robots in the movie and have the after credit scene where Ultron turns on and starts thinking for himself. I love Thanos but I think that Ultron hits closer to home and remains one of the greatest stories of the Marvel Universe.

          • That was my hope as well UNTIL……we learned that Wright’s version of Ant-Man will be based on the Marvel #47 Premier; “To steal and Ant-Man” which features the Scott Lang angle. So that removes Pym joining the Avengers, no Wasp and a completely reworked story if they want to use Ultron (even if they still use an old scientist Pym, you can’t have him using his mind as a template so Ultron will seek revenge against an old man? Not likely. I suppose they could remove the hatred towards his creator but THAT is what makes it personal and interesting, at least for me)

            • That’s true and I hope that Whedon “guided” him into a different direction. I really dislike the idea of old Pym and Lang is so weak, but I guess they could still theoretically figure out a way to make Ultron work if they went in this direction. If not, I guess they will be closing the door on Ultron completely. Keep hope alive!!

      • @Dazz, It seems that you probably haven’t read the comics featuring Thanos much. Besides Galactus(not really a villain), Thanos is THE ultimate villain,it’d be way too early for him to be the main villain in Avengers 2. He’d be more suited for the end of the franchise or the end of Guardians of The Galaxy. Read the Infinity series.

        • Newer fans of the comics have to realize that until the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos was not a major player at all. The “Phase 1″ Marvel films played to the broader stories and character traits that fans of multiple generations could identify with. This next phase may require either a learning curve or for people to just go into the films blind with little or no expectations.

          As it stands now if Thanos is going to be the last boss battle so to speak the Avengers are going to probably fight him last with some help from whoever else they write in. Taking a page from the old carnival business of pro-wrestling, they can’t make Thanos look weak by having the GOTG beat him or even look like they had a better shot at defeating him then the Avengers. It makes the character look weak if they want to put up against the Avengers in a subsequent movie.

          I could see the Guardians going after him and getting sidetracked by a minion or two of Thanos and maybe being involved in a last battle situation in Avengers 3. The thing with that is what does that leave the Guardians to do if they want to do sequels?

          • @Slayer, The Celestials and The Beyonder.

            • The Beyonder! He’s the one I’m hoping to be the main antagonist for A3. By then (hopefully) the Spiderman writes will be Marvel’s and we get to see him join the Avengers.

            • The Celestials are pretty obscure, if they got Galactus and his Heralds that might be a better sell. The Beyonder is another characters from the way back machine, and depending on how they present him it may just look the same as Thanos (if they use the Infinity Gauntlet set-up). For all intents and purposes Secret Wars and the Infinity Gauntlet were similar big villain, potentially universe threatening, multiple hero cross-overs.

              • I agree and don’t think the average movie goer is going to be able to handle the likes of characters like The Beyonder, Watcher or Celestials. They are great characters but are a bit too deep in the Marvel lore for a movie adaption.

                Along than vein, I also don’t think they will be exploring Thanos’ preoccupation/infatuation with Mistress Death. The concept of Death being an actual entity is just a bit too existential and abstract (similar to Eternity and Infinity) for non-comicbook fans to “get”. So he will most likely just be out to simply rule the universe.

                and I would LOVE to see Galactus and his heralds done correctly and not a silly ball of gas. Only problem is Fox doesn’t appear to be relinquishing control of him (or the Silver Surfer) :(

                • Actually, you can bring in the Watcher or Watchers as a race of beings that watch and record the history of the universe with the rule that they don’t get involve in affairs. I agree with the other cosmic beings that are too deep for the average movie watcher. If it ever goes that far on the big screen it be awesome.

          • It’s true that Thanos hasn’t been around from the 60′s, but 1991 was still over 20 years ago. He thrust Adam Warlock to fandom and the Guardians were a direct result of the whole Infinity Gauntlet sagas. Most fans are 30 or younger and just because the older ones haven’t seen much of Thanos, if they stopped reading when they were still young, they would be fine seeing him in the movies. You also have to remember that even though Adam Warlock technically beat Thanos that first time with the help of all the Marvel Universe, he ultimately beat himself. Then he became an ally for a while when others, like Adam himself, got high on the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. It is almost the same as they ring in Lord of the Rings.

            • I collected from the early 80′s to the mid 90′s, so Thanos is like a really weird book-end to me. My first memory of him was from the Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, where he was of course dead already. By the time the Infinity Gauntlet came around Marvel had already been running though their more obscure bad-guys during their cross-over annual faze. The thing back then was that helped fans was the Handbook to the Marvel Universe, which almost everyone bought and read. And they had Marvel Age for awhile, so you always knew what was going on for the most part.

              They are now mixing a lot of eras together in these movies and they just have to be able to explain things to anyone walking into the movies blind. I don’t think they assume people are up on all of these characters at this point anyway, so they must have some plan.

              • I don’t know. A lot of people didn’t know who Thanos was and then their was a huge rush of people looking him up. In a way, I wish I didn’t know the characters sometimes and it would be like Christmas morning discovering them. It was like that with me at the end of Walking Dead last season. I did know who Michone was and when I looked her up it was exciting. But I understand what you are saying. I guess it all depends on the person, as usual, and there are always 2 sides of each coin.

                • See that is the funny part about the Avengers, as someone who only bought a few issues of the comic I can’t really name a lot of the villains they fought. The individual arch-enemies of the core group are a little better known, but the tendency to have them fight the stock Marvel rogues gallery make it a challenge to get a compelling victim that will play well in a live-action movie.

                  Thanos had some major story arcs at certain points, but he is not someone a lot of fans probably automatically link with the Avengers. Problem is off the top of their heads there aren’t a lot of villains even comic fans can name so it becomes a toss up.

                  • I’m pretty sure movie goers are not going to know the villains either way unless they are the major ones that are linked to other movies like Dr. Doom or Magneto, even Norman Osborn. But I disagree that comic fans don’t know the villains off the tops of their heads. I love the Avenger’s enemies. Ultron is on of the most compelling since he was a product of Hank Pym (Ant-Man) and can never be killed, Kang the Conqueror is a time traveling freak who has Stark tech from the future and knows everything about the group. Of course you have great finds from the individual comics like Loki and Mandarin and Red Skull, Zemo, and a host of others from Captain America. The Leader is to brains what Hulk is to strength. And Zemo with his Masters of Evil opens up the door to a new host of villain teams. These are just some of the generic enemies that fans would love to see. I have many others like the Kree and Skrulls, heroes that start as villains like Vision and Wonder Man, Korvac would be INSANE, the Thunderbolts (who started as the Masters of Evil) and finally don’t forget the Avengers biggest enemies, which are the public and themselves. I think any that I mentioned would be great and so many that I didn’t. We are dealing with something like 60 years of Marvel and there has been good and bad. But their is enough good to pick from.

  6. I was hoping for an appearence by the Enchantress & The Executioner but cast is getting bloated but Kurse is awesome, he’ll play Algrim who later becomes Kurse after Thor give him a thrashing, I like the casting hes got a badass voice and hes pretty good actor…

    Interesting that they seemingly will be doing Dark Elves with probably Light Elves involved, so they will probably be going across Asgard, Midgard(Earth),Svartalfheim & Álfheimr in Thor 2…

    I’m hoping that Loki gets sent to the Isle of Silence, an island where Lokie cant hear himself pontificate is a fate worse than death for him and perhaps they’ll go to Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Muspelheim & Hel in Thor 3 maybe Surtur and Hela will be included hopefully by then we see Valhalla and the Enchantress & Skurge….

    • Im really hoping that enchantress and executioner get minor roles in this so we can have the masters of evil in avengers 2 (theres been no confirmation of thanos for avengers 2. he’s not even confirmed for GotG and Thor 2)

    • Yeah, that’s still a hefty load of worlds to visit. I would love them to include them all but don’t know if they will. I think the Enchantress will be intro’ed in this movie but not active until the next phase.

  7. And… down goes ANOTHER Black Panther contestant.


  9. Good news on the Thor 2 front, but something off the subject I just needed to vent about, I’m really sick of that trailer of that scary movie that I keep seeing every time I click on a link here and it’s actually discouraging me from visiting the site lately.

    • Just close your eyes for the first few seconds. Dude, they need to pay the bills and most clips make you have some sort of ad now.

  10. Adewale’s too old to portray Black Panther so I’m glad he’s in this, great actor.

    However, a Black Panther movie is long overdue. Perhaps it will lead into Avengers 2?

  11. Ok. Could someone tell me why people are so hooked on there being a BP movie. I’m not knocking BP. I think he’s a great character. However is he an essential part of the MMU. Maybe they figure they do not want any more comic characters coming thru to the MMU. Or that BP wouldn’t be best utilised in a solo film. That they just need him to show up in A2. I really don’t know? Just throwing it out there.

    • Because BP just has so much to give;

      1. He’s a King that alone makes him a great addition to the group, how would the ego of Tony Stark react to this how would Thor act in front of a King.

      2. Tony and Bruce are very smart but so is T’Challa, he has a Ph.D. degree in physics.

      3. He is not in the same league as the other Avengers in the sense that he has more in common with people like Black Bolt, Namor and Doctor Doom but is still a hero and good person.

      There is so much more to BP but those are some of the things that make him a great character already.

      Stan Lee has said so many times now that he wants to see a BP movie with a Dr.Strange movie second, yet they still haven’t moved forward with it. I really do think Marvel are scared to do a solo film with a black superhero and that’s the reason there not moving forward with it.

      This is what Louis D’Esposito (Marvel Co-President) said:

      “Black Panther,” he noted that T’Challa “has a lot of the same characteristics of a Captain America: great character, good values.” But the movie might be difficult to pull off, he said, because of having to create Wakanda from the ground up. “It’s always easier basing it here. For instance, ‘Iron Man 3′ is rooted right here in Los Angeles and New York. When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.”

      For me that is a huge pile of BS the create Asgard from the ground up with tones of it being CGI. Wakanda wouldn’t need half maybe not even a little CGI to make it happen.

      • ^Could not agree more.

      • Well said.

      • Their official reasoning is nonsensical PR crapola. If Blade can be successful (even as cheezy as the story was), then Black Panther can and will be at least as good.

        • well said homie :P

        • Dude, Blade was great. Those movies got me through the summer of ’99. Well, those movies and some good “relaxation techniques”.

        • Blade was far from cheesy, it was pretty dark. It was more a horror film than superhero flick. Transcended the genre.

          • Please….La Magra, the Blood God? THAT’S what all those ancient scrolls pointed to? and it took some upstart vampire who knew how to operate a search program to figure it out? and that temple just so happened to be in their backyard and never found before now? Come ON.

            I’m not saying it wasn’t a dark movie in general or that it didn’t have it’s horror aspects. It’s just that the premise the movie revolved around was silly and came off like something a 13 year old would dream up.

            That’s why I liked Blade 2 better. At least the base story made some sense.

            • Sure, there were a few cheesy parts. I thought the movie was more about ass-kicking and his character intro than anything. His one-liners were a little cheesy I guess, but I thought the overall movie was great. It was just a good action movie. If you expect more then you weren’t going to get it with Blade. As I keep saying, obviously everyone has widely different views.

              • Just remember I didn’t say the movie was bad, or I didn’t enjoy it. The whole La Magra thing was just a bit overly silly and contrived to me. I’ve never been a huge Blade fan but would think a better story base had to be out there somewhere.

                • It’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on movies. We obviously disagree on many things, like the RR idea that I am still haunted by, but at least you aren’t saying that since I didn’t think Blade was cheesy that I should change my Avatar like this loser in the comments below. We get on here because we all have different opinions, but when something hits, like Avengers or Dark Knight Rises, then we all celebrate it.

                  I have to be honest though, I was on several very strong chemicals during the time Blade came out. I hate techno music but when that crap started thumping and Snipes started doing his graceful slaughter dance across the screen, I still get flashbacks. The good kind.

          • Too true!

      • i could easily see BP movie being made. I think they would find it hard making Wakanda believeable a strong african nation that excels well cutting edge technology without other nations trying to conquer them. i know they can make the movie. it the political part i think they question.

        • Here is my problem with the political and the Black Panther and it was really just the writers in the comics. I was rereading the most recent volumes and in one book Storm’s father was complaining about George W Bush being at their wedding. The mother told him that it was the proper thing to do in that big of a wedding (T’Challa & Storm) and the father said he would tell him to “get on or get spit on.”

          Then, in the next series, they were literally telling President Obama how great he was and basically saying he was the best president ever. This almost made me stop reading the Black Panther forever but I calmed down and I realized that the writers are racist idiots. They were praising the actual Black Panthers and all kinds of other wonderfully racist things. That was fine, but once you start talking about spitting on a president b/c you don’t agree with him (even though they couldn’t name one thing they probably didn’t agree with) then it goes too far.

    • o.k because b.p. is one of the coolest heroes from marvel,that´s it. and to triple-a,very good casting news.

    • Well my only comments on the situation are if Ant-Man can have a stand alone movie, then a lot of other characters arguably can as well. Black Panther being one of them.

  12. i think we will see BP in the tv show that Joss Whedon is creating.

    And I’m liking the “Triple A” name. much easier to say than his real name. I keep trying to pronounce it in my head and just cant seem to figure it out.

    • It’s phonetically pronounced as . Ah-day-wah-lay ah-kin-oh-yay ah-gbah-jay

  13. hope they can make this not feel overly star packed ala wolverine origins

  14. I don’t really follow Captain America but does “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” imply the Casket of Ancient Winters?

    • No, this refers to Bucky. Bucky becomes Winter Soldier.

    • No, the Winter Soldier is a character.
      The Winter Soldier is a brainwashed, Soviet assassin created for Department X (which is affiliated with HYDRA if I remember correctly). The Winter Soldier was once sent on a mission in the US and Cap’s girlfriend, Sharon Carter recognized that he looked very similar to Bucky, Cap’s old WW2 sidekick who was thought to be dead. Later they found out that the Winter Soldier is in fact Bucky, who survived the falling into ice/water in WW2 and that he was recovered and turned into a weapon/assassin, being put in suspended animation between missions so that he wouldn’t age so quickly…

      • Nice, thanks for the info. Sounds like it will be good then.

        • He actually becomes Captain America for a short time when he died. Of course, the Cap death story was one of the worst to me. It was a classic example of the writers changing direction after killing off a character and then struggling to bring him back. The bullet thrust him into another dimension….Yeah, that makes sense.

  15. Good news for the cast. I love Triple A. He is a superb actor.

  16. I think Marvel in general have a challenge in trying to sell the villains and secondary characters in Phase 2, because by necessity they have to dig deeper with bringing in less well known names and elements. Not that any of Thor’s pantheon of allies and enemies is very well known the the general public at all. To borrow a term, their “Q” rating is pretty low. I think they also have a challenge in trying to keep the series grounded (pun intended) as they get more and more cosmic.

    • +1, agreed.

  17. Heimdall and all the other characters out of Norse mythology were white, or at least Nordic, not black. I am not being discriminatory, and these actors may well be very fine actors indeed, but not right for the parts, I am sorry to say, because of the REALITY of their ethnic background (again, I am not biased in the least, or trying to be a jerk…but would you want Power Man, Black Panther, or even Martin Luther King played by an actor of white extraction? Neither would I). Let’s swallow the political correctness garbage, the diversity/integration/civil-rights-when-it-suits-you stuff, and liberal blah-blah stuff and just cast characters and personages as the gender, color, or whatever that they were originally intended to be!

    • i didnt there are a race of dark elves that exist on earth.

      • +1 Zoom.

    • What the hell are you talking about this has nothing to do with Heimdall so why are you bringing him and his characters skin colour up?

      By the way no I wouldn’t want Power Man or Black Panther to be played by a white actor but this is because they are the main character now if they wish to change the ethnicity of a supporting character then I don’t think i’ll mind, but having said that there are some main characters from less known comics were I wouldn’t care what colour they are.

      As for you putting Martin Luther King in a mix of fictional characters, all I have to say is your off.

    • It’s not political correctness as much as they want to be able to sell these films on the International market. The realities of the source material clearly were on their mind when they made these choices, and if not for the retcon version of Nick Fury and their take on Asgard having people of varying races live there the movies would pretty much be all white.

    • What I’ve been saying is, if the character’s race/skin color define who he is, at least partially, it should be kept as is. Otherwise, I have no problem with the studios changing it. Black Panther is someone who NEEDS to be black, just like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, etc. NEED to be white. It’s just the way it’s always been, and these guys are the main characters, and they’ve always been a certain race, and to change their race would change their essence, to some extent.

      However, minor characters and antagonists for the most part are NOT defined by their essence and could/have been changed (Heimdall, Kingpin, Perry White, and now Algrim/Kurse).

      • People get up in arms about this subject at times, but Hollywood and even the theater has a history of white people playing every other race under the sun, so it becomes subjective.

    • …so what’s the problem with a black man playing a dark elf again?