‘Skyfall’ Theme Song: Adele Sings of James Bond’s Doom

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James Bond movies inspire a lot of fan debate – in regards to everything from the quality of the lead actor playing 007, to the quality of the lovely ladies that Bond will be seen canoodling with next. One of the lesser (but still important) aspects of a Bond film fans are critical of, is the quality of the opening credits theme song. Artists like Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Duran Duran, Tom Jones, a-ha, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Nancy Sinatra, Madonna and Jack White have all taken their shots at opening a 007 film in melodious fashion… to varying degrees of success.

For this fall’s 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, superstar recording artist Adele is lending her trademark vocals to the franchise. Listen to the results above.

 Adele is… well, Adele, so it’s not very surprising to hear that the vocals on the “Skyfall” track are great. What is nice, however, is the type of sound Adele brings to the table; don’t be surprised if, from this point on, you hear endless claims amongst fans that the singer brings back “that Shirley Bassey feeling,” which made classic Bond films like Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever feel so… classic. Adele is welcome return to that former glory, as far as we’re concerned.

Adele Skyfall James Bond Skyfall Theme Song: Adele Sings of James Bonds Doom

Skyfall revolves around a plot in which Bond’s boss “M” (Judi Dench) is positioned for a big fall from grace by an insidious assassin known as Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). Along the way we’ll see Bond (Daniel Craig) and MI6 under siege; the evolution of 007 from brutal thug to suave secret agent; the introduction of familiar Bond staples like gadget-man “Q” (Ben Whishaw), and the possible replacement of female “M” with a more traditional male version (aka, Ralph Fiennes as Gareth “M”allory).

Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has his work cut out for him, but the impression left by the Skyfall trailers and TV Spots suggest that he has more than risen to the task.

How do you like Adele’s theme song?

Skyfall will be in theaters and IMAX on November 9, 2012.

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  1. Echoes of classic Bond themes which was what they were looking for.
    Without the lyrics it is impossible to know some of the lyrics she is singing.
    Adelle has a good voice though her stylized enunciation can be self-defeating.

    • Eh?

      • She pushes her stylization to the point
        she sometimes makes lyrics unintelligible.
        If the listener can’t discern the words then
        your style defeats the purpose of expression.

        • I’ve never found her singing hard to understand. If anything, it’s her speaking voice that may confuse some. (At least the words you can pick out from all the swearing, she does have a filthy mouth on her (^-^) )

          • It’s only a few words but it seems to be every song.
            Lyrics are posted on her YouTube videos by fan request.
            I was unaware of her foul mouth and know little about her.

              • I agree. I posted the same video last week.
                That seems to be the one that stands out.

                • That comment was actually for the video above not this.
                  Man, she really does have that potty mouth. Geesh.

        • “At Skyfooooooole when it crumboooooooles…!”

  2. This is awesome. Love the classic vibe! Makes me even more excited for this movie.

  3. I did not think it was possible to be any more pumped up to see this film yet this song made it happen. I am excited. It definitely gives a classic feeling to it.

    • Like

  4. THe song sounds similar to FOr Your Eyes only not BAD but a little repetative.

  5. the sons defiantly sounds old school. It very much reminds me of earlier bond songs.

  6. disappointing. Started off with lots of promise, but it got repetitive. What made the classic songs classics was a hook that stuck with you and changes of tone throughout, this song has neither, it’s like a monotone speaker. Also, the lyrics are, at best, sub par, and the chorus especially is badly written, very juvenile – the rhyme.
    Adele is a great singer though, can’t take that away from her, and of the 3 Craig films, this is the closest to a classic, but a huge let down.

    • Agreed. I like the subtle instruments and arrangement, but the lyrics and ‘hook’ let me down. I’m not familiar with the classic Bond themes so I can’t really compare them, but You Know My Name has always struck me as one of those songs that had a cool, well-written motif to its lyrics as well as an awesome rocking hook.

      This doesn’t have that. Her voice is great, but the chorus… “Let the sky fall, let it crumble, we will stand tall, face it all?” – not only does it not get more generic than that, it was totally flat. Nothing rousing. It got *little* better towards the end but it was just plodding till then.

      I think even if you don’t like Adele (and I do), you can at least say lots of her other hits have had much more inventive songwriting and much better choruses.

      • If you see the movie it makes more sense though. How integral and accurate it is for the movie…basically describes the entire last third of it.

    • You hit the nail on the head !! Boring and repetetive, soulful mourning unsuitable for the film. The Epstrom-Adele combo was only ever going to come up with weak drivvle that unsuprisingly goes down very well with the deaf, simple minded and easy to please mass.

  7. Well it sounds like a typical Adele song nothing special

    • Completely agree. Her voice is lovely, but every song sounds exactly the same. Same range. Same octave. Same volume and tempo. Can we get some of the greats to come back and show people how this is really done (looking at Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, even Lisa Stansfield). Or, for someone as young as Adele with a real soul voice, they should’ve grabbed Jazmin Sullivan. Now, THAT is a voice.

      • good taste love their voices,too.

    • no way i am not an adele fan,but she have a great voice,and her songs or sounds are pop/blues/soul which have touches from the 50s or 60s but this is a very good -bond-song and not a typical adele song. i hope i could describe it for you.-jersey shindler- still,this is no offense,but your posts make me depressiv.

      • It’s JerseySchindler not jersey shindler and I truly apologize for my horrible critique involved in music. I’m making a list of my mistakes and I’m going to be checking the list twice!

  8. I was thinking we need a more edgier rock style theme, possibly from Linkin Park


    • Fail.

  9. It’s all about From Russia with love by Matt Monro. It’ll never get any better than that.

      • Too “true”

        • Personally I loved the “On Her majesty’s secret Service theme”. No Vocals , but my gosh, it was awesome.

          • OHMSS has two themes, and Louis Armstrong’s We Have All The Time In The World gets my vote. Right after Live And Let Die, that is… :)

            • An Armstrong gem to be sure.

        • Definitely one of the best.

  10. How come in all these posts about this song and other Bond songs no one mentions Chris Cornell’s “You know my name?” I think it’s one of the best James Bond themes.

    • I completely agree. One of my favorite Bond opening songs

    • Nice song, but IMO not really with that Bond feel.

  11. I adore Adele and think this is awesome for a Bond song, agreed its a little repetitive but no more than Diamonds are Forever or Goldfinger! So it ties in perfectly with the classic feel and celebration of 50 years of Bond
    Think everyone is forgetting that whilst this is an original story it also paying tribute to the 22 movies before it!
    All Bond songs if not instantly loved grow on you and become classics in their own right, even the Jack White effort!

    However Die Another Day will be one movie and theme tune that will forever be used to bring on a seizure and my code for pulling the plug!

    • This will not become a classic. It doesn’t have that immortal quality of say Nobody Does It Better. It’s nice but feels like they deliberately created a collage of old Bond songs. They should have taken a risk and gone for something original.

      • To be honest Slipknot could have done the theme song I’d have still loved it, love love love Bond! My judgement goes out the window and I regress to being a boy again when it comes to all things 007!

        A View To A Kill was the first Bond film I ever saw when I was a child and is still one of my favourites, amazing theme song by Duran Duran!

        • That was both modern (at the time) and became a classic. That’s what Adele should have tried, instead of going retro.

  12. Ummmm, Nobody Does It Better, by Carly Simon, one of the best intro songs ever. Can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned.

    • Can’t disagree. That is classic Bond.

      • Too true.

        • The Roger Moore era had the most incredibly beautiful women in Bond films. Moonraker in particular stunned me upon a recent re-viewing…

    • thank you for remembering the title, of course that is a great song.

  13. All we need are the dancing women.

  14. To me it has the cross sounds of Tommorrow Never Dies/The World Is Not Enough, but that’s just me.

  15. A View to a Kill, Goldfinger and Live & Let Die

  16. I just like how they are finally going back to the more Old School Bond themes I hope this trend continues…and I still say Madonna’s theme is one of the worst out there

    • yes i hate the song -die another day-,techno-bond sound baaahh.

      • That era was when I started turning off Bond. I didn’t even bother watching the last one. The drama and personality is gone. Now it is all about explosions and car chases. I hope this brings back the old feel. I watched a couple of old Bond films recently and was amazed t how much I enjoyed them.

  17. license to kill(gladys knight), goldfinger/-eneye(bassey/turner),the world is not enough(garbage),the spy who loved me(who was the singer?), a view to a kill(duran duran),living daylights (a-ha) and some others.

  18. Adele can do no wrong in my eyes…her voice is amazing from the first time I heard Chasing Pavements. She is a welcome addition to any James Bond movie.

    • It made me laugh, when “Chasing Pavements” was released in the US, someone posted on a forum that chasing pavements was slang for being a hooker (Which it isn’t), and this preacher was denouncing Adele and trying to get her songs banned. Some US DJ’s even refused to play her records on the radio. Lol

  19. that is now really a beautiful and original bond song, i love the refrain and her voice fits perfect to the sound. my favourite from the craig-trilogy songs.

  20. Love it!! This movie is looking more and more fantastic!!

  21. Epic top 5 Bond theme

  22. woow, i love that song after hearing it the 10th time,i must say i have a feeling that this song will be one of the bests in bond songs history and it´s my type of music. i love this swing and jazz sounds from the 50s and 60s. let´s say it so, i am a big frank sinatra fan that´s why i like these sounds.

  23. It is so Adele (fantantic)

  24. It’s really a grower, which I always find to be the best type. Sometimes if something is too immediate then it gets tiresome real quick.

  25. Not bad. Adele is one of the few musicians nowadays that I feel can really sing. Thanks to autotunes, techno, lots of drama and ‘instrumentation’,a good singing voice seems less and less a criteria for great musicians these days. Baffling. Like someone said earlier, the real voices (Labelle, Ingram, Vandross, Mcknight, Sting, Carey etc)are gone/going. Now, Adele gives some of us hope. Other young British singers like the late Amy Winehouse (sigh)and Lemar might also have done an excellent job on a nice soulful Bond track.

    I think the track was good, traditional Bond-style music but a bit safe when analysed in total. Soulful yes, though I’d place ‘Nobody does it better’ (which I feel it shares a similarity with) on a much higher plane.

    Song left me shaken but not stirred. But like someone also mentioned, Bond tracks tend to grow on you- it may never be a classic- but it can grow on you. Nice to go back to the soulful genre again though. Brings in a touch of class and maturity IMO to Bond.

  26. The action in the trailer couldn’t be any worse of a contrast to the monotonous, dragged-out tones of Adele’s song. She’s a great singer, but this lacks excitement, and the wash-rinse-repeat lyrics are bland to me.

  27. She has a nice voice but the lyrics are awful. One person commented that she was unintelligible is correct, I for one close my eyes to listen to a Bond song and I couldn’t understand half of what she was singing. The hook isn’t there. This song in my opinion is a D. Why can’t it just be a simple opening music ala Dr. No?

    I agree about best song being Live or Let Die, although Goldfinger is pretty good too, heck I even liked Duran Duran’s View to a Kill.

    For me unless there is the infamous Bond, James Bond and the 007 theme, this movie will NOT be Bond worthy. Somethings you simply CANNOT change and those two items are perfect examples. Still not sold on Daniel Craig but eh, ok.