Is True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Thor?

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thor skarsgard Is True Bloods Alexander Skarsgard Thor?

Yesterday’s Marvel movie rumor was about a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Today’s is about a potential casting choice of the lead role in Thor.

A reader of Latino Review sent them some interesting information regarding the director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh and who he’s been spending some time with.

The reader witnessed first hand Branagh having dinner with Alexander Skarsgård, who you may know from his roles on True Blood or Generation Kill. Alexander, son of Stellan Skarsgård, is 6’4”, 32-years old and shares the same agency as Branagh. His character in True Blood sports the same hair as Thor. Skarsgård’s physique matches that of the casting call description sent out when Screen Rant discussed Kevin McKidd not playing the role of Thor.

The only thing that was confirmed is that Branagh was at the reported restaurant that afternoon. Other than that, all we have to go on is that he fits the description of Thor and that they met to discuss something.

I’ve not seen Generation Kill but he does play a pretty cool character in True Blood – I’m fine with this actor to play the role of Thor. I like the idea of them picking an unknown with quite a bit of acting experience. What they need to do is pick someone soon if they want to have this movie ready for next summer along with Iron Man 2 – I hope the movie’s production is not rushed though.

Let’s now pretend that Skarsgård were to be chosen – Can he sell this movie? They’d need an impressive supporting cast and I think they also need some awesome looking stylistic design for the movie and of Asgard to sell this as an epic visual spectacle similar to what Zack Snyder’s 300 was.

What do you think of this possibility – Can Mr. Skarsgard portray the God of Thunder and wield the Mighty hammer, Mjolnir?

Stay tuned for more Thor updates in the near future!

Thor is scheduled to release July 16, 2010.

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  1. Can’t agree with you Daniel F.
    I understand the appeal of “your guy”, but the movie’s success will depend a lot more on the acting and script than if an actor is the ideal size. There are so many tricks to help an actor look big – so much harder to look thin on film.

    Alexander Skarsgard is capable of portraying subtle and complex emotions; he’s an experienced screen and stage actor. Don’t worry. He’ll look plenty big for the filming (if he’s chosen). Plus Alexander is more handsome than the other guy.

    Half of the audience is bound to be female (if the film is successful) – a real man that is anywhere close to the size depicted for the graphic Thor would not be attractive to most of the female audience. All we need to see is that the actor playing Thor is bigger and stronger (looking) than average. Alex is a proven actor and chick-magnet.

  2. @ Vic Holtreman

    damn vic, wow!
    great job, you look a little better than i do at 22

  3. you guys complaining about small size are really ignoring what big, really is in a hollywood movie. (i’ve met some actors, buff/action actors, and they are usually a LOT smaller in person). get with what’s important, a good actor, great script and amazing director.

  4. He looks the part but I agree with Daniel F that we need someone who’s got the build. If they give him the part then at least he’s got some time to hit the gym and bulk up before they start shooting.

  5. Damn who here have said anything about him having two years to buff up? I’m just curious… Using your heads include using your eyes to actually read what is said Daniel. Eyes are part of the head too. ;-)

  6. @ Darth

    He has an entire year just about (*looking* nope, no two or 2 there, just ‘an’ which USUALLY means one in most cultures that speak English…) to hit the gym, the ‘roids, and whatever else celebrities use to bulk up in a short period of time. Since it’s been done before so many times, but this time all of a sudden it’s a far fetched idea. I guess Skarsgard has a phobia of working out of something, something we don’t know about apparently…

  7. Actually Ken it has never once been done before. Actors have toned up and maybe put on a little mass, but the amount that Alex would need to put on to even look a little bit like the part is far more than any actor has done before.

  8. @ Ken and sweetwater

    Your words are primarily based upon the assumption that Triple H can’t act. Let’s just say that he can’t for argument’s sake…wouldn’t rehearsals help? In the biz rehearsals take place before and during shooting. Your whole entire argument is based on Triple H not being able to act yet the man has proven to have good skills in the biz. Furthermore, becuase he is a wrestler he can do his own stunts. They won’t need to hire a stuntman, instead save some cash.

    sweetwater, every movie depends on the script being superb and the acting being well played, however, real fans of the comics would ALSO prefer an actor who looks like our favorite superheroes. Those who are not fans of the comics, and i mean real fans, are unable to understand this. There is a template that has already been set for all comic characters that have been in place for decades. You can’t just come along and change it up because you want to do something different. The studios always want big time A listers to play these types of rolls simply because they are A listers when, whether you like it not, these types are rolls would probably be better suited by an unknown who can act, but moreso looks the part. I don’t want a bodybuilder to play Thor either, but like I said…if you have a guy who looks like Thor, and has the body, height, and build, why should we not have him play Thor? You want Skarsdard to work out for 2 years or so…WHY? Why have him do all of that when you have a guy who already has the build for the part and the acting skills to pull it off?

    This movie is based on the comics, which already has a set of fans who knows the character in and out…this is why comic fans are so particular about these types of movies. This is not a typical movie that some writer just came up with yesterday.

  9. Well, if that’s the case, shouldn’t the oscars and other award shows give the awards to the rehearsal coordinators instead of the actors? lol

  10. Wow, this whole thread has just bored me up until Vic’s post. Dude, is that you, or are you a photoshop wiz? Haha, awesome man. Just awesome.

  11. I totally forgot to look at Vic’s post since I read it while at work and it’s blocked there, so thanks jest for mentioning it, and yah, while I’ll have to say that’s kind of scary with you and your bald self, lol, that’s pretty good. And in 3 months all the while with 2 full time jobs?

    Man, I wonder what celebrities can do with all of their free time between movies, the equipment and trainers they have access to with all of the money they have, the steroids they definitely have access to, and an entire year, etc. etc.

    Oh, but nevermind, it has NEVER been done, it’s impossible… :-D

  12. @Quick, my point is that you’re saying all it takes is rehearsals, as if the acting ability of the person doesn’t matter. So the actor him/herself really should be awarded AT ALL with your logic, when a “best actor” award is announced the rehearsal coach or whatever should walk up on stage and push the untalented actor off the stage and take the award…

  13. @huntthejest

    LOL, yeah, that was me – although someone DID accuse me once of that being a photoshop job. I can assure you it wasn’t. :-)

    I’m trying to get back to some semblance of that before the San Diego Comic-Con this July – gets harder as you get older.


  14. Let me ask you this – does training and practice alone turn a sports enthusiast into a professional player? You’ve got to start with someone who has a special talent … then you work (for years) to teach that player the rules, the tricks and train the body to meet the standard of his/her competitors. Acting is very much the same. Anyone can be taught to seem natural on film; it’s a whole other story to be able to act on film in close-up, high def.

    Branagh has spent his enitre adult life studying acting and immersed in theatre. Hard to imagine he would choose a wrestler to be the central character. Choosing Branagh to direct, I think, clearly signals that they aim to treat this film as a serious piece of art, as well as a business investment.

    Batman, Spiderman and Watchman have all had respected actors play the parts. Even though Thor is physically larger than most other characters …. it’s not his size that allows him to do what he does (no human that equals his size could do what he does); it’s his power as a god and the magic implements he has. Is that not true?

    I still think Skarsgard is the man.

  15. Oh, and Quicksilver, triple H can’t act. Not at the level and with the breadth that would be required. IMHO
    Rehersals prepare you for the scene – the blocking and the interaction. It doesn’t train you to act, it doesn’t teach you the tricks to help the editor, it doesn’t help you break the character down into drives, motivation and backstory. It doesn’t prepare you to show any emotion required; since scenes are shot out of sequence.

    Thousands of people study acting every year – very few emerge as qualified and appealing actors.

  16. Hey, does anyone remember how Triple H was when he first hit WWF? Compare then to now. On that basis,I think Alex has a buffing chance. I’m not an Alex supporter but a Thor and great acting fan. If anyone thinks Triple HHH’s acting in Blade Trinity is good enough for him to be Thor, then he’d probably suggest Shawn Michaels for Captain America

  17. @ Claude, close, but they suggested John Cena, not Shawn Michaels…

  18. Thanks, Rob. This is Alex in season 1 of True Blood (playing vampire Eric).

  19. Hands down in the looks department Alex has Kevin Mckidd beat. Alex is hot, I can’t see anyone else playing Thor.

  20. I do believe Skarsgard will do great in the role, I still don’t think this movie will be as big as Iron Man or Batman. Sorry thats just what I think.

  21. I think those two will be very hard to beat. I doubt anyone believes Thor will be bigger than Iron Man or Batman…

  22. I suggested this choice to my friends like over 6 months ago! My teenage son told me about the new Avengers movie and that they’re also filming a separate THOR movie. I’m a huge fan of Skarsgard’s from HBO. The guy’s a MONSTER at 6’4″ and has a beautiful body (I’m drooling already thinking of him even MORE buffed than he already is!).
    He’s sexy and commanding. You guys should check out his stuff on YouTube.
    This news MADE MY YEAR!

  23. In my personal opinion, Alexander Skarsgard will be great as Thor. The character he portrays in HBO’s True Blood has a commanding presence and an almost “god-like” persona, which he does flawlessly. His acting skills along with his looks will allow Thor to come to life, not just one or the other. I have found that most wrestlers that have made the transistion from the ring to the screen are not at all near the level that I would expect from an actor slated to play a viking god.

  24. Oh! Sdavis, you are my new hero.
    That’s exactly what I think about Alexander Skarsgard’s work in True Blood. He is effortlessly commanding.

  25. You have to use a swedish actor to play Thor, its our mythology!

    and get Alexander Skarsgårds brother Gustav to play Loki and his father Stellan to play Odin, they are from the north and they are family, just like Odin, Thor and Loki!