Is True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Thor?

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thor skarsgard Is True Bloods Alexander Skarsgard Thor?

Yesterday’s Marvel movie rumor was about a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Today’s is about a potential casting choice of the lead role in Thor.

A reader of Latino Review sent them some interesting information regarding the director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh and who he’s been spending some time with.

The reader witnessed first hand Branagh having dinner with Alexander Skarsgård, who you may know from his roles on True Blood or Generation Kill. Alexander, son of Stellan Skarsgård, is 6’4”, 32-years old and shares the same agency as Branagh. His character in True Blood sports the same hair as Thor. Skarsgård’s physique matches that of the casting call description sent out when Screen Rant discussed Kevin McKidd not playing the role of Thor.

The only thing that was confirmed is that Branagh was at the reported restaurant that afternoon. Other than that, all we have to go on is that he fits the description of Thor and that they met to discuss something.

I’ve not seen Generation Kill but he does play a pretty cool character in True Blood – I’m fine with this actor to play the role of Thor. I like the idea of them picking an unknown with quite a bit of acting experience. What they need to do is pick someone soon if they want to have this movie ready for next summer along with Iron Man 2 – I hope the movie’s production is not rushed though.

Let’s now pretend that Skarsgård were to be chosen – Can he sell this movie? They’d need an impressive supporting cast and I think they also need some awesome looking stylistic design for the movie and of Asgard to sell this as an epic visual spectacle similar to what Zack Snyder’s 300 was.

What do you think of this possibility – Can Mr. Skarsgard portray the God of Thunder and wield the Mighty hammer, Mjolnir?

Stay tuned for more Thor updates in the near future!

Thor is scheduled to release July 16, 2010.

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  1. But he’s not Kevin McKidd, so it’s bad news for me, lol.

    At least Ray Stevenson will be some bad ass killer in Book of Eli. McKidd might get his break later…

  2. Skarsgard for Asgard!

    He’s perfect for the role. Sign him now.

  3. Well I can’t say much for his acting ability as I haven’t seen anything that he’s in. However, he certainly looks the role. I don’t think he will be the “selling” feature of the movie as I don’t know how many people know who he is as opposed to Robert Downey Jr. or Edward Norton. Realistically this movie will ride the coat-tails of Ironman and The Incredible Hulk opening weekend and it will be up to more than just the lead role to keep audiences coming back. The only way I can see this movie not doing a good job opening weekend is if they got someone like Joe Pesci to play him (and even then I might go see it for completely different reasons).

  4. Actually, I think they should get a red-head to play the role since the real Thor was a Ginger. Marvel is clearly suffering for Gingerphobia.

  5. lol Copperknob,

    The comic character is blonde in the Marvel and Ultimate Marvel universe so we for sure won’t see a red-head God of Thunder… sorry :(

  6. he looks perfect for the role i hope he’s the right guy.

  7. He’s tall and blond. Not my first choice like it or not Thor is a very big character and this guy really isn’t that muscular. My first choice is James Preston Rogers the guy is pretty perfect for the roll however I would be ok with HHH as well. HHH is a very big guy and looks the part. He has also shown in the past that he can at least act. He may not be oscar worthy, but he has some ability.

  8. Daniel F, I agree, Thor is a big character and a presence which is what most people do not seem to grasp! Mentioning before about people seeing Brad Pitt in the role prior to the casting call.
    But they can pump some HGH and Anabolics into Skarsgard and he will be fine! Hit the gym and do some Arnold routines, he’ll be the Thor atleast you and I imagine he will be!

  9. Daniel F

    I agree. Skarsgard is too thin for the role. However, I prefer Triple H. Good call on james Preston Rogers. If they don’t give the part to Triple H, i would prefer Rogers. Both Triple and Rogers look like Thor, but Triple H is a little bigger. I would say that’s why I favor him.

    To the studios: One of my issues when they make movies out of superheroes is that they always seem to want to go for a more younger looking hero. I’m a young guy myself, but please stick to the age and the range of the comic character and not with what you (Hollywood) think will draw in the crowd. I think the teen look for characters that are in their 20s-40s went out with the 90s.

  10. The actual size (how muscular) doesn’t really matter when they translate comics to film. Come on, realistically, EVERY comic book character (except maybe Tony Stark and a few others) are much larger in comics than they realistically can be in real life. Look at Batman. If you look at the comics, it looks like Bruce Wayne has a 4-foot shoulder width and is big enough to beat up two Arnolds back in his glory days at the same time. Is Christian Bale big enough to fit that? Heck no, but it works anyway.

    I don’t know, the height I understand is important for the character, but I don’t think it’s much of an issue if he’s not “big” enough. As long as he can get cut up and look built for his frame, it would work I think.

  11. Ken J, you took the words right out of my mouth. I think as comic fans ( and Thor was one of my favourite)we should not jeopardise the chances of watching a good movie with our insistence on following comic mythos ‘verbatim’. I’d rather have less muscles on Thor than give Triple H the part. Thor in the comics is quite vocal and has a condescending persona. He’s not a Hulk: therefore requires a good actor for delivery. Big muscles takes second place to that.

  12. WOW, I can’t beleive people are still wanting Triple H to do Thor. Crazy… Have you seen Blade Trinity!!!!

    I’m Huge Thor fan and was always scared as to who they would pick. And i’m Kinda happy with Skarsgard. He has time to put on the muscle, cause he sure has the look, and probably the right accent to do it. Josh for Loki has got me a little worried though. I just can’t see him playing a maniacal character.

  13. Yea I’ve seen Blade Trinity and there was nothing wrong with HHH in that film even critics who trashed the filmed had good things to say about HHH.

    I’m not saying have him be just as big as he is in the comics. However, the guy they are currently talking about is not at all muscular he in fact looks skinny. There needs to be a guy of at least moderate size not a 6’4 tooth pick.

  14. @ Ken J

    I agree that the comics exaggerate when it comes to the body size of their characters. However, i say if you just so happen to have a guy who looks like the chcracter and has the muscle size of the character, including height, and can act etc. why not have him play the part?

    Your asertion worked for Batman because, lets face it, Bats is not kown for his muscle, but for his brains. I can’t remember a time when I saw Bats in the comics raise a truck over his head with his bare hands to smash someone he didn’t like. However, Thor is known for his brawn. I don’t think I can see a thin shaped Thor (who, by the way, has always had ripping muscles in the comics and known for his strength)hurl a boulder over his head. It would look ridiculous. I mean, if the studios can do better, and it just so happens that doing better would not be that hard, why should any of us settle for less. I just want to see justice done to my favorite characters. Just my opinion.

    As for any acting questions…isn’t that what rehearsals are for anyway?

  15. This is why I hope marvel buys back the rights to their characters because what Marvel does is that they always invite the fans to vote for the supervillain they want to see in their upcoming movies. They always seem to include the fans into to filming process. With that being said they probably would listen to their fans concerns and ideas. The studios don’t, however.

  16. wow people still want wrestlers to play this role….. i rather have a good actor, than a bag of muscles. it’s a movie, they don’t have to be as physicaly imposing in person, they will look huge on screen. but whatever, according to this article marvel is on the right path with this.

  17. Lets learn from history, guys and gals; Michael Keaton did well as Batman despite not looking the part and amidst widespread protest,Jack Nicholson was not the typically slender Joker but he still did legendary. McKidd doesnt really have the ideal Thor build but i do know he would have done justice to the role, judging from his lead role in ‘Rome’. Alexander looks promising too.
    I also agree with Daniel F on the age thing. I think that Downey’s maturity added to Iron Man’s appeal. Also looking at the Xmen movies, i daresay Hugh Jackman is looking better with age in the Wolverine role.

  18. Actually Quick, it worked for Batman because they got an actor that knows how to act. And that’s my point. Sure if there’s a big guy that looks the part and can act, why not, but come on, we’re talking a pro wrestler. Maybe he didn’t completely suck in the movie he’s been in, but that doesn’t mean he can act, that just means he doesn’t suck. For the lead role in a big budget action movie we don’t want an actor that doesn’t suck, we want an actor that is good.

    Anyone can bulk up to fit a role, even dorky little Edward Norton was able to look menacing for American History X, sure he wasn’t Thor sized, but that’s kind of impossible for someone of his stature, but this guy at least already has the height, he just has to bulk up a little bit, and as long as he’s cut up and defined it will be believable. The acting will matter 100x more than how muscular someone is. Of course I’m not saying they can get Danny Devito or anything, but this guy isn’t exactly a “tiny” person or anything…

  19. First let me say the Batman comparisons are terrible. Were talking about taking guys that look average to play a guy that is average muscle in the world of comics. Batman is big in the comics yes, but compared to other heroes it’s nothing special. Over here on the Thor subject you are talking about a bean pole playing THOR the god of thunder one of the largest heroes in all of comics.

    Rob gotta ask what you consider muscular, but for me it’s a guy with muscle. Alex is not muscular or even close. It would take him at least one year to look above average on muscle.

    I still say the best guy for the role is James Preston Rogers. With out a doubt he looks almost exactly like Thor. I feel weird even saying almost… He is Thor.

  20. @ Daniel,

    In True Blood, if you’ve seen it, he really thickened up compared to what he looked like in Generation Kill.

    You’re looking for a body builder instead of an actor. Humans just don’t look like Thor, especially ones that can act. It’s still speculation but he’s got 2 years to work out and buff up.

  21. As for James Preston Rogers, I have to cheer for him living near Toronto.

    He had a big feature on him in a few Toronto papers talking about how he was running for the role and taking acting classes.

    He’s a big dude, that’s for sure.

  22. Rob you live in the T Dot?

  23. I read good points all around, but if Skarsgard got 2 years to put some muscle on him, then that would only mean that someone mean that Triple H also has 2 years to act the part. It goes both way. I said another post base to Manowar that if he can find someone who has the muscle, the height, and the look to play Thor then i would agree with him. However, for right now Triple H has got the big three. He can act, but again, if Skarsgard has 2 years to bulk up then that only means Triple H has 2 years to brush up on his acting skills.

  24. I think choosing a celibrated Shakesperean actor as a director signals an intention to focus on acting ability. Skarsgard’s been an actor since he was a child and is the son of a renown actor. He’s had to stay thin for television …. all True Blood’s main characters are thin. But he’s got a beautiful physique and a very handsome face. Skarsgard is Swedish, so the bloodline for Thor is quite accurate. In fact, he was voted Sweden’s sexiest man 5 times.

    He was terrific in Generation Kill. I bet Branagh chooses Skarsgard. It’s the best combination of looks and talent he’s going to find.