‘Act of Valor’ Trailer: A Realistic ‘Call of Duty’ Movie

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act of valor header Act of Valor Trailer: A Realistic Call of Duty Movie

Onetime stuntmen-turned-filmmakers Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh hope to recreate the real-life experience of Navy SEALs with extreme accuracy onscreen in Act of Valor, an upcoming war thriller that boasts a cast composed primarily of (appropriately) actual Navy SEALs.

An official trailer has been released for Act of Valor – and while it doesn’t offer much insight into the film’s plot or characters, the footage on display certainly suggests this production will feature some of the more convincing battle sequences and practical tactical maneuvers (say that three times fast…) ever put to film.

Act of Valor originated as a military recruitment video before it was developed into a fully-realized fictional motion picture – one directed by McCoy and Waugh, based on a screenplay from Kurt Johnstad (300). Relativity Media acquired the screen rights to the project earlier this year.

Here’s an official description of the film:

‘Act of Valor’ follows a Navy SEAL squad on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent, and in the process takes down a complex web of terrorist cells determined to strike America at all costs.

Now check out the official Act of Valor trailer below:

This theatrical trailer largely makes Act of Valor look like a cinematic adaptation of a Call of Duty video game – what with its mission-driven storyline, explosive war violence, and familiar visual tropes (ex. soldier POV shots, slow-mo action, etc.). Combine that with scenes of officers living their regular lives – or talking about their experiences – and it seems like McCoy, Waugh, and Johnstad are designing Act of Valor to feel more like a pseudo-documentary than anything else.

Featuring a cast largely populated by non-actors – along with somewhat more recognizable faces such as Roselyn Sanchez (Rush Hour 2), Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy), and Nester Serrano (90210, 24) – can be a risky proposition for a film, especially one that calls for some heavy dramatic work. Fortunately, Act of Valor only requires the legitimate military officers in its cast to (essentially) play themselves… though, admittedly, sometimes even that task turns out to be a bit much for non-professionals.

Fortunately, since so much of Act of Valor appears to focus on scenes of actual combat, that (hopefully) won’t be too much of an issue.

act of valor poster 570x852 Act of Valor Trailer: A Realistic Call of Duty Movie

Act of Valor movie poster (click for larger version)

Military-themed productions are a tricky proposition, all things considered. If filmmakers portray soldiers in too much of an unambiguous positive light, they are often accused of making what amounts to a glorified military promo. On the other hand, if they portray soldiers in too harshly negative a light, they are often accused of delivering an anti-military movie that unfairly villainizes its subject. So here’s to hoping that Act of Valor can manage a balance between those two extreme approaches.


Act of Valor is slated for theatrical release in the U.S. on February 17th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. hmm.. seems fine… i guess i will watch it

  2. the part when he catches the dude when hes falling in the water is so cool

    • defiantly the most memorable moment of the trailer imo

  3. Um, this is a realistic war movie, Call of Duty is an extremely unrealistic shooter. Not sure how they’re related, but mmmkay…

    Anyway, it looks good, I’m sick of these really unrealistic military movies like The Hurt Locker. Hopefully this is something realistic like Black Hawk Down… I hate when people say Hurt Locker is “authentic.” It’s the exact opposite of authentic. Almost every scene is ridiculously unrealistic…

    • Amen brother, too few people are unaware how much.

    • U.S. service men and women should not exploit their training for financial gain or as “entertainment” in some bull crap movie aimed at silly little young men who love COD too much.

  4. As a former U.S. Marine, you can bet your ass I will be first in line to see this! I had the opportunity to conduct some training mission’s with some Seal teams and let me tall ya, I am glad they are on our side.

  5. This is starting to Piss me off unless its a YouTube video o it wont play on my phone!

    • ej,

      I can see the trailer when I come to this page via my iphone with no problem.


    • What kind of phone do you have? Worked fine on my droid…

  6. Hell Yeah, I would totally watch this…I’m also a Marine and I got goosebumps from this trailer.

  7. Not only is it tricky portraying the military in film today, but it’s arguably even more so for terrorists.

    You make the terrorists into Islamists, CAIR calls you out as being xenophobic or something. Make them neo-Nazis or some other PC villain, and the audience calls you out for… well, being PC.

    • So we want a realistic movie that makes militant jihadists into somehting they are not?? You mean like most of what Hollywood has put out for the past 10 years? Or turned them into white neo nazis or religious sects in America, Source Code and Red State as examples. We need a movie period that shows the REALITY of the wars we are RIGHT NOW engaged in. Terrorist out to kill the US that are also muslims, its going on right now and only Hollywood is confused who the enemy is.

    • What do you expect from a country where their leader…the leader of the fraking United States of America…goes around apologizing for winning a war we didn’t even start! I wouldn’t be surprised if the word terrorist wasn’t even spoken in the film.

  8. Dude that is bad F’in A. I love that sh**. God bless our military for protecting us, and our foriegn interests. If you’ve served in the U.S. military, then, thank you for your service. God save this country. God give us a competent leader. God bless America. Thank you.
    ~Blake C W

  9. Furthermore, in watching this movie, let us remember our Navy Seals we’ve lost in battle, as well as those among us. I’m glad your on our side. :) We love you guys. Thank you.
    ~Blake C W

    • Mega dittos!

  10. Some say true Islam dose not preach terrorism, that’s fine but, a terrorists is still a terrorists and there will always be good men in our country to end them and the belief’s they try to spread.

  11. This is going on my Netflix request list!

  12. You say a ‘Call of Duty’ movie, despite the fact it’s officially linked to Battlefield 3. Connecting it to COD does it a disservice.

    • @BillyBones

      Yah, I noticed that too, lol. Not to mention how opposite they are since Call of Duty is extremely unrealistic, and this movie is aiming for extreme realism…

  13. a good trailer doesn’t mean jack, take resident evil, skyline (that alien movie), resident evil4 or pretty much anything that has recently come out that has promised action/suspense etc.

    i’ll hold final judgement until the movie is released, but i can tell you this, if the movie is rated pg13 then i will no way in hell spend money on it, especially if it’s supposed to be ‘realistic and gritty’ (like every other ‘war’ movie).

  14. I’m no marine or seal, but i like to become one some day if it wasn’t for this fat gut.

    • Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that this movie looks awesome. Who knows? maybe, just maybe, this could be great as “Shaving Ryan’s Private” or what ever Spielberg called it.

      • wow dude… ur my hero

  15. I wonder if they will jump out of planes in this?

  16. Lets see how long it takes for someone in hollywood to pressure or mess up distribution of the movie so that it doesnt get released properly or has little to no advance advertisement. That is if they havent gutted anything to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan out.

  17. please, please…please dont EVER refer to Navy SEALs as a realistic ‘call of duty’. A horrible game shouldnt be placed on the shoulders of the worlds most elite fighting force. This is above and beyond any video game, but you had to say its a real life ‘call of duty’? HELL NO.

    Dont ever disgrace this fighting force with that stupidity again.

    • I approve of this message. :-D

  18. Chill out Fil! He is saying that because that’s what appeals to people, video games are making vastly more money than most media outputs. Don’t get butt hurt because of a title to an article. Also he said “real-life” not adaptation, CoD is a video game so to say the real life version would still be very different that the digital counterpart.

    • Why don’t you not get all butt hurt because someone is pointing out how crappily unrealistic Call of Duty is. It doesn’t matter how much money the game makes, they might as well have called this article “A Realistic Gears of War Movie” since it doesn’t matter how unrealistic the game is as long as they say it’s “real-life” and not adaptation…

      This is not a “real life” version of Call of Duty, at the very least pick an actual realistic game, like the original Rainbow Six (pre-Ubisoft days)…

  19. Military stories always fascinated me, this will be a great date movie for me and my boyfriend!

  20. Awesome trailer…snow patrol song was great

  21. Whatever criticisms anyone can make about the movie, they cannot pass judgement on the men who serve this country! You live under their protection! If you don’t like what they have to do to keep you safe, get out and go live in China where you won’t have any free rights as a citizen!

    I’ve been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, also dealing w/ a lot of disappointment w/ what Hollywood has churned out. I can honestly say that this film is the pinnacle of anything I have ever worked on!

    Much appreciation to Bandito Bros. and the SEALS! You guys rock!

    • well said sir!

    • The movie was amazing, im happy that I watched it.

  22. Not call of duty, BattleField is promoting this movie…. just saying.

  23. I love the trailer and to b honest I think it will be a great movie, it’s good that people get to see what this men sometimes go through. Forget the critics anyways sometimes their reviews are crap.

    • I agree, I just watched this movie tonight and I loved it.

  24. Have friends in the TEAMS Do the Deed

  25. Went to the premier last night in Sacramento, CA. As a former Marine and current Soldier. I can sincerely admit that as viewing the movie I had a few flash backs, nevertheless, it was jam packed with none stop action. Not to be offensive in anyway, however, this was one of the first movies I had seen in some time that the black guy (African American) did not die first, lol. Two generations of special ops…ie…my father & I (173) truly enjoyed it. I would watch it again.

  26. I just saw a screening and the movie was great.

  27. Call of Duty is fake, quick scoping, a knife to the foot kills you, i shoot first but you somehow kill me, when i shoot your legs with a AA-12 you should fall in a bloody stump where your toes used to be, and also MR. T I would like to say that you are always a Marine, Semper Fidelis