Alex Proyas Says No To Silver Surfer Movie

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silver surfer 1 Alex Proyas Says No To Silver Surfer Movie

Jeez-Louise, 20th Century Fox, you are not doing so hot these days. First comes word that you had the lowest box office totals for summer 2008; next furious fanboys worldwide want to rip you a new one over your Watchmen lawsuit; and now some acclaimed directors are beginning to speak out about what a soul-crushing, creatively stifling cabal of evil your company truly is.

Babylon A.D. director Mathieu Kassovitz had no qualms about pointing the finger at executive meddling as the reason his film sucks. And now acclaimed director Alex Proyas is throwing up the finger (so to speak) in Fox’s face–and his displeasure is a veritable death sentence for what might have been one of the coolest comic book movie adaptations of all: The Silver Surfer.

Alex Proyas (Dark City, which if you haven’t seen, run, don’t walk and get the DVD) tried to play coy at first, telling eager reporters at this year’s Comic-Con that his involvement with The Silver Surfer flick was nothing but Internet rumor. However when MTV News spoke with Proyas, the director again axed any rumors that he was working on a Silver Surfer flick, but went on to give one very specific reason:

“Because it’s a Fox picture,” the ‘Dark City’ helmer said. “And I’m determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on ‘I,Robot.’”

Ouch. Not a good look for you, Fox. Not. At. All.

X-Men: The Last Stand left many fans of the series reeling in horror, (though I personally thought it was better than the first X-Men movie.) And the Fantastic Four films have been so freaking abysmal that rumor has it FF3 will NEVER happen. Silver Surfer might’ve changed the downward trend of Fox’s comic book properties had it been left in the capable hands of a director like Proyas. But because we ARE dealing with Fox, what could’ve been one of the most cosmically epic adaptation this side of Green Lantern, has ultimately resulted in this:

“You know, there aren’t that many [good comic book characters] left,” [Proyas] sighed. “Silver Surfer would have been something I would have loved to have done. He’s one of the last cool ones left, really.”

Come on, Fox: you haven’t just killed a potentially kick-ass Silver Surfer film, you’ve likely put one director off from EVER doing a comic book flick. That is disdain you don’t see everyday.

silver surfer Alex Proyas Says No To Silver Surfer Movie
The Silver Surfer is mad because he’s not getting a movie

Fox, in a small, dark, oily pit of my heart I still have love for ya. We’re going through a rough patch right now, and I will admit that I’ve considered a divorce, but I took a vow long ago to stand by you and I’m going to try my best to do so. But you’re not making it easy.

Do you think that the prospect of a Silver Surfer movie has boogie-boarded off into the distance with Alex Proyas? Or (God forbid) will Fox find a way to crank out a Surfer flick that will make us all want to cry ourselves to sleep at night? Let us know what you think.

Source: MTV News

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  1. Kofi,

    Fox is more likely to pump out Silver Skeeter..


  2. FOX, if you don’t want to make good movies anymore, then sell the properties to studios who do (making a little investment income in the process).

    Or continue to make crap movies, hemeraging cash until you have to sell the whole studio. I am sure either works for movie-goers

  3. I don’t know, if they use the Silver Surfer within the universe set by the Fantastic Four movies, I think it’s going to be stupid anyhow. How in that movie, he supposedly got his powers from the board… I haven’t read the comics, but one of my friends is a fan and he was pretty pissed about that. Because The Silver Surfer has those powers, not the board, he created the board just because it’ll be cooler to be surfing on a board and to just fly around. At least that’s what my friend says was in the comics. But it makes sense. If the power was really from the board, then why does Galactus actually need him? Can’t he get anyone to get on the board and do the scouting for him? Why would he need to blackmail him specifically to do the scouting for him?? It’s obvious it’s because he has those powers, not an inanimate object…

    Here is a small quote from Wiki’s page on SS:
    “Accepting the young mortal’s sacrifice, Galactus imbues him with a portion of the Power Cosmic, transforming him into the Silver Surfer.”

    It doesn’t say a thing about Galactus giving him a powerful board to give him these powers, it say he imbues HIM (Norrin Radd) with a portion of the Power Cosmic…

    Anyway, I am not really a huge fan of the series anyhow, but I would like if they stick to the comic books more. And Galactus should be some big guy that walks around devouring the planet, not a big cloud, lol. Although I kind of see why they made that change…

  4. Could not agree with you more Panda, FOX handling of the Marvel properties (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil & Elektra) has been somewhat disappointing with the exception of two X films. With the acceptance and box office successes of super-heroes genre movies, it’s just plain stupidity on FOX’s part in not wanting to make a good movie from exceptional properties that they have the rights to. I believe if you make a quality movie from a familiar source material, people will go see it and the rewards will be benefited for the studio from ticket sales…How hard is that to figure out FOX execs? HELLO…

  5. @Ken J,
    Silver Surfer is one of many “Heralds”. They are givin the power (from Galactus) to do their jobs of finding food,(Planets)…

    Silver Surfer is the only Herald that ever went against Galactus, that’s the reason Galactus likes him in a way because he sometimes tells Galactus “no you can’t have this planet” and Galactus like a benevolent god finds humor in this difiance…
    Galctus is a weird one,,,

  6. Nothing good could ever crawl out of the pit of hell that was the F4 movies

  7. I’m surprised Marvel Zombies hasn’t fabricated by this point.

  8. If they do a Surfer film it should be a sci-fi origin story.
    Forget the FF series. :-)

  9. @790
    I agree , reboot it I say reboot

  10. Sadly I think that FOX will press on with the Silver Surfer movie. They will just find some “yes man” director who will just tow the company line and make whatever the studio wants to make. Im sure there are plenty of directors out there desperate to make their big break. Or maybe they could find someone with no artistic integrity, willing to compromise their vision for the good of the studio.
    The Surfer is a great character. There is a rich and deep history to be explored. Ive always thought that the right story and a good director could make an amazing movie. Just get the story right. I will hold up hope, however, that FOX can right the ship and start making some great comic movies like Favreau and Nolan have. Otherwise I may have no chance at seeing my beloved Deadpool in his own movie. Wow that would be great! But I digress…
    I hope FOX can do the right thing, not just for the Surfer. Do the right thing for Wolverine, Fantastic Four 3 AND the Watchmen!!!

  11. Well, If they put this property in turn around hopefully all the eyes will get dotted and Tees crossed before somebody goes off to try to make a movie. Perhaps Marvel should get the rights back and re-shop it. :) This might be the best thing to happen to the property, that Fox doesn’t make it!

  12. Oh ok, like I said, I am not a big fan so I didn’t know about that, but I did know from a friend that his powers are not from the board. But most likely they will just continue with the FF storyline…

  13. Yeah, they should start over with the Silver Surfer saga.
    And this time show more of Galactus then just his shadow .

  14. i hope they come to an agreement with proyas. as long as the execs dont interfere as a condition.

  15. Sound Proyas has bad memories of his I,Robot experience.
    I wonder if fox fiddled with the script on that film .
    does anybody out there know specifically what Proyas gripes are concerning the handling of I,Robot by Fox?

  16. Yeah Gary, sounds like FOX gave Proyas, the reach a round…on his IRobot… 8-)

  17. if proyas gets full creative control he may do it,and i hope he does cause the surfer needs justice after FF2

  18. wow, Fox is the worst film studio ever, heh. Why does anything bother working with them nowadays? I hope people in the business avoid them at all costs from now on.

    I have never heard of so many separate projects that should be good be completely screwed over before, by people not caring about the projects themselves but by shome short-sighted perspective of cash.

  19. This is fine by me!Marvel must now take control of yet another one of their favourite sons and give him the treatment he deserves!!!

  20. While I did enjoy FF2 as a popcorn flick, I must also say (as a comic book geek) Fox screwed up the story for FF and SS royally. To be honest, Galactus did start out as just energy (in this universe) and was given a suit of armor by an alien race to contain his incredible energy. So Galactus being just energy in the movie didn’t phase me as much as the SS getting his powers from his board. Stupid idea, Fox!!


    I assume everyone knows about the end of FF2 but just in case, I put the warning above. In the movie, the SS has always had the power to destroy Galactus. So why become his herald? Why not just destroy him in the first place!? Fox, that was a dumb, stupid, idiotic idea!

    Marvel, please, if there is anyway possible, get back the rights to SS and all other Marvel comics and produce the movies yourselves.

    I pride myself on being a man who doesn’t use profanity; in fact, there was a time not long ago when those words would not even come to mind. But when I think of Fox and this guy who screwed up this “turnaround” legal mess, a number of “colorful metaphors” (from Star Trek 4) comes to mind. Can I get some LDS? :-)

  21. Fox seems to care more for getting product placements into their movies than the plots to the movies themselves. I wanted to throw something at the screen when they asked “It got a Hemi in it?” for their hover craft…

  22. @John “Kahless” Taylor: While watching the ending of “FF2″ I wondered if they were setting up for #3 to be the second half of the story. The Watcher would be introduced Galactus would take a physical form and bring the story somewhat back to cannon. But.. I guess they weren’t going for that.

  23. Kahless,,, you mean that the movie (FF2) got it wrong about Surfer having the power to destroy Galactus,,,
    In the Comics, at first he’s a slave to Galactus, Galactus could destroy him like a bug.

    Maybe I’m reading you wrong?? ;-)

  24. There has not been one A or B graded comic-book-film to come from Fox. Let’s be serious here, X-Men was cool because it WAS X-MEN. Daredevil, Elektra and Fantastic Four suck as comic-book-film adaptations.

    The Studio seems too worried about franchise opportunities then making a great movie. You can’t dumb down everything about the nature of characters to make a PG movie and still maintain the integrity of the stories or keep the respect of true fans.

    Yes, you can excite some children but in the end the potential to make a great film has been lost and this mindset at fox, the mindset of Money over Quality is only becoming more evident in light or recent events.

    What Fox doesn’t get is that you should make everyone happy when you adapt a comic to film: Newcomers, youngling’s, die hard fans and film buffs. When you do that you have a franchise and people waiting on the edge of their seats for the next one… who would admit they were waiting at the edge of their seats for ‘Rise Of The Silver Surfer’ or ‘X2′. By the way I say X2 is the best one.


    Paramount and Legendary have raised the bar and created milestones in Comics-to-film history, Iron Man and The Dark Knight are the kind of movies comic book fans expect now. We want quality and effort. I suggest you follow their lead or leave our superheroes alone, you are destroying them and the potentially great films that can come from their material.

    For me, your last chance is Wolverine, the title X-Men Origins: Wolverine is dumb but that was a marketing decision I’m sure. ‘Wolverine” is your chance to make up for everything you did wrong with the character in the X-Men films. Stay true to the source material and give us the Logan from the books and I’ll be happy. Don’t try to tone down the true nature of wolverine into some sappy love movie with cute jokes and unnecessary explosions for entertainment.

    Wolverine is an animal – his inner conflict stems from his primal instincts battling his morality. And he will kill, bloody. I’d love you to explain how Logan could completely forget about sabretooth to the point where his scent wouldn’t trigger a reaction. Every Wolverine fan knows that Wolverine and Sabretooth is like Batman and The Joker or Spider-Man and Venom. (Not Venom form Spider-Man 3, that was garbage.)


    The News channel is corrupt nonsensical, try-to-keep-them-watching for advertisements trash. please have a little more respect for filmmaking.

  25. High Kalibur, what was the prob with DareDevil?, I picked it up today on dvd for 3 bucks, “Directors Cut”.
    Does it suck, and why ?? I just invested 3 bucks?
    I agree X2, was the best X-Men film, but

    (Darth Vader speak)

    ” I find your acknowledgment of corrupt FOX news ok, as long as FOX dosnt ruin your Superhero films disturbing.”

  26. Honestly, I had no idea there was a Director’s Cut, maybe I’ll check it out too, where’d you pick it up at?

    Daredevil the feature film is alright. Yeah, Ben Afleck is fine as Murdock and Jennifer Garner is hot and a good Elektra but that doesn’t make the movie good. It’s just weak.

    The music is great.

    If you are a Daredevil fan or know his story, I don’t think you’ll feel fulfilled by this adaption. Hopefully, the DC is a lot better, that would just show again that the studio is ruining the films not the director.

    Personally, I don’t like the unfounded ‘twist’ on the Kingpin.

  27. I’ve actually heard that the director’s cut of Daredevil is MUCH better than the theatrical release, believe it or not.


  28. That’s GREAT news… I will see it soon.

  29. Incredible Hulk from Marvel/Universal was a great movie as well right behind IM and TDK…