‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ International Trailer

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abraham lincoln vampire hunter international trailer Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter International Trailer

20th Century Fox released the official Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer, at long last confirming to many doubters that the Tim Burton-produced mix of historical fact, historical fantasy, and stylized supernatural horror-action is indeed a real film… and not just an elaborate public ruse or a faux production like those marketed during the beginning of Tropic Thunder.

An international teaser trailer for the Abraham Lincoln not-a-real-biopic has since emerged online, featuring a fair amount of new footage – including, excerpts from a motivational monologue delivered by the vampire Henry Sturgess (Captain America‘s Dominic Cooper), who becomes a mentor to young Honest Abe and trains him in the art of how to slaughter creatures of the night.

Previously-released Vampire Hunter footage and images have primarily featured star Benjamin Walker as both the youthful and bearded (re: older) versions of the 16th U.S. Commander-in-Chief, performing fancy maneuvers with his self-made axe and engaging in slowmo/fastmo action sequences right out of Paul W.S. Anderson’s similarly over-the-top adaptation of The Three Musketeers. Or, rather, like a period version of Vampire Hunter director Timur Bekmambetov’s Wanted comic book movie.

Like its domestic counterpart, the international Vampire Hunter teaser positions the film as being an origin story for a new breed of superhero, who primarily works under the cover of moonlight. It’s all the more appropriate too, seeing how – according to screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (who also penned the original Vampire Hunter novel) – that’s exactly what this movie is.

See what we mean by watching the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter international trailer below:



While the early Vampire Hunter footage has left many people convinced that this flick could be a revolutionary blockbuster, others have yet to be won over. In fact, the hyper-realistic action set pieces and fights glimpsed from the film so far have proven to be a double-sided blade, providing fuel for theĀ Vampire Hunter detractors who were hoping that Bekmambetov might go for more of a grounded tone, to counteract the already-fantastical nature of the subject matter. Only time will tell which side of this debate is ultimately correct.

For a recap of additional early footage from the film – including, a full scene with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Thing, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) as Honest Abe’s lady love, who briefly shows up in the international trailer – be sure to check out Screen Rant‘s exclusive first look at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter wil hit theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on June 22nd, 2012.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. It looks pretty weak.

  2. Looks really good so far :)
    Nice settings and lightning !

  3. wtf

  4. I think I speak for vast swaths of the movie-going community when I say:



  5. For an industry obsessed with copyright protections and litigation
    to prevent the use of unlicensed images and stories Hollywood
    sure has taken liberties with the man who stood for liberty.
    Lincoln is unprotected, of course. More than imagined.

    • It’s based on a book… So, it’s not really hollywood “infringing” on The Lincoln “copyright”. It’s the author of the book.

      • I was speaking in general regarding the use of copyrights.
        Lincoln is in the public domain and not subject to copyright.
        The book itself which I was aware of has copyright protections.

  6. I still can’t tell if I’d like this or not. I’m kind of intrigued at the concept of weaving vampires into the 1800s and civil war, but I’m not so much a fan of the slow motion spinning/jumping/strictly for style points fighting made infamous (in my opinion) by Mila Jovovich.

  7. I can’t get past the fact that they seem to have imbued Lincoln with superhuman strength.


      • Nah, he was just working for the vampires (a familiar), just like Oswald. :-D

    • I don’t get the cutting through a tree thing also, but if you read the book then it does say that he was stronger, and trained very hard to avenger the death of his mother, and then trained even further by Henry Sturges to vampire hunt

  8. The filmmakers know their target audience. This film isn’t for those high standards “it must be Oscar-worthy or it’s sh*t” kind of people. Anyone looking for a different kind of movie experience will love this!

  9. Looks more “Chronicles of Narnia”, where I was hoping it would be more “Gangs of New York”.

  10. A lot of kids are about to get F’s on their History reports :)

  11. Wow, this movie looks terrible.

  12. This trailer was not as well put together as the last and I feel it’s knocked some of the shine off the movie not because the new footage isn’t bad ass but just that the music and editing of the trailer really do not fit with what it is showing.

    It looks great though. Just goes to show how much influence trailers editing really have and how important balancing it out and finding the right atmosphere to set up is.

  13. Looks like a flop to me. Lincoln had super natural powers? Could cut a tree in half with a sword? Could move like a super ninja? I think a more realistic approach would have done this film better. Perhaps Lincoln and a group of vampire hunters.

    This is a wait for DVD movie for me.

  14. I think I’ll pass except if I’m in a mood for a popcorn movie…

  15. i am slowly getting more cautious about this movie. im sure if i didnt read the book, i’d be more amped for it as an action movie, but having read the book, im hoping the relationship building talks and training from a young helpless weak abe, to a very powerful well trained abe isnt done in a music montage. im still looking foward to it, but im hoping they are only showing the action stff first, then reel you in with the drama

  16. The trailer looks good but not that amazing.

    Since the guy who directed Wanted is directing this, this could be a sleeper hit and a good movie.

  17. This movie had me quite nervous (Lincoln? Vampires? I just couldn’t see it…). but that actually looked kinda cool. I’m with Vic though…Abe with superhuman strength? sigh…*smh* VERY cautiously optimistic…

  18. Just speechless…

  19. This movie looks good but come on …Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter ? …gimme a break lol …

  20. how about teddy rosevelt werewolf killer

  21. I still don’t get it. Did someone just pick an ex president out of a hat and say I’m going to write about him being a vampire hunter. Plus it’s going to be like watching the Titanic from the get go. Here’s a spoiler he dies at the end or maybe at the end of the sequel or at the end of the third movie it doesn’t matter he dies at the end… in a theater. Maybe John Wilkes booth was a vampire.

  22. The preview reminds me of sherlock holmes preview.. All i can say is it is either gonna be an absolutely brilliant movie blockbuster or a true tragic flop. I dont see it being just a “it was ok” movie.. is it worth the gamble of a $30 movie trip?? Or should we just watch Sherlock Holmes again and pretend there are vampires in it??

  23. One more thing.. anyone read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead?? was a good little book.. if you havent read it I recommend it as a very non serious light reading (even though its like a few hundred pages)