‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ International Poster & Featurette

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abraham lincoln vampire hunter poster Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter International Poster & Featurette

Two very different cinematic visions of Abraham Lincoln will be released in 2012. One arrives in the form of Lincoln, a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic about the last few months in the famous U.S. president’s life/time in office – and the other is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a subversive historical flick that exposes Lincoln’s “secret life” as a warrior who battles blood-thirsty vampires, as brought to life by Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov.

Today, we have a new international poster for Vampire Hunter that, like the original novel’s cover, pokes fun at an iconic representation of Honest Abe (namely, the Lincoln Memorial). In addition, there’s a new behind-the-scenes video composed of interviews with some of the film’s cast and crew, including star Benjamin Walker.

The part of Lincoln has the potential to be a breakout role for Walker, whose more noteworthy roles to date include supporting parts in auteur flicks, like Bill Condon’s Kinsey and Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers, along with an attention-grabbing lead turn in the play Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Likewise, a good chunk of the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter cast is composed of lesser-knowns such as Walker, along with fan-favorites like Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Real Steel).

Check out Walker as the 16th U.S. president (trusty axe in hand) in the new international poster for Vampire Hunter, followed by the first behind-the-scenes clip, below:


abraham lincoln vampire hunter nouveau poster xl 280x415 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter International Poster & Featurette




Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter won’t have a significant impact on just Walker’s future; both this film and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows should offer a pretty solid first-impression of Seth Grahame-Smith’s screenwriting abilities. Enthusiasm for not-yet-certain upcoming Smith-scripted projects like Beetlejuice 2 and Unholy Night could become all the more (or less) valued, should both of the aforementioned 2012 releases play well with moviegoers (or, alternatively, fail to please the moviegoing masses).

If nothing else, Vampire Hunter should certainly feel quite different than your average summer popcorn flick. As you may have noticed with regards to some of the sets, costumes, and makeup briefly glimpsed in the above featurette, this film is being fashioned as a mix of historically-accurate production design on a par with your average awards-hopeful period drama – and over-the-top 3D action set pieces that pit humans against supernatural creatures of the night.

That makes Vampire Hunter a different beast that even Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies, which infuse their 19th-century setting with more of a stylized Steampunk aesthetic. Whether the former will be more, less, or as financially-successful as Ritchie’s blockbuster Holmes series, that remains to be seen…

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will hits theaters in the U.S. on June 22nd, 2012.

Source: CineHeroes.net, MTV

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  1. Ridiculous…

  2. he doesnt really look like Lincoln….

  3. great concept terrible execution on poster

    looks like he is on a toilet with how sunk in he looks sitting lol

    • like in american dad,under the lincoln-sculpt.is a secret chamber,and when stan opens it,the legs of lincoln get high and a big fart comes out the whole, but i like the poster and been very anticip.for this. and,come on for such a fantastic-fiction-history,he mustn´t look exactly like president lincoln,for a serious biopic you must wait for spielbergs lincoln bio-pic.

    • Of course, a toilet…that’s the idea, silly. He flushes the vampires down the loo to destroy them. Don’t you know a vampire can’t cross running water?

  4. Are we really supposed to care about a movie with such a ridiculous premise?

    • OldRogue,

      Yeah… this seems especially silly to me just having finally watched “The Conspirator” last night.


      • Vic ~ “The Conspiritor” was um, a chilling experience.
        But I squirm easily.

    • Exactly, I’ve never seen a movie that wasn’t realistic and believable.

      • HAHA! Bazinga!

  5. I still think is one of the dumbest ideas for a story…..ever. I do not care what medium is used, this is just ridiculous.

    The sequel will be “Andrew Johnson, Werewolf Killer”

    Prequel will be “George Washington, Supernatural Slayer”

    • How about George Bush, “The Mentalist?”

    • I guess none of you have ever heard of Sense and Sensibility and Zombies.

      • Digital Jedi,

        I believe that’s the novel that started this whole new (IMHO dumb) genre.


        • Nope, the genre has been around for quite some time. Longer if you count all the touches SciFi shows have done on it.

          • Digital Jedi,

            Really? Interesting – maybe it was just the novel mentioned that brought it front and center. Hadn’t really heard of the genre before that one.


      • Digital Jedi – actually Seth Grahame-Smith wrote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and then a whole slew of copycat authors blending literature from the public domain with supernatural horror stories popped up (including one called “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”). From what I know, Grahame-Smith’s publishing company really pushed the genre the last few years after the success of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

  6. Why don’t people read the book? Its actually really good

    • I have read the book, and I’m so excited for this movie. Some people on this thread don’t realize that Benjamin Walker has to play Lincoln as young man (vampire-hunter) up until his final days (President)…so he isn’t going to look exactly like the images we know of the iconic President. Also, yes it is a ridiculous premise. However if they read the book, they would know that Seth Grahame-Smith handles the subject matter with seriousness weaving historical fact with fantasy, and by doing this, he paints such a vivid and interesting story about the war we thought we knew. Historical fiction wasn’t a genre that I’d ever think I’d be defending, but this book proved me wrong. But, I have to agree with that this poster does look quite silly.

      • I loved the first poster this one is ehh. I agree I assumed the novel was going to be really comical but he handles it extremely well. I loved it and I’m excited for the movie even tho the actors aren’t A listers

      • i love the poster,and believe that the book is good. it is new interesting and a morbid idea to mix those things,the bloody civil war and between them the vampires,and the greatest president of the u.s,who fought in lifetime for justice and a peaceful living between the races,who kills those basterds from hell. you can´t make such stories with all historical persons.

  7. well i’m just happy that it’s not a REBOOT/REMAKE idea

  8. I don’t get movie fans, they whine about reboots/remakes/redos, but yet when a fresh idea, such as this one, comes along they diminish it right off the bat…let’s wait until we get a trailer first.

    • with you on that one. I’m at least willing to give this movie a shot.

    • Agreed.

    • I agree with 3rdWorldAmoeba lets wait for a trailer.

    • Cosign!

  9. I agree. Finally something that isn’t the same old thing, with a premise that’s somewhat new and fresh and not recycled same-old same-old crap. Give it a chance! Or would you rather watch Mission Impossible 17 ?

  10. I don’t care how ridiculous the premise sounds, I love the idea. I can see the preview in my head already. Clips on Lincoln being noble and stoic and then smash cut to him staking a vamp. How can this not be awesome?

  11. What the F**K?!?!?

  12. I dont understand the axe?!? When are axes used to kill Vamps???

    • to cut their heads off,or the body in little pieces!

  13. This is either a really goofy, or a really brave, idea for a movie. But alright, I admit it, I tried hard not to get interested in this, but I am intrigued, and will in fact watch it on Netflix, and hope it will turn out well.

  14. What next, “Ronald Reagan, Communist Clobberer”?

    • Ronald Reagan Jedi Master!

  15. has someone watched the episode of the newer ,masters of horror,series, the episode ,the washingtonians, was about the legend that george washington was a cannibal,and because of his victory for north-america,it was top-secret. but in present he has some g.wash.fanatics who live the cannibaltradition,and eat at ceremonys human-flesh. now,that was ridiculous!