‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Trailer #3 Includes Speeches & Vampire Killing

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20th Century Fox is taking advantage of Memorial Day 2012 to promote its eyebrow-raising genre mashup, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A new trailer comes attached to the studio’s latest press release, which reveals that special screenings of the film that will be held for certain members of the U.S. Navy.

Whereas previous Vampire Hunter trailers (including the red-band theatrical promo) were more action-oriented, the latest clip is heavier on Honest Abe’s dictations – including, the U.S. president’s famous Gettysburg Address and excerpts from his secret diary in the film (which chronicles Abe’s undead-hunting exploits).

Here is an excerpt from the aforementioned press release:

Abraham Lincoln, in the guise of actor Benjamin Walker, who portrays the 16th president in the summer movie thriller ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, and the film’s cast and crew, will visit the sailors serving aboard the Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in June.

As history’s most beloved U.S. president and, according to the movie, its greatest hunter of the undead, Walker will be joined aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln by co-stars Anthony Mackie and Erin Wasson, as well as by the film’s director Timur Bekmambetov, screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith and producer Jim Lemley. Walker will introduce a special screening of ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER for the thousands of sailors serving on the carrier, and the cast and filmmakers will distribute Lincolnesque top hats, as well as fangs – tools that will help the sailors decide, in the words of one of the film’s promotional taglines, if they’re patriots or vampires.

In addition, the sailors will receive movie tie-in edition books, provided by Grand Central Publishing, and special graphic novels conceived by Bekmambetov.  The cast and filmmakers will screen the film at two additional bases at undisclosed locations.

abraham lincoln vampire hunter memorial day trailer Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer #3 Includes Speeches & Vampire Killing

Benjamin Walker as 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

The 2012 Summer Movie Season is apparently destined to be remembered as a time when bizarre celebrations of American patriotism flooded theaters (among other things). Earlier this month, Universal released its Battleship board game adaptation – which serves up an unabashed salute to members of the U.S. Navy, through the lens of a Michael Bay-style alien invasion blockbuster. Vampire Hunter likewise transforms one of the most beloved U.S. presidents ever into a bearded, axe-swinging, tree-splintering superhero.

Judging by early footage, Vampire Hunter will deliver some nifty 3D filmmaking, along with very stylized recreations of historical events and artifacts (see: Civil War battles with vampire soldiers) - and lots of bloody violence. If the movie is able to replicate the insane momentum of the proceedings in Battleship, this could make for a rousing summer popcorn flick – overcoming any shortcomings in the dramatic portions of the film, be they due to the lesser-known cast or the screenplay by Smith (who’s coming off the critically-derided Dark Shadows).

We will find out for certain whether Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is really awesome or… well, really dumb, when the film charges into theaters around the U.S. on June 22nd, 2012.


Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. The inclusion of the Gettysburg Address in this film,
    the greatest tribute to those who died for their country,
    crosses the line of taking liberty with history into mockery.

    On general principles I’ll be rooting for this film’s failure
    and may it perish from the Earth to be forgotten.

    • Don’t be so harsh! It’s just a movie. It’s not trying to replace the real history of Lincoln and make kids grow up thinking he was a real vampire hunter, it’s just meant to be a fun roller-coaster ride of a film that takes two things that nobody would think to put together and making it work as a film.

      And including the Gettysburg Address doesn’t undermine or mock the sacrifice of the soldiers that died in the Civil War. We still have the real heroes to remember. An action mash-up film won’t tarnish history. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, but at least give it a chance to change your mind.

      • I do not think the film is trying to replace history.
        Something which is actually impossible to do.
        Nor do I think it will make children believe
        Lincoln was in fact a vampire killer.

        And I do not need to give this film
        any chance to change my mind.
        I passed summary judgment.

        • Well, the film is not a mockery to history. I don’t see how it could be. Everyone knows what really happened, so who cares if Abe Lincoln is a vampire hunter and the Gettysburg Address is related to defending the USA from vampires in the context of the film? Get the stick out of your ass and have some fun!

          Daniel-Day Lewis will play Lincoln in a historically accurate bio-pic soon, and judging by your pure, flaming hatred of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter without even seeing the whole movie, I think you’ll prefer Lewis’ movie.

          Or maybe you think that’s a mockery too.

          • You’re free to disagree with others all you like, but please leave the insults out next time.


        • Why are you
          making your comments
          Like this,
          Robert Palmer?

          Are you trying,
          to write
          a poem?

          Tis just a movie,
          so get off yourself,
          and stop being a troll.

          Or you may
          yourself being hunted,
          Jimmi Hendrix:Troll Hunter.

          • Being called a troll by the likes of you
            is like being called ugly by a swamp frog.

            • The fact that you think people are gonna believe that Honest Abe actually hunted down vampires, is making you look like someone desperate for attention. In other words, TROLL, if you are in fact calling me a troll, thats like Sarah Jessica Parker calling a horse ugly. I don’t care if you don’t like this movie, I really don’t, but when you think that people are gonna believe that this is real, the only thing you prove is that you live at home/desperate for attention/troll…

              I assume all three. At least the troll part is true.

              • Learn how to read. I did not say
                I think people will actually believe
                Lincoln hunted down vampires and
                in fact explicit stated the contrary.

                I did not say I believe people will think
                this is real, fat baby geebus, so you
                are indeed the troll by definition.

                • Why can’t you
                  Just type replies

                  Instead of writing
                  like you think
                  you are a poet.

                  • You again. My posts don’t look like poetry to me.
                    Hence I am not “writing like I think I’m a poet”.
                    Study poetry and you’ll learn the difference.

                • Roses are red,
                  Violets are blue;
                  I’m not a good poet,
                  But I’m better then you.

                  You think that this movie is a mockery, but I KNOW its a movie. A movie is a form of entertainment, did you think that the movie 21 is a mockery to casino table games? Did you think that Terminator 2 is a mockery to computers? How about Inglorious Bastards being a mockery about veterans?

                  Using your logic, this all makes sense.

                  And by the way,
                  when I write like
                  I am
                  you, Robert
                  But a movie,
                  that is called fiction
                  is not
                  a mockery,
                  because it is
                  not real,
                  is why
                  called fiction.

                  If the real Abe movie with Day-Lewis has him fighting Dracula, that is a mockery. Because they called it a real story.

                  • Well, it looks like I got inside
                    your head there, cry baby geebus.
                    It was easy. There’s plenty of room.

                    • Do you know the difference between FICTION and NONFICTION?

                      Obviously not if you think this is a mockery.

    • Dude. Lighten up.

    • Me too, man. Me too.

    • It’s fiction. Way to take a film personally. I hope this does great just because you don’t want it to. My last statement is what you sound like to me with your opinion of why this film should fail.
      I’m very interested in this film it looks good. Go bang a gong Bobby.

      • I have not taken this film personally.
        It is you who took my opinion personally.

    • I am in agreement with Robert. I won’t be seeing this movie, but neither will I pass judgement on anyone who chooses to see it. As they say “to each his own.”

    • @Robert Palmar
      I respect your opinions about ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, but I don’t think it is the movie that you should be bashing. The film was based off a book of the same title by Seth Grahame-Smith, so if you’re going to bash anything, you might as well do it to the book it is based on. It’s not fair to be negative towards a film without even seeing it.

      ‘Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter’ is just a Sy-Fy Historical Thriller that’s just simply to give you thrills, a good time, and perhaps a well written story along with it. It is not, by any means, trying to change your opinion on American history. I’m not sure how it could, or why it would, because history cannot be changed.

      I’m curious as to how exactly you think that this film is mocking The Gettysburg Address. I haven’t noticed a hint of humor in any of the trailers for this movie. At least the filmmakers and writers haven’t done anything stupid like change the actual speech.

      • The Gettysburg Address is virtually a sacred text
        having a specific meaning transcending generations.
        The use of it as a promotional tool on Memorial Day
        of all days for a vampire film is the essence of mockery.

        • If you want mockery of sacred texts,
          watch “Dogma.” You’ll be so filled
          with rage from the mockery that
          you’ll have flames shooting out
          of your ears.

          The real Lincoln may not
          have been a vampire hunter,
          but he was a Racist.

          So much for your “sacred text.”

          • you’re calling Abraham Lincoln racist, the guy who freed the slaves and was best friends with Frederick Douglass?

            • Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because that is what the Union wanted. The Civil War started because the south was afraid that he would free the slaves, despite Lincoln himself stating that he would not. He shared the same prejudices as the majority of whites in his day, but recognized that the Union would not support his political office if he didn’t free the slaves, so he did. Lincoln even suggested that freed slaves should move to another country, as America was to be a “white man’s” country. He agreed that blacks should be free, just separate from white people. A number of blacks even colonized Africa in what is now the country of Liberia. True story.

          • Why can’t you
            Just type replies

            Instead of writing
            like you think
            you are a poet.

            • You were doing that from the beginning. So stop, please… And not just typing like you are writing a poem, just stop writing.

              • Your level of hysteria is clinical.
                That too you will have to look up.

                • I will, if you promise to look up the meaning to fiction and nonfiction.

        • You
          are now,
          William Shakespeare
          when you
          are trying to
          write a

          However, I
          am mocking
          because you,
          cannot tell,
          this is not
          same movie,
          starring Daniel Day-
          Which is based on the true story.
          Quit before you
          dig yourself a bigger hole.

          • Your exposed yourself with your mental meltdown.
            You are not smart enough to know that you did.
            And that fact is most satisfying indeed.

            • LOL… Look, Troll think its smart!!! They are so funny when they dont know the difference between fiction and nonfiction.

              Try again troll… This time, try someplace else.

              • I understand your defensiveness. Truly, I do.

                It appears you and Michael are the same person.
                Your insults have violated Screen Rant rules
                and not the level permitted on this site.

                • I want to say that I am not “big baby jesus.” His insults are blatant, direct, and rude. I was being much more subtle.

  2. I read the book and loved it but I’ve gotta tell you that this movie looks stupid as sh*t. The book was able to mix a history with a funny and quirky alternate history. In the book Lincoln was just a normal man who was hunting down Vampires. The trailers make it seem as if Lincoln is some axe wielding superhero. There was no spinning axes a la Darth Maul in the book. Lincoln never chopped down a whole tree with a single swipe of his axe or jumped and spun off walls a la the Matrix. There was no jumping off a train while a bridge is burning beneath him or charging into battle against vampires on horse back. This movie looks like it is going to deviate so far from the book all in order to sell tickets. The funny thing is that I believe Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the screen play so he must have ok’d everything. Looks like anyone will sell out for the all mighty dollar. Probably gonna pass on this one and just read the book again.

    • Does the book not say that he used the axe as a kid, and because of chopping all the wood he was strong?

      Maybe not THAT strong, but I would still say that he “sold out” yet. I would say that Hollywood made it have more visual appeal then if it was the same as the book. Not saying the book was bad, just saying that if you make it look more interesting (Like the FX) then it will put more people in the seats. To me, that isnt selling out, that is marketing. Selling out would be if they had Abe holding a big mac and saying “Im lovin it”.

      But then again, maybe Im wrong in what I consider selling out?

      • *but still I would NOT say that he “sold out” yet.*

        My bad

    • its a movie about abraham lincoln hunting down vampires….
      your argument about it being too unrealistic is invalid.

  3. I am stupid excited for this… this looks incredibly fun.

  4. Is it just me, or does the opening music of the trailer sound very similar to Hans Zimmer’s Batman soundtrack? I can’t remember the specific track I’m thinking of, but I’ll try to find it. Also, it sounds like the music right after that is taken directly from the Transformers 3 trailer.

  5. Relax? It’s just a movie, escapist fare! The real question that should be asked is what do we really know about our american presidents? Each and everyone of us has a side that is at best kept to our selves! As for the movie a little embellishment is what we go to the movies for? But sometimes movies can drop some heavy science on your ass. So much so it sails right over your head? In this movie you will see vampires as they really are vile and bloodthirsty creatures that have little or no regard for human life except food to quench their thirst to sustain themselves. Not that s*** holywood has been shoveling in refrence to acceptence and tolerance and dare i say empathy? This will be a hardcore vampire movie one that on its face should be taken seriously? Why do i say this! Brace yourselves because vampires are real and living among us? Laugh if you must why is hollywood so fixated on this particular genre? Enjoy the movie and open your mind when watching.

    • Vampires are not real.
      Get professional help now.

      • Small minds like yours belong in the smithsonian? If left to people like u the earth would still be considered flat? Or cameras would be banned for fear of stealing one’s soul? the only person needing professional help are people like u. speaking from no knowledge only the confines of your own small mind!

  6. Holy cow people, chill out and stop insulting each other. This is the LAST article I in which I ever thought I would have to threaten shutting down comments.


  7. Please keep talking Robert Palmer, this is one of the funniest arguments I’ve seen on this site. I can’t even remember what I was going to say and I’m laughing so hard it has taken me almost five minutes to type this. :)

    • Nice to know someone appreciated my posts. Thanks, il princerino.

    • il princerino,

      Did you miss my comment, just above yours, or what?


  8. OK, thanks to some people here acting like petulant children I’m shutting down the comments on this post.

    You should be proud of yourselves.