Is ABC’s ‘V’ About Obama?

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abc v obama4 Is ABCs V About Obama?

The original V series that aired back in the 80s was basically about the threat of Communism and Soviet Russia, so I anticipated that ABC’s remake would have some sort of political undertone as well. What suprised me in the pilot was the apparent target of the show’s political undertone: President Barack Obama.

The episode opens with the standard TV pilot mechanism of briefly showing us a a minute or so of each of the characters we’ll come to know over the course of the series. We have the handsome newscaster who is not taken seriously and wants to get ahead, the single mom FBI agent, a priest and a man with an obviously shadowy background trying to make a fresh start in life.

Soon enough huge spaceships appear over major cities in a scene reminiscent of Independence Day (the writers are quite aware of this, actually pointing it out on the show itself). The ships turn into mega big screen TVs in order to deliver a soothing message by series star Morena Baccarin, who plays alien visitor Anna. She says they are overjoyed to find life on another world – and that they never expected they would find any (then why build a massive video/PA system in to the exterior of your starship?).

They come promoting goodness, peace and light – they’re here to help us with their technology, including setting up healing centers where they can easily cure over 60 incurable diseases. The world is “hurting” according to one of the characters, so it seems the vast majority of the population accepts them on their word without much questioning at all. There are small protests breaking out everywhere, but those folks are looked at as rabble rousers who need to get with the program.

The aliens are all good looking and about hope and change (their words, not mine) and interestingly when reporters begin to ask hard questions upon Anna’s arrival, the newscaster mentioned above accuses them of being rude(!). Later Anna decides that she wants him to be their PR conduit and he is taken aback when prior to their first interview (which could skyrocket his career and fame) she instructs him that he is not to ask any questions that could show the Visitors in a bad light. He balks, but acquieses – and she rubs his nose in it by saying (when the cameras are rolling) that he should feel free to ask anything he likes, they are an open book.

During the interview the phrase “universal health care” is actually used in describing what they are offering and why they should be accepted.

There’s an underground group that knows what the Visitors are up to, but they are looked upon as nutjobs and terrorists even though they are in the right and know what the Visitors are really up to.

Interestingly there is a priest on the show who is skeptical of the Vistors’ intentions despite the Vatican quickly coming to the assessment that the Visitors are good – and he worries about happiness about the Visitors’ arrival turning into devotion and worship.

I’m sure that those who don’t like what the current administration is doing will see a clear connection and those who agree with what Obama is trying to accomplish will either laugh off any such connection as ridiculous or will read more nuanced meaning into the show to demonstrate it actually supports this administration.

What do YOU think?

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  1. Stupid spam filter, I’ll try to figure out what word set it off…

  2. Anyway, let’s see if this shows up.


    Instead of it just going one way, if you’re a believer of that BS, and just about every other conspiracy theory in existence apparently, why don’t you disprove what I have said first before I waste any more time with those BS arguments.

    But this one can’t wait, how can you say that flight courses are “locked” from the ground when we JUST had a flight overshoot the airport because the pilots were distracted?? Seriously now, you KNOW flight courses are not controlled, changed, or locked from the ground, we ALL know that, how can you make that obviously erroneous statement knowing that?? A plane’s autopilot maintains altitude and heading, and newer ones let you plot waypoints, but that’s all done by the pilot and co-pilot from within the plane itself (think I figured out what set off the filter, lol, I said c***pit before, lol). If flight courses are set and locked from the ground, then there would be 0 pilot error and 0 airplane accidents, incidents, and near misses, and we all know that’s not the case. Heck, we won’t even need a pilot of copilot if that was the case…

    I don’t even need to mention that I actually personally know a few pilots so I know the flight isn’t “locked into their flight course through ground controlled computers”… Completely ridiculous and OBVIOUSLY an incorrect statement. You seriously have to consider that wherever or whomever prompted you to question that is intentionally trying to mislead you… Sorry to say… But whatever, keep believing your “unfiltered” news source…

    I wonder if you realize just how easy it is for the government to shut down any website, no matter which country the server is located. If the websites you get your stuff from is really saying all of these top secret things that the government doesn’t want to get out, they would have been shut down within a day… You realize that right? Go to China and try to access sites that bad-mouth the Chinese government. See how successful you are at that…

  3. Can we drop the 9/11 truther stuff please?



  4. First off Ken, I’ve have been researching nwo conspiracies and black projects etc all my life,,, I didn’t just pick this up from a website the other day,,,
    Large planes 747′ 767′s all use a ground based satellite system that controls the planes fight course.
    I believe its called AJIS, this is an acronym for what I can’t remember anyway, The pilots take off and land that’s it. Once AJIS is engaged taking it off auto pilot won’t allow you to deviate off course for more than a few miles. The AGIS system will then pull the plane back on course no matter what. You could have 6 people pulling on that throttle and you might be able to alter its course as long as all 6 ppl hold on,,,

    You stated that we had a Northwest airlines flight overshoot the airport because the pilots were distracted. Yes and the plane didn’t fly off course into the pentagon it was headed to the next airport. Because it was on a preselected controlled flight path…
    Ask your pilot friends if its possible to take a 747 off course once its locked into the navigational flight system? They will say that its impossible. If they don’t then they don’t exist and your lying.

    I will address all your other questions if you can tell me why the Pentagon won’t release the footage. Just answer that for me,,, ;-)

  5. Well Ken it looks like our conversation is at an end,,,

    One day you will know the truth,,, and it won’t come from FOX news,,,
    Take care. :-)

  6. OMG, are you referring to ATIS??? Which is just an information stream for pilots that give weather conditions, runway conditions, etc…

    There is the ILS which is for assisted landing, it is separated into three categories, the third being completely automated landing. The first does not control the landing gear, lowering of flaps, etc…

    There’s the FMS, which is a Flight Management System which is a very complicated navigational system, but it doesn’t take control over the aircraft.

    Heck, even the autopilot and autothrottle are actually separate systems too, there isn’t any one system that overrides all of the controls in an aircraft. Otherwise that Hudson River landing would have been impossible for example… There are so many ways to disprove what you’re saying, I’m just going to stick to current events so you can never say I’m giving outdated information…

    Anyway, Vic wants us to drop it, but just wanted to share a little so you get the point that my understanding of aircraft is not as rudimentary as these conspiracy theorists wish it to be, because the ignorant are the only ones you can really fool.

    But hey, if you figure out more about this AJIS or AGIS or whatever you want to go with, as in do your own research and read about what this thing supposedly does instead of just rehashing what you heard from someone from some website, feel free to share, it should be an interesting read.

    Hey, we had a murder where I work a few months back, and yes it was caught on camera. I’ve reviewed the footage myself so I know, but it hasn’t been released to the public and never will be released. Guess it never happened and that guy’s still alive somewhere… you got a few things to learn about what happens to materials used for investigations… Especially when the FAA or FBI are involved, sheesh what a mess…

  7. @790

    Yep, it was nice chatting with you dude. :-)

    And if you ever want to get your pilot’s license, I know a really good place. ;-)

  8. Well Ken your ignorance and closed mind will keep you locked into your left brain FOX reality.

    Rather than treating this like a chess game you should look into some of the sources I mentioned especially if your going to do all that research into global warming…


  9. @Ken

    The reason i said that Global warming is a hoax is because there are almost as many scientists claiming that the Earth is actually COOLING as there are those who say we’re heating up. It’s not unanimous and yet the eco militants want to make it seem like every scientists believes in global warming.
    Furthermore, Al Gore, the biggest posterboy for Global warming, has had the facts in his book challenged by leading climatologists and has constantly turned down debating challenges by Christopher Monckton despite the fact that Monckton isnt a scientist.

    Richard Lindzen’s works on World temperatures has shown that the whole Co2 greenhouse myth is rooted in fallacy. Greenhouses gases ARENT being trapped in the atmosphere and that despite the fact that Co2 levels have risen since the preindustrial age the Earth has gotten only a single degree warmer or so which is inconsistent with the figures that traditional global warming scientists give.
    He recently concluded a work that took 20 years to research, which is the foundation for most of his findings.

    People cite the south as an example of increased heat but having lived in NY for years i can definitively say that NY winters feel like theyve gotten colder. This just goes to show that you cant just go on one specific area to justify believing in or against Global warming.

    I do believe that Man has had an impact on the environment but as far as GW goes our negative affect on the Earth because of Co2 emissions is pure fantasy.

    From a religious perspective, i invite you to think about this: God made Man and animal and both produce methane through farting. Would God have made these creatures to function like this if their natural body activities would inevitably cause the destruction of the Earth? He made it so that plants would feed off of Co2 and everything would be in balance. God is the ultimate scientist to be sure.

  10. @Daniel

    Actually, when they say the temperature has risen by 1 degree, that’s actually a significant amount. What they are talking about is the global average temperature, and that number is literally so sensitive that only about 5 or 6 degrees separates us from a normal Earth to one with melted polar ice caps. They need a whole new way to measure it since every degree is so significant, that’s really not a really precise way to guage it. It’s kind of like having a digital fuel indicator that only shows empty, 1/3, 2/3, and full, and nothing in between, lol. :-D

    People don’t realize just how precisely balanced everything is in the world. When climate is “normal” our global average temperature actually doesn’t deviate more than a degree year after year. (if I’m not mistaken…) It’s pretty amazing if you think about it. It’s like if one place has a record low, that means somewhere else is having its record high, haha.

    Anyway, I personally believe that global warming is real, the global average seems to be increasing by a degree every few years. But it’s the cause of this increase that I feel is not accurately explained by most…

    I wonder if the Visitors have some kind of technology to stabilize our climate, haha. :-D The show is a lie, Anna is far too cute to be a reptile underneath, and even so, she must be one cute reptile…

  11. I hate getting into “Global Warming” debates because almost every time the people you are arguing with do not have a background in science at all. They are just spouting off info they heard elsewhere, which is OK if that infomartion comes from a science mag or website. Most often than not, the info they base their debate on comes from pro-GW or anti-GW sources (read: CNN, FOX, ect.) and not from multiple research sites across the world.

    I’m not a scientist (but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night) but my personal opinion is this: The world acts just like the human body – it regulates itself. When the body gets too hot, it adjusts by sweating to cool down. I think the earth does the same type of thing. When it gets too hot, it melts ice or produces more rain to cool it’s overall temps.

    I think it’s ignorant and arrogant for humans to think that we can destroy the planet in such a short amount of time. Even if Global Warming is occurring (which I don’t think it is) how is that a bad thing? Just because the oceans have the chance to rise due to melting polar ice caps and we loose some beach front property? Humans argue that they want change but what everyone really wants is status quo and they are afraid of change.

    We can’t control the weather, we may be able to influence it but we can never control it. What happens if “science” starts warning of building house and buildings in California because the extra weight MAY cause earthquakes? It’s an absurd thought but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day big government doesn’t try to put a cap on things like that.

  12. @Ken J

    I recently saw a series of pics of those standalone weather mini weather stations (very small) from various locations around the world today and something like 20 years ago. They were in remote, wooded or grassy areas years ago but present day they’re surrounded by buildings. It’s an accepted fact that temperatures in cities are higher due to all the asphalt and other heat retaining substances.

    I’m sure this is just one aspect, but if you have a temperature station placed somewhere where now the average temperature is higher due to man made structures, well that doesn’t reflect a higher natural temperature, it reflects a higher temperature due to what is surrounding the station.


  13. @Paul

    “I’m not a scientist (but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night)”

    WOW, VERY NICE! LMAO!!!! :-D I guess that’s why you write for a website and I don’t, damn my useless right brain hemisphere, I need to be more creative… :-(

    “Just because the oceans have the chance to rise due to melting polar ice caps and we loose some beach front property?”

    Hey now, I live in Florida, we’re completely flat and are almost at sea level, a rise in sea level wouldn’t make us lose beach front property, we might lose all of Florida!! LOL! :-D

    I agree with what you’re saying though, I think this whole thing is just for a certain political party to exert more control, they will keep falling back on the excuse “it’s for the environment!” *rolls eyes*

    People really do need to do their own research…

  14. @Vic

    That’s definitely a good point, and hopefully they are not using those to measure our average temperature. I thought it was done through infrared satellite imagery or something, lol.

    Anyway, a lot of the studies I have looked at were from scientific journals and other non-mainstream publications that don’t have a pro or anti global warming agenda, so I HOPE they know better than to use data from things that can be skewed like that. I’m fairly certain they are collecting their own data somehow, most of the time that’s better than rehashing someone else’s data…

    I am open to the possibility that global warming isn’t happening at all, but I feel like I’ve seen enough evidence that it’s happening, but not much evidence supporting that it’s caused by humans. The eath has had a history of warming and cooling periods, and we’re actually right on time for a warming period, so to me it doesn’t make sense for them to blame humans for it when this cycle has been going on long before we were even here…

  15. Ken says:
    (“I think this whole thing is just for a certain political party to exert more control, they will keep falling back on the excuse “it’s for the environment!”)

    Yep and watch them increase taxes globally as well.

    Al Gore (Blood & Gore INC.) has made Billions off his lies and even won an Askar,,, surprised he didn’t win a Nobel Prize, o wait I think he did,,,

    The lies, the lies, the lies,,,, how long will we have to suck the ±±±± of lies!

  16. @Ken J

    A single degree is a significant amount in and of itself, but when you take into account that there have been many heating and cooling periods during the Earth’s history, you come to realize that that one degree is likely part of a chain of temperature fluctuations that go up and down depending on factors which are entirely beyond our control.

    Besides animals and people contributing to Co2 through their metabolic wastes, you’ve had volcanoes that spew forth tons and tons of Co2 into the Earth’s atmosphere and if Co2 was really trapped there as the eco militants claimed this world would never have been able to sustain life as it had.

    That single degree is projected to occur because of events beyond our control. If something like an ice age can transpire and dissipate long before Man had the technology to affect the Earth in any minuscule way, it stands to reason that the Earth would be able to correct itself without our help. Extreme periods of heat would likewise have been corrected by the Earth as well.

    It may just be inevitable that the Earth will be going through a phase of increase heat later on which will make life difficult for is, maybe even impossible.

    My point is that the whole global warming mythos that the Co2 we produce is killing the Earth is complete…doody:)

  17. @Daniel

    I’ve never said that it was our doing, I’m simply stating that 1 degree is a significant change. I’ve never suggested that it’s proven that humans are the cause of any kind of climate change. In fact, all this time I’ve been saying that most of the real research and data I’ve seen seems to point to the fact that these cooling and warming periods happen on their own without our influence…

  18. I’ve said it before: How in the world did Earth manage to come out of the last Ice Age before the advent of modern industry, SUVs and millions of cars?


  19. @Ken

    Oh i know that, i was just offering further exposition on what i had said before.


    Precisely. That is an inconvenient litle fact that would likely get you ejected from an AlGore climate propaganda conference should you “dare” to bring it up, just like it happened to a film maker who disputed the whole “polar bears are dying” fabrication. They cut off his mic!

  20. @ 790
    More than a couple of questions. I dont have all the answers because various sources say various things so ill answer what i can. 1. about WTC building 7 failling was due to it being badly damaged caused by falling debris from the two towers. The building was evacuated and authorities decided to bring the whole thing down cause it would on its own anyways later. From one of the books ive looked at, alot of buildings went down or suffered alot of damage all due to debris from the two towers collapse. As first responders getting sich i dont know cause i wasnt there and im not a paramedic. but one things for sure was america hasnt been thru a attack like this since Pearl Harbor, only this attack was focused on civilians being killed. And even after the 1993 WTC attack, no-one thought attack like 9/11 would be as what we saw during and afterwards. You might say the state of New York wasnt prepared for that sort of thing to happend. Till this day people still question if the city would be ready for another attack. and i doubt very much authortities setted up charges in the twin towers. because it do the much damage to set them up in the basement again and bring them down from the ground up. and its unlikely anyone could leave there without being caught by camera if charges were in the building on a certain floor cause it would be hard to get out fast unless you were killing yourself. People who mentioned that have expressed thir ideas of the al-quada being innocent and Bush is guilty. Which is wrong of-course. As for the 747, well ive seen damage in pictures on tv and in newspapers from the plane. And there was more than a hole, more like large gap that collapsed at the Pentagon. People mentioned they seen the plane coming in low clipping light-polls till it hit and i remember seeing a engine amongst the debris. Problem is the media focus 9/11 more in NYC than the Pentagon or Shanksville. People who say theres no sign of a plane are obviously in denial. As for CIA takin footage 747 pentagon crash, well all i can say is they might wanted it for evidence. I dont work at the CIA. As for Bush not leaving, is because of the first plane hitting the WTC. if you remember people’s reports or even on camera talkin, no-one mentioned terrorists. Everyone was under the impression the plane lost control somehow etc. As for bush not leaving, teachers and kids could ask why? and Bush could ethier lie, or straight out say plane crashed which is somthing you wouldnt wanna say to a bunch of kids if you’re president. Especially if its a terrorist attack which would cause panic. By the look on his face, he probly suspected it was a terrorist act. And finally, the Bin laden family requested if they could be flown out cause they feared for their lives. Remember all the hatred and hate crimes towards muslims during the aftermath???? There was hate talk on radio, Muslim women having thier head veils takin off and some been shot at. Bin laden family was questioned before they left. That was somthing Michael Moore left outta his film probly.

  21. Chrisj,,,
    When did they have time to plant charges in WTC 7?
    Do all buildings have charges that can be pulled in case there’s some structural damage?
    The parts on the pentagon lawn don’t match those of a 747,,, also that type of landing trajectory is all but impossible.
    If FEMA would have declared the air unhealthy the responders and clean up crews would have received resources (high filter dust masks, ventilation equip etc)
    They were more concerned about getting Wall St back up. They knew the air was unhealthy.
    (Same folks that want to take over heathcare btw)
    Regardless of not knowing weather its a terrorist attack. An incident that large the pres, would have been taken out of that school right then, like a book read is more important,,,
    Also if you look into the subject you will find connections to bush and the ladens…

  22. Sorry to butt in chrisj and 790, we are supposed to have dropped this, Vic doesn’t want this discussed on his site, so we will stop. It’s good enough that we’re discussing a semi-political discussion regarding climate change, so let’s not ruin it.

    Not to mention chrisj, he has yet to address any of the stuff I brought up, so don’t waste your time on the subjects he has hand picked to talk about. Pretty commonly used debate tactics that don’t work on those who know better. Combination of Strawperson and red herring. The correct way to handle that is to ignore it. :-)

  23. Ken your questions all ran together besides if your going to play some kind of he won’t answer my questions so he’s wrong it really makes you look childish and in full denial about the issue.

    Its like you have your hands over your ears, eyes closed and babbling, I don’t hear you, I don’t hear you!!!

    Again the questions I bring up are valid and are still ignored by MSM,,,
    If your going to overlook how building 7 was imploded with munitions when it wasn’t even hit by major debris then I guess the other facts are meaningless. I guess they were lucky to get a demo team up there to plant those charges while all the fires and chaos was going on. Amazing work!
    Yeah keep watching FOX news for the real story! Lol

  24. LOL, I’m pretty sure nobody here is dumb enough to not be able to read that I never said I am unwilling to address your questions. I’ve stated from the beginning that since my points were brought up first that they need to be addressed before new points could be addressed. You’re simply avoiding them since you have no way to dispute them and bringing up new points that you THINK you can argue. Yet even those are not well constructed. I would have liked for you to address my points first, but I actually did address one just to humor you. So, did you figure out if it was AGIS, AJIS, or were you actually thinking that ATIS was some crazy plane controlling system? lol. You refuse to address any of my points which were brought up first, then even when I address one of these new ones that you handpicked, you decided to drop that one all-together as well. So who’s avoiding who here? HAHA

    But alas, Vic has shut us down, and I was simply telling chrisj to not waste his time on the issue, especially not only on a small selection of handpicked questions. But maybe on some other medium.

    But in the mean time, keep reading conspiracy theory websites for the real story! Lol

  25. Ken I’m going through your “questions” now give me a minute and I’ll briefly reply.

  26. @790

    Not here dude, Vic has told us to shut our mouths about that stuff, lol. But keep them in mind, there might be another medium in which we can discuss it. I made a forum a while ago, just gotta dig up the address for it, lol.

  27. Ah its always fun talking to KenJ,,,

    That’s kinda what I expected you to say Ken, so I’ll just touch on a few of your comments, and then we can all go back to the global warming deal,,,
    Ken Says:
    “Those conspiracies make me angry but they are actually hilarious if you don’t consider all of the ppl they are disrespecting with them.”
    How do you equate getting to the truth disrespecting the dead? Do you actually think I would give a crap if this was actually caused by 17 ragheads with boxcutters. Nope!
    How can you ignore the first responders that are sick and will die suffering as the heath care system refuses to cover them because the gov won’t admit there was a prob with the air quality? You think that their version of the truth is a lie some kind of mass delusion, and you talk of disrespect? These are People that were trying to save lives, some of them worked for 48 hours strait fueled by a sense of duty!
    You said,
    “Elevators were the sound of the explosions,”

    (elevators in all major buildings default to the bottom floor during a fire alarm,)
    You know, frankly I’m amazed that ppl can’t deal with the facts or really even want to confront them on this issue.
    Its clear that the official story is questionable at best and you can’t deny that our officials sweep it all under the rug quickly and then used the media to contain the lie.
    Am I disrespecting the dead by trying to get to the truth? The commission report was written by a friend of bush. One that had mentioned years before that it would take this kind of event to motivate the American Public to go to war in the middle east.
    Ken says:
    “And the thing about this is that normally conspiracies come out of lack of information”
    Its you that either denies the boatload of information on this event, or can’t deal with it. there’s just too many unanswered questions, to many cover ups that all connect to a conspiracy. I’ve answered a few of your points, so Ken how did fire cause WTC7 fall in an apparent controlled demo? Even Chrisj recalls the “pull it” order

    Just answer that one question if you can,,, ;-)

  28. 790, dude, don’t be an idiot, I’m at work, when I get home I can get you the address to the forum I’ve made, we can continue there, Vic has said to stop with this, you can pretend all you want that I’m soooo afraid of what you’re going to say, but you and everyone else can read what Vic wrote. And don’t worry, anyone else can go to that forum too and read it, in case you’re going to pretend like I want to make it private. Because oohhhh, you’re soooo going to stump me, yah, I’m trying to avoid it, blah blah blah blah…

    But not only did you STILL not address any of the points I have made, but you’ve continued the discussion about the 9/11 stuf despite Vic’s request for us to stop, great way to respect the man’s rules on his website…

    But keep claiming that I’m just soooooo scared of your excellent responses, I’m sure there are one or two people reading that might believe you…