Is ABC’s ‘V’ About Obama?

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abc v obama4 Is ABCs V About Obama?

The original V series that aired back in the 80s was basically about the threat of Communism and Soviet Russia, so I anticipated that ABC’s remake would have some sort of political undertone as well. What suprised me in the pilot was the apparent target of the show’s political undertone: President Barack Obama.

The episode opens with the standard TV pilot mechanism of briefly showing us a a minute or so of each of the characters we’ll come to know over the course of the series. We have the handsome newscaster who is not taken seriously and wants to get ahead, the single mom FBI agent, a priest and a man with an obviously shadowy background trying to make a fresh start in life.

Soon enough huge spaceships appear over major cities in a scene reminiscent of Independence Day (the writers are quite aware of this, actually pointing it out on the show itself). The ships turn into mega big screen TVs in order to deliver a soothing message by series star Morena Baccarin, who plays alien visitor Anna. She says they are overjoyed to find life on another world – and that they never expected they would find any (then why build a massive video/PA system in to the exterior of your starship?).

They come promoting goodness, peace and light – they’re here to help us with their technology, including setting up healing centers where they can easily cure over 60 incurable diseases. The world is “hurting” according to one of the characters, so it seems the vast majority of the population accepts them on their word without much questioning at all. There are small protests breaking out everywhere, but those folks are looked at as rabble rousers who need to get with the program.

The aliens are all good looking and about hope and change (their words, not mine) and interestingly when reporters begin to ask hard questions upon Anna’s arrival, the newscaster mentioned above accuses them of being rude(!). Later Anna decides that she wants him to be their PR conduit and he is taken aback when prior to their first interview (which could skyrocket his career and fame) she instructs him that he is not to ask any questions that could show the Visitors in a bad light. He balks, but acquieses – and she rubs his nose in it by saying (when the cameras are rolling) that he should feel free to ask anything he likes, they are an open book.

During the interview the phrase “universal health care” is actually used in describing what they are offering and why they should be accepted.

There’s an underground group that knows what the Visitors are up to, but they are looked upon as nutjobs and terrorists even though they are in the right and know what the Visitors are really up to.

Interestingly there is a priest on the show who is skeptical of the Vistors’ intentions despite the Vatican quickly coming to the assessment that the Visitors are good – and he worries about happiness about the Visitors’ arrival turning into devotion and worship.

I’m sure that those who don’t like what the current administration is doing will see a clear connection and those who agree with what Obama is trying to accomplish will either laugh off any such connection as ridiculous or will read more nuanced meaning into the show to demonstrate it actually supports this administration.

What do YOU think?

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  1. Daniel, FOX is deeply rooted into the media agenda,don’t let them fool ya!
    I know we’ve had our differences in the past but please check out the info below,,, thanks bro! ;-)
    For more info on the Fort Hood deal,,,
    ^ goto:
    See posts,,,
    Army Tests Sole-Killer Theory as Details Emerge
    Fort Hood Shooting ‘Oddities’
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “There Were Three Shooters”
    Was Fort Hood Killer On Psychotropic Drugs?
    Everything About Nidal Malik Hasan Screams “Patsy”
    Fort Hood shootings: FBI given gunman’s name six months ago. ^
    For more info on the swine flu bs deal…goto:
    Check out the posts,,,
    Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online for 72 Hours Before Vote
    Has Baxter International Released a New Biological Weapon in the Ukraine?
    Alarming Info!!! Spanish Doctor Reveals Important Information About Swine Flu –
    I am 23, an American Citizen with government run health care.
    Recording of CFR discussing how to get people to take the H1N1 vaccine – Artificial Scarcity documents.
    Let me know what you think and thanks to Vic for allowing us to have this discussion,,,
    Screen Rant rules!

  2. @Ken J: Dont get me started on the elder “New World Order” Bush. Look at me, im starting to sound like 790 now lol.
    Anyway i think the elder Bush was a liberal economically speaking, especially when he raised taxes after promising not to. There was also a report that seemed to suggest that Reagan’s assassination at the hands of Hinckley wouldnt exactly have “bothered” him. Like Cheney i think he had more influence in the White House than has been previously stated. VP’s are sometimes the true power in the White House, with the President being more of a figurehead.

    Ok you have my curiosity piqued, ill check all this out soon enough. Btw, what are your thoughts on Alex Jones and his views that every American since Kennedy is under the control of worldwide Oligarchs?

  3. Getting back on track and just for the record im not saying that the writer of V intentionally presented nuances to Obama, all im saying is that there are too many coincidences to justify overlooking such nuances.
    Hell the final scenes in Star Wars revenge of the Sith where The Emperor is flanked by two cronies and was speaking about the future of the republic reminded me of Bush jr and his “take no prisoners” style of politics. Not sure if that was intentional though.

    The current V differs in a way that no one has mentioned so far: in the original the aliens showed up in full military uniform, the writers did this to portray the NAZIs or even the Russians as they would have appeared in their occupation of new territories. We the viewer know from the beginning that something is wrong with them, and the people of Earth were unsettled by just how many there were of them.
    in the new V, the aliens show up wearing pastel colors, give tours of their elegant ships, speak of peace in mantra like fashions and each one of them appeals to the superficial nature of man in that theyre all physically attractive. They resemble intergalactic hippies more than the military styled aliens we saw in the original.
    Also, in the original “John” was the main voice and the leader of the Visitors, wheras in the new V “Anna” is the sole FEMALE leader thus far. A Woman being in charge of an entire species would naturally disarm the apprehension of many people on Earth, who would consider them enlightened. This is a parallel to Obama’s election, being that he became the first openly black President who signaled a political enlightenment few had considerd possible (especially Blacks) and has led to the rest of the world seeing us in a new light, at least when it comes to race issues.

    And as far as the “tv ships” that the aliens fly around in, no one has discussed the possibility that the aliens might be trying to offer the people of Earth access to intergalactic cable for free. I dont know about any of you but the idea of watchin ultimate alien fighting or the plalien (playboy:) channel is kind of appealing lol

  4. @Daniel

    Uh, he was a liberal everything-speaking, lol. He downsized the military, he passed gun laws, he raised taxes, he basically was a liberal… It’s no wonder he wasn’t reelected, Bush Sr. lost the republican voters. Too bad for him, lol.

  5. @Ken J: Eh i wasnt aware of those details, he was never someone who inspired detailed researching on my part, unlike Reagan. I just know enough of Bush senior to know he basically sucked. as far as Bush junior goes the rotten apple didnt fall far from the rotten tree it seems. I will say that not everything Bush junior did was bad though. Just as not everything Kennedy did was good.

  6. I agree with most of what Alex Jones talks about Daniel.
    Also check out David Icke’s material if you really want to take the red pill,,,

  7. @ Ken J
    Scratch my comment. What i meant to say was im Republican myself but would independantly vote ethier Republican or Democrat, depending on the candidate. Sorry for the confusion because i had a headache yesterday. You dont have answer if you dont want to but what past presidents from both parties did like? And what’s your opinion about Gitmo prison being closed down?

  8. @chrisj

    The only candidate from the dems that I even remotely liked was Joe Liebermann, but that’s only because he’s more of an independent thinker and his party more or less ousted him for that… Go figure…

    I personally am against the closing of “Gitmo.” Especially if that means that some of the suspected terrorists in there would simply be let go… We’ve already found that some of them have gone right back to their previous terrorist activities… Yay…

  9. @ Ken J

    Id say for me i liked Abe Lincoln as Republican and JFK as a Democrat. I agree about Gitmo. People thought Gitmo was rough,lol i heard worse things happen in other prisons, Mexico’s and of-course you never know if those detainees were to get raped here in the states, to me thats even worser than the torture they say that went on. Id these days people have a soft spot for terrorists. I remember the terrorists were considered animals after 9/11 attacks and now people complain if they’re treated that way. Im pretty much the only Republican in my family except my dad would see eye to eye with me on some issues and he’s been known to vote both parties. I liked Joe Lieberman aswell.

  10. @chrisj

    Oh, you meant of all time? I thought you were asking about this last elections only, lol, oops, sorry.

    No offense, but I personally don’t like JFK at all. He has FAR too many ties to the mob for comfort, in fact, it was his ties to the mob that got his brother, Robert Kennedy, which is a Democrat I like, assassinated.

    I don’t care what JFK supporters say, the FACT is, the mob got JFK elected. JFK won against Nixon in IL by a smaller margin than Bush v Gore, yet there was no recounts, no controversy, but that’s only because the Democrat won so all of the media supported it and didn’t try to raise controversy over it. But the issue here is that the only reason why he won by that margin was because the mob went around in buses picking people up off the street and paying them to vote for him. He had VERY close ties with the mob so they helped him.

    Then When he appointed his brother Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, that’s where it all goes south. You see, Robert Kennedy, unlike most of the other Kennedy’s, is not proud of all of their ties to organized crime. A lot of the Kennedy wealth came from bootlegging during prohibition, and their ties to organized crime continued from there. JFK shared a girlfriend with mob boss Sam Giancana for goodness sakes. Anyhow, Robert Kennedy wanted to be more of a real politician and less corrupted by all of the mob influences, so as Attorney General, he waged war against the mob. Under his watch, they cracked down on the mob. Well, obviously they felt back-stabbed by this, and that’s why they assassinated Robert Kennedy and that’s why they recruited Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK, then had Jack Ruby kill Oswald after so he can’t say anything about it. That’s the way they roll, lol.

    And although these two aren’t technically Republicans, if you compare their views to current political parties they will be the most like Republicans, but I’ve always felt that Alexander Hamilton and George Washington are two of America’s greatest Americans. Yes, I know Hamilton was never president, but maybe he should have been, lol.

    But out of Republican presidents, my choice is Ronald Reagan and Dwight D. Eisenhower. I Like Ike! lol

  11. “choices are” lol, sometimes I have brain farts… Ok, it’s more than just sometimes. ;-)

  12. Ken J,,,

    “they assassinated Robert Kennedy and that’s why they recruited Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK,”

    So you believe it was a conspiracy?
    Btw all Presidents have Mob connections. Like both Bush’s Nixon was an outright murderer. Have you heard what’s on those tapes he was caught with,
    Also in todays climate you could call every lobbyist a mob backed crook or hitman.

    Prescott Bushe funded and was an ally to Hitler but let’s look the other way when his son gets shot down in the Big WW2 as he continues on the globalist family bloodline. The bush family makes the Kennedy’s look like Omish settlers…
    Bush family is also directly responsable for the downward spiral called the NWO.

    Rock the vote 2012!

  13. @chrisj

    Man, what a horrible game that was, stupid New England… anyhow…

    My family is kind of a mixed bag. The oldest uncle is Republican, my dad is the 2nd oldest out of my aunts and uncles and he’s Republican, but all of the younger uncles and aunts are liberal. One of the youngest of my uncles is very liberal and he’s the most annoying person I know, lol. I don’t even hassle him about his retarded ass beliefs, but everytime I see him he gives me crap about having guns and having conservative ideals. Man, I don’t even argue with him given that he’s my elder, but he just goes on and on and on, and the stuff he says makes absolutely no sense at all, completely defying logic most of the time. I just want to strangle him, lol. My sister is liberal and even she says he’s annoying as hell, lol.

    But man, Dolphins really need to get some people who know how to catch… *shakes head*

  14. @ Ken J
    You know i forgot about the whole mob thing during JFK’s admin. Scratch him out then. Hmmm for a Democrat id have to look up another one besides Joe Lieberman. I liked Ronald Reagan aswell. My mother is totally liberal outta the family. No matter what you say or what she hears, she’ll refuse to have a open mind on facts. My sister & brother-in law dont vote but said if they did they would be Democrats. My oldest brother is democrat and would hassle me about Obama but of-course i always get him back on how much less Obama has done so far that people give him credit for. He told me not to give up on Obama yet but i recall people were just same way whyen Bush Jr. took office. Its all about being ready to take on the tasks of being the president. And i have a co-worker whos a Obama supporter who thinks im racist because i dont approve of Obama’s policies on issues as i mentioned before. As ever thats a desperate attack towards people like me. As far i noticed, Obama is no different from any other politician he claims to be apart from etc. The next 3 years will tell the rest of the story.

  15. Chrisj, says:
    “The next 3 years will tell the rest of the story.”

    If the senate passes heath care reform and the cap and trade bill, America is over.
    You won’t have to wait three years for that,,, a few months maybe.

  16. @chrisj

    That whole racism excuse is a cop out, he can’t disprove the reasons you have for opposing him, so he pulls the race card. Pathetic. Ad Hominem is about the most obvious of the logical fallacies people tend to make when they are backed into a corner in an argument. It’s funny when that’s their FIRST response, that just shows they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

    But what I never understand is this whole misconception that Democrats are for minorities while Republicans are racist white people… Why, because Democrats support welfare? So are they saying that all minorities are poor? Because other than welfare, there’s really nothing in the Democrat agenda that even mentions race. While the Republican party was basically formed as an anti-slavery party. They both freed the slaves and allowed minorities to vote via the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which 80% of Republicans backed and 50% of Democrats opposed. Note that the bill needed 2/3 of the vote to pass, so if it were up to the Democrats alone, it wouldn’t have passed while if it were up to the Republicans it would.

    Also, under the Bush administration, we had the very first African-American woman as Secretary of State and the first asian woman on the president’s cabinet. Of course nobody recognized this.

    I’m a minority, and I feel like Republicans are far more fair to everyone. I think things like Affirmative Action is an insult to minorities saying they cannot earn scholarships and get hired by their merit alone. When I graduated from Highschool, I didn’t apply for a single scholarship where race, religion, or gender plays any part in their decision-making process. I only went for those that were merit based, and I got more money than I needed, so not only was my college brainwashing, eh hem, education, free, but I got a check in the mail for the difference every semester.

    Nothing is worth squat unless you’ve earned it in my opinion. :-)

  17. democrats and republicans, are two wings on the same bird,,,

    The Democratic wing likes wealth transfer, taxes and assaults on commercial liberties.
    The Republican wing likes deficits, war, and assaults of civil liberties.

    Both like power and neither is interested in your freedoms…

  18. @790: actually deficits (increased thanks to stimulus bill) wars (Obama has yet to pull all the troops out as he promised) and assaults on civil liberties (like gun ownership) seem to be things the left is fond of as well.

    Also, about Fox news, i think the fact that most of the other media outlets hate them with a passion is a good indicator that there are some people on there who are about telling it like it is. ACORN was broken on Fox news first. Im not saying they’re perfect but as far as news reporting go they get it right (no pun intended) more often than not.

    Im a believer in a few conspiracy theories, and im actually privy to a few you may never have heard of (hee hee) but i dont believe in every conspiracy theory out there. I think some of those are deliberately put out there by people who want to throw others off the real trail of truth. I agree with Alex Jones about the NWO but as far as 911 being caused by the US? Uhhh no.

  19. @790: You forgot to mention that the upcoming United Nations Climate change conference will likely have even WORSE consequences for the US than cap and trade or the healthcare bill. The reason is, Obama will likely sell us out to the global eco-militants who’d want us each time we fart in public (dont laugh its going to happen) because we’re adding to Co2 emissions which are causing global warming. Never mind the fact that global warming is a liberal hoax concocted by the eco militants and proselytized to the masses by con men like Al gore in order to put a cap on the US’ productive potentional and allow 3rd world countries to have a “fair chance” at becoming superpowers like us.

    @Ken J:
    Your conservative views and mine seem to be synonymous, especially in regards to Reagan:) (thumbs up)

  20. …to pay a penalty…

    Forgot to add that sentence in my previous post.

  21. @Daniel

    I’d hate to sound like a right-wing nut trying to disprove the whole global warming thing. But I tend to like to do the research myself instead of just getting my info from TV. And while from what I’ve read, global warming is a fact, it’s definitely warming up, but the cause of it is what I have found to be conflicting.

    One study I read was not even related to global warming. A research team was doing core samples in the antarctic and happened to find a correlation between concentrations of a certain type of gas in the ice and the global average temperature. They found that throughout known history, every increase in the level of this gas correlated with the known increases of the global average temperature. And all the decreases in amount of this gas correlated with known decreases with the average global temperature. So they found that this is a pretty accurate way to see a sort of “log book” of the global temperatures dating back tens of thousands of years. What they found by measuring this gas going back thousands and thousands of years is that the earth goes through cooling and warming phases, almost like clockwork. And strangely enough, our current warming period is exactly on schedule with every other warming period the earth has gone through in the past…

    This doesn’t at all determine the cause, but it does put into question whether this global warming is due to human activity or just part of the earth’s natural phases. Now remember, this isn’t a bunch of right-wing nutjobs going to the south pole to disprove global warming. They were simply taking core samples of the ice to study any changes in composition in the ice going back in time. This correlation just happened to show. Of course, you won’t find any article on this in any of the liberal media. And to further prove this doesn’t have some secret agenda, this study was found and released YEARS ago. Before this whole “go green” craze.

    A study that I didn’t see myself (I will look it up when I get home), my friend saw it and was telling me about it, but he said (sorry for the hearsay…) that this study actually found that conventional thinking that CO2 in the atmosphere traps heat is actually not correct. That on a large scale like our atmosphere, the CO2 actually facilitates in letting in heat as well as letting that heat escape… So it actually balances itself out.

    I’ve looked into different theories to explain the earth’s cooling and warming periods (also not related to the current global warming, but studies done to explain our known mini-ice age and the warming that came afterward) and found two studies that were pretty interesting.

    One found a correlation between sun spot activity and the fluctuating temperatures, suggesting that our climate changes during that time and during all of our cooling and warming periods in the past are due to the sun emitting more or less solar radiation.

    Another theorized that the culprit was the ocean’s currents. There is a “conveyor” in the Atlantic that brings warm waters from the equator up north. They say this is powered by the salinity of the waters. How they explained it is that as the earth cools, more water freezes and the water’s salt content increases, so that current gets stronger. As that current gets stronger, it spreads the heat out further increasing the average global temperature (global warming). But as a result of this warming, the polar ice caps start melting, releasing large amounts of fresh water into the oceans, decreasing the ocean’s salinity, which makes this current get weaker until it eventually stops, then the earth cools again (global cooling), and as a result of the cooling, water freezes again in the poles, and the ocean’s salinity increases, starting up the current. And so the cycle goes…

    The ocean theory is fascinating, but both theories I’ve found are about equal in merit, especially seeing as how solar activity has been on the rise during our current waming period, which gives credibility to the solar activity theory… It could be a combination of both.

    Or, according to the television, it’s all human activity that’s changing the earth’s climate. I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of research in this, and almost all of the ones supporting the popular humans are causing global warming theory simply states the generally accepted theory that more CO2 = higher temperatures but don’t really show any real research that proves this. So I’m not sure how much weight those “studies” have…

    Don’t get me wrong, if I see an actual study looking into the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from humans correlating to increased average global temperatures, I’ll definitely not disregard that. But seriously, do a search, all you ever find on that are these general middle-school level science lessong about how CO2 causes increased heat. No actual data, just that “statement of fact.” I personally wouldn’t mind that “statement of fact” backed up by real data…

  22. “Global warming” is directly caused by solar activity.

    The facts are being ignored.

    The Co2 tax and the Green agenda are scams.
    You can trace the Sun Spot activity and correlate it to Earths climate changes.

    All this date is covered on David Icke’s latest presentation.

  23. Well, you don’t exactly need this David Icke to tell you that, the data is there for you to find it for yourself… It’s not hidden or suppressed, it’s just not reported by the mass media, as usual… Nothing new about that…

  24. Well we all get our information from different sources.

    You should watch one of his presentations on dvd if you get a chance Ken it will change your perspective on reality…

  25. @ Ken J
    I remember people talkin trash about Rice during bush’s Terms, especially how rude it was to interupt her talkin during the 9/11 commission report hearings. And i remember reading years ago that alot of the atrocities against blacks in the south were done by democrats. Even by local enforcement officers. One of the main conspiracy theories that gets me till this day was people believed 9/11 was done by Bush admin. and not by al-quada. I even had that same co-worker believe the pentagon was hit by a missile and no plane,lol. and they deny what caused the towers to collapse. Ive always said if they want to point fingers at Bush Admin. then they should do the same to the Clinton Admin. since the 1993 WTC attack was on his watch but they excuse that with clinton not being in office for very long etc. it was the same with Bush etc etc. and if the terrorists succeeded the first time, more people would of died cause they were counton on one tower to fall alongside the other. There’s two liberals i despise- Jane Fonda & college Prof. Ward Churchill. Wish i could tell more but time for me to go to work.

  26. The 911 commission was a joke. Condi Rice is complicit in a huge conspriacy.

    Couple questions maybe you can answer them Chrisj (when you get off work)

    Building 7 ??? Howd that fall down in its own footprint. No planes struck that building however it was full of FBI and CIA documents. Hmm?

    How come the first responders were told that the air was safe to breath during the cleanup?
    Keep in mind these first responders are now all dying because of lung related issues.
    Are you aware that the 911 truth movement was started by first responders, Firefighters, police EMT’s that were there and don’t believe the official story? Mainly because they all heard and witnessed the charges going off in the Towers.

    Also if a 747 jet crashed into the Pentagon why were 0 747 plane parts found at the scene and just a small hole in the side.

    Are you aware that a federal commission was investigating The Secretary of Defenses involvement in Billions of black budget funds that were missing.

    Oh btw the investigation was canceled after 911 as all the investigators were killed at the Pentagon during the attack. Ironically the “plane” struck the very offices that contained those files,,, ironic?

    Why did the CIA confiscate all video footage of the “plane” hitting the pentagon? What’s to hide???

    Ironic how on the same day a Defense Dept, JTF (joint task force) drill was going on. This prevented NORAD from getting jets off the ground to take off after the planes that were reported hijacked for more than 45min.

    Why was bush not taken aboard Air Force One the second they knew of an attack. This is standard operating procedure?

    And lastly why were the Bin Laden family wisked out of the country within 24 hours of the attack under executive orders from bush?

    I could go on and on,,,

  27. @790

    Then you’re just saying one source of information is misinformation then trusting another source of information. How is that any different? Either way you’re letting someone else tell you how it is. You think you’re being an individual because your source of information is less mainstream, but in my opinion that’s just being a “non-conformist” by conforming to another set of ideals.

    I watch the news, most of it is just for entertainment, if there’s anything of substance that I actually care to know more about, I do my own research, I don’t rely on anyone to tell me what’s going on in the world today… Who knows, the guy you’re talking about could be 100% right and accurate, but I’d rather not put my trust into any one person/website/network/etc. That’s just me, not saying anything against or judging how you or other people get their information. :-)


    Those 9/11 conspiracies make me angry but they are actually quite hilarious if you don’t consider all of the people they are disrespecting with them.

    And the thing about this is that normally conspiracies come out of a lack of information. But in this case, those individuals spreading the conspiracy theories through websites and videos like those seen on youtube are INTENTIONALLY misleading people, and this has been PROVEN.

    1. “The planes that hit the towers were not planes, they had no windows and there were “pods” attached to them.” And their “proof” of this are a bunch of really low quality pictures that show only a silouhette of the airplanes so they appear all dark or black…

    PROOF that they are INTENTIONALLY misleading people: There are PLENTY of high quality photos of the planes approaching and hitting the towers that CLEARLY show that they were passenger aircraft, windows and all, and those “pods” in the low quality photos are the farrings that all of those types of planes have that house the rear landing gears… Also, there are plenty of photos of wreckage from the planes including a large section from the side of the fuselage with the… *gasp* WINDOWS!! At least 8 windows on this large piece of the plane. These photos are readily available and not at all hidden or hard to find, yet these conspiracy theorists insist on sticking to the really low quality backlit photos so they can mislead their viewers.

    2. “The towers were brought down by demolition charges, that’s why they collapsed from the bottom up.” Their “prrof” is of reports of loud explosions prior to the buildings’ collapse and these “jets” of debris spewing SLOWLY out the sides while the building was collapsing…

    PROOF that they INTENTIONALLY are misleading people: While one second they claim the buildings collapsed from the bottom up, they don’t show the video of the towers collapsing while they say this, conveniently. Instad, they go on explaining all of these other things before they finally save the footage of the buildings collapsing for the last part of this section when they talk about the jets of debris. Why? Because the video CLEARLY shows that the building collapsed from the top to bottom with the section above the impact area collapsing down in one piece on top of the rest of the building. We’ve all seen it a million times, we all know they didn’t pancake from the bottom up… They are hoping that them simply SAYING that they collapsed from the bottom up will have an effect and that you would forget to look for that detail in the video afterward since they are making you focus on those “jets” of debris… And about those jets, they are slowly spewing out as if being pushed out by air movement (probably from the floors collapsing MAYBE??). Yet they are trying to make you believe that these are the same jets of debris you see in buildings being brought down by controlled explosives, except those jets of debris EXPLODE out and are gone once the explosion is done, they don’t slowly spew out!!

    And do these idiots think that none of us have watched any documentaries on how much prep work is required to bring down a building by controlled explosives??? Ok, actually, they’re right, most people haven’t, but I have seen plenty… There’s absolutely NO WAY this prep work could have occurred and nobody working in the offices in the towers wouldn’t have noticed that ALL OF THE CONCRETE HAS BEEN BROKEN OFF TO EXPOSE THE STEEL WEIGHT BEARING STRUCTURE UNDERNEATH AND THE SHAPED CHARGES PLACED DIRECTLY ONTO THEM!!!! Because that’s what’s required!! Not to mention, the amount of man power that would have required to pull off, there’s absolutely no way they could have found that many people who had that specific skill set that would be willing to blow up a building full of people and wouldn’t come forth to say something. So where are all of these demolitions people coming forth to tell Channel 6 that they were hired to blow up the WTC towers???

    And if you’re asking, what about those explosions prior to the collapses? Um, they actually have video footage and photos of this, THEY WERE THE ELEVATORS falling down after the cables holding them up were cut or melted through…

    And to further the point of them collapsing from the top to bottom, just ask the survivors who survived in the stairwell on the 4th floor, they clearly state that they can hear the building coming down FROM ON TOP OF THEM. Not that their floor started pancaking down before the rest of the building…

    3. “A missile hit the pentagon!” And their “proof” is like 2 or 3 witnesses that said that it “sounded like a missile.” AS IF THESE IDIOTS KNEW WHAT A MISSILE SOUNDED LIKE!! And along with that, they show a photo of a fairly clean round hold in one of the inner layers of the Pentagon, stating that the aluminum fuselage of a passenger aircraft could never punch a hole that clean…

    PROOF that they INTENTIONALLY are misleading the people: That photo they show of the hole is conveniently cropped to exclude a vital detail. The full photo shows that same hole, and THE FRONT LANDING GEAR from the aircraft, which is what punched that hole. So they’re right that the aluminum fuselage didn’t punch that hole, but they then INTENTIONALLY take a photo and crop it so that it is very misleading. This PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that they did not come up with these conspiracies due to lack of information but that they are intentionally trying to mislead the public for their own twisted agenda.

    4. “The Air Force shot down United Flight 93!” And their “proof” is a “white plane” flying over the area after the plane goes down…

    PROOF that they are INTENTIONALLY misleading the people: Come on, are we in 1942? This is 2009, where we can shoot down aircraft from miles and miles away… if we really wanted to shoot down a plane and be discreet about it, we would have done it and no way anyone would have seen a thing. Not to mention, the Air Force, the Pentagon, and everyone in the White House has OPENLY admitted that the go ahead to shoot down the plane was given, and if given the opportunity, they would have and have no reason to deny it. They simply didn’t get the opportunity before the plane crashed on its own. And it’s true, there’s no reason for them to deny it, the plane was a threat to a much larger number of people. Shooting it down would have been the logical and the right thing to do. Nobody ever tried to deny it or to pretend like they didn’t want to. Why deny they did it then claim they were going to anyhow if they did it?? Why not simply say they did it? Makes absolutely no sense. There is no shame or guilt behind doing so… But the biggest issue here is that they wouldn’t have been that close to the aircraft if they had shot it down. It’s not like they need to use their wing mounted .50 machine guns at close range, again, we’re not in the 1940′s… Heck, by Vietnam we already had the capability to shoot down planes from miles away…

    Oh, they are going to say “oh, that was the CIA looking to make sure the plane was down!” Yah, like we don’t have satellites that could have done that without being so obvious to anyone in the area…

    Seriously now, not all of “conspiracy theories” are fake obviously, the only thing that makes them conspiracies is that something is planned and organized by a group of people with a desired goal or an end. There are plenty of real ones. The issue here is when certain individuals prey on those who desire order and meaning to everything and make up these fake conspiracies just to draw attention or maybe for some other purpose… Just like any other source of information, some things are true, some things are misrepresented, some things are flat-out lies. Whether that be a big news media outlet, radio talk shows, conspiracy websites, blogs, pirate radio, etc… All pick and choose what they want to report based on the overall message they want to convey… Can’t really trust any one of them. The only way to get a more complete and accurate picture of what’s going on is to either just look into things yourself, but if you’re too lazy for that, just get your news from a lot of different sources and compare them to each other to see what is the same, different, or whatever.

    Unfortunately for the country, the mainstream media is so skewed. That’s why Fox News has so many viewers, because it’s like the ONLY conservative news source on tv, lol. So just about ALL of the more conservative people watch that one station while the liberals are spread out between all of the other stations like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and written news like LA Times, NY Times… Conservatives have Foxnews on tv and Wall Street Journal in writing, lol. That’s it! :-D

  28. First Ken I wasn’t saying that I get all my info from one source, but that’s fine whatever,,,

    Here’s a few questions maybe you can answer for me,
    Why did WTC 7 fall?
    Why does the government refuse to show footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon?

    How do you make a cell ph call from 20.000 ft?

    And how exactly do you take a 747 off course when those planes are locked into their flight course through ground controlled computers?

  29. Oh here we go. Why don’t you answer any of the things I brought up? And how can you say flights are locked from the ground when we JUST had a Northwest airlines flight overshoot the airport because the pilots were distracted… You KNOW they are not controlled from the ground, yet you still make these statements… I’m sure the source you got that from knows this fact as well, sounds like someone misled you buddy, sorry to say… The autopilot maintains altitude and heading and you can program in waypoints, but it’s all done from within the cockpit. Take offs and landing are guided by instruments but are done manually. Otherwise, we won’t need any pilots and there will be 0 airplane crashes if it was all computer controlled like you say it is…

    I don’t even need to mention that I actually personally know several pilots and they can tell you right now that the flight paths are not “locked into their flight course” from the ground like you just said. Ridiculous. But go ahead and keep listening to that stuff, fine by me…