Is ABC’s ‘V’ About Obama?

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abc v obama4 Is ABCs V About Obama?

The original V series that aired back in the 80s was basically about the threat of Communism and Soviet Russia, so I anticipated that ABC’s remake would have some sort of political undertone as well. What suprised me in the pilot was the apparent target of the show’s political undertone: President Barack Obama.

The episode opens with the standard TV pilot mechanism of briefly showing us a a minute or so of each of the characters we’ll come to know over the course of the series. We have the handsome newscaster who is not taken seriously and wants to get ahead, the single mom FBI agent, a priest and a man with an obviously shadowy background trying to make a fresh start in life.

Soon enough huge spaceships appear over major cities in a scene reminiscent of Independence Day (the writers are quite aware of this, actually pointing it out on the show itself). The ships turn into mega big screen TVs in order to deliver a soothing message by series star Morena Baccarin, who plays alien visitor Anna. She says they are overjoyed to find life on another world – and that they never expected they would find any (then why build a massive video/PA system in to the exterior of your starship?).

They come promoting goodness, peace and light – they’re here to help us with their technology, including setting up healing centers where they can easily cure over 60 incurable diseases. The world is “hurting” according to one of the characters, so it seems the vast majority of the population accepts them on their word without much questioning at all. There are small protests breaking out everywhere, but those folks are looked at as rabble rousers who need to get with the program.

The aliens are all good looking and about hope and change (their words, not mine) and interestingly when reporters begin to ask hard questions upon Anna’s arrival, the newscaster mentioned above accuses them of being rude(!). Later Anna decides that she wants him to be their PR conduit and he is taken aback when prior to their first interview (which could skyrocket his career and fame) she instructs him that he is not to ask any questions that could show the Visitors in a bad light. He balks, but acquieses – and she rubs his nose in it by saying (when the cameras are rolling) that he should feel free to ask anything he likes, they are an open book.

During the interview the phrase “universal health care” is actually used in describing what they are offering and why they should be accepted.

There’s an underground group that knows what the Visitors are up to, but they are looked upon as nutjobs and terrorists even though they are in the right and know what the Visitors are really up to.

Interestingly there is a priest on the show who is skeptical of the Vistors’ intentions despite the Vatican quickly coming to the assessment that the Visitors are good – and he worries about happiness about the Visitors’ arrival turning into devotion and worship.

I’m sure that those who don’t like what the current administration is doing will see a clear connection and those who agree with what Obama is trying to accomplish will either laugh off any such connection as ridiculous or will read more nuanced meaning into the show to demonstrate it actually supports this administration.

What do YOU think?

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  1. I can see it. And I hope this new series can generate enough controversy to make Americans at least think about it. I couldn’t help but think the entire time that the Visitors share a lot of similarities with the Obama Administration. Especially as soon as “universal health care” was mentioned. Its uncanny. And neccessary. If tv is what it’ll take to open up ignorant citizen’s eyes then I welcome it with open arms.

  2. Have you read about Obama supposedly announcing that aliens exist this month? Pretty funny, this post made me laugh because I just learned about that hoax thing. Look it up on Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I SO wish it were real :[. As for this show, it seemed way obvious that the visitors were deceiving the people. Like over the top, in your face, obvious.. so I don’t get why they tried to play it up like some big reveal. The premise doesn’t seem that interesting to me.. yeah, aliens are really cool, but finding out what they really want doesn’t intrigue me that much.

  3. @Akamu

    Maybe they thought it wouldn’t do any good to mask the Visitors’ intentions since it’s known from the original series – that or there had to be some conflict on the show and where else could it come from?

    Of course the best benevolent aliens are really bad story ever written is “To Serve Man.” :-)


  4. bad story? it’s a campbellian era classic! egads man!

  5. LOL Vic, remember we made this observation from the trailers before, haha.

    Well, if ABC catches wind of this, they will probably force them to change the ending so that the aliens will actually be the good guys and all those who oppose them are evil, lol.

    But actually, a lot of the media outlets that used to support Obama has been turning on him ever since he has “waged war” with Fox News even attempting to exclude them specifically from interviewing members of his cabinet. They recognize censorship when they see it…

  6. I think what vic was saying is:

    Of course the best “benevolent aliens are really bad” story ever written is β€œTo Serve Man.” — He wasn’t saying, it was a bad story, he was saying the “aliens are acting good when they are really bad”, story.

    As bad as my own grammar is, it’s easy for me to spot missing punctuation. :D

  7. Except for the phrases “hope”, “change” and “Universal Health Care” being said in it. You could say it takes just as much influence from the Bush administration, with the Visitors not wanting to be shown in a bad light and what have you.

  8. This is more than a sci fi show,,, (IMO)

    Crazy times eh?
    I don’t think I’ve seen such a heavy message embedded into a tv show before. This is Disney folks. They are manipulators…

  9. If it is “about” Obama, I think it’s only insofar as we should ALL resist blind devotion to any one person or ideology without rational inquiry. No matter how much you support what you know of them/it, you should still be able to ask questions.

    I definitely don’t think it’s anti-Obama any more than Obama himself is anti-Obama by hiring people for his cabinet who’ll voice their opposition.

  10. “Dawn of a New Day,,,”

    Any of you obama supporters remember that line. He only used it all the way through his campaign…

    No there’s more going on behind the curtain on this one. (IMO)
    Where’s Toto?

  11. @Mihovil if you can see that as a parallel to the Bush Administration but can not admit to it’s mirroring of the Obama administration, you’re either politically blind or in total denial.

    While every Admin attempts to control the media in their own favor to one degree or another, the current Admin has done such an impeccable job of it that JFK and Reagan would be envious.

  12. The premise is about blind devotion.
    Look how many people went to the kool-aid trough of Bush. Look how many are doing the same thing with this administration. Look how many are following the leads of televangelist and preachers and muslim clerics and the pope.
    Its about the human condition of grasping at hope and the holly grail of a lasting peace.
    It’s not about any one idea, its about them all.

    If you follow blindly into anything without question? Your screwed.

  13. We have had SO many movies and television shows take shots at the previous administration. Literally hundreds. Isn’t it fair to now take shots at the current one? I don’t mind at all if the entertainment industry wants to mock/criticize/spoof our government and politicians…as long as they have both political parties be fair game.

  14. Vic, I’ve only seen the trailers for this so far, but your line “…they are overjoyed to find life on another world – and that they never expected they would find any (then why build a massive video/PA system in to the exterior of your starship?).” is a VERY good point! The visitors are lucky they didn’t land on Vulcan: that logical lot would have rumbled them in seconds flat.

    Maybe they just like putting on in-flight stadium concerts, or Invasion Fleet Miss Lizard contests?

  15. @pirateden

    Sorry, you misinterpreted my comment, I was praising “To Serve Man” big time. :)


  16. maybe all the ships were designed with PA systems as standard equipment- for potential use on their home planet, or other planets they’ve visited or intended to visit.

  17. I don’t know what do you people have against universal health care? Some of the best countries to live in have it, and it has nothing to do with communism or political threats of any kind (a lot of EU countries, Scandinavia, Canada,…).
    It almost seems that you prefer to live in competitive system, where only small percentage of people can afford quality health care. And look for the stats: USA are on 26th place in the world when comparing health care quality (World Health Organization). Not only that, but universal health care could help bring down some strong and influential pharmaceutical monopoly.
    So, I think many of you need some good info before talking about subject such as this. And don’t let your political attitude blur your ability for making critical judgments.

  18. Well, it’s like you said at the top of your post. The original “V” that aired back in the 80s was modeled after the threat of Communism and Soviet Russia. The same could be said for how communism and socialist Germany was modeled in the Star Wars films. The modern remake of “V” is only following in it’s predecessor’s footsteps. I’m sure no similarity between the visitors of “V” and Barack Obama was intended. It’s not ABC’s fault that the socialist tactics seen in the new pilot to “V” is similar to the socialist tactics seen in our current administration and congress.

  19. I caught that too. The moment “Universal Health care” was mentioned my jaw dropped, and i actually thought “this reminds of Obama’s schtick. Also, the whole “we are about peace always” propaganda sounds very much like the tripe Obama has been peddling since his campaigning days. When i first heard about V i was skeptical they could reinvent the wheel when it came to the premise of the original series but now i actually think they call pull it off. The show is very well written, the Fx are astounding (for tv) and the little subtle references to America’s worst liberal president since Jimmy Carter were an unexpected bonus as well. I just hope this show doesnt go the way of that other brilliant one that got cancelled not so long ago: Terminator: The sarah connor chronicles. Good programs dont tend to last very long in this age of gratuitous booty shots and unnecessary violence.

  20. I really was very disappointed with the new series compared to the original. IMHO, the new series is just a tool used to push a political message that press against the current administration. In the pilot they address the following: the “V” are like gods to hopeless people that want change and globe peace, that the V could help with the horrible economy with new technology, that the V want to provide Universal Healthcare, how the V had info-traded the goverment and run major parts of it, and that the Tea-party leaded Sarah Palin and Rush Limbow need to ‘take back’ the country and that Obama is a V and they are controlling globe warming, LMAO!!! That last part was for fun…but honestly, if you can’t see how this series is so very Anti-Obama then your just not into politics or are in serious denial. Bet the series in 2010,LOL.

  21. btw “Economist” the universal healthcare that you seem to love so much isnt as sound as you make it out to be. In Canada you can literally die from the wait that is sometimes required when attempting to get an operation done. I havent done any info on Scandinavia but im sure the taxes there are sky high. Somebody has to pick up the tab for the free lunch that is UHC.

  22. “Not only that, but universal health care could help bring down some strong and influential pharmaceutical monopoly.”

    And then all the drugs that these “monopolies” produce in the USA wouldn’t be available to your countries because it wouldn’t be cost effective to do the research and then produce it.

    “So, I think many of you need some good info before talking about subject such as this.”
    Right back at you.
    1. In a poll of doctors 45% said they would leave the profession if UHC happens in the USA. That is the first step in rationing health care.
    2. Is our Health care system perfect? By no means. But the problem is we are in severe need of TORT reform. Trial lawyers are the problem and the ability for people to sue. This raises the cost to each individual because doctors have to perform unnecessary tests for fear of being sued. This raises costs for insurance companies which in turn raise costs for individuals.
    3. Inter-state policies. Right now only certain insurance agencies can do business in certain states. This cuts down on competition between insurance companies and keeps costs higher.

  23. You do know this show is exactly like the original mini series that came out about 20 years ago, yes?

    I think a comparison such as this is a sad desperate attempt to demonize a good leader. The religious and republican right will use any negative attack they can get their hands on to try and defeat Obama. The stupid thing is – wake up- HE WON, he is YOUR leader, so by attacking him, you are only trying to defeat your own country. Smooth and brilliant rolled all into one.

  24. “The religious and republican right will use any negative attack they can get their hands on to try and defeat Obama.”
    Yes. And it so happens most, if not all. the “attacks” on his policies are true statements.

    “The stupid thing is – wake up- HE WON, he is YOUR leader, so by attacking him, you are only trying to defeat your own country.”
    Wrong. I am trying to save our country.

    “Smooth and brilliant rolled all into one.”
    Thank you.

  25. @vic

    mustave been my bad for missing the word play ;-) but I did finally get to use the word egad in a post and that’s always a good thing.

  26. @The Economist

    “Not only that, but universal health care could help bring down some strong and influential pharmaceutical monopoly.”

    LOL, yes, let’s “bring down” pharma companies – then life saving drugs can be manufactured by forest fairies.

    @Patty Anne

    And the left uses smear tactics and name calling whenever ever someone has an opposing opinion – instead of debating the items being raised.


  27. @Patty Ann

    Oh, and how good were people at “dealing with it” during the previous administration? REAL good. 8)


  28. People are saying this but, I don’t see it. Just because a show is topical, current and uses buzz words, doesn’t make it a political agenda about someone.

    Everyone has an opinion these days and speculation reigns.

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