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v logo 00 ABCs V: The Series Trailer

When I first heard about ABC’s new take on the classic Sci-Fi invasion series called V, I thought to myself, “that would be great.”  My initial response response was to hope they would at least tread water with this show and give the Sci-Fi genre a decent foot hold in the ratings.

After watching the trailer for ABC’s V, I’m thinking it should do OK.  Well, I hope better than OK, but I hold myself in reservation when it comes to how ratings pan out for good sci-fi.

The trailer at first reminded me of Independence Day as the massive alien ships come hovering into view over a multitude of cities.  Things shaking, people getting scared. Then we’re shown that the alien visitors are here to help humanity but there are detractors in the human race as some seem to find out some details that most don’t know.

As the trailer progresses, we see glimpses of the dirty secret that is bound to develop.

v 00 ABCs V: The Series Trailer

It’s a very well done trailer and I see interesting parallels with Battlestar Galactica.

There appears to be a strong undertone of faith and devotion, which becomes a key factor as humanity seems to be bestowing devotion upon the hope that the aliens bring. We also see strong family ties demonstrated, and then there’s the initial blanket of hope that slowly recedes as we get a slow, ever creeping sense of impending doom.

Dang, the trailer itself is a great stand-alone mini episode!

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing a few of the cast members as they get a chance to step out of the shadows of their previous roles and add some more shine to their acting resume.

Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Stargate SG-1) will be playing a visitor who is the front face for the aliens, named Anna.  It will be very nice to see her – Even if she’s an alien.

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  1. oh nooooooo! what the hell why remake a classic mini series? it doesnt need to be remade and this looks like a piecse of s*** compared to the orginal thw characters look so uninteresting and weres the red outfits the aliens wear? what a pile, never beat the classic V series!

  2. Remember not to sugar coat your opinion…lol

  3. Wow, nice boob shot on Laura Vandervoort. Way to stay classy, ABC.

  4. It looks fine and I will watch it.

  5. I’m sensing a subtle tone unhappy in some…

    Me, I will give it a chance. See how of if it pans out. I said similar things about BSG when I saw it was being remade.

    In fact, I’m still paying the price… I have yet to see one episode… the fracking t2-hour opener.

  6. Honestly, I’m really jazzed by what I see here. I like the angles they’re taking in the storyline. The religious angle is one the original series/mini-series never really tackled, not as a major plotline, but that makes perfect sense to me. I think the biggest challenge will be keeping the first few episodes interesting without giving away too much too quickly.

    I’ve been kind of on the fence about this remake, but now, I’m starting to get excited about it. This might surprise a lot of folks.

    My wife and I also saw the “shades” of Independence Day in the opening, but to be fair, “V” really did the whole alien ships over major cities thing long before Independence Day did.

  7. My first reaction when I heard about this was “How can they keep it a surprise when we all know the ending already?” That being said, it does look like a different angle on the same story. I will check it out and hope that it doesn’t completely trash the first series. I do wonder, though, how ABC got the rights to “V” when I believe NBC first aired it?

  8. While I’m looking forward to any new adventures in the “V” universe, I was slightly saddened to learn this is more of a reboot from Kenneth Johnsons original epic. Still, I will give this an open minded chance and hope for the best.

    Watching the trailer, I get the feeling of some sort of parallel universe with the original V, Anna instead of Diana and the priest reminds me of Marc Singers character Donovan.

  9. That would be cool if they treat this like they did with BSG,,,

    Hey it sounds better then So you think U can Dance, Survivor, American Idol, Americas got Talent, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, The Apprentice, CSI (your town here), Hells Kitchen, and lastly, I’m a Celebrity get me out of Here, starring Eric Estrada !!!

  10. Hey hey hey – Leave CSI out of that list!! Not fair.

  11. Lol, Bruce,,, there’s plenty of Cities and Who songs to choose from…

  12. Wow, that looks great actually, I heard a rumor about this but had no idea it was this far along already, I liked V alot when I was a kid but I was so young I didnt really get it other then it was a freaky show, I think it could be pretty awesome, plus 2 people from Firefly are in it?! Count me in!

  13. i hope this doesnt ruin kenneth johnsons chance of getting his V movies done.

  14. I was skeptical at first, but that preview looks pretty good. I’m gonna watch it.

  15. Looks fun to me. I’ll be watching. I can’t really remember all of what happened in the original two mini series and the tv show. It got pretty weird though when they had an alien kid or something that was supposed to save the world or some such. Had powers? I volunteer to make an alien baby with the woman playing the character Lisa though. We’ll have to name it “Humpty Dumpty” though lol. I’m sort of a redneck like that hehe.

  16. Yeah, I think it looks interesting as well. I also do not remember the outcome of the series (seems it just… ended with no resolution that I remember, course I was young and they might have simply changed nights on me or something).

    And I’m with the ’2 Firefly actors? YES!’ bandwagon ;)

  17. Yeah I don’t remember how the show ended either?

    Anyone remember that?

  18. I’ll give a brief history of the relevant parts to V…I’ll try and keep spoilers to a minimum.

    The Original Mini-Series was created and directed by Kenneth Johnson. At the end of this series, the resistance group sent a radio transmission into space hoping to reach the Visitors enemies. (This plot is explored further in the book “V the Second Generation” by Kenneth Johnson.)

    Following the Original Mini-series, V the Final Battle was offered up but had a different creative team behind it. The Final Battle gave us the alien/human hybrid, new characters like Ham (played by Michael Ironside) and a plot to kill the visitors using a red dust developed by earth scientists. The visitor mothership was set to self destruct but the alien/ human hybrid used her “powers” to save the resistance group onboard.

    And last and certainly least was V the telesion show. Kenny Johnson still had no hand in this and the show devolved into a sort of Alien of the Week mentality. It used a lot of the stock footage from both the original mini-series and the final battle to help save on costs. It also left out the visitors trademark voice modulation so they all sounded like regular ol’ humans. The show was cancelled in it’s first season I believe and left many things unresolved.

    that’s how I remember it anyway, but feel free to correct any errors I have committed.

  19. @Sethimus, yeah that sounds about right.
    If I remember the final episode left with the hybrid being born and that was it…

    They could really do some great stuff with this show if they get some good writers on board.

  20. V never held the same level of interest for me as the previous space operas of the same era (Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers), but I remember tuning in just the same. At the time, we didn’t really have too many good SF options, even in reruns. I tend to agree that it could be a solid show — or at least an entertaining one. Back then, one of the problems for the series was the lack of a coherent arc. There was some continuity, but not enough underlying urgency. Plus, not enough of a budget. I remember watching and wondering why the Visitors had to use Jeeps instead of Skyfighters or Squad Vehicles on certain occasions …

  21. @SpaceCowboy1701, yeah but to show actual Reptilion’s impersonating humans is just too close to reality. I mean come on this is right in our face, “They Live” kind of stuff,,, ;-)

  22. @790 – hey, that’s how they roll where I grew up.

    Fighting robots = escapism.

    Fighting alien lizards in human disguises = another day on the playground.


  23. he im a guy who loved the first 2 miniseries for V. I never watched the T.V. show. Should I watch it.

  24. I’d say go for it HUD. TV is getting better, when it’s a good program and the show is handled well.

    But remember, I make no promises!


  25. I think he means the spinoff show that resulted from the series.

    I honestly don’t know Hud, I watched it religiously as a kid and loved it then. But I also loved Wonder Woman. I saw an episode of that after I ‘grew up’ and oh boy.


  26. Ya i ment the tv show from the 80′s

  27. Ah – dang tunnel focus…

  28. Wow! Now this is very interesting! I was a huge fan of the original V series and by the looks of the trailer, I think this re-make will do what the re-imagined BSG did to its respective original show. Can’t wait for this to hit the screens!

    I would just like to add that the final episode of the original series showed the “hybrid” (aka the “Star Child”) was invited by the Visitor’s emperor to visit the homeworld and Kyle or Carl…I can’t remember the character’s name (but he’s supposed to be the boyfriend), stowed-away in the ship that was going to bring her to the Visitor’s planet. Then, that was the end of the series.

  29. Where are the red unifoms? where is the iconic Visitors Symbol? They removed the cool little shuttles? in favor of what? those bean cans with rockets on the end?

    This looks like Fail to me.