FlashForward & ‘V’ Each Lose An Episode

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flashforward logo1 FlashForward & V Each Lose An Episode

With FlashForward and V not doing as well in the ratings as ABC had hyped / hoped for, some were worried about their futures.

Rest assured that ABC is committed to the new shows…  just not fully committed.

As the shows line up to return from their breaks, each show is now less one episode than the original tally of episodes slated to be filmed.   This means that when they return from their mid-season breaks, V will only have 8 new episodes and FlashForward will have 14 episodes.

It’s nice to see that for the moment, ABC is backing their shows.  I can only hope they stick to this plan as March approaches.

What Is Up With Mid-Season Breaks?

It seems to be the in-fashion thing these days to yank shows and install mid-season breaks.  What’s up with that?  Are we going to start getting hit with DVD sales for 2 parts of a season now (a la Battlestar Galactica)?  I’m not sure what I’d do if that were the case.

I feel like I’m getting jerked around by a network that has jumped on this “mid-season finale” bandwagon.

v logo 00 FlashForward & V Each Lose An Episode

If anything, they’re just annoying me and there’s a great possibility I just might find another show to watch in the meantime.  Or catch repeats of other shows I didn’t have time to watch. All of this can be done before the shows on hiatus come back.

But that’s just me.  How do you folks feel about the episode cuts and the mid-season breaks?  Are they just as annoying to you as myself?

Return Dates for FlashForward and V

FlashForward, March 4th. V will be returning to ABC on March 30th.

Source:  Futon Critic

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  1. Hi Bruce – I was interested in your comments about mid-season breaks. From my perspective, they (hopefully) give me a chance to catch up with some of the series’ I’m lagging behind on.

    I like the idea for that reason, but there’s also the issue of the break in the season upsetting the ‘flow’ of the series. DVD sales don’t come into it for me.

  2. Midseason breaks really really stink. For shows like FlashForward that I watch now on my DVR, the lack of new episodes may diminish my interest in the show. Having 6 weeks off from a show really to me doesn’t show any faith in the show. If they only want to do 14 episodes, fine. Do 14 episodes in 4 months, not 8. I can understand taking a week off for Christmas/Thanksgiving, etc., but to artificially put a midseason break in for whatever reason is just stupid.

    As for the DVD sales, Eureka has split the 3rd season into 2 DVD sets. Season 3 so far has been released as 3.0 with 8 episodes, with Season 3.5 to be released in the near future. I hope that this is just because of the writer’s strike last year that caused a delay in writing for the show. I will be upset if all these shows start doing it. It will be the beginning of the end for me buying TV on DVD.

  3. March?! I’ll forget everything that happened in FF by then :(

  4. V was only on the air for 4 stinkin episodes, thats a mid season break? Thats crap.

  5. March?! Seriously, is that a joke?

  6. This crap all started because of the writers strike and it seems the networks aren’t going back to the old ways…

    These days the networks aren’t allowing anytime for these new shows to grow,,, kinda lame.

  7. Hey Gerard, I hear ya, that’s for sure. ABC is putting a legal drama in place of FlashForward during the break.

    Andy S: You are right. There’s more than just BSG and Eureka that’s being split too, but I thought I’d mention the most infamous one that came to my mind.

    Sorry Freemoon, that is not a joke. At least not from my end.

  8. Don’t forget that mid season breaks tend to happen to all major shows. Heroes, Supernatural, Smallville, Castle etc have all stopped until January/February. And these breaks have been happening for years. It’s the reason why 24 and Lost don’t start until after Christmas, the producers decided to avoid the break and not show anything until they could do a full run.

    It really bugs the hell out of me and I would love a reason as to why but I don’t thnk it is just aimed at shows that are performing badly or shows the companies don’t have faith in.

  9. Hey Reaper, I hear ya. For some reason though, this is an excessively longer break than most. Phhfft at the alphabet.

  10. For the record, the BSG seasons were cut in two due to the fact that an average BSG season was 22 to 24 episodes. I was okay with the break. Where I got ticked was when they would sell the half season DVD’s at full season prices. Of course I still bought them, but I didn’t like it!

    As far as FF and V go, I liked both series. FF is compelling and a fresh concept. V is much better than the cheesy, albiet cutting edge for the 80′s version. I’m not happy about the breaks, but I can live with it until they try pushing a $30+ half season DVD set on me.

  11. Mid-season breaks can be bad for some shows that have no loyal fan base. The shows lose their momentum and viewers. And V had 4 episodes before the break??? Hardly enough to get people fully vested in the series.

  12. @Eric-They’re giving more of a chance to Modern Family than they are to Eastwick; they already dropped the axe on the neck of Eastwick.

    My guess is that V joins Pushing Daisies and Eastwick as shows ABC was too chicken to give a decent shot; maybe ABC describes the shows on that network…Always Being Cancelled.

  13. I thought Modern Family stunk. I can’t believe that show is actually popular…same with Cougar Town. Oh well, I’m glad that some people have a show they enjoy to watch. Modern Family reminds me too much of The Office (which I despise) and Arrested Development (which I also despised.) Cougar Town is just plain awful.

  14. Need some suggestings to distract yourself while V and Flashforward are on mid-season breaks? Read the book “Flashforward” and watch the original V miniseries.

  15. V is a terrible show.. why is anyone suprised at the lack of ratings? I mean seriously they have hyped this show beyond belief to the point where u watch it and you scratch your head thinking: ” All this hype for this? “