ABC Cancels FlashForward, Renews ‘V’

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v abc logo ABC Cancels FlashForward, Renews V

ABC has announced a round of cancelations in preparation for their fall line-up, revealing a number of not-so surprising cuts, as well as crowning their pick for sci-fi spiritual successor to LOSTrenewing alien invasion drama V and canceling FlashForward.

Other shows that won’t be receiving another season include Romantically Challenged, as well as Better Off Ted and the near-to-death Scrubs – receiving it’s final deathblow.

It’s a thorough house-cleaning. Obviously,  it’s sad to see a few of the names on this list, though none of them come as a huge surprise. FlashForward was originally expected to carry the LOST audience (after the show takes its final bow on May 23rd) and, though the show started off with a bang, the overly-complicated plot and (mostly) unlikable characters resulted in a ratings free-fall. Despite a number of mid-season rewrites, the series was never able to recover.

flashforward scene ABC Cancels FlashForward, Renews V

Better Off Ted was always an underdog, a mid-season addition that never managed to capture a dependable viewership. Given a better time-slot/marketing campaign, the network could have revitalized Ted - but with a number of fresh ABC comedies gaining critical praise – why would they?

Similarly, Scrubs had been hanging by a thread for sometime, and the Scrubs “interns/college edition” angle failed to connect with viewers. Romantically Challenged, which premiered less than a month ago, seems like an afterthought – following the success of Cougar Town.

Going into the fall, ABC is actually in a good position, continuing to enjoy solid showings from tested drama series such as Grey’s Anatomy and reality programming like Dancing with the Stars – not to mention Modern Family’s injection of fresh comedy gold.

modern family promo shot ABC Cancels FlashForward, Renews V

In addition, the network has picked up seven pilots for the fall line-up:

Drama Series -

No Ordinary Family, starring Michael Chiklis. “A seemingly normal American family one day finds that they have developed superabilities.” Ironic considering the potential fate of a similar concept.

Detroit 187, starring Michael Imperioli. “A documentary crew gives us an insider’s view of the homicide unit, capturing the professional crises, as well as the raw personal heartbreak and heroism of these inner-city cops.”

My Generation. “A documentary crew captured Greenbelt High School’s class of 2000 on film. Now, it’s ten years later and as the former classmates return home.”

The Whole Truth. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. “While victims and defendants wait breathlessly to learn their fate, lawyers are working behind the scenes and in the courtroom, making frantic moves and countermoves of complex legal wrangling to tilt justice in their favor.”

Comedy Series -

Better Together. “Two couples, from two different generations, have very different outlooks on love.”

Mr. Sunshine, starring Matthew Perry. “The middle-aged manager of a mid-level sports arena, some juggles a wide variety of sports and entertainment acts, while handling his erratic boss and apathetic staff.”

No Happy Endings. “For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they’ve split, does this group have the stuff to stay together?”

A number of the shows have a solid premise, but without getting a taste of the execution or tone, it’s too early to say much.

anna v abc ABC Cancels FlashForward, Renews V

As for the sci-fi programming battle of 2010. I’m not going to miss FlashForward but I’m still not entirely sold on V either - it certainly has that “drag you kicking and screaming into the next episode” feel but it’s difficult to imagine how the show can up the ante in the second season without jumping the shark (an all-out invasion).

How do you feel about ABC choosing V over FlashForward? What do you think of the network’s new round of pilots?

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  1. We all knew Flashforward was on its last legs. I thought the show started getting better but it’s too late.

  2. V over FlashForward any day. Its the lesser of two evils, besides V has history during the 80s, and FlashForward is a totally new concept.

  3. I liked FF concept from beginning. Unfortunatly it didn’t have the staying power. I watched 1 episode of V and I stopped didn’t like it 1 bit alot different than the 80s version in my opinion it’s just boring.

  4. ABC seems to be a bit thin on the scifi/fantasy dept ????

    • Agreed – I don’t see No Ordinary Family being anything special… or having any kind of long-term viewership.

      V is obviously sci-fi but can’t imagine it carrying the kind of audience LOST was pulling.

  5. Not surprised in the slightest bout Flash Forward. I’ve been watching it from the beginning, but its just not very good. Could say the same about V tho too, surprised that one wasn’t cancelled.

  6. Sorry man, but I’d take FlashForward. It was doing bad but its starting to pick up. Shame. V sucks anyway.

  7. FF is gone, just when it was getting entertaining. I am always Leary on watching new shows, putting it on my (Season Pass) and then having it cancelled. How many reality shows do we need? Dancing stars, American idiot, I mean idol etc etc. When is this going to pass, and we get back to some good programming. V is good, I watched all of FF, it WAS getting better. Will Caprica make it to season 2? (Doubt it, even though it started slow and is getting good). I wish the suits at ABC could have had the finances to keep them both, but did they make the right decision? Only time will tell.

  8. What a shame FF is gone. I really hope they decide to tell the whole story before they cut it for good. I’ve watched every episode and thought it was fantastic I’m just sorry that people weren’t ready for an inteligent series that makes people think instead of guess. An as for Better of Ted, that was a really good show. Scrubs went off the deep end but was one of the best sitcoms ever made before ABC ran thier second season.

    RIP Flash Forward

    • i agree about ff loved think another network should pick it up it was a great plot if you ask me

  9. You know what.. I am done watching new shows. *$!^ the networks.. I’ve wasted too much time watching shows I’ve enjoyed then seeing them get canceled..

    Drive, Traveler, life as we know it (I was younger), Firefly, etc. etc.

    Flashforward had potential. It really did. I’ve attempted to watch V before and it just seems stupid and cheesy. Flashforward had a good interesting story.

    This is very disappointing news. As me and a lot of people I know have been following this show since the beginning.

    • Man, I used to LOVE Traveler. It really was a good show. When was that, like three years ago?

      • Yeah man I know! That was such an interesting show!! I’ll never know who Will Traveler is now!?! (Besides Pyro in The Last Stand lol).

        It was on I think 2006.

  10. You have got to be kidding! Flash forward was a thousand times better than ‘V’ it’s very disappointing that ABC cancelled it and never gave it a fighting chance. Flash forward was a better substitute for Lost. It had drama, action and an excellent cast and writing. ‘V’ is so predictable. Humans vs lizards… Really??? Who’s going to win the war? FF deserved better. Shame on ABC.

  11. I, for one, am disappointed. I thought Flashforward was quite engaging. And since it is based on an original idea from a very good novel, it had good potential to take viewers to new places. “V”, on the other hand, is just a rehash of an old 80′s show, and there was nothing original about it even then. It’s a sad, lazy, boring concept that will likely die in it’s second season anyway.

    • i like v but ff was my show ithink abc needs to stop cancelling shows and making new ones and give some a chance sounds like a bunch panicky old people work over there ready to just push the button

  12. Great to hear about V coming back. Nothing against FF, but just never got into Lost or FF. This V isn’t actually a reboot of the original series. It’s more like a continuation. Used to watch the original V and saw some of the old episodes not too long ago and didn’t realize how bad the acting and special effects were. Of course the CG technology back then was very minimal for tv shows in the 80′s. Even though I like V, I don’t anticipate it running for too many seasons. ABC, CBS, and NBC don’t have a good track record of having long running Sci-fi series(at least not in the last 20 years.)

  13. They should have canceled both V and Flashforward. And they should have gave Better Off Ted a better chance. That show was hilarious and different from other sitcoms. oh well

  14. I’ve heard a rumor that the lizards in V, are actually Wall Street Bankers that are using some kind of holographic technology to disguise themselves.
    Could just be bs.

  15. well I do have to blame the FF people for mucking this up…I enjoyed the concept, not the execution of the story lines. Stuff like, why is Mark’s wife Olivia so important? How did the CIA know that the FBI would be infiltrated? Why do agents who are marked for death found to be alone time and time again? If the world’s entire fate rests with the development of this investigation, why is there only on FBI field office handling it?

    I can suspend belief once in a while for a good story, but when you got plot holes like these, it makes it extremely difficult to follow along.

    I agree with Sin, it’s tough to get sucked in to these shows these days when the free networks diddle with them on the schedulues, I don’t see my cable stuff being jerked around like this.

    Any word on Castle? i.e. has it been picked up for another season?

    • I really hope Castle gets picked up again. That shows very good. And Fillion definitely deserves a successful series!

  16. “Flashforward” over “V” any day. “Flashforward” was finally starting to get engaging and its a shame that it won’t have another chance. “Better off Ted” in my opinion was the best comedy since “Arrested Development” and it was obvious thatABC didn’t care about by dumping the last 6 episodes of season 1 in the summer without even advertising. They even had a chance of saving it by adding it to their Wednesday comedy line up after Hank got cancelled but instead they just stopped airing episodes of it all together.

    • I completely agree about Better Off Ted – they never gave that show a proper chance. Each episode was clever and not bogged down by the overarching narrative that the Office suffers from these days.

  17. If they cancel Castle I’ll cry.

  18. I would much rather see more of FlashForward than be bombarded YET AGAIN by ANOTHER show with a gay couple. Walt Disney would be outraged. It is getting harder and harder to find a show on these days that doesn’t have people of the same sex kissing or in a relationship. What happened to the right NOT to watch this behavior?

    • Is someone forcing you to watch it? You have a right not to watch it, its called changing the channel and watching something else. Jus cause you’re a homophobe doesn’t mean its not a good show.

  19. Thanks for helping to prove my point. Nothing I said suggests a fear of anything. When someone stands up to the deluge, it’s so easy for you to call them names.

    • What point were you trying to make? Ok sorry for namecalling, but, right not to watch “this behavior”, the deluge of it? If homosexual couples on TV bother you that much, then just calling it as I see it.
      And I’ll say again, no ones forcing you to watch it. Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • That’s the point. The TV networks are so saturated with it that it is hard to find a show where it doesn’t occur.

  20. Flash Foward alot better than V. V is very very boring.

    • Yeah, it’s so good that it’s not returning.

  21. i liked flassword but i knew it would get canceled i mean it cant go on like 20 seasons

  22. The worst part about this was that the Hiatus KILLED Flash Forward!!!!!!

  23. Ehh, I think it was the bad characters and bad writing that killed Flash Forward, tho I still watched it and liked it, but will admit it had problems. For the same reasons, and more, can’t really see why V got renewed, I find every character BUT Anna totally lamee acting.

  24. Man that’s b*ll. They chose V over Flash Forward. Flash Forward was a sick show unlike V which cool but has no elite show potential like FF . Hopefully it gets picked up by NBC which is lacking a sci-fi show especially after they axed Heroes.

  25. I’m pretty bummed about FF. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode. The only hope is that another station decides to pick it up. Syfy could certainly use some quality programs. If the have to budget to make horrible horrible terrible movies they could certainly support FT. Just a thought though.

  26. Post season finale comment;
    At the least now I hope the shows creators/writers could post something to the official site or something finally answering some questions about the plot, as the season finale, while good, didn’t really answer freakin anything.

  27. FF got better as the season progressed.
    They had some boring episodes in the middle of the season but when they returned in March it was absolutely brilliant.
    The final episodes were the best T.V I’ve seen for a long time.
    I’m very disappointed with ABC managers. They had to the let show shape up, gather its fans audience and finding the plot lines that work best.
    I think FF could and still be a long term investment. It really rare to see such a good acting and intelligent plot and that’s a shame that all we get is more and more shallow Reality shows.