Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen Officially Join ‘The Avengers 2′

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Marvel Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Cartoon Aaron Taylor Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen Officially Join The Avengers 2

It’s officially official, for real this time. The most unsurprising announcement from Marvel Studios to date confirms that both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen will be suiting up and joining Earth’s Mightiest in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since before Comic-Con, Johnson hasn’t been shy about admitting that he’s been in talks with Marvel and Whedon about his potential role and more recently, Olsen’s been vague and dodgy about reports of her involvement as well.

The pair, who will first come together on screen next summer for Godzilla, will join the likes of Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor the following summer in a battle against Ultron in The Avengers 2.

Olsen will play Scarlet Witch and Johnson will play Quicksilver, siblings whose origins will be altered for their onscreen debuts due to Twentieth Century Fox also owning film rights to the characters since they are also X-Men characters. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the super fast Quicksilver and magic-based Scarlet Witch won’t be mutants so we’re curious as to how their powers will be explained in the film and how they fit into the Ultron storyline.

When first teasing the introduction of the “brother-sister act,” writer and director Joss Whedon revealed that the two are among his favorite characters so there are very specific story reasons why they are being introduced now. We also know that the characters don’t necessarily agree with The Avengers so we’re curious what makes them join the team and if we’ll see a villainous side to them as well since they’re not always “heroes” in Marvel Comics.

The Avengers 2 Scarlet Witch Quicksilver 1024x641 Aaron Taylor Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen Officially Join The Avengers 2

The announcement comes just three months before The Avengers: Age of Ultron begins shooting in February, and during post-production of both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy which have both wrapped principal photography. Don’t be surprised then if we see one or both of the super-powered siblings make a cameo in one or the other (likely Cap 2) just like Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) made a guest appearance in Thor before suiting up alongside The Avengers last summer.

The increased number of characters in The Avengers sequel raises some interesting questions. Will one (or some) of them die (not like Coulson, but for real)? Whedon hinted at the possibility. Is there room for supporting characters like Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) who are both interested in joining?

The introduction of Scarlet Witch and the idea of “magic” opens up a new segment of the Marvel universe for the films, potentially opening the door for a Doctor Strange movie in 2016 or 2017, and even connections to the Marvel cosmos. Will introducing a character potentially so powerful pose storytelling problems? Are Olsen and Johnson contracted for multiple films? Share your thoughts in the comments!

For more, see the first teaser trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron which reveals one of the designs of the villainous artificial intelligence.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is written and directed by Joss Whedon, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Olsen, James Spader, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how the two work out in the film itself.

    • this news makes me less excited. i am disappointed and worried that this isnt really quicksilver because the REAL quicksilver is in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

      • “worried that this isnt really quicksilver ”

        Ah well, now you can stop worrying, now that you realize they’re both valid interpretations.

      • @ YOLANDASHO

        Don’t worry! I trust Marvel Studios knows what is doing in introducing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the Avengers roster. Lets hope it works out as Kevin Feige and co believe it should.

  2. I’d be fine if they made Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Inhumans. That’d be the best way to go and differentiate from Fox using them as mutants. I think there’s be enough space to brink in guys like Falcon and War Machine as a black ops Avengers team or something. Or do the Marvel Now thing and make an Avengers World.

    • @ The Insufferable Deadpool

      Interesting ideas you’ve got there! I’m not so sure about bringing in Falcon or War Machine, though. I’d prefer Black Panther and Doctor Strange instead.

      • No, Falcon and War Machine would be better for his idea. BP and Strange could be main team members while those two are part of a covert team. Or West Coast Avengers.

        • @ Dazz

          Agreed! Black Panther and Doctor Strange would be (and should be) the main cast members.
          War Machine and Falcon, even as part of a spin-off covert team, the roster for the Avengers is in danger of getting too bloated already (up to 8 members now) for this upcoming sequel.

        • Black Panther definitely, but I’d say Dr Strange is best kept off of the Avengers. Also, I believe Falcon is being introduced in Captain America 2. So either main team or covert team for him could be interesting depending on how they handle it.

          • @ Obligatoryname

            What’s wrong with adding Doctor Strange to the mix? The whole idea of magic existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been addressed in Thor, so I’m OK with it.

            • Adding him to the cinematic universe would be great but Dr Strange (save for the recent New Avengers) isn’t an Avenger. He’s popped in to help them from time to time, but generally he works better in his solo series, or leading the Defenders. I’d much rather they make a Defenders series along side Avengers instead of cramming him in there.

    • i like that idea…Avengers 2 could trigger a riff in the Avengers Initiative which could split or splinter off a West Coast or World team, it also allows them to add more characters instead of stuffing them under 1 banner

    • Very cool idea making them Inhumans. You could also make the origins of their powers vague or ambiguous, sort of a mystery, and have it revealed in some way as originating from the Terrigen Mists, linking to the Inhumans film.

    • I’m pretty sure the mists are the way they’re going since it is a huge part of Marvel’s big “Infinity” crossover right now. They usually try to intro the concepts in the comics to get fans psyched for the idea.

  3. Cool.. Though, the differentiated origin is going to be interesting. Would they use infinity stones to explain their powers…? In any case, if Fox and Marvel were to work together at some point, this wont be a hard to translate retcon. In avengers 2 they could think they are orphans. Maybe later they find out magneto was their father. If their source of powers are the infinity stones, marvel can later say that the stones only bought out the mutant gene in them. It is also interesting to see to what extent do they show scarlet witch’s powers. Is she an energy manipulator firing energy blasts or total reality altering chaos powers..? Really excited for Avengers 2 overall..

    • Nope, it will hard for Fox to retcon. Evan Peters had said that in Days of Future Past, his Quicksilver is part of the 70s character alongside young Magneto and Xavier. It’s better to leave both franchise/studios unconnected…

        • avengers 3 scheduled for 2017? they haven’t even confirmed movies for 2016 lol

    • @Anim, I like what you said about one of the Stones to bring out their mutant gene.

      If the Reality Stone comes into play, it can change the reality of these twins from being normal humans to super powered beings (permanently). Therefore using the Reality Stone as the origins to their powers can minus the MCU saying that they’re mutants.

      Leave the mutant reveal later down the road for when and if the X-Men writes go back to Marvel.

  4. What if the “new origin” has Wanda and Pietro being students/children of DR. STRANGE! He may have a cameo or easter egg in A2. I’d say Ultron’s first order of business would be to take out Thor, as the robot has always had a weakness against magic. Then knowing that, perhaps Cap and Stark seek out a master of the mystic arts and find only his children/students. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver join the fight against Ultron and the robot fixates on Wanda, fascinated with her powers. (we find out later that Dr. Strange was off fighting mephisto in his origin film).

    they can’t use the mutant/magneto connections so they are very limited, left with nothing more than a name, power and appearence. I like the magic route, it’s the best option here.

    • I hope they just say they were born with their powers and leave it at that. Marvel simply can’t use the word “mutant.”

      • Yeah, Marvel/FOX can say mutant all they want.

      • Marvel Comics universe is a multiverse, so just set MCU Avengers in universe Y and Fox X-Men in universe X, and Sony Spiderman in universe Z. Then a scientist in each universe (or mutant) sets of some stupendous mistake, and all three mistakes link up, and whomp, everyone appears in the same planet and try to undo the mistake. After this, future crossovers can be by people falling through rips in the universes.

        • That’s how they explain it in the official Marvel Multiverse thing. Marvel’s movies are one universe, the original Spider-Man trilogy are another, X-Men movies are another, etc.

    • Wanda a potential apprentice of Strange is possible. He has offered to train her before but I don’t see it happening, nor do I see any use he’d have for Pietro. And the placement of events don’t make a cohesive story. He’s pre-occupied with his origin story (his movie coming at a later date) but has apprentices? I think it’s safe to assume his movie wont start him out already established like that.

      Mephisto being his nemesis for his first movie seems odd and unlikely as well. While he has taken him on before there are many far more suitable foes. Like Nightmare, Mordo, Dormammu, Satannish, Zom, etc.

  5. I still don’t get it.

    Out of all the non mutant characters that have existed in The Avengers era, why these 2? There is a stockpile of characters to reach out of. Why these 2? Especially Scarlett Witch. She has such a huge story arc with the X-Men.

    • Why not? They are great characters and bring a different personalities and powers to the group. And as far as the X-men are concerned, they were both almost strictly Avengers for their first forty years. X-men have plenty of other characters and story-arcs to tell. And legally they’re not precluded from using them.

      • Yeah, Joss Whedon had basically said he’s interested in utilizing their powers for the big screen, as well as their personalities that will add more to the existing cast. Plus, he can’t touch Ant-Man and Wasp because Edgar Wright is doing them :(

        • Ill be honest, I am interested in seeing their powers as well. But not at a dumbed down level. Id like to see them as Magneto’s kids. Vengeful and crazy.

      • sorry but i agree with LC. they could of used someone else instead of these two. jeez the Avengers have major lack of diversity in the team and Nick Fury doesnt cut it for me.

        • I agree about the diversity, and there are a lot of characters, but who would you rather see?

          • hopfully War Machine or the Falcon be in Avengers 2. but my ideal heroes would be Ms Marvel, Mockingbird, Black Panther. but Black Panther needs a solo movie first. i even feel they could introduce Jimmy Woo as another SHIELD agent.

            • Ms Marvel deserves a solo movie as well. As for Wanda and Pietro, what they are shouldn’t be grounds to exclude them. Yes they may be mutants, who got their start in X-Men but more than anything else, they are Avengers. Scarlet Witch is one of the most prominent members of the Avengers, even maried Vision and became leader of the West Coast Avengers.

              Antman and Wasp can’t be done til after the Antman movie, Black Panther and Ms Marvel as stated should get solo movies first (Ronan the Accuser being in GoTG seems like a good set up for Carol)… That leaves no one more deserving or more involved in the Avengers left.

      • I know the history of them with The Avengers, that’s why I mentioned that. But what are they bringing to the table? That’s why I am asking “why?”.

        • We’ll have to see how they are interpreted. Myself, I think back to how Quicksilver was always protective of Wanda. I think they could make an interesting character out of her if they make her psychologically fragile due to her reality warping powers. Quicksilver can’t be merely protective of her because she’s a “girl,” like in the sixties. Also, Olsen has gotten a lof of praise for playing a few mentally unstable women, so maybe that’s what they have in mind. I also would like that they are “freaks” that have been distrustful of society from an early age.

          Those are my thoughts on them. What they might bring, to me, would be more personality than anything else. I like the characters, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel is staking a claim on them before Fox can. Doesn’t bother me either, because it’s just business. I would think Fox could still use them, but this makes it less likely (don’t expect a large role for Quicksilver in DoFP).

    • @LC

      I imagine Joss will use SW’s powers in a similar way to M-Day but instead of stripping mutants of their powers, she’ll strip Ultron of his to defeat him.

      • Oh God I seriously hope not. That whole story arch was the worst thing to happen to SW.

        • edit: arc

    • Well, scarlet witch and quicksilver were part of Avengers #12…when the lineup really got refreshed for the first time… makes sense to include them…

    • They need her for later anyway I bet The Vision will show up somewhere in movie possibly toward the end. Mid credit scene

    • They also have huge story arcs with The Avengers. Why use them? Why does any writer use the characters they use? Because those characters have things the writer wants to delve into. Because the writer finds them interesting. Because the characters fit what the writer wants to do with his story.

  6. Olsen let it slip lastweek on The Daily Show

    • That wasn’t her first time though. She even spoke with us weeks ago about reading up on the part.

      • SLJ did confrim this casting awhile ago

        • Yeah but the point of this article is that Marvel have officially announced the casting for both roles now.

      • I loved it when Samuel L. Jackson confirmed it earlier….

      • See that’s where I come unstuck. When an actor talks the way she did (in regards to playing her character) I automatically assume it’s confirmed.

  7. I’m “officially” looking forward to how they bring these characters into the Avengers.

  8. So, in other news…they pretty much confirm something that’s already been confirm?

    • This is the first time Marvel has made it official. The rest were namedrops by talent or reports from “inside sources.”

      • you can`t win eh Rob…if you post the confirmation people complain that it`s already confirmed, but if you don`t people wonder why you guys are slacking

  9. This movie is gonna be a ****show of epic proportions.

  10. I can see them doing something like thor 2 when Jane foster found the Aether and it possessed her and she gave her some sort of power, maybe scarlet witch and quicksilver find something that grants them powers, maybe an infinity stone? which would be a great way of introducing the other stones.

    • That’s certainly feasible, quicksilver having the time stone and scarlet witch the reality stone.

      • Nice points Gio & Pitt Man about the infinity stones possible tie ins as well as the duo’s origins.

    • I’m somewhat guessing the same, cause now that the 2 (or 3, if we count Loki’s sceptre as Mind Stone) Infinity Stones at hand, the next movies will eventually show the rest. 1. Guardians will definitely have at least 1 stone,
      2. and if their success grants a sequel the next will have one too (Adam Warlock’s), or it will happen on The Avengers 3 though I’m certain it will go straight to the Gauntlet.
      3. Dr Strange will have one.
      4. If Loki’s sceptre is not one of them, then there will definitely be 1 other movie to dwelve on the final stone.

      • Loki’s scepter isn’t the mind stone, so that will need to be discovered in one of the films. I wonder if they’ll bring in Moondragon on that story…

  11. I was right after all… Marvel DO announce the couple casting TOGETHER hahaha…
    I always think they stalled the individual announcement just for this, and well, it’s kinda underwhelming cause the cats out of the bag since weeks ago but still this is how you treat/feature a twin characters from comics.

    Looking forward for their costume (which I think both will look great, even Aaron with silver hair) and explanation about their ‘super-powers’, especially with how Marvel is trying to make the super abilities science/alien based (Cap’s serum, gamma radiation, Asgards Science, Extremis, Centipede, etc). Agents of SHIELD even laughed at the talks of ‘magic’. But my guess is they are going to be linked either to being Inhumans, or they got their power through Asgardian means (which probably would happen to Dr Strange considering the Eye of Agamotto was in Odin’s vault).

    • Well QS got his powers back through Terrigen Mists in the Son Of M story so they could always accidentally stumble across them to gain their powers in this movie universe.

    • I hope not, too much of a copout. But I doubt any of the Odin’s vault items as shown in Thor are anything more than little nods. I mean if you look at the items you can see Infinitey Gauntlet with all six gems in place, which is clearly contrary to the story.

  12. yay for it being “official”!

  13. Scarlett Witch, in particular, sounds like she will make the film even more interesting with what she brings to the table. I’m also really curious as to how her costume will be adapted/toned down. I love that headpiece.

    • I saw the Jack Kirby version (the headpiece in particular) again recently and thought that actually might look good.

      Agree they’ll need to tone her costume down. Always loved her in the comics, but better be careful how they adapt it for screen.

      • oof, I don’t know. The jack kirby headpiece looks kinda hilarious.

        • Believe me, I always thought so too, but I saw her in an old Captain America comic, with layouts by Kirby and some other artist finishing it (George Tuska maybe). I thought it could look good. The wrap was a little tighter, with hair coming out the top. I’m not saying exactly like that, but I think the concept could be used.


    thx :D

    • It’s from Wolverine and The X-Men.

      • Yeah, I love that shot. Nice animation style, from the looks of it.

  15. Didn’t we already know about Taylor-Johnson three weeks ago when Screen Rant reported it?

    • Yay for not reading the comments before posting.

    • We knew as much as we could, but it was never official until today.

  16. Kofi Outlaw made a very good point, a few interviews ago. Wanda’s powers might be based off of the Reality Stone. That’s good speculation.

    In Thanos Quest, the Space Gem granted Runner with a godly amount of super speed. I’m thinking that Quicksliver will be a wielder of the Space Stone.

    In Avengers the Movie, Loki seemingly used the Tesseract’s power to manipulate everyone’s mind. Everyone had a blue glow in their eyes. The same blue glow from the Tesseract. I’m thinking the Tesseract was the Mind Stone. Kevin Feige could of been BS’ing us about it being the Space Stone.

    Erik Selvig was saying how the Tesseract was a huge power source. The apparatus at the end of the movie was using the power flow from the Tesseract to open a portal. It wasn’t using the Tesseract’s main attitude. Loki was… seemingly.

    In the comics, Thanos stated that those who do not know how to wield an Infinity Gem won’t get the proper powers from it and will not use it toward its fullest potential.

    I’m guessing:
    Quicksilver will have the Space Stone
    Wanda will have the Reality Stone

    From what it seems:
    Loki had the Mind Stone
    Malekith had the Power Stone

    The Time Stone and the Soul Stones shall be next. At the end of Thor 2, Adam Warlock’s Cocoon was at the Mid-Credit scene. There’s your Soul Stone. Now we have all of Phase 3 to reveal the Time Stone and to build the Infinity Gauntlet.

      • It is the theme they are going after so for them to be stone based makes more sense. If Yondu is in Guardians, they might be playing with the Time Stone.

    • Loki didn’t have the mind stone.

      I know everyone gets confused about this because he was controlling minds by touching people with the staff blade, but it was stated in the film’s dialogue that the staff was powered by the Tesseract, which is the Reality Stone.

      • Wow! Really? If the Tesseract was channeling its power through Loki’s staff then that means the Tesseract is the Mind Stone.

        • The Tesseract is the space stone.

          • Kevin Feige could of been BS’ing us about it being the Space Stone.

            Erik Selvig was saying how the Tesseract was a huge power source. The apparatus at the end of the movie was using the power flow from the Tesseract to open a portal. It wasn’t using the Tesseract’s main attitude. Loki was.

            • Could be… but extremely doubtful. He was intentionally vague about the other stones, which leads one to believe that the one little bit of information he did give was accurate. Saying the Tesseract was a power source is like saying cheese is a food source. It’s very obvious, but not the defining characteristic. We all know people eat cheese, but lots of things are a food source. Cheese has other things about it that we would notice more. We all know the Tesseract contained power, but that’s not its special talent. All the infinity stones will likely be able to generate a lot of energy.

              The device, according to dialogue in the film and what happened on screen. was used to help the generated wormhole stay open and stable. It was the Tesseract that generated the wormhole, it wasn’t *just* a power source. Since the Tesseract’s main attribute is bending space it’s pretty obvious Feige wasn’t “making it up” when he said it was the space stone.

              • Idk what you’re going off of. I’m going off of the movie. In the very beginning Erik Selvig ways explaining how it was pure energy. The wormhole device was using that energy as a power core. That was in the movie. Idk about this other bs you’re talking about.

                Bcuz the wormhole device was only using it as its power core, doesn’t make it the Space Stone.

                If Loki was using the Tesseract with his staff to control people’s minds then the Tesseract should be the Mind Stone.

                With the help of Loki, Erik Selvig was the genius to understand how to use the Tesseract as a power core. This is something different than using the Tesseract from what its main attribute is. Its main attribute to control minds like what Loki was using it for.

                However tbh from talking about it. Maybe we’re both wrong. Feige did say the colors will be different. Maybe the Tesseract was the Power Stone and the Aether was the Reality Stone.

                The Tesseract was used to power that wormhole device and it was used to power Loki’s staff. Maybe it’s the Power Stone. It doesn’t make sense for it to be the Space Stone, from the evidence presented in the movie.

                The Aether can be the Reality Stone bcuz Malekith could of been altering the reality of the Nine Worlds to live in darkness. Also the fact that it was water and not stone like the others, could be its way of changing the reality of what a stone is.

                Why I said that the others were in the form of stones is bcuz Odin said, in reference to the Aether, “The other relics are in the form of stones.”

                • I’ll just respond in order of mention.

                  I’m going off of the movie. The Tesseract can open portals just fine by itself, way before the device is constructed. It does so in First Avenger and in The Avengers. The element Loki and Hawkeye steal, required for the device, is used as a stabilizing agent, and is described at Stark as allowing the portal to stay as open as they want.

                  It’s “other bs” just because you don’t get it? Okay.

                  Back to the issue at hand… the device was used for what I’ve already said. The device was used to stabilize the wormhole, but the wormhole was generated by the cube. Ask anyone else who watched the movie. I actually have no idea how you misinterpreted that, since The Tesseract has been used many times to generate wormholes/teleporting effects WITHOUT the device you claim is creating the wormhole. I can think of 3 times just off the top of my head.

                  Since the Tesseract isn’t the mind stone then why would the staff be able to control minds? That does seem strange, it’s the 1 thing out of 8-10 pieces of evidence that doesn’t fit. It seems plausible that it’s an ability in the staff itself, or they needed a plot device to allow Loki to control minds, and fudged it a little. No one’s arguing the Tesseract doesn’t contain energy and could be used to power devices. We know it can do that, just from the events in First Avenger alone.

                  All evidence points to Space Stone. This is the one stone where this is no ambiguity. Besides all the evidence we’ve been told explicitly. We 100% know for sure.

                  The Aether could in fact be any one of a few different stones. it’s been suggested that it could be either the power or reality stone, I’m not arguing against any of that.

                  I don’t know man. It’s nothing personal. I’m only following events on screen and dialogue from characters, and everything in the Marvel Studios interviews. I don’t know why you aren’t picking up on this stuff on your own. At this point I’m not interested in hearing more about you sticking to your guns. To me it’s better to learn something new than it is to be wrong.


                  • When did they open up portals with the Tesseract in Capt 1?

            • OK wait. Main attitude? I don’t even know what you’re talking about now.

              • *attribute* the auto spell check on the iPhone isn’t the greatest thing.

    • Listen to all you “stoners.”

      These ideas make sense, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t do any of that, but rather simply introduce the characters and say they’ve always had their powers, they were born with them. It wouldn’t be the first time that theories were discussed by fans, and then never materialize, either.

      That’d be my preference. For one thing It would be too convenient that two people got hold of these stones, AND they are left with super-powers. It would kind of invite the notion that everyone should get superpowers when they come into contact with the stones. Someone could create armies of witches and speedsters, and whatever else. And if not, why not?

      The other thing is that Wanda and Pietro have always been “on the run” because of their powers (especially Wanda’s). It’s kind of important to their personalities from their first appearances onward. It supplies the reason that Quicksilver is so maniacally protective of Wanda. I just don’t think it would be the same if they acquired their powers too much later in life.

      Those are just my thoughts. They’ll do what they do. The stone explanations do make sense. We’ll see.

    • What if… they use the Reality Stone, the Space Stone and the Time Stone to warp the MCU with the Star Wars Universe bcuz they are all owned by Disney.

      • Lol…excellent!

      • What if the reality stone causes Whedonverse to merge with Star Trek & Star Wars, because the Sydney caused the Red Matter to explode in Rambaldi’s machine, when the machine psychically linked with the reality stone through Doctor Strange’s mind and the Phoenix Force….
        resulting in a supermashup of the entire universe on the other side of The Black Hole, in Toontown, where Roger Rabbit is trying to clean up the toxic universe spill

        JJ Abrams is doing Star Trek and Star Wars and Alias
        Josh Whedon is doing MCU and Whedonverse
        Fox’s mutants are part of Marvel Comics
        Disney owns Roger Rabbit, The Black Hole
        MCU is part of Disney

        It will Blow Your Mind (The Matrix from Sony Pictures, home to Spiderman)

  17. I wonder if any cosmic beings(in-betweener, the rest of the elders, living tribunal, one above all, etc) will be introduced when it all goes down?

    • We know we’ve gone down the Marvel cosmic rabbit hole when Ego the Living Planet shows up. Besides The Collector, he’s my favorite Elder of the Universe.

      • I didn’t know that about Ego, the living planet, and I was only kind of aware of “the Collector,” but I thought he was kind of a goofy villain, collecting the Avengers. Hope they do something cool with him. Wasn’t blown away by the mid-credits scene of Thor. I was thinking they’d have some spacious entire planet where he housed his “collection.” Instead it looked like some whacked out episode of “hoarders.”

        It would be cool to see Ego, sometime.

        • Perhaps on the surface he might come across as goofy, like if you just describe it to someone… “An ancient alien that thinks the universe will end, so he’s forcibly collecting aliens and items to store in his giant Noah’s Ark to repopulate after the universe is reborn.”

          Abducting and imprisoning sentient beings like in a zoo is kind of a heavy concept, and there are other layers to him…he’s not as goofy as you might think at first.

          As for that mid-credits scene, they showed one room, it was either a room in his giant ship, or a room on his museum planet. No they didn’t really show where it was, but only showing the one room doesn’t mean anything either. I really liked seeing Adam Warlock’s cocoon in the background, I was always worried they wouldn’t use him, but now it’s possible. The best part was del Toro’s little mannerisms and hand movements. The Collector is a weird, strange bird, being alive for a billion years. They were spot-on portraying him the way he should be.

  18. Think about of all this….a silver surfer movie would be awesome. Forever on a quest to find soulmate and home world thru the universe. Get the rights back marvel and make it happen!

  19. Does anyone know where the picture up top is from?

    • I believe Wolverine and the X-Men.

  20. I’m slightly confused on one point.
    If Marvel/Disney can use X-men as long as they dont say “mutant”…
    What, if any, limitations are there on them using the entire X-man line-up?
    What am I missing.

    Also, shame on all of you who say its OK to drop the “mutant” from X-men and just come up with another reason for their powers. being a Mutant is THE WHOLE POINT of the X-men comics.

    • To clarify, Marvel owns the rights to a TON of cool characters that they wouldnt have to modify to film. Why not just use them?

    • I’m no expert, but based on my understanding, some characters like Scarlett Witch were associated with the Avengers before being associate with the X-Men, i.e. they can make a reasonable case that they are fair game for Marvel Studios to use. Is that right?

    • “If Marvel/Disney can use X-men as long as they dont say “mutant” ”

      That’s not the case. Marvel Studios can use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, in specific. It’s not “any character that was related to the Avengers, just can’t call them mutants…” It’s “We can use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and Fox can use them.” Part of the licensing deal, according to Kevin Feige, who, you know, is the head of Marvel Studios.

      • Oh, ok. That clarifies it a good bit.
        I have to admit my ignorance to the fact that they were Avengers first. I was always far more of an X-Men fan than an Avengers fan.

        • They were Avengers pretty exclusively for a good forty years, occasionally appearring in X-men, mostly in the very beginning.

          Anyway, I believe the Fox contract named a lot of prominent characters specifically by name (Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, etc. etc.). Then it generally claims things that are X-men related and the word “mutant.” So, Marvel really can’t use just any character, unless they aren’t strongly X-men related or maybe they actually have Avengers ties. Beast would be another example because he was an Avenger for many years. However, I’d would think he’d be named in the contract.

  21. @Gio
    Thanks a lot for giving away spoilers to Thor 2. Some of us haven’t seen it yet. Damn it.

    • Then you should probably avoid articles about Marvel movies being as how they are all connected.
      You never know when one plot point or another from any given series might show up.

      They should always use **spoiler** tags though.

  22. I’m pretty sure Loki (and Frigga) opened the magic aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already, so Scarlet Witch is just expanding that.

    Anyway, I’m excited to see them in Age of Ultron, even if my mind is still more focused on The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy for now.

    • At this point, “the genie is out of the bottle,” as far as magic goes.

      I think Marvel was treading carefully with “magic” simply because their biggest success, at that point, was the Iron Man movies. It seems like they might keep IM somewhat technology based, but I’m pretty sure for big movies like Avengers, they’ll use all the crayons in their box.

  23. anyone know what cartoon or movie that above picture of scarlet witch and quicksliver is taken from?

    • Wolverine and the X-Men.

      It’s been mentioned a half-dozen times in the comments… I’m starting to believe people don’t read through the comments before posting like they’re supposed to.

  24. Marvel is tossing down the Gauntlet so to speak getting their “Fastest Man” out before DC/WB. When is DC going to rise to all these challenges that Marvel is putting out?

    • I have to think Marvel has considered that. We all know Flash was first, but…

      There’s also Wanda/Zantanna, Thanos/Darksied, and, depending, maybe Ultron/Brainiac.

      DC/WB needs to pre-empt Vision with Red Tornado.

      • There’s some cross-pollination between Red Tornado and Vision, but DC’s version of Vision is Martian Manhunter. Think about not just appearance-wise, but in terms of powers and personality. Both can alter densities, both can fly, both are physically powerful, both are analytical and experts in science.

        And of course there are commonalities in appearance. Red Tornado shares some stuff too, android form like Vision, high-collared cloak, red skin.

        Well, to be fair, Vision is Marvel’s version of Martian Manhunter. MM predates Vision by many years. I believe Vision and Red Tornado came out the same year but don’t recall who was first.

        (I was not alive in 1968, I’m just familiar with DC’s and Marvel’s history in terms of stories and characters)

        • According to Wikipedia Red Tornado is a couple of months older. You’re right about MM, and I know he is significantly older. I was mostly going by looks, and that they are both androids (and whoa, they were both created by villains to infiltrate JLA/Avengers, hmmm, didn’t know that).

          Anyway, all these characters are copies and they all have their differences. I’m just thinking how it will appear to general audiences.

          Martian Manhunter is cool though. There has, in the past, been a lot of fan talk about using MM as a kind of Nick Fury to gather the JL. Haven’t heard that in a while.

  25. People are making too much of Fox owning their origins.

    They can still technically be mutants, meaning they are “born with their powers.” They simply cannot be called “mutants” by name. They can retain all their Romani origins but cannot be named as children of Magneto (which was a fact not discovered until almost two decades after their creation in comics). Nor can there be mention of their membership in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants where both characters had their start in Marvel Comics.

    I do not see Joss Whedon making them Inhumans as some have rumored (way too much to go into and retcon for the sequel). I bet they will have Gypsy origins and Joss will explain their powers with a single throw away line: “We were born this way.” And that will be that.

  26. I will happy if they’re give another Quicksilver in a movie, I’m so excited with Avengers 2 age of ultron coz they have a Quicksilver in it, as a big fan of Quicksilver, and I’m with my friends who feel the same will be glad if they’re give another movie with quicksilver!!!