Aaron Eckhart Cast As Hook In ‘Pan’; Sean Bean To Play Smee

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Peter Pan will soon be flying back into theaters, but not in the way you might expect. Two projects that re-imagine J.M. Barrie’s beloved story – both tentatively titled Pan – are being actively developed; one of them explores the origins of the character, and the other mixes up things up by turning Peter into the dangerous villain – and Hook into the only man who can stop Pan’s reign of terror.

To clarify: the Pan movie in question refashions Barrie’s fantastical tale as a modern-day detective murder mystery where Peter Pan is literally “the boy who never grew up” – that is, a killer with a youthful appearance who prefers to kidnap children.

EW has confirmed that Aaron Eckhart (Battle: Los Angeles, The Dark Knight) has been cast in Pan as Hook, a former detective who takes on the task of hunting down the diabolical titular killer. Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) will play Smee, a member of the police force and Hook’s only ally. Soul Surfer star AnnaSophia Robb is also set to appear in the film as Pan’s sole surviving (former) victim.

The indie project is gearing up to begin filming this fall overseas in Europe, marking the feature-length directorial debut of visual effects animator Ben Hibon – a fellow better known to the masses as the man who designed the macabre “Tale of the Three Brothers” animated sequence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

Disneys Peter Pan Aaron Eckhart Cast As Hook In Pan; Sean Bean To Play Smee

A number of the upcoming projects being sold as “re-imaginings” of classic stories don’t read so much like they truly re-envision the source material – instead, they seem to be merely changing certain details about the plot and characters, so as to better resonate with contemporary moviegoers (see next year’s two Snow White films). Pan, by comparison, sounds like it truly re-interprets Barrie’s famous tale in a much more sinister and unnerving light (for better or for worse).

Eckhart rarely turns in a bad performance and he should do well playing a variation on the standard Noirish investigator character archetype; likewise, Bean seems a nice match to star in the film as a decent but street-smart cop version of Smee opposite Eckhart’s Hook – and together, they fight crime!

On a more serious note: while it’s always irritating when Hollywood (in essence) metaphorically tramples all over a story that most everyone has fond memories of, Pan seems different enough from Barrie’s source material and could possibly even stand on its own. It’s also not the most adult-themed reworking of the Peter Pan story (a title that still belongs to Alan Moore’s “Lost Girls”). Take all that as you will.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Pan as more information is released.

Source: EW

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  1. Wow, this actually sounds really good. I wonder what kind of rating they’ll be going for.

    • Hopefully Rrrrrr…sorry I couldn’t refrain myself, slow day at work. This does sound interesting and I look forward to see how it pans out. Again, I’m sorry.

  2. I’m sorry, no wait. I’m not. I really hate this idea!!!

    • I second that.

  3. Yep, I don’t like this idea either. PAN is a “childlike kidnapper” ???? – really? You’ll never have parents reading this story to their kids again!! WTF Hollywood. I mean really..

    • But Hansel and Gretel pushed that witch in the oven, and the Big Bad Wolf was going around stalking Red Riding Hood, and so on and so on. I don’t think that this is that bad. Wendy and her siblings should have asked their parents if they could go off to a far away place with total strangers anyway.

  4. Only good things can happen with Sean Bean in a movie or television series.

    • ….national treasure

  5. I have seen Santa Claus terrorize (Futurama), a Demon (Santa Slay, Serial Killer (Silent Night, Deadly Night) etc. Yet the Jolly fatman still shows up all over during the Holiday season…..

    (not directed at anyone in particular)
    People are complaining that there is no new stuff and Hollywood rehashes old stories over and over yet when soemthing different comes along or something that twists that age old story people are up in arms….

    I dont understand.

    • I agree. It is a twist to give something new, to an old story – but PAN? I mean, this is a Disney classic. They could have called it anything else and I probably would have been pumped to go see something completely new based on the films idea and premise. Too bad they decided on a Disney classic to remake and retool into some police/kidnapping story..

      • Peter Pan does not belong to Disney. Well they may have bought it but it was a story a long time before the Disneation of it. So they are not remaking/retooling a Disney classic.

        It will STILL be a Disney made Classic long after this movie is made.

        I mean a child of 8 should not be watching the new Pan so how could they even relate/confuse the two?

        You and I being adults can see and understand the difference to hopefully respect BOTH creations as seperate devices of an age old story.

        • True, but with everyone on the “bandwagon” of retooling old stories and nursery rhymes – do we really need a PAN story? I just think it’s too much and we need more than just old stories being “Twisted” up for new angles of money making..

          • Do we really need any certain type of movies? Why do we need Slasher films ala Scream? Torture types like Hostel/TCM/SAW? Period pieces like Sense and Sensibility?

            We dont need them however there is a market for them. Someone will watch them as it is interesting to them.

            Im still trying to figure out why people needed a pet rock in the 70s but would have loved to have been the one to think it up and sell it…. :D

      • I’m not sure that I would be this interested if it was just another movie and not Peter Pan.

  6. This sounds like absolute garbage!!!! Pan, a serial killer? what the heck! My goodness hollywood, thanks for ruining an already amazing story but ‘modernising it’ and naturally twisting it to make it too dark and edgy. Hollywood either tries TOO hard or too little and we wind up with crap like this. These poor fairy tale remakes have just been a shame.

    • I have to disagree, have you seen Freeway?

    • Think about what Peter Pan did at his core. He took kids away from their homes….. to a place he thought was better for them allowing them to live forever…..

      sounds like a sicko to me. :D

    • Luke, how can you call this crap? You haven’t even seen it yet. You’re making a biased decision based on how you feel about Hollywood and your own personal opinions about DISNEY’s Peter Pan.

      A movie is a story, and the storyteller can do whatever they want to the story. If you recall, Lost Boys was a terribly dark Peter Pan movie, and no-one complained about that. This will likely pan out the same.

      But to the main point: there is no use bashing that which you have not experienced.

      • bwahahahahaha I see what you did thar!

        “This will likely pan out the same.”

      • Sorry, i’m not making my opinion off Disney. i am making it off a love for the classic book. The book is about magic not about Peter being a freak. He’s not an old man, he’s a kid. I can make an opinion off what they are offering for a new film, and what they are offering is crap for peter pan, however, if they were to base the kid napper off Peter Pan, and not actually make the film BE peter pan that is a different story. That makes it a bit ‘darker’ and would be an interesting story. But to actually make Peter Pan the bad guy, to make him some creepy perv is just stupid.

        • I agree 100% with what you are saying. Peter Pan is actually one of my favorite books, which still holds up today. If they made it that the serial killer has a fascination with Pan and bases his crimes on that mythology, that might make for an interesting story. However having Pan actually assuming the role of a child killer is, like you said, quite “stupid”.

          • Lets look at it this way. The movie that will be presented will be done in a Universe devoid of any knowledge of Peter Pan and Barrie.

            Just like the Universe of The Walking Dead has never heard of the term Zombie or are aware of them in a fantasy/horror setting.

            Not that they will do it that way.

  7. i think this sounds extremely interesting, i wonder who will play pan?

    i had never heard of “the lost girls”? i clicked the link and saw that alan moore was one of the authors.. the same moore that penned the watchmen? may be worth picking up.

    • I will.

  8. Justin Bieber looks just like Pan, and everyone wants to see him die, so hollywood is going to give us that experience by reversing the roles.

  9. Annasophia Robb is starting to be a great actress. This will be good.

  10. I personally, absolutely hate the idea of turning Pan into a child killer. Save that for the The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretal. IMO Peter Pan is more than just a children’s story, and yes it was a book before Disney got hold if it. Its an Idea, a Belief. To bastardize it by turning it into a crime drama/slasher flick is extremely unfortunate.

    • So by making this movie it will somehow corrupt the original?

      Dont mistake what im saying there is a lot of stuff that I dont want to see changed in adaption however just because it is doesnt ruin the original in any way shape or form at least for me.

      As a matter of fact I would think it brings more attention to the original especially to the people that may not know there is something other then Disneys.

      • There are ways to adapt something without changing the whole idea of the original. Detetivecornfed mentioned Freeway, which imo was an awesome movie, which was adapted from little red riding hood. It had Red, The Wolf, Grandma, a Basket. It kept the theme of the original, updated it and made it seriously messed up and dark, but in a good way. In the story The Wolf WAS a relentless killer. Peter Pan, however is not. Its like making a Superman movie where Kal-El is an invading force who dominates man and rules with an iron fist. Sure it would probably make for a pretty cool movie, right? But can you imagine the legions of fans who call for the writer/producers head? How dare they do that to good ol Supes? That’s how I feel about Pan. There are ways you can update it and still hold true to the originals vision. Like I said earlier how about a child killer who emulates Pan, believes he is “saving” the children from growing up etc. You can even have some of the kids named Micheal, John and Wendy. But, they don’t have to make him the Pan.

        • For all we know, that’s exactly what this is. If I’m reading it correctly, and I like to think that I am, the Pan of this story is an adult, with youthful features, like a Baby Face Nelson type. They seem to be using the Peter pan story as a structure, rather than the actual characters.

        • Your Superman reference has been done. Superman has had various changes done to the character base over the years (not changing the original) to include Others Earths and other Timelines.

          No one screamed and hollered when Supermans origin changed to have him land in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas.

          As a matter of fact I believe it was even nominated for a few writing awards and has gotten positive reviews across the board and even here at times it is mentioned. (Superman: Red Son)

          Not to mention other heroes both from Marvel and DC.

          So you can succesfully take something and tweak it to death without keeping to the original source and not have an affect on the original source.

          If the movie ends up being poop it is poop. It wont be because it was Pan. It will be the fault of the writing, acting, directing, etc.

          While I understand your desire to not have a favorite of yours changed or altered in any way shape or form I still have to ask how does this change your favorite?

          I think the same also but I believe they may twist the names to make it more obvious. The headlines says play not portray. So I see Aaron as Sgt. Hook. (making him Captain would be TO obvious) and Bean as William Warcmee and people just call him Smee. Very common with law enforcement and military to use the last name or variant thereof.

          • In Red Son, Superman was not a serial killer he was an authoritative dictator who did what he did because he thought that’s what was right and good. Also, he wasn’t Kal-El, he wasn’t Clark Kent and he lived in a parallel dimension. But I think your missing my whole point. I just don’t want Pan to be turned into Fred Krueger, plain and simple. I think it’s stupid and ignorant. It does absolutely nothing to benefit or enhance the Pan mythos. They can change and tweak it if that’s what they want. All of the previous movies have taken liberties with the original story from Disney to Hook to 2003′s Peter Pan. But changing Pan from a selfish, arrogant, know-it-all child who never wants to grow up – into a killer(and God knows what else)of children is NOT tweaking the story. I understand some people might be down for something like this, a different “spin” on the story. I myself have been clamoring for years for a darker, grittier, take on the character. One that is closer to Barrie’s original vision instead of a prancing fairy in tights. However, this is definitely not the route I wanted it to go. I just hope the origins story will be more respectful of the property and of the fans. That’s all I got.

            • “instead of a prancing fairy in tights.” Thanks just passed Monster thru my nose.

              To each his own I guess. I like to see what other people can do with other ideas. It reminds me of the What If? books Elseworlds etc.

              Again im thinking they do not have Peter Pan in their universe. So no one would say to Aaron OMG you have the name of the character in Peter Pan!!

              However us as viewers will be able to draw some parallels.

  11. Wow, I like this, it sounds interesting and twisted :)

    I love Peter Pan, and I get the impression I’m one of the few who likes Spielberg’s Hook as well, and I would love to see this version.

    • Dude, I was pretty sure everybody loved Hook.

      I hope I’m not wrong, cause that would be very sad

  12. I am intrigued by this movie, the cast alone will at least make me want to watch a trailer when it comes around.

  13. I think it would’ve been better if it was a serial killer dubbed Peter Pan, you know, like Buffalo Bill in Lambs. But that’s it. No real connections to the book. No need for the detective to be Hook. But that’s just me.

  14. I think it would’ve been better if it was a serial killer dubbed Peter Pan, you know, like Buffalo Bill in Lambs. No real connections to the book. No need for the detective to be Hook.

  15. I wonder if this take on “Peter Pan” will be similar in tone to that old 80′s classic take on Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood that was called “A Company of Wolves”. This could be good stuff.

  16. Shoot, I just wanted to comment on how much Bean and Eckhart resemble each other, ESPECIALLY in the photos above. Seriously, they could play the same character at different ages.

  17. Wow I like retelling’s of Stories and lost girls is not the only Adult retelling of Peter Pan.,Look up Brom’s The Child Thief., it was a good book and would make an epic movie.,but it is very dark…. more like a real version of how Peter Pan would be if real…. I like all retelling’s but J.M barries original will always be my favorite., cause he made Peter Pan! ;)

    here’s the Link to The Child Thief Book http://www.bromart.com/childthief.html

  18. Wow..people who think this is to dark..Pan on OUAT..Once Upon a Time series was mad very dark..and it was very alluring and amusing..but it you hate this movie..I advice not to watch OUAT!..I however liked there version of Peter Pan.. the original book was dark..I’m going to see both films with this name..Pan!!..sense I love retelling’s and love the Peter character.. and Peter Pan was a boy but he is nearly 100 years old just looks so young..so yeah…