Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

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Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

With Marvel Studios planning to bring two new movies every year, there is more or less a constant flow of discussion on two central topics: which comic book characters might be coming to the big screen next, and which actors should play them. With films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange still entirely open in terms of casting, there are plenty of rumors and speculation as to who might take the lead and supporting roles – and new information suggests that Marvel is interested in finding a role in their cinematic universe for actor Aaron Eckhart.

Eckhart is obviously well-known for his portrayal of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, and his next film – I, Frankenstein – is also a comic book adaptation. Due to his popularity amongst comic book fans, Eckhart’s name often crops up in discussions of which actors might be cast in future DC and Marvel roles.

Nuke the Fridge asked Eckhart whether he was planning to work with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan again in the future. Although Eckhart had no news to offer on that front, he sounded enthusiastic about returning to the comic book movie genre, and was even able to offer a tidbit as to how that might happen:

“I would love to [return to comic books]. Chris hasn’t called. You know, I know Marvel and we would love to do something together sometime.”

Eckhart was vague on the matter of when he would be working with Marvel and did not indicate that he’s currently in formal talks for any of their notable upcoming roles, but his words suggest that Eckhart has had discussions with executives at Marvel, potentially even with Kevin Feige himself, on the matter of appearing in one of their upcoming movies.

Aaron Eckhart in I Frankenstein1 Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

Interestingly, Eckhart also commented on Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Iron Man and used his impressions to explain why he finds it a challenge to take on comic book movie roles:

“I look at Iron Man and I go, ‘I would never have played that so well as Robert Downey Jr.’ Talk about trusting his instincts as an actor and making Iron Man something that I… I don’t look at Iron Man that way, I look at Iron Man or some other movie like that with so much… I’m too literal. I don’t have fun like Robert Downey Jr. does. So my sensibilities don’t go to that genre naturally.”

The tone of the recent Marvel movies definitely feels more fantastical and escapist than the comparatively gritty, serious approach taken in films like Man of Steel and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for Eckhart’s “literal” approach in any of the upcoming Marvel projects. There is room to speculate on whether or not he’d be offered a lead role like Doctor Strange or Hank Pym, but each film will also have a wide range of supporting roles to which Eckhart could be well-suited. Speaking of suits – and Eckhart does seem to wear them quite a lot in his movies – could a job at S.H.I.E.L.D. be in his future?

Let us know which Marvel role you think Eckhart would be perfect for in the comments.


Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. I suppose Ant-Man would be a possibility?

    • I could see him as Doc Strange, personally…

    • Agreed, I don’t even like Ant Man but Eckhart would be a damn fine Henry Pym

      • +1

    • That was my first thought as well.

    • Can’t see him as Hank Pym ;-) :D

  2. Eckhart, you ******* traitor!

    • Are you calling him…two faced?

      • I see what you did there, lol!

      • Dammit, why can I never think of these jokes, that one was so blatantly obvious :)

      • Nicely done.

      • Nice

      • you get a +2 for that one.

      • Hilarious….
        Well said sir

        • Reminds me of a episode from Batman:TAS

          Two-Face: Get outta my face clown!
          Joker: Which one?

  3. I assume marvel is interested in a lot of people

    • And I’m guessing the interest is mutual, for the most part.

    • Wow. You really nailed it there. It makes sense, introducing core players from SHIELD and not just superheroes.

      Other than being a dead ringer for Clay, Aaron would be better used as an important non-superhero character.

      Aaron Eckhart = Clay Quartermain

    • Good one.

  4. I would love to see him as Ant man. Or maybe a top agent at Shield but not Dr Strange. Definitely not him

  5. The ONLY character Eckhart should play is The Punisher.

    He would be perfect for the role – if you need convincing, take a look at one of his earlier films called ‘Thursday’(in which he coincidentally stars alongside former punisher actor Thomas Jayne)and see for yourself. I doubt anyone would pick Jayne out of the two to play Frank Castle after watching this underated movie.

  6. Mephisto maybe?

  7. I think he’d make an awesome Frank castle ( Punisher ). But how about ? CABLE?

    • Isn’t Cable owned by Fox?

  8. Black Bolt. It would best fit his sensibilities as an actor.

    • Agrred

    • Not a bad shout that
      Especially if he prefers more serious stuff, as black bolt he won’t have to tell many jokes

    • Although Black Bolt doesn’t talk in the comics

  9. Quasar.

  10. Adam warlock !!!!!!!

  11. Oh my god. Eckhart as Dare Devil… make it happen.

  12. He’d make for a badass Daredevil, also looks the part.

  13. Marvel seems to be talking to a lot of diffrent actors as of late, that’s good news. It seems they want to be in Marvel’s movies and Marvel wants them. Eckhart would be a great addition to Marvel.

    Ant- Man perhaps?

    • +1

      More variety is always better. Eckahrt is an awesome actor, don’t really like many of his recent movies though so I’m hoping a good and solid Marvel movie will get him climbing the ladder again.

  14. I love how some people say Eckhart would make a good Daredevil because he “looks the part”…

    Are you sure it’s not because he got huge attention for playing a lawyer?

    • There is that too but he looks way more like the comics Matt Murdock than the comics Harvey Dent.

    • Lol. Half the actors people suggest for parts like ant-man and doctor strange don’t even look remotely like the character half the time. It’s laughable.

  15. Initially I’d peg him as a better Cap A then Evans, but I guess I’ll get marauded by fans for that. And Eckhart wouldn’t have the physique necessary I’m afraid.

    It’s gonna be really odd for me to see him as any other CB character than Two-Face (which still is an underrated performance in my opinion). He pulled that role of really iconically.

    In an X-men reboot, he’d probably be my pick for an older team-leading Cyclops. But in this Marvel SU, I’ve got no clue who he could fit.

  16. pym, quartermaine, daredevil, or punisher. most likely one of the first two.

  17. ITS ABOUT TIME MARVEL thought of him. this man should have been captain america so the audiences would have gotten a chance to see him and iron get into it like the comic book. eckhart can go toe to toe with downey acting
    wise, whereas evans has ways to go before he can have acting chops like downey, provided if he ever does. him as henry pym would be best character
    who would contradict and give tony stark a hard time.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thought of Eckhart as Cap. I still don’t fully buy Evans. The man’s fine, but he lacks authority to me.

      • There was no authority written for him. That’s not Evans’ fault

        • You’re right there
          Although writing isn’t though only way for an actor to give a character ‘authority’, film is a visual medium after all
          I do like Evan as Cap, reckon he was great in C:TFA but in Avengers he just didn’t ‘appear’ to have the same presence or authority as some of the other actors (in the final fight Cap doesn’t take charge until iron man ‘lets him’)
          felt he was looking up to the others to much in that film, hopefully during and after his second film the character and actor gain the confidence to lead the avengers in the modern setting

          • I think it’s painfully obvious Evans, and Hemsworth for that matter, aren’t on the acting level of RDJ, Ruffalo and Hiddleston. Those three made the Avengers as a film. Thor and Cap’s films were weak and generic imo and their ‘presence’ in the Avengers showed it. I think both were miscast with actors that might be fine and up and coming, but just can’t sell the role’s authoritative lead. Not to me anyway.

            And to be honest, I’m surprised (if) Cap fans are satisfied with the Avengers, because RDJ led the whole thing and he still does off the set as well and that’s the problem. Marvel’s films weren’t a success, writing a film around RDJ’s persona is a success. I think it’s time Marvel started actually making good movies as a whole, instead of building around the starpower of Iron Man and maybe two to three others. That includes casting roles with top of the line actors, which, I’m sorry to say, Evans and Hemsworth are not in my opinion. If they don’t then this whole Marvel film universe will remain TV quality with hollywood SFX to me.

            Look at a film like Man of Steel. You can hate the gritty realistic tone, that’s fine, we’ve all got different tastes, but you can’t deny that’s casting right there. That whole cast stands like a brick wall and radiates best of the best filmmaking. The Avengers, arguably Marvel’s best movie to date, didn’t even really hit that mark for me.

            *prepares to be called a DC fanboy*

            • I agree with almost everything you’ve said there
              The point about RDJ leading off the set is a good one in particular, and until that changes it will show in the performances of the other actors
              with the Iron Man trilogy done RDJs presence on and off set may diminish though and allow others to step up, hopefully

              The MOS casting was indeed brilliant, the script wasn’t exactly stellar but the cast pulled it off IMO
              Avengers did have its moments that felt truly cinema worthy (that linked sequence in the final battle that flows from one character to the next was fantastic IMO) but I do remember that some of the people I saw it with made the same comment about Marvels films being ”TV quality with Hollywood SFX’ not long after
              That could also be down to director choices as well as actors, DC picks movie directors for their films (Nolan, Snyder), marvel gives tv directors a shot, even Whedon (who i’m a big fan of) is more of a tv director than a movie director
              (I’m not against marvels policy in principal but it will tend to show in the end product)

              My disagreement with your comment would be putting Hemsworth and Evans in the same boat as actors
              I think Hemsworth is improving over time more than Evans is, or at least has more potential to improve
              Hemsworth is and has been taking lead roles in films outside of the MCU (Red Dawn, Rush for example off the top of my head) and that experience should help him figure out how to sell the authority of leader in other roles, Thor 2 should help to show his progress in this regard
              Evans though doesn’t seem to be in that situation, personally I haven’t seen any trailers or films with him headlining, and his development as an actor seems to have hit a plateau

              • Okay, I’ll give you that. But that’s also because Thor is way less hampered by RDJ then Cap A is. Thor isn’t the leader and he barely wants to be in the team. He was essential to the plot and has an established dynamic with Loki. So okay, though I think Hemsworth still isn’t on a level to carry a film solo, I’ll go in Thor 2 open minded and concede your point.

                Cap A however, desperately needs a solid quality film that establishes he’s a guy you don’t friggin mess with. Even Iron Man shouldn’t easily consider overruling Cap A, otherwise you undermine the value of the character in the Avengers. Cap A is the indomitable leader. If he doesn’t radiate that like General Zod radiates leadership in Man of Steel, the character might as well be excluded entirely. To be really honest, I don’t see Evans pulling that off. He’s not a man’s man so to speak, imo. He doesn’t radiate “I’m a commander and don’t you dare go against me.”

                And yes it’s painful I had to compare Evans to an actor far above his skills, but it made my point. I’ll admit openly though, I’m more keen on the Nolan/Snyder approach to things.

                • I too am more keen on the Snyder/Nolan way of things, though I do like the marvel characters and like them even more when done well

                  That’s a fine point about Cap and Evans not radiating the ‘I’m a commander and don’t you dare go against me’ yeah I can’t really see Evans pulling it off, yet, heres hoping CA:TWS changes that
                  And Cap does need to radiate the feel of a commander else like you say he may as well be excluded
                  Hopefully he learns to lead sharpish or he could be left behind, by the rest of the gang and the inevitable newcomers

        • I find the writing sort of portrayed him as a leader in the making, so more than half the time Captain America isn’t sure of what he should do. There are points in The Avengers where he takes total initiative but the other times he’s sort of second tier because he’s still getting use to Tony Stark, Thor and the rest of the world. It’s just how I see it though.

          • also, cap spent most of the war as a trained monkey, and only got to do the actual “hero” bit for 2-3 months before becoming a capscicle. he’s still learning how to be a leader. imho.

  18. I’m not sure, but from what’s been said in the interview, I get the feeling that Eckhart doesn’t really like the “tone” of Marvel, preferring the darker tone of Nolan’s work. While it is said that Marvel may have an interest in Eckhart, I didn’t get the feeling that Eckhart himself has an interest in Marvel movies, or its heroes.

    Having said that, I have thought for a long time that Eckhart would make a great Hank Pym. Although I doubt that, from what he said in the interview, the tone of Edgar Wright’s movie would really suit what he would want to play as a character. I’m not counting on a comedy (far from it!) but the humour that is inserted in every Marvel movie doesn’t fit the description of Eckhart’s wish-list character-wise.

    • Really Mary Jay??

      “You know, I know Marvel and we would love to do something together sometime.”

      try again dc fan girl

      • It’s just a feeling I get… from what he said, I think he prefers the darker tone in movies, like in the Batman movies, to that of the tongue-in-cheek humour inserted in the Marvel franchise movies. That’s just my opinion. As I said, I’ve long thought Eckhart would make a good Hank Pym. And personally, I prefer the tongue-in-cheek humour as well ;-)

        On a side note, I find it hilarious that you would call me a DC fan girl, since I know close to nothing about the DC universe, except that I’ve seen the first two Nolan’s Batman. Haven’t seen the 3rd one, haven’t seen MoS, have never, ever opened a DC comic book, and I know squat about the other characters. I’ve always been a Marvel girl, a big fan of The Avengers, and ask around, my favourite character is … duh… Hank Pym ;-)

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that I actually went and WATCHED the interview from Nuke the Frigde (the link at the end of the article) There’s more said during the interview than what has been quoted in this article on SR ;-) That’s why I said what I said.

  19. I could definately see him as a Pym.

  20. What if we had a movie about Robert Redford’s SHIELD character’s younger days and Eckhart had that role?

  21. First Vin Diesel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and now Aaron eckhart are in talks with marvel. Comon dc step up ur game!! Although i could see eckhart play strange

    • I don’t know but at age 45 could Aaron Eckhart lead a franchise. Thomas Jane is a year younger than him and is already a fairly established Punisher. I don’t think there is a need to reboot that character, just continue with a better script. I can’t think of any character that he fits more than another actor. Little too old for Daredevil, Nova, or Sentry. maybe they would just use his voice say for Galactus.

  22. But how does a Clay Quartermain fit into the Marvel story thus far? Do they make him the handler of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? Personally I think the Hank Pym idea has more credibility but we can’t be positively sure we know everything about phase 2 or how far Marvel is willing to map out phase 3 with only ‘I.M. 3′ success to go on. Mr. Eckhart might just be a bullpen seat warmer until things gel for the better or this may be no more credible than the Armie Hammer rumor. I get the impression here that what you have is a few mid level actors sniffing around for a future role, seeing that studio plans haven’t been totally set yet…

  23. Hank Pym is the first character that comes to mind, but I don’t know. :/

  24. Ant-Man, Daredevil, or Punisher.

  25. Well he has the All-American square-jaw look. Of course he’s going to get a lot of calls for comic book movies because he’s exactly what they draw in the comics.

    • Or, instead of rambling like me, you can just make a solid list like this.

      Ergo, ^this.

    • 1) yep, think it was part of IM3s problem, to much RDJ sans armour
      2) I quite liked the avengers hulk, but perhaps a make him bigger as he get angrier, could be done subtly (or just more toned)
      3) agreed
      4) yeah but I don’t mind at all, black widow as a character was never that important in my mind
      5) spot on
      6) ‘hems worth getting better’ I agree, but if they over do the Norse manly shouting he’ll become a bit of a joke (similiar to why storm didnt talk in xmen films the same as comic storm, it just sounds silly in real life) they already have hulk to roar and shout, just need to let Thor rip and show why he is the God of Thunder (why has that tune not been used in trailers for his films yet?)

    • I disagree with all your suggestions (aside from Hawkeye and Thor needing more shouty-lines).

      1. RDJ is a scene-stealer. He just has that presence and personality. Aside from giving him less screen time, there’s very little that can be done to… contain that presence. And since he’s the face of the franchise, duh he’s going to get a lot of screen time. As for being in the suit: he was! He was wearing the suit during every action scene he was involved in (which is more than you can say for IM3). The reason it might not feel as if Iron Man was all that present was because Hulk stole the show during that final act, which leads me to…

      2. In TIH, Hulk looked like a pretty boy. I get that some people like that version, but not me – sorry. The movie was good overall, but Hulk looked like a big, green Calvin Clein model or something. In the original comics (actually, in most of the comics) Hulk looked almost exactly the way he looked in The Avengers. In fact, the way they portrayed the Hulk in The Avengers was almost universally considered THE highlight of the film. The Hulk was awesome and it worked perfectly imo.

      3. Agreed

      4. She’s an interesting character the way Whedon wrote her. I wouldn’t care to see a solo movie of Black Widow (wouldn’t be against it either though), but she had some very good scenes in the movie – aside from being eye candy.

      5. It seems a lot of people think Cap was a bad leader, but Ireally don’t get it… imo he did great on the battlefield (where it mattered). Cap is a fish out of water in TA. He doesn’t belong and he realizes that – which is why he was a little quite during the first two acts. Evans’ acting was nuanced and the way the character was written relied on the audience understanding what he’s going through and being able to put themselves in his position (which most audience members obviously can’t do since they want everything spelled out for them in black and white). In the final act though, he had something to do because it was familiar to him: war. And the mask? Most people hated it. He wore it for a long period of time actually, and in the final act when it gets ripped off, they actually showed there was a reason for why it happened.

      6. It’s been said so many times that Thor’s helmet, in the movie universe, is only for ceremonial use. It’s unpractical to wear that thing on the battlefield. It works in the comics, but film is a different medium.

      • I agree especially with the cap piece. There’s more to the captain than what resides on the surface level, unfortunately like you said most people can’t understand that.

        • The trouble is that while Caps performance may have been quiet and nuanced, he was supposed to be the leader of the Avengers (sure shouting and making a lot of noise is not the only way to lead) but he was playing opposite Tony Stark (loud mouth) Hulk (makes a fair amount of noise) and Thor (who comes from a royal upbringing) there needed to be a bit where he ‘makes’ them fall in line, preferably something where he shuts Stark up

          He didnt ‘take charge’ of that group, or exude (through his nuanced performance) the air of leadership quite the opposite he seemed out of his depth, even on the helicarrier even though he said himself that it was a more familiar environment

          The only time he took control was, in a situation that he should have been more comfortable with, combat, it was still only when Stark didn’t want the lead anymore (cos the enemy had sent in the big guns the 3 space worm things) then he got passed the lead (fair enough he ran with it) but up till that point he had very much followed just like Hawkeye and Black Widow.
          Even in that situation he didnt take charge he got given/passed the lead.

          The audience did understand what he was going through, the writing made sure of that, it’s fairly on the nose about it actually, during the first two acts there is hardly a scene with him that doesn’t point out how he is a guy in the wrong time period and not quite up to date with things

          Let him be nuanced in his own films (it is annoying when things are spelled out to clearly in films) but the guy needed to buck up and take charge of the various loose canons that the avengers is made up of in order to get the job done, especially when the world is in danger (that’s not the time to get caught up in ones own personal insecurities, especially if that person is a leader)

          That just my opinion though

          • Completely agree with JLAvenger88 here.

            What was said about Cap not fitting in wasn’t nuanced, it was expositioned the hell out of. That’s also not the problem. An authoritative figure like Cap, who’s supposed to be Marvel’s greatest leader, basically, should exert that radiance always, even when he’s not on familiar ground. The point of a natural leader, that Cap should be, is the fact that it is NATURAL. He can have plenty of issues, but you can’t undermine his signature talent this much imo. (And before anyone even tries, no, this is not the same thing as the imperfect Superman we saw in Man of Steel. Superman was in everyway still Superman, but he had stuff to learn. Cap A barely feels like Cap A in Avengers to me.)

            Evans himself is by far not a natural leader. His character might become one and earn the respect of his teammates, but imo Cap shouldn’t have to earn anything – he’s already done so. He’s [expletive deleted] captain america for god sakes.

            They sacrificed Cap A’s authority for RDJ’s degrading humor and overall starpower. It’s that simple. And it’s why I don’t particularly appreciate Whedon’s writing on Avengers, it’s too meta for me. It pulls me out of the story, because it just doesn’t serve the story itself. The upside might be good laughs and a funny dynamic between characters (I mean, between RDJ and other characters), but that would make Avengers more of a comedy than anything else, which is actually how I view it – an action comedy.

            I know Marvel tends to go with the so called lighthearted approach, but I think they can make a bit more of a serious film without the typical Marvel moviegoer being alienated. Doesn’t have to be the (epic) seriousness of Nolan etc, but Avengers was bordering on being too silly for me.

    • @ rod22

      I thought Evans as Capt. A did well as a leader, leading the howling commandos in Captain America:TFA & leading the team into battle in The Avengers by telling what everyone’s job is.

  26. DC fans really crack me up, they really do. They are insanely jealous, hateful and bitter toward anything Marvel because they have nothing to hope in or look forward to. Dumb.

    They get a very sub-par Man of Steel movie and act like it’s the greatest movie ever, praising every aspect of it like it’s amazing. Gimme a break DC fan, it wasn’t very good, and you know it, everybody knows it.

    Marvel holds all the cards and is only getting stronger with every movie and every character, while Warner Bros. and DC fumble around like a man in a dark room looking for the light switch, and it drives DC fan crazy knowing that’s true. Marvel can’t be touched, and that fact just grinds on them.

    Suck on that lemon DC fan, it will give you something to do during the five year wait between any new movies. ;)

    • Such sweeping generalisations serves nobody

      I happen to have as many marvel comics as dc comics and am a fan of both film types (my screen name incorporates elements of both team ups for a reason)

      Marvel is making more films and more money sure, but the more time goes by the more I’m left feeling that WB/DC movies are or a higher standard (in general) which is where the frustration comes from (that and their instance on only making films about batman and superman)

      Man of Steel is by no means a flawless film or the greatest film ever (script needed more work and the story, despite being solid, did have holes due to the amount of material that it needed to include, but I think it left the character in a good position going forward), however its hard to adequately argue that the spectacle it provided in terms of action was on par with a character called ‘superman’ or that the casting was not of better quality than marvel films, even the leaders behind the camera were better than the directors and producers that marvel tends to hire

      Marvels films aren’t perfect either (Thor, Iron Man 2 are widely considered to have many many issues), they have found a way to make their brand and characters appeal on film to a wider audience and bravo to them for that, long may in continue, and I do quite like that they are committed to putting out 2 movies a year (there is an issue with such method though, which is that it increases the tv episodic feel that their films have, which can lower the individual quality)

      Also while a joke can stop being funny if over used, good stories and big action doesn’t really go out of style

      Here’s an idea though
      Put an objective cap on and look at marvel films with the same level of scrutiny that MOS got, what do you really find?

    • This makes no sense

    • Looosahhh

    • OH MY GOD, you are the 2nd Marvel fanboy who reads out their success like an evil villain monologue.

      “Marvel is getting stronger, AND THEN SOON WE WILL TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!”

      • Ha, nice Phineas & Ferb reference.

        And speaking of Phineas & Ferb and Marvel, who else can’t wait for the crossover movie?

  27. Henry Peter Gyrich…