Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

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Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

With Marvel Studios planning to bring two new movies every year, there is more or less a constant flow of discussion on two central topics: which comic book characters might be coming to the big screen next, and which actors should play them. With films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange still entirely open in terms of casting, there are plenty of rumors and speculation as to who might take the lead and supporting roles – and new information suggests that Marvel is interested in finding a role in their cinematic universe for actor Aaron Eckhart.

Eckhart is obviously well-known for his portrayal of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, and his next film – I, Frankenstein – is also a comic book adaptation. Due to his popularity amongst comic book fans, Eckhart’s name often crops up in discussions of which actors might be cast in future DC and Marvel roles.

Nuke the Fridge asked Eckhart whether he was planning to work with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan again in the future. Although Eckhart had no news to offer on that front, he sounded enthusiastic about returning to the comic book movie genre, and was even able to offer a tidbit as to how that might happen:

“I would love to [return to comic books]. Chris hasn’t called. You know, I know Marvel and we would love to do something together sometime.”

Eckhart was vague on the matter of when he would be working with Marvel and did not indicate that he’s currently in formal talks for any of their notable upcoming roles, but his words suggest that Eckhart has had discussions with executives at Marvel, potentially even with Kevin Feige himself, on the matter of appearing in one of their upcoming movies.

Aaron Eckhart in I Frankenstein1 Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

Interestingly, Eckhart also commented on Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Iron Man and used his impressions to explain why he finds it a challenge to take on comic book movie roles:

“I look at Iron Man and I go, ‘I would never have played that so well as Robert Downey Jr.’ Talk about trusting his instincts as an actor and making Iron Man something that I… I don’t look at Iron Man that way, I look at Iron Man or some other movie like that with so much… I’m too literal. I don’t have fun like Robert Downey Jr. does. So my sensibilities don’t go to that genre naturally.”

The tone of the recent Marvel movies definitely feels more fantastical and escapist than the comparatively gritty, serious approach taken in films like Man of Steel and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for Eckhart’s “literal” approach in any of the upcoming Marvel projects. There is room to speculate on whether or not he’d be offered a lead role like Doctor Strange or Hank Pym, but each film will also have a wide range of supporting roles to which Eckhart could be well-suited. Speaking of suits – and Eckhart does seem to wear them quite a lot in his movies – could a job at S.H.I.E.L.D. be in his future?

Let us know which Marvel role you think Eckhart would be perfect for in the comments.


Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. He’d be a great Hank Pym, Daredevil or Punisher. Dr Strange is also an interesting suggestion, although imo there are better choices.

    • I think I would like him as Prince Namor

    • I second that motion on Eckhart being Hank Pym!

    • Punisher ????

    • To be honest, I’ve always thought Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane looked oddly similar, and I can definitely see Eckhart as The Punisher. But alas, I love Thomas Jane as The Punisher and he’s the only guy I want to see playing the character right now. As for him playing Hank Pym, he would definitely make a great Ant-Man, in my opinion.

  2. I can so see Aaron Eckhart playing the role of Daredevil or even Punisher like others have said. I think he would make an amazing addition to the Marvel Family, I know Marvel would show him the love.
    I think Marvel needs to Open up the Marvel Knights once again. Get back Wesley Snipes (I’m sorry but he was Blade he did everything in his power to showcase Blade as he was and the people who destroyed the music of the 2nd Blade need to get shot. Snipes didn’t want that “hood” music he wanted the sound from the first echoed in the second.) But Snipes deserves the chance to come back as Blade as well. Bring the Marvel Knights characters to light. Sure Disney wants to keep the movies Family Friendly but they need to let the Darker and Grittier sides come to light.
    Marvel along with their Parent company of Disney have been taking great care of those who star in their films. I doubt DC/WB even takes care of those who are in their movies. I know Nolan sure as hell didn’t take care of Two-Face or even Talia or Ra’s Al Ghul, he s*** on them hard core destroying the character to the very core.

    Bring on the Marvel Knights Characters!

    • I am of the opinion that maybe after The Avengers 2 pay check Marvel Studios should start up another smaller film studio to take care of the Marvel Knights (that’s a good name for the studios as well) which can put out films of the darker/grittier style that those character will really be at home in
      And could allow Marvel to up the quota of films per year to 3 just like they want to

      Snipes owned the Blade character in the same way but well before RDJ became Iron Man
      I agree, give the guy another shot as the character

      • Also just wanna say I’m still in for Snipes as Blade. Damn he’d be so brutal all of a sudden in this kinda polished MU. Loved Snipes as Blade, but dunno if it’d fit, because they can’t continue the tone of those old Blade movies can they

        Or could they somewhat isolate the Marvel Knights as a more brutal part of the MSU? That would be kinda cool. Marvel is somewhat in a tight spot with a character like Blade seeing as their properties have vastly different levels of violence etc and they’ve clearly opted for the somewhat lowest common denominator in terms of age appropriateness.

      • That would be awesome, I’d be behind that 100%. While I loved Snipes as Blade, I’d have to say go with another actor who is younger. While I do agree that they have to hire the perfect man for the part, I also think you have to move on from the past and get an up and coming actor. In my opinion, part of such a high profile movie is devoted to getting some actors on the road to a better career. Similar to what happened to Christian Bale, Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman.

    • …….

  3. I can see eckhart play Mahr-vell…or captain marvel…and pass the mantle to carol danvers

  4. maybe for Black Bolt, Daredevil, or Ant-Man.

  5. I think i would like him as the punisher

  6. I hope for Namor

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s been enough of Marvel’s movies? At least if they could manage to create some excellent ones…not 2 a year while being pretty mediocre imo…

    • Well, that is your opinion, and you have every right not to have enjoyed the Phase One movies. I personally liked them all. They were different from one another, and the first Avengers movie was great, IMO.

      We already know all the movies Marvel will be releasing for Phase 2, and they have started anouncing the Phase 3 movies (and there will probably be new anouncements during Comicon). So you can expect another 4 movies for Phase 2, and five or six for Phase 3. Does that make a lot? Maybe for a non-fan, but I think the stand alone movies, if they follow the patterns for phase 1, are quite different from one another, so it’s not redundant. There are so many heroes in the Marvel Universe, and so many stories to tell, from so many different angles, I don’t think there’s too many. Yes, so far Marvel has released 7 movies (6 for Phase 1, and 1 for Phase 2) and has big plans for the future (Phase 2 and 3, and perhaps beyond!) but if I can say… there has been 7 Batman movies since 1989 and five Superman movies (including 2 reboots…). And if you count Sony’s and Fox’s involvment: 4 Spiderman movies and 6 X-Men/Wolverine movies (which I’m not including since Marvel/Disney is not producing those).

      I’m not trying to start a war between DC and Marvel. I’m just saying that Marvel has more diversity in their projects, so IMO, no, there are NOT to many Marvel movies :-)

      • And I think most people agree with you, Mary J.

        Why would anyone get on here and read about it if they don’t like the movies. Hater gonna hate.

      • @Mary Jay – You’re always going to get some haters in life which is what you have here. When you get to be so successful some people get jealous and envious of it, no matter what platform it’s on. It could be Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee or Michael Jordan and some fools would hate them simply because they we’re so good at what they did, no other reason.

  8. Hands down…Best Punisher Ever!.

  9. Namor??? A dark-haired, slim figured Namor looks entirely different than a blonde-haired Eckhart. I’d say Joseph Gordon Levitt or Benedict Cumberbatch would be closer to that look.

    • Hair color can be changed, such as Scarlett Johansson.
      Benedict Cumberbatch is better to be Doctor Strange.

      • I’m with the Dude. He looks nothing like the clean-cut, dark haired Namor. Sure, hair can be changed but blond to red is different from blond to black.

        Dr. House for Dr. Strange. Wilson for Wong. Kidding about the second one.

  10. He might be a little too old but he would make a great Speed Ball / Penance (Robert Baldwin) sparking the Civil War.

    Other than that, I like the prospect of Punisher, The Black Knight, Jack of Hearts…

    Another idea could be US Agent. Leading to West Coast Advengers and a pain to Captain America.

  11. I would like to see Marvel branch out and cast Eckhart as The Sentry. That would be an amazingly interesting and different kind of Marvel film.

  12. The first Character that I thought of was Hank Pym. couldnt see Aaron as anyone else. Or maybe Reed Richards, there is another F4 movie in the works.

  13. Huh, never considered Eckhart for Hank Pym. That would work (as long as its present- day)

  14. Hank Pym was the first name that came to mind for me, but another role could be a possibility as well. There’s been a lot of rumors about upcoming Marvel films and actors and actresses rumored for roles in them. I expect a lot of these rumors to be answered and cleared up at the SDCC this week.

  15. Lets see…Title of article is: Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

    What new information is there that Marvel wants to work with him?

    • “I would love to [return to comic books]. Chris hasn’t called. You know, I know Marvel and we would love to do something together sometime.”

      • WE as in Marvel and he or he and his people.

        Meaning Eckhart and his people want to work with Marvel. I mean Sean Young knew DC and wanted to work with Warner/DC see how well that worked out. 😉

        Im not saying its not happening or wont happen its just the stretch from a simple line does not mean Marvel wants to work with Eckhart. Im sure Marvel wants to work with a lot of talented actors and actresses.

        It appears to be a rumor pulled from a simple statement by an actor that wouldn’t mind working on a Marvel (or another Warner) project with regards to comics.

        I appreciate the direct response.

  16. Wesley Snipes as Black Panther.
    As for Eckhart I agree with Ant Man, but could he play a mutant? There’s a lot of X films coming out also

    • I’d want Eckhart as an older Cyclops, but that’s a stretch considering he doesn’t really look like the young Cyclops fromX1 and 2.

    • @many m – If this was 10-15 years ago I would say yes without a doubt for Wesley playing Black Panther, but he’s just way too old now for the role. However I definitely could see Snipes having a pivotal role in a Black Panther film and I would love to see that actually. Now I could see Snipes or Djimon Hounsou as T’Chaka. I’m definitely of the thought that the role of Black Panther should be played by someone younger like Chadwick Boseman or someone like that. I will say this, I would absolutely love a Black Panther film that would have great actors like Denzel, Hounsou, Angela Bassett, Snipes, Vivica Fox, Taraji P. Henson, Forrest Whitaker, Sanaa Lathan, Lawrence Fishburne, Viola Davis, etc. If Marvel can get some of this talent for the Black Panther it would make for an amazing cast and kill any doubts whatsoever about a black superhero film made of mostly a black cast being able to succeed to a general audience, do that and introduce Black Panther in “Avengers 2″ and you have a guaranteed smash without a doubt.

      • There are so many talented black actors now. My mind will explode w/all the black actors/actress appearing in a Black Panther movie. \o/

        In words of Fred Sanford:’There’s enough black here to make a Tarzan movie.’

        • EtotheJ – Yes indeed, in the words of the great Fred Sanford you’re right, only this remark was more raw and uncut of course.

  17. Look I get what some of you dudes are saying about ‘Cap’ not being the clear cut leader you think he should be. That being said you’re missing the point a little here, remember this was just the first ‘Avengers’ film and you don’t just come in take over and be a leader of a team when you don’t know each well enough or understand each other’s dynamic, it doesn’t work that way. If takes time to get to know each other and be willing to follow one’s leadership, you dudes act like that kinda s…happens over night or something, time to wake up now. Now i’m willing to bet the team dynamic, chemistry and ‘Cap’s’ leadership will be much more fluid and stronger in “Avengers 2″. “The Avengers” was just the start(a glorious one if I should say so myself) and you have to start somewhere first.

  18. Another thing, when I go to see a superhero film I don’t go in there expecting to be sitting on my hands being bored out of my damn mind at some pretentious film trying to outsmart me and out think me, but not exciting me. Yes I want a good script and storyline, but I also want great action sequences, I want kick ass special effects, I want to be wowed. I want a fist pumping, energy filled, adrenaline rush action packed film that makes me jump out my seat, and “The Avengers” gave me that in abundance. When I go see a REAL CBM, that’s what I expect to see, not some mumbo jumbo babble on the screen. Give me smart witty dialog, good performances and chemistry between the actors, good pacing to the story, some emotion and great visuals and i’m good. Now you haters are welcomed to think whatever you want, but those are the elements I look for in a good/great comic book film.

  19. @Super70
    I hope I haven’t come across as a marvel hater
    Cos I’m really not

    I was and am a huge fan of every phase 1 film, saw them all in cinemas and got each on DVD before the ‘boxed set’ came out, might not look as neat but shows commitment to the franchise
    My thoughts on phase 2 is another matter thus far, but that’s a different topic entirely, got my fingers crossed for Thor 2 though

    However while I thoroughly enjoyed the avengers and phase 1 it was by no means perfect or unbeatable in terms of quality
    Cap in Avengers was definitely a glaring weak point (IMO)
    CA:TFA, loved it (with the exception of the overly long bit with him as dancing monkey) but the avengers ground my gears with him as a character, not just because of his lack of presence (have already touched on that) but the fact that his character seemed to once again be that scrawny kid, before he took the super soldier serum or led the howling commandos through WW2! That is some major leadership experience that he seemed to do nothing with

    Fair point about the fact that it was the first avengers film and you can’t just walk in and lead a team, but they weren’t a team before the avengers and cap was the first one there, but didnt seem to even throw is name in the ring for leadership at all, that was all Stark who had never really seemed through his solo films like he was interested in leading a team (seemed like he was happy on his own) but he manage to walk in and take charge (without anywhere near the experiance of leading a ‘response unit’ that Cap has) but that was never even touched on it was all Cap you’re from the wrong time sit back ‘old guy’ we got this, until Stark saw those 3 space worms then threw him the reins saying ‘here you go’
    I am aware that stark is more of an extrovert and by his very nature more inclined to take the lead but Cap doesn’t have anything to say about it (no comment about the dudes leadership qualification’s in a combat situation, nothing about how he has been through a war he just takes it, and not like a champ)

    Also I don’t think all of the Nolan DC films are brilliant or with their flaws, TDKR for example that ending annoyed me loads (felt like such a cop out after an enjoyable trilogy) and sure Nolan in general with his films (not just his CBMs) could probably do with trimming some of the fat in that regard, Nolan is also not that great at action stuff
    But honestly in my opinion MOS (which felt more like a snyder film in the way it treated action) utterly shamed IM3 on both story and action for my mind (also gave avengers a push in terms of overall quality, and depending upon ones opinion may or may not have been better)

    But that not to say that just cos people enjoy one set more than the other that they ‘hate’ everything about the other films
    marvel films are not above criticism

    Personally I don’t mind a superhero film that has more to say than a few one liners (witty? i thought they were just obvious pop culture references, that were mostly funny, the galaga one certainly made me laugh, but I didn’t think they were tremendously ‘witty’, but thats my opinion) and a few nice action sequences, but I’m not overly convinced that Whedon is the best handler of large action sequences (an exception that linked sequence it the final battle of the avengers was glorious)

    Tis worth remembering that even the comics that these films are based on (yes even marvels) actually do have more to them quite often than simply being a fun ride, some do actually pose questions about societies attitude and ideas toward certain topics, since the comic books can do it why not the films

    my point is that sometimes in would be nice if they at marvel took things slightly more seriously (maybe closer to the level of Iron Man 1) or made more of an effort to keep key aspects of the characters (even if it means cutting down on the RDJ time/lines)

    That’s my thoughts anyway, each individual is entitled to theirs
    but try not to assume that there is only one way of looking at things and if someone sees things differently that they are ‘missing the point’

    For me the ideal situation would be both marvel and dc putting out movies with different styles but of increasing quality with both embracing what makes each of their characters worth watching, imo almost all of the best best of avengers were in the final act once Cap had begun to be the leader, I just wanted him to do it sooner

    • Hmm think I went on a little longer than I planned to there

    • @JLAvenger88 – I hear you man i’m definitely not calling you a Marvel hater. And it’s true that no CBM is flawless, even the very best ones like “The Avengers”, “The Dark Knight”, “Spider-Man 2″, “Iron Man”, etc all have their own flaws. I was just stating that the build up of ‘Cap’ becoming leader of the group takes some time. Remember that line Nick Fury said to Thor on the Hellicarrier about Loki when he said why do I feel he’s the only one who wants to be on this ship, that pretty much was the Avengers mindsets at the time, not ready to fully believe in each other and embrace each other. I think the film did a terrific job of having the heroes clash physically as well as their egos, just like the comics. I loved seeing the back and forth verbal jabbing between Stark & Rogers, and the physical encounters between Thor & Iron Man and Thor & Hulk, it made it all that much more rich and rewarding when they finally decided for the sake of mankind to put their differences aside and join forces to fight together to save the planet.

      • Good and fair points Super70

        I think, for me, I wanted Cap to be the guy that helped bind them as a team, since he was essentially the conscience of the team (especially after Coulson died)
        Would have been a nice gesture after all of Coulsons swooning over Cap that after he died if Cap was the one that was able to use that to bring them together or use that to give them the push that they needed to put aside their differences (Stark figured it all out and led the way, and Fury played the card that got under Starks skin giving him the push he needed, Cap was a passenger in all of that)

        Thors fights against Hulk and Iron Man were nice
        Felt that the jabbing between Stark and Cap was mostly back and not to much forth, which seemed to put Stark firmly as top dog and thus undermined Cap somewhat
        But for me it felt like all the individual characters had evolved slightly from their solo films and brought that progression to the film, except for Cap who seemed to take a back step from his film (just a little frustrating, cos Cap was never my favourite, but I really enjoyed his film)

        Some of these thoughts are not what my initial thoughts were when i saw the film first time (although i did think Cap was got the weakest showing out of the main 4)
        I was just glad to finally have the Avengers on screen

  20. personally, i see him more as richard ryder, AKA Nova. Possibly in a guardians of the galaxy sequel.

  21. Eckhart for Vision. Or Namor
    Rob Pattinson for Daredevil
    Joel Kinnaman for Dr Strange
    Michael Pitt for Ant Man
    Emelia Clarke for Wasp
    Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther
    Emily Blunt for Captain Marvel
    Thor needs to introduce Balder and Enchantress.
    Cap 2 needs to introduce Sin, and play with Cap’s death.