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WantedPoster edited A Jolie Good Wanted PosterAngelina Jolie is more of a celebrity than an actress. She sells more magazines and newspapers than she does movie tickets – it’s true. Has she ever been in a hit movie, a movie that had bums on seats because she was the lead?

The first Tomb Raider would have made bank… even if I was the star, and Mr and Mrs Smith was a hit because of the tabloid stories about Miss Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Jolie should have more luck with Wanted. The comic book adaptation (what else) is directed by Russian helmer Timur Bekmambetov, the man behind Day Watch, Night Watch and the forthcoming Twilight Watch (do you see what he’s doing here?).

Wanted looks bizarre in a sort of crazy Matrix way. let’s just hope that it doesn’t take itself as seriously – however from what I’ve seen that shouldn’t be an issue. The film has a pretty cool cast lined up alongside Jolie: James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and the fantastic Terence Stamp.

A new poster for the film has now been released and we can tell that the film stars Jolie with a gun, tattoos and a scary skeletal arm.

To see the poster- continue reading.

Wantedpostergun A Jolie Good Wanted Poster

This movie looks like a crazy piece of summer entertainment. Let’s hope it’s good.

Wanted opens on June 27.

Source: AICN

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  1. Niall typed:
    {{…a pretty cool cast…James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and the fantastic Terence Stamp.}}

    Your Honor, I call 790 to the witness stand to testify against the coolness of a ubiquitous but bland cast member.

  2. From what I’ve seen this film is going to have a decent weekend and then fall back into dvd obscurity.

    The cast including Jolie does nothing for me. And I’m really tired of Morgan Freeman. I would love to see him retire from acting.
    As well as Jolie who (IMO), should just stay out of action films.
    She’s totally unbelievable in these type of roles. Not only does she look skinny and unheathy, her game face just looks halarious.
    Nothings more of a turn off then skinney Jolie with Tats coming at you. (Maybe she should get back into horror films)?

  3. Jolie is totally a celebrity more than a movie star. She’s a terrible actress. How weird that someone so fascinating to look at is so boring when she opens her mouth to speak. She has the flat personality of someone who’s been stared at all her life, without the emotional depth required to truly live and breath a character.
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith and all those action films she’s made suck.
    It goes to show you – just cuz the tabloids love you doesn’t mean that movie fans will.

  4. You know, some actors are more interested in acting than breaking box office records. Angelina is an award winning actress. Her commercial stuff is exactly that, commercial.

  5. This movie is most definitely going to be a love it or hate it flick. My opinion of it will depend on my state of mind when I walk into the theater. :-)


  6. Well, if Jolie takes up a lot of screen time (and I’m guessing she will), the odds are not good that this film will be anything more than a quick buck fast forgotten.
    Why does Jolie do so much gun happy commercial fluff anyway? You’d think that a humanitarian would want to be more of an artist than a violence-prone screen chick.

  7. MAMS made close to 800 million $$$ in worldwide BO including DVD rentals and sales. You don’t get that kind of $$$ from just curiosity or being tab fodder. If that was the case, then Proof of Life, Gigli, Shanghai Surprise, or even The BreakUp would have made just as much or more. They didn’t come close.

    And she put more butts in seats for the TR movies than any other actress in a leading action role. As other actresses will attest it takes more than a pretty face to plant those butts in a theater. Actually, lately it seems you need a giant transformer, comic book sidekicks, or just great CGI effects. And Wanted looks like it’s loaded with great CGI effects. Looking forward to seeing it.

    Thanks for allowing me to “rant.”

  8. Real good point Austinspace!
    I’ve wondered that myself.

  9. Hey guys, sorry you had to suffer through those bizarre and repetitive comments. I was not near a computer and thought they had stopped.

    I’ve deleted them all and banned that person from being able to comment further.


  10. She seemed to make some sense in the Battleground LA thread…at first. I honestly think she needed to take her meds. Hold on while I double check. Yes, I took mine today, we should be fine.

    Thanks, 790, for not guessing that Shelba was me. On the off chance that I were to ever use a pseudonym here.

  11. Oh good, we’re back to the discussion.
    it got hijacked by weirdsville for awhile there.
    I just wanted to add that I’ll never be convinced that MAMS didn’t get a major boost in box office sales by the pitt-jolie affair. even movie critics were searching for signs of the controversial chemistry between the two when the reviews came in.
    and if good acting was a prerequisite for a hit action film then keanu reeves would be out of a job. it wasn’t the acting that made that film a hit.
    I’m guessing that the audience for TR is pubescent boys who want to see an oversize Jolie on the film screen… that’ll get the butts in the seats.
    I think Jolie is an interesting celebrity but I really have yet to see signs of a great actress. If you think about Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts as leading role actresses, she doesn’t come close. You might notice that those two also get way juicier roles as a result.
    there’s my two cents.

  12. Shelba do you have a point ?
    This is really getting old.

  13. When fans go crazy.???

    Yea its time for a vaction shelba. You turned this thread into something wierd and unrecognisable.


  14. No Prb Jimmy the C, I knew that wasn’t you from a mile away bro!

  15. Yea Austinspace again you make some good points.

    I’ve never enjoyed any films or had my butt motivated to go to one because Jolie was in it.

  16. I’ve always enjoyed Morgan Freeman’s acting. He is extremely talented. I like the storyline and promos for Wanted and I would definitely check it out.

  17. Sorry, I’ve never been to this site before. Found it accidentally by the link to the Wanted poster. So excuse me for intruding if this is considered a “regulars” blog. My email indicated some responses to my original post on 4/26, so I clicked on the link.
    I guess I missed Shelba’s posts. Just for clarification purposes, I’m a movie fan. Romance, action, drama, comedy, etc. Old or new. My original point is that you’re brushing off Angelina Jolie as just a celebrity created by the tabs and nothing more. I beg to differ. I went to see MAMS because it looked like a fun summer flick. Up to that point I had never seen Angelina in a movie before. Anyway, I ended up checking out her other movies – both action & drama. Are they on the level of Lawrence of Arabia or Citizen Kane? Of course not. Is she on the same level as Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep? No, but neither is any other actress in my opinion. BUT, in some of her movies she is absolutely extraordinary – Gia, Girl Interrupted, Playing by Heart, and AMH. She hit those out of the ball park. In regards to action films, I don’t expect much emoting from actors. They’re mindless fun with the help of special effects. Maybe it’ll be different with the new Indiana Jones movie since Cate Blanchett is in it. Anyway…lots of action movies in store for moviegoers this summer.