Marlon Wayans’ ‘A Haunted House 2′ Gets a Green Light; Franchise Planned

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a haunted house sequel in development Marlon Wayans A Haunted House 2 Gets a Green Light; Franchise Planned

This Friday will mark the release of the first addition to the Scary Movie franchise in seven years, as Scary Movie 5 hits theaters with Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and Ashley Tisdale taking the front seats of the theater-themed posters and none of the original writers, producers or cast of Scary Movie onboard. Scary Movie 5‘s genre rival this year is A Haunted House, the micro-budgeted found-footage horror spoof from writer/actor Marlon Wayans, one of the creators and stars of the original Scary Movie.

Time will tell whether Scary Movie 5 will succeed enough to breathe fresh life into the franchise, or whether it will instead mark the final nail in its coffin, but Wayans’ film has already made enough of a profit for Open Road Films to confirm that A Haunted House 2 is already in development and will go into production within a few months.


Wayans commented on the news in the press release:

“Rick [Alvarez] and I are excited about embarking on this journey again. IM Global has been a great, supportive partner and Open Road did a fantastic job marketing and releasing the movie. I’m looking forward to doing it again, mainly because of the fun we had the first time around. ‘Fun’ is the keyword when doing funny. Let’s go (in my @iamdiddy voice)!”

Arguably the most entertaining aspect of A Haunted House was the almost universal panning that it received from critics, with describing it as a greater assault on the immune system than a bout of the flu, the Austin Chronicle adding that the experience was, “like watching a snuff film, only it’s the audience who’s dying inside,” and the Village Voice asking, “Does it even qualify as a movie? Why did it take two people to write and cost $2.5 million to make?” Screen Rant’s Sandy Schaefer concluded his review by saying that:

“There’s little to no reason to reward or encourage any of the people involved to continue making these kind of off-putting (and instantly disposable) raunch-fests.”

A Haunted House‘s $40 million box office take, which constitutes a sizeable profit for such a low-budget film, was more than enough encouragement for Open Road Films to greenlight the sequel. A Haunted House 2 will be financed and produced by IM Global’s genre label, Octane, and IM Global CEO Stuart Ford has praised the micro-budgeted nature of A Haunted House, saying that what it achieved was “tremendous,” and adding, “we have every faith that we can now generate a hit sequel together.”

marlon wayans a haunted house Marlon Wayans A Haunted House 2 Gets a Green Light; Franchise Planned

From the emphasis that the producers are putting upon the low price-tag of the first film, and its comparative success at the box office, it seems like A Haunted House 2 will be similarly budgeted. With production costs of around $2-3 million, the sequel wouldn’t even need to come close to the first film’s success in order to make a profit, and Open Road Films seems confident enough with this business model to begin planning what producer Rick Alvarez called “an incredible franchise” of Haunted House movies.

It’s a similar model to what is used for the found-footage Paranormal Activity movies – that are the primary target of this film’s humor. The latest movie in the franchise, Paranormal Activity 4, was made for a modest $5 million and pulled in a comparatively staggering $14o million worldwide. The ongoing mythology and highly successful formula of the Paranormal Activity films has kept audiences coming back for more with each new release, but it remains to be seen whether Open Road Films will be able to find a similarly sustainable and profitable formula for the rest of their Haunted House parody series.

Did A Haunted House leave you excited for more parody fare from Marlon Wayans, or would you rather see the Scary Movie sequels and clones gone from theaters?


A Haunted House 2 is currently scheduled for release in Winter 2013-2014.

Source: ComingSoon

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  1. i loved scary movie, i just cant believe how bad 5 looks. i wanted it for so long and now its finally shown up with a trailer i wish it would just go away.

    though i still have to watch haunted house i actually laughed at the trailer and i really want to watch it unlike scary movie 5. waynes were the real reason scary movie was a succes so its no surprise this seems to be taken off.

  2. This is your cruelest April Fools joke yet.

  3. This is one thing i just do not understand about Hollywood. If a movie does well finacially but still bombs critically, why do they still green light a sequel? I cannot fathom what goes on in their heads that they think it’s a good idea to make such horrendous films into franchises. Yeah i get, money is obviously a big factor but if the first movie did horribly critically, then movie goers would avoid a sequel (i would hope) So if that is the case, then why bother if you’re not going to make any money out of it?

    • But not all moviegoers hated it. I haven’t seen it but I heard from some people that they enjoyed it and I’m guessing that these same people wouldn’t mind a sequel.

      • But as i said before, it won’t rake in as much money as the first film because the crowd will be smaller. Movie goers who saw the first film and who were disappointed in it (i’m assuming) won’t go to see the second one. Sure there will be that crowd of people that liked the first and those giving it a second chance, but i don’t think the audiences will be big enough to make as much money as Open Roads hopes it will

        • A Haunted House made $40 million at the box office, that was on a budget of $2.5 million, so it’s a success. If they make a sequel for 2 millions, is a smart move. Sad but true.

  4. its very sad when films like these get sequels, properties that people love struggle to ever see the light of day again.

    • Yep, my sentiments exactly.

    • Like Dredd? Now that was an awesome movie

    • Scary movie 5 proves that just because a movie sucks doesnt means that people wont watch it again, and again, and again,……and again. Mo’ money = Mo’ problems

    • Who’s fault is that? The studios behind them. If you went and watched the Marlan Wayans interview up now you’ll know WHY because he spent some of his own money to make it independently. Studios cost too much damn money and they wouldn’t green light it anyway so he did it on his own.

  5. *when properties that people love struggle to ever see the light of day again.

  6. We get more of this crap before another Dredd, Hellboy or Serenity.

    This is why I pirate :p

    • Maybe people like you who pirate films are the problem. If more people showed their support by actually paying, these films would make more money and get the sequels people think they should have.

      • never claimed to jack sparrow good movies.

  7. Dread doesn’t get a sequel and this does?


  8. i cant believe these comments… do you people actually think money doesnt factor? im p****d dredd is not getting a sequel but thats cause it didnt meet its budget. it lost them money so they wont risk it.

    this made then money, it made then so much damn money they would be mad not to give it a sequel.

    • Dredd more than made its budget overseas but because it’s all still seemingly “America is the only country that matters”, we’re not getting a sequel but crap like this is.

      • No it didn’t? It didn’t even match its budget. Of course, the whole America thing is a SMART concept. Because most movies aren’t made to impress the world, they’re supposed to make money in America because they are AMERICAN movies.

        • Smart concept? More like stupid concept. But than if studios don’t want the money overseas markets generate, cause the money isn’t as good as American money, I’ll put my hand out. I don’t discriminate.

          The world is much bigger than the good ole’ United States. It’s both stupid and naive to think the rest of the world isn’t worth catering to.

    • But like i said, if it doesn’t do well critically then there is no point in making a sequel because it won’t rake in as much money as the first because audiences will not want to see it because of how bad the first was and will most likely spend their money on another, better movie

      • but there are always those few who, for WHATEVER reason unknown to man, decide to see the sequel. and sadly, those few will create profit for the sequel again. even if it does a TENTH of the business of the original, it still makes bank because they made it for only 2 dollars.

        • You do have a point. Gahhh, everyone up in ol’ Holly needs to get their head out the gutters

    • Dredd made 13 million in America and 22 million overseas
      Its production budget was 50 million
      You do the math

      • United States is the biggest box office draw followed closely by china . Japan Russia, Australia, France England Spain ….

      • Had Dredd gotten off the 3D bandwagon, production would have been less and revenue would have been higher. Either way would rather have a low budget Dredd sequel than another wayans “funny” movie.

        • Who is “we”? Again…MW did it independently with some of his own money. I liked the movie and will see the sequel.

  9. Oh Crap!! :(

  10. Oh God, please kill me…the day before this crap is released.

    • Gladly.

  11. very interesting and very funny.

  12. Franchise? Why?

    Oh right, money. Of course.

    • what else would it be? lmao… are you serious?

      • I was joking. Of course I know why this is happening.

  13. Yes this is dire news but Hollywood is a business at the end of the day and that much of a return on such a small investment is obviously going to make the producers hungry for more!

    These types of movies should be made for charities!

  14. I loved AHH, it was what made SM 1 and 2 so great, it focuses and spoofs one film and bases its jokes around that interjecting it with other smaller jokes. In terms of a franchise, time will tell and so long as Wayans is on board and keeps the format in using one linear story then it could be good. Scary Movie 3 onwards tried to hard to spoof everything and delved into popular culture, s*** jokes and dire plotline making them ultimately forgetable, what was scary about Inception? So why is it in SM5, the franchise focused on cameos more than its jokes and ultimately failed.

    As for Dredd, it was a great film (although a remake of the better ‘The Raid’) and gutted it did not have the audience it did but to slam that AHH has spawned a sequel and not that is absurd, different studios focus on different projects. you cant blame AHH and the film makers for greenlighting #2 and failing them on the basis that Dredd didn’t make a sequel. I can go on forever but without independent film making and sequels, the film industry would die and the fact that a film made 16 x it’s budget would be deemed a stroke of genius if it was another film.

  15. The haunted house 2 is going to be a good. Movie

  16. The haunted house is going to be a good movie

  17. Film was great looking forward to the next. Scary movie went crap when the wayans stop writing and starring in them.

  18. It’s an awesome article for all the internet visitors; they will
    take benefit from it I am sure.

  19. I enjoyed watching a hunted house 1&2,and I was wondering will there be a part 3???