‘A Haunted House 2′ Review

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a haunted house 2 reviews A Haunted House 2 Review

Moviegoers who enjoyed the first Haunted House as pure guilty pleasure viewing may get additional mileage out of the sequel.

A Haunted House 2 catches up with Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) from the first movie; after the demonically-possessed Kisha seemingly dies in a car accident, Malcolm decides to leave his paranormal activity-plagued past behind him and never speak of it again. Cut to a year later, he and his new significant other, Megan (Jaime Pressly) – along with Megan’s children Becky (Ashely Rickards) and Wyatt (Steele Stebbins) – are living together and moving into their dream house.

However, strange things start happening around Malcolm once more – be it Megan developing an obsession with a mysterious box that she found, Wyatt hanging out with a mysterious imaginary friend, or Malcolm discovering a collection of bizarre video footage in his new home’s attic. Malcolm soon reaches out to others for help – like his old pal Father Williams (Cedric the Entertainer) – in the hope of solving his supernatural problems once and for all.

What sets the first A Haunted House apart from the most recent installments in the Scary Movie franchise (the spoof comedy series that Wayans and his brothers Shawn and Keenan Ivory co-established) is that the former actually has a structure and attempts to parody recent trends in the horror genre, rather than merely string together non-sequitur pop-culture riffs and raunchy jokes (a la Scary Movie 5). A Haunted House 2 – which, like its predecessor, was directed by Michael Tiddes from a screenplay co-written by Wayans and Rick Alvarez – partly keeps that practice alive, but is mostly just a sloppy rehash, which is really saying something in this case.

a haunted house movie review A Haunted House 2 Review

Cedric the Entertainer and Marlon Wayans in ‘A Haunted House 2′

A Haunted House 2, like the first movie, imitates the visual tendencies and aesthetics of the found-footage horror sub-genre, but here there’s less mocking of the cheap style and logic gaps in the technical construction of films like Paranormal Activity 2; it’s more just about blandly recreating shots¬†from those movies, in order to stage unrelated (and usually lame) comedic set pieces. In fact, most of the Haunted House sequel is devoted to poking fun at recent popular horror movies outside of the found-footage sub-genre – specifically,¬†Sinister and The Conjuring, as well as the largely-forgotten The Possession, oddly enough. Most of the sequel’s sight gags and comedy sequences are lazily recycled from the first Haunted House, as well as the Scary Movie series, so they often fail to produce even the easiest of laughs.

Cinematographer David Ortkiese frequently strays from even retaining the found-footage aspect in this film, which is something that even the first Haunted House managed to do. Unfortunately, hackneyed composition combined with slack editing by Tim Mirkovich (The Devil Inside) doesn’t instill the film’s improvisatory comedy routines or dialogue-centric skits with any vigorous rhythm or pulse – they simply plod along, one uninspired raunchy bit or sex joke after another. To be fair, there’s the odd piece of comedy that earns a guilty chuckle, but most of those end up being repeated many times over, well past the point where that figurative horse becomes unquestionably dead. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the comedy is either too mean-spirited or sexist/racist/homophobic to enjoy as irony, or even simple dumb fun.

a haunted house movie daman wayans A Haunted House 2 Review

Gabriel Iglesias and Marlon Wayans in ‘A Haunted House 2′

Wayans is up to his usual tricks here, which means he spends the whole film either just rambling off jokes or desperately attempting, then failing, to prove that he’s adept at physical comedy. The rest of the cast is composed of D-list talent either being loud and crude (which, obviously, makes them “funny”) or playing flat caricatures – be it Gabriel Iglesias (Magic Mike) as Malcolm’s new Latino pal Miguel; Missi Pyle (The Artist) and Hayes MacArthur (Bachelorette) riffing on Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s characters from The Conjuring; or Rick Overton as a professor who (Spoiler?) suddenly turns into a Breaking Bad punchline.

Moviegoers who enjoyed the first Haunted House as pure guilty pleasure viewing may get additional mileage out of the sequel. However, even those folks may start to lose patience quickly, once they realize that this new installment is largely just bad leftovers from the first movie, reheated and served with a different dressing.

Still, if these Wayans comedies are something you enjoy watching with your friends, it’s maybe best to wait until you can see this latest one at home – where you can take as many verbal potshots at its awfulness as you like – rather than spending your well-earned money on a theater ticket.

In case you’re still undecided, here is the trailer for A Haunted House 2:

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A Haunted House 2 is now playing in U.S. theaters nationwide. It is 87 minutes long and is Rated R for crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, drug use and some violent images.

Our Rating:

1 out of 5

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  1. It’s just Marlon Wayans screaming for an hour and a half. I was hoping at the very least for Gabriel Iglesias to be funny.

  2. Any rating above 1 out of 5 would have shocked me. I like Wayans when he’s a guest on late night shows, but his movies are utter garbage for the dumbest (or highest) possible audience.

    • White Chicks was good though

    • the only waynes movie i like was major pain but i have odd taste in movies

  3. I must be dumb because I thought this movie was hilarious.

    Again Wayans movie falls into that strange place between critics and audience. If you compare that reviews you will see Audiences are favoring the movie while critics trash it.

    Shameless I know, but hey some people still find stupid humor funny. It has to be done right and Wayans, does it right. I swear I’m not some mindless monkey that eats up anything hollywoo– ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh Ee Ee!!!

    • I like stupid humour too but only when it’s in the realm of the surreal (like Harry Hill rhyming celebrities with chocolate treats or Eddie Izzard finding weird situations to be able to accurately relate ridiculous phrases kids are taught in language classes, wondering when we’ll ever need to say “the monkey is in the tree” while visiting France).

      Thing is, movies starring anyone named Wayans, Rogen, Schneider or Sandler tend to go for the true “dumb” humour, as in the kind of people who would laugh at someone passing gas. It’s the movie equivalent of a monkey urinating on himself.

    • i totally agree. I found it to be insane funny!

  4. Just another crummy summer movie. This is why it’s so easy for Marvel to clean up actually, or the other studios because any superhero flick no matter how overstated is going to be better than the other 99% of the crap that comes out.

    That’s sort of sad and really says something about the art form, actually. But that’s great news for Captain America and X-Men, to name but a few.

  5. The only legitimately funny movie Marlon has been in the past 10 years was “The Heat,” and he plays the straight man in that one.

    • Disagree…White Chicks is one of the funniest comedies of the last ten years.

      • Disagree, my brother made me watch it on DVD a few years back, I’m still waiting for something funny to happen in it.

  6. Why in the hell does this exist??

  7. “They got Kanye!?! They gon’ get YO’ a$z!”

    LMBO! Look. If you can turn off your brains long enough to believe an orphaned billionaire trained in like 100 different forms of martial arts dresses up like a bat and battles a psycho clown, then MAAAAYBE you can turn off your brain long enough to enjoy this steaming pile of funny lol.

    • This film is Garbage and you know it.

      • I started to watch this movie and critic it after about 30 mins I have made up my mind that the Movie is more Illuminati Hellywood brainwashing propaganda. stupid Comedy is what they are calling it. It’s more comparable to Immorality and I’ve noticed an Alarming spike of many movies similar or movies that creeped me out like Eyes Wide Shut kind of creepy. It’s not that hard to believe this was a 666 Agenda to popularize these Types of movies is better said that we are truely living in a Idiocracy now or getting closer to the End of Days. No Religious just stating the obvious truth Unbiasly. This is dumb even if your high you will feel something is not right with the movie it’s like they are being edgy cause that is what is Selling right now and it’s disgraceful and shameful. Dance Flick was a better version of the same thing. Stupid comedy. This movie was already dead when it started looking like a Paranormal Parody another godawful movie that should have NEVER made it as big as it was. I warning you know that something is fishy with movies designed to demoralize and dumbdown the masses. When you see movies that desensitize rape/molestation or murder or whatever else deranged and evil or immoral these things will become trendy as comedy. Make no mistake the Illuminati are the ones behind it all. The ones who control the Conduct and Content of Hollywood stop holding the Puppeteers or actors responsible hold yourself to blame for being a stupid sucker to by into utter nonsense. I actually feel ill from the Demonic Power of watching this movie that I cannot continue watching another minute of it. My spirit is in disarray from the garbage my pupils have let in.
        This Movie is part of a Broader Conspiracy to Corrupt us and dumb down us.

        • Paranormal Activity* Parody

        • My grammar is horrible but you get my point yall. To say it’s garbage doesn’t explain enough. Something is not right with this movie to say it’s Stupid Comedy just isn’t being fair to the people. There is an organization of these type of movies coming out yo wake up and don’t be suckered into such disgusting sinful movies. I’m not trying to be Religious or anything. But this is clearly a Demonic Agenda of somekind.

    • I’d respond that at least Batman is entertaining but then, I re-read your comment and started worrying for humanity if more people turn out like you.

      Idiocracy, here we come…

      • You get it maybe their is hope for humanity after all. If only EVERYONE could see it and know the real Truth. The problem is they are so terribly programmed to think anything they here outside or resistant to what they have been programmed is either a Lie or just plain crazy. It’s not us that are the crazy ones though it’s the Spellbinded ones. I believe in Demons and I have seen them in the flesh though mystic animals that possessed Demonic Abnormal Power and Physics. So that being said let’s just say for the Record of the Truth I FULLY UNDERSTAND what demons are and can witness the do infact exist in our Physical World and their was many Witnesses who saw what I saw and just let it go but they know black cats don’t jump and break through a 9 foot window and run upside down the walls all the way through the house. Disappear in light and when locked in a empty closet the next morning vanish as ghosts. All which occured after my Christian father was attacked by a Demonic Possession which put him in the Hospital over ODing on 500 pills. I home was truely haunted and this isn’t the first time. Demons conquer when you allow them to. They can’t control you unless you allow them too. This movie is Desensitizing us to Demons or Evil that is opening the Portal or Pealm so to speak. Your asking for trouble if you allow demons to take over. My Name is The Truth. I’m not Exaggerating. This really happened to me and many others. This IS the TRUTH. So their is a Holywar going on that many just don’t have the gift or sight or see it.

        • just try to read around best you can the mistakes I’m sick tight now like I said and I can’t open my eys good enough to see and I’m in a dark room cause my eyes are starting to ache. Remember what I said stays here. I don’t want MIB at my door. I told you everything I know about the encounters.

        • A Demon also burned our House down.

          TRUE STORY

  8. I really enjoyed white chicks (it really is comedy gold) & Little Man was hilarious to me also. I really respect the Wayans bros for the risks that they take and audiences will support the wayans bros because they are good at what they do. Besides they keep making huge profits off of these movies…Marlon invested 3 million into the last movie and made 60 million…he will prob do the same with this one.

    • Probably because there are so many Wayans family members, the total from his relatives buying movie tickets to his flicks alone probably total $40million. The rest of the profits come from people who’d literally throw their money at a wall for fun, no matter how dumb that is.

    • if the movie cost 3 million to make and brought in 60 million he probley lost money instead of made it beacuse he had to spent a buch of money on ads and i am sure that cost a few million