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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 18, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 18, 2012

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  1. Trouble on my mind.

    • Ezee-T wins the “Cryptic Post of the Day!”

      Congrats! It’s a big honor. :)

  2. is it may 4th yet???????

    • No!

      is it may 4th yet???????

      No already!

      is it may 4th yet???????

      No, shut up!

      is it may 4th yet???????



  3. just watched Hitman last night for the first time. It was an ok film.

    Its a shame, i was watching the previews before the movie and they showed one for AVP:R and they made it look really good! It made me want to see it but I know how much people hated it and how bad they said it was. to bad.

    • So see it any way if you want to! Don’t let other people tell you which movies you should watch. Of course there are films that I wished I HAD listened to people and not watched, but there are others that got panned and I enjoyed immensely. If I listened to the masses (and the critics), I’d probably never go to the movies!

      • i just dont want to risk spending $10 dollars on a film that could turn out to be total crap. If i like it then, yay! but still. ive done that with several movies now and i feel like i shouldve tossed that money in the garbage instead of wasting it on such and such movie. so now im a little more careful when buying films. if i find it for 5 bucks somewhere then i might get it.

        • You can always rent it or download it. I rarely buy movies anymore unless it’s something I loved (like Cap or The Muppets). Blu-Rays are too expensive just to buy a movie because I MIGHT like it.

  4. I saw Battleship yesterday, its been out since last week in the UK. Its a better,decent film than I figured it would especially with all the reviews in the UK really laying into it. But when I know the screenrant are really gonna have fun laying into it cos all the character stuff is lame and well I won’t say more cos I don’t wanna drop spoilers.

    • It just looks kinda ridiculous. They should’ve gone with a more traditional story..

      • I agree. But money talks, and so that’s why the studio basically made the “Battleship” version of Transformers.

        • Comparing it to transformers isn’t the most apt comparison evn if the trailers say otherwise.
          Battle LA or ID4 probly more apt.

  5. So I’ve finished watching Firefly and Serenity and I’ll say I really liked both. Now I’m continuing my “TV Shows From Joss Whedon That I Never Watched Marathon” and I started Dollhouse last night.
    So I’ll ask the same question I did before Firefly. Has anyone seen it and without spoilers what did you think?

    • I loved Firefly/Serenity and still think it’s a tremendous shame that it was cancelled due to poor mismanagement on Fox’s part.

    • my wife and i bought Serenity the other day and really enjoyed it. The characters are fantastic. I havent picked up firefly but plan on doing so soon.

    • I guess I’ve watched all of Joss Whedon’s shows. I liked them all. Angel never seemed to settle on a clear direction, but it explored some very interesting angles. Dollhouse is good. It does have an ending but it definitely felt a bit rushed, which it was production-wise.

    • Dollhouse had some interesting elements, but it never quite put them together as well (or as much) as it should have. I enjoyed the series, overall, as entertainment at its most basic level, but it was nothing special or particularly memorable. I do like to see Eliza Dushku go wild, however :)

    • HA! I was doing the same thing with Joss Whedon shows (don’t forget to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog). I have had Dollhouse on my queue since finishing Firefly/Serenity not long ago. But, I asked ranters about a list of shows I was considering, and their consensus was to watch Eureka…and I’ve been hooked to that show, so I can’t help you with your Dollhouse question.

  6. remaking classic movies and tv shows really burns my toast you know :

    • scrape off the burn with a butter knife, or let the dog eat it.

  7. I’ve heard alot of disdain from Marvel Movie fans that they aren’t pursuing a Blank Panther movie or tie-in.

    why do we think this is? and if they DID make one who would we want to see play the lead role?

    short list:
    1. Will Smith —have you seen Handcock? ummm nooo
    2. Idris Elba —probably one of the best fits but already plays Hemdall in Thor/additional movies with Asguard AND was in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence…better fit for Luke Cage movie IMO
    3. Donald Glover —Troy from “Community”, writer on 30 Rock, ok fit, kinnda young
    4. Isaiah Mustafa —guy from Old Spice commercials, Hey! why not?!
    5. Djimon Hounsou —Blood Diamond, PUSH, Gladiator probably my favorite choice, plus his accent is perfect!

    • Black Panther…edit button desperately needed lol

      • Blank Panther, that’s a classic.

        Yes, I second that “Edit” button.

    • I agree that Idris Elba and Djimon Hounsou are the best choices. I would like to see either one of them to play Black Panther.

      Also maybe Anthony Mackie, I dont know.

      • If it were to come down to it,

        Hounsou and Elba would probably be the top contenders. However, For some reason they casted Elba as Heimdall so I don’t think it would work out for crossover purposes between Avengers & Black Panther. But for his own stand alone then yes…

        I would go with Hounsou….

    • man no joke i think Isaiah Mustafa would do a grate job in the role. Have you seen his fantrailer for static shock??

      • Isaiah Mustafa did not do a Static Shock fan trailer he did a Luke Cage fan trailer.

    • well Marvel Studio should do a Black Panther or have a tie-in to the Avengers imo. if they not going to do a Black Panther movie its only because of history of racisim by Hollywood executive. George Lucas pointed it when releasing Red Tails. i know Will Smith, SLJ and Denzel Washington are black actors in leading role but apart from them their aint other up and coming black actors becoming lead stars in major Hollywood movies.

      Djimon Hounsou would be good as Black Panther but he is too old. the time they do a Black Panther movie he would be in his 50′s and the character is not that old lol. he could played Black Panther father imo.

      the actors i would consider for the role of Black Panther are

      1- Anthony Mackie
      2- Dayo Okeniyi
      3- Aldis Hodge
      4- Chiwetel Ejiofor

      • “if they not going to do a Black Panther movie its only because of history of racisim by Hollywood executive.”
        I want a BP movie just as much as you do, and that said, just know I would be hugely PO’d if Marvel Studios didn’t move forward with BP, but that comment you made is kinda silly dude. For all we know, there are many other factors that play a part in the current production of BP (hell, I don’t even think the guy hired to pen the script is done yet! ;)).
        So it’s not necessarily an issue of race or anything, there are multiple other reasons that could be (and are, most probably) responsible for us not getting to see the Black Panther on the big screen.

        • its not silly when alot of Hollywood executive believe if their aint a white hero in the movie the film wont make money. George Lucas, Justin Lin, Danny Glover, Steve McQueen all mention it.

          i also agree maybe other factors is slowing down a Black Panther movie. but if Marvel Studio does Guardians of the Galaxy over Black Panther, Ant-Man, Dr Strange, Heroes for Hire movie i wont be pleased.

          • “but if Marvel Studio does Guardians of the Galaxy over Black Panther, Ant-Man, Dr Strange, Heroes for Hire movie i wont be pleased.” – THAT, I completely agree with.
            Someone should make a petition or something ;)

            • So when do you get started on that petition?


              • And can I use dead people and illegal aliens to vote? 8-)

                • I don’t see why not, they’re as entitled to an opinion as much as the next guy (or gal).

          • @mace “its not silly when alot of Hollywood executive believe if their aint a white hero in the movie the film wont make money.”

            First off, Blade was the superhero movie to kick off everything we know of today. Without Wesley Snipes character making money, Marvel films wouldn’t exist. That movie allowed Marvel to sell rights of other comic properties to movie studios and saved the comic book company from financial peril.
            Secondly, Will Smith isn’t white and he seems to be the “Fourth of July” box office hero (4 movies in the top 10 openings on that weekend). I’m pretty sure Hollywood executives know that. Then, you have Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson…they both rake in money too.
            Lastly, if you want to blame somebody, it’s Tyler Perry. No reason, but I blame everything on Tyler Perry.

            • Blame Martin Lawrence,that’s what i do on a bad day.
              just scream f**k you Martin Lawrence in the tone of Will Ferrel.

            • u just named the typical black actors. what about underrated black guys who are not been put in the lead roles. look how many unknown white actors starring in big blockbuster hollywood movies their are loads, look how many unknown black, asian and latino actors in lead roles in a major hollywood movie who are not supporting characters that is none.

              • And there are struggling actors/actresses of every racial/ethnic background. I call them waitresses/waiters.

    • My thoughts on your short-list
      Will Smith: no. Great actor, but I don’t think he’d be able to pull of a decent accent (plus, he doesn’t really look like T’Challa anyway)
      Idris Elba: probably one of the better choices, but he’s already playing Heimdall in the MCU :(
      Donald Glover: I have no idea who that is ;)
      Isaiah Mustafa: again, wouldn’t be able to pull off an accent and doesn’t look the part either IMO.
      Djimon Hounsou: great choice, but he’s a bit too old (he’d be perfect to play T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, though)

      I think, if Marvel ever does go ahead with a Black Panther adaption (which they damn well should do! and SOON!), then they should film it in Africa, and have REAL African actors as the cast (you guys probably don’t know this, but there are a few decent South-African actors that could do justice to the character ;)).
      I just know this: if I ever get to watch Black Panther in a movie theater, and I end up listening to an American trying to pull off a half-@SS’d African accent, or worse, not even bothering trying to do one (like ScarJo’s lack of Russian accent as Black Widow), then I’m walking out.

      • i agree who they choose to play Black Panther needs to have accent. ScarJo not doing a Russian accent kills the special element of Black Widow. sometimes i wish Olga Kurylenko was Black Widow :P

        • Marvel Studios is afraid to go near Africa, it’s not safe enough. Too much can go wrong, heck they changed nazi’s to hydra’s so they’d probably change child soldiers to… arms dealers.

          But still… WE WANT BLACK PANTHER!!!

          I’d almost like another studio to take it, just to avoid disneyfication.

          • I’m guessing you’re just joking when you say “Marvel Studios is afraid to go near Africa, it’s not safe enough.”?
            Because if you’re being serious, I kinda take offense at that…
            I live in South-Africa and it’s pretty safe (for the most part ;)). I mean, there aren’t any wild animals or anything running around lol. The most dangerous element is the human element over here (but I’m sure a big budget movie would have a security team), I digress…
            They could definitely shoot the movie over here: they shot “Safehouse” (with Reynolds and Washington) not too far from where I live as a matter of fact.
            I’m guessing most of the movie would take place in Wakanda (so sets and green-screens would primarily be used for that), but if they’re shooting scenes that take place in a jungle, forest, desert, ocean, or even veld (grasslands) setting, then SA would easily deliver.

            • Blood Diamond was filmed in AFRICA and was better of for it , great film amazing location .

            • alot of Hollywood films been filmed in Africa anyway

              - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
              - Inception
              - Invictus


              it proves to me that Pitt Man dont know much

              • I took it that he meant politically rather than physically.

                • Yes. Marvel tends to play it safe and no matter where they film Black Panther, the really important thematic elements of a proper african panther movie will be soft-peddled.

                  A Black Panther movie should not be Captain America or iron man or thor, it should have a more serious political tone with all the complicated issues facing Africa today. It could be a higher calibre of superhero movie. If T’Challa was king of a “real” Wakanda in central Africa, he would fight the isolated political agenda of Wakandan traditionalists and unite Africa under a banner of peace and technology.

                  I think Marvel tackling a Black Panther moving in this way would be very brave… but its not disney’s style. It needs to be at least R-rated.

                  For those who took offence, you took me too literally. probably my bad.

                  I’d step on Antman if it meant getting a Panther film.

                  • ok that make more sense the problem is that Marvel not going to do that for a Black Panther movie. even tho what u said make sense for a Black Panther movie

          • what u talking about not everywhere in Africa is bad so stop believing in everything u see in the media.

            Disney filmed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in Africa for crying out loud. also Inception was filmed in Africa also.

            they did not changed the Nazi to Hydra. did u even watch Cap they had the Nazi in the movie they was mention and a Nazi members got killed by Red Skull cause they dont believe in his vision.

            • Wow, calm down man, for all we know Pit Man was just joking around…

              P.S. I know that Invictus was filmed in SA, and that Blood Diamond was filmed in Africa, (among many other movies) but I never knew certain scenes from Inception were filmed in Africa as well! Nice to know, thanks. :D

              • Yep, just keep clear of those Somali Pirates and you’ll be fine!


        • I can understand why Scar Jo doesn’t have a Russian accent in the Marvel Movie Universe. Her original comic character developed in the Cold War area (think Captain America but instead of WWII and the Nazis –> USSR and the KGB). The Cold War just isn’t relevant to modern audiences…yes, I studied it in history and it was cool in X-Men First Class buttttttt it just doesn’t have the ummph it used to…I view it as something from my “parents’ generation.”

          If they were to modernize her “converted foreign spy” origin for today, her ethnic background would have to be either Asian (i.e. Chinese, North Korean etc.) or middle eastern IMO.

          but for the movie’s sake they are “loosely” basing the characters on their comics counterparts so her story is similar but not exactly the same

          • I think it still could have worked, they already had the Mickey Rourke Russian connection, perhaps if they’d had a slightly older actor to play the part, her character could still have grown up in the Soviet era or even the post Soviet era.

            • having Black Widow be Wiplash’s long-lost sister….bum bum bum….the Plot Thickens hahahahahaha

          • the cold war has nothing to do with Black Widow not having a Russian accent in the movie. maybe in the comics the Cold War is mention but Black Widow is still Russian they could of had her have a Russian accent.

            • Exactly, that was one of the things that peeved me about Dr Doom in Fantastic Four, not a hint of an accent.

              If the actor can’t do an accent get someone who can.

    • It seems like no one’s mentioning Michael Jai White. I think he should be under consideration.

      • No he should focus on Black Dynamite 2, I want to see that more.

        • I saw Black Dynamite on t.v. a few days ago but didn’t watch it.If it is good i’ll reconsider next time its on.

        • Black Dynamite 2…are you for real? I hope that happens. Loved the first one.

      • He’s too big for BP; he should be Power Man.

      • Michael Jai White is more Luke Cage not Black Panther

        • Good call. I could definitely see him play Cage..

  8. With may 4th nearly around the corner the wait for the avengers is almost over. :)

  9. Really wish there was something that couls be done about people posting spoilers in the Avengers threads.This didnt used to happen

    • I’m ignoring all the Avengers threads until AFTER I see the movie.

  10. does anyone know when season 2 of the walking dead will be released on bluray? I haven’t seen the last five episodes and it’s killimg me!!! lol

  11. Now that DC’s new 52 launch is considered a financial success, do you think Marvel should restart its comics as well? The local comic shop says the DC move has brought in quite a bit of new (and returning) comic book readers, so I was wondering if you all thought Marvel should consider doing the same. Maybe Marvel should do something like the Ultimate line again to bring in more readers? Or should they keep things as they are?

    • Nah, I don’t think Marvel needs to reboot their comics.
      What they should be doing is putting some actual effort into their books. Better writers, better artists, one or two more pages per book (21 pages of content and 10 pages of adds, at the price they’re asking, is ridiculous) and not so many tie-ins would GREATLY influence their sales in a positive way.
      That’s why I’m enjoying DC comics more than Marvel comics lately: DC really has some QUALITY books going on at the moment (books that are actually worth bagging and collecting). With good writers, amazing artists, lots of content in most of their books (i.e. not as many adds per page) and they deliver stories that don’t require you to buy 3 different series’ to know what’s going on (granted, the Batman and Nightwing titles have been crossing over lately)

      P.S. Marvel has already done a semi-reboot on their Ultimate Comics last year. It’s pretty good so far…

  12. You know what really grinds my gears? When you can’t find the droids you are looking for.

    • Hahahaha, that is Funny!

    • Speaking of droids try this:

      • well, that hurt my head, but i did find him. took about 6 minutes. cool page btw

        • Yeah, I was about the same. Someone sent it to me at work, killed a few otherwise boring minutes, interesting to recognise all the different droids in there to, memories.

  13. Finally saw Take Shelter. That was a good thriller and a great performance by Michael Shannon. Really good small movie.

    • i thought it was pretty good also. i had higher expectations after some of the comments i saw about it on IMDB, but it was still a good flick.

  14. i recently started watching young justice, now i wish i watched it from the begining. its excellent.

  15. Impatiently waiting for news on Daredevil and Fantastic Four status over at Fox studios. They gotta be close to losing film rights

    • Let us hope that they do!!

      • If they don’t get FF moving by the middle of June its time to give up the rights.It’ll be five years since the last one and i believe that’s the deadline.

        • @ Hi-C

          Let’s hope June comes around fast if you know what i mean.

  16. Just purchased the tickets for the IMAX viewing of Avengers. Can someone make May 4th get here now? :-D

    • My time machine is in the shop. 8-)

  17. As a promo for ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Castle’ Robert Downey Jr and Nathan Fillion comparing notes on superheroes…
    It’s only like half a minute long, but still very funny to watch.

    • nice find!

  18. win

  19. Went to see Battleship last night, mostly enjoyable.

    Also they had a trailer for Iron Sky, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it. I did have to wonder who gave the green light for that, absolutely bizarro looking film in a cheesy kind of way.

    My brother hadn’t heard of Prometheus so when the trailer came on, looks good on the big screen. Really looking forward to that.

  20. just watched the Spirit with Sam Jackson for the first time. That was a weird movie. but there was something about it that i liked. even though users on IMDB gave it like a 4.5 i gave it about a 6.

  21. Morning Ranters! I finally seen American Reunion which was great as i expected it to be. I also saw Titanic in 3D which too was great to see again on the big screen. Best 3D film ive seen outta all the ones i have went & seen. Imo, the 3D was great throughout the film which i expect it would. Felt like i was there, especially at the scene where Jack & Rose watched people jumping off the ship. Felt like i was on the edge of the ship during the scene. I might go see it again even.

    Anyone read about Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer are having their first baby together? Thats good for them. I guess if season 5 doesn’t turn out to be the last season of the show, it will be awhile longer perhaps for season 6.

  22. In EXACTLY 7 days, I’ll be inside a theater, with a large popcorn and coke, watch the Avengers for the very first time :D

    • I thought you said you weren’t going to be bragging anymore?! 8-)

      • …oops ;)

        • Busted,lol.

  23. First review on rottentomatoes for Avengers is a glowing fresh. Let’s hope that continues.