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men black 3 will smith josh brolin Men in Black 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Men in Black 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Men in Black 3 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Men in Black 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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Men in Black 3 is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action/violence and brief suggestive content. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Has anyone noted the whole J’s dad dying? The dad only died so that K would not…. So why would have J’s dad died to begin with??? His father was not in his life well before they traveled into the past. I’m so confused.

    • Well, where there is death there will always be death so odds re that J’s dad was the one who died the first time around then Boris came back and killed K, then J saves K and J’s dad dies

    • Well, where there is death there will always be death so odds re that J’s dad was the one who died the first time around then Boris came back and killed K, then J saves K and J’s dad dies.

    • Okay, I think I’ve got this one.

      A) Original timeline. James and his father are at the moon launch, his father working there, his son as a child spectator. Boris comes to try to stop K from deploying the Arc Net, but K blows his arm off. As it appears Boris is resistant to large falls, losing his arm and falling off the rocket doesn’t kill him. When K escapes the launch blast, he meets up with James’ father, Boris blindsides them and kills James’ father. K arrests Boris.

      * Here’s speculation, but we can assume this happened in the original timeline: K went to the launch with Griff and (as in the alternate timeline) told the truth about why they were there. As in the altered timeline, Griff shows James’ father the truth about who K is and why he is important to the Earth and to his son.

      B) The altered timeline. Again James and his father at the launch. Everything the same except this time J is there. Griff shows the truth again to James’ father. We know what the message is. Look at the quotes

      J: What did you show him?
      Griff: Only what he needed to see.

      Griff: When Boris’ arm is taken, the past will be as it was. K will survive. He will not know you will ever here.

      Griff: I can never bear to watch this part.

      J: What did Griff show you back there?
      James’ father: He showed me how important you are. You and your partner.

      K: You ever want to see more, I know a top secret organization that could use a man like you.
      James’ father: Wish I could.
      * that is the key quote, I think. He knew he wasn’t going to live through the day.

      What started off as a quick explanation, from what I took from the film, turned into a book… sheesh, time travel takes a lot of words :)

  2. Firstly, I agree with many posters here that the rewind at the end was out of step with the established rules of time travel. There should have been another J and he should have still had the spikes stuck in him. It was definitely a jump, cos the sequence was similar to the one at the start. Fighter planes, dinosaurs etc…

    The reason J remembers everything is because he’s a constant from all time streams.

    My theory about why K is so grumpy, and you’ll have to bear with me for this one… I think that in the original time stream, J died in the past. Remember, “where there is death, there will always be death”. There were 2 deaths. J’s father and another. My theory is that K recruited J because he knew J had to travel back in time to help K set up the Arcnet. The reason K regrets not killing Boris is that in his attempt to arrest him, J died. K always knew this, but couldn’t warn J because it would cause the destruction of the planet. I think this is what K was trying to tell J on the phone, but couldn’t. He thought it was time for J to travel back and that he was going to die. But because J told past K to kill Boris and not arrest him, K listens and avoids J’s death. J travels back to the present, where K is a happier man, not knowing that J could have died.

    I don’t think this is a paradox, I think it’s a loop of events happening at different times. Griffin is evidence that there are many possible outcomes to every situation all playing out simultaneously.

    Even if this isn’t the idea the writers had, I think it would have helped to explain some of the forgotten plot points. Feel free to poke holes in my theory.

    • I like your theory, it’s way more deep than mine. But I kinda like the simpler theory.

      There was always one death, only one death. In the original timeline, it was James’ father. In Boris’ altered timeline, it was K. In the final timeline, it goes back to the original, and it’s James’ father.

      Why is K grumpy? K is grumpy because he feels that he is the reason for James’ father’s death. He regrets his actions at the launch, and thinks that if he killed Boris when he had the chance, J would still have a father. I think K is grumpy from that moment on because he takes on the role of James’ protector, almost a father figure from afar.

      The spikes in J’s chest and the time jump. Oh there’s gotta be a reason for this… it was just clean fun I guess. You’re right… that one was messed up. But how could you do it? I guess he could have just jumped back, watched them both jump off and that’s that.

      2 little tiny things that would have made the continuity better.

      1. When K dies in the past, there should have been at least some reference, if not just a line said to J, maybe by O. “You weren’t recruited by K. You come from a history of MIB.” Indicating that J’s father was MIB when K died. This would explain how J was even in MIB if K never recruited him. And it would also explain that either K or James’ father would have to die, and it would have to be James’ father because K is the only one that could stop Boris.

      2. A little more action or risk from James’ father. I didn’t really get how K got so attached to him in so little time.

      All in all I thought it was a pretty cool flick though. Time travel movies tend to give me headaches.

      • I think this perfectly sums the movie up.

    • i think you are right on the money…

      2 people had to die.. in the first time line (which J was also a part of, proved by him not being able to access the file) J and his dad die .

      in the new altered version jays dad dies and Boris die (as two have to die)

      K was grumpy because he assumed that when J goes back he would die again (remembering it from the first time)

      griff did warn J to return once boris’s arm was blown off trying to save him i presume..

    • There is a flaw in that, when J returns to the future K confirms that he was on the phone with J last night…If J changed the time line and k has no idea that future J will have to die in order to save K than why did he call him? Griff said once you jump back K will not remember you which explains why the first time K remembers him (he never could jump back because he died) but when J survives and comes back how does K know to recruit J if he does not remember him?

  3. I still dont get why K is grouchy at the beginning and at the end he isn’t.

  4. I felt the whole time travel “J remembering K” was poorly handled, but further, I was disappointed with J’s father’s death. I really expected Agent J to die at the end and felt that it would have wrapped up the series very nicely especially if J’s father was alive and found out who Agent J was.

    • At first I was like, MAN maybe YOU should have written the ending for the movie (considering they started filming without a finished script) but then i thought about it and figured Agent J dying at the end would not work! It boggles the mind to think about but if agent J would have died at the end of the film, Agent K would not have vanished from 2012 (because he died) and Agent J would not of had to go back and help him. Then again, I guess the whole possibilities and different timelines would come in to play and nothing remembered of the time travel incident would have to exist and….. am I even making any sense because now I lost myself!! LOL

      • I think that because Agent J as a child survived then the only that would of changed had adult Agent J died at the end is that Agent K would of been eating pie all by himself in the end. You have to remember J as a kid is the current J at that time and the adult J has already lived out everything that has happened in the future and he was out of his place in the past.

  5. Here’s a question for everybody, if I went back in time and killed myself, would I create some type of paradox or do you think it would it just create/branch off another timeline?! Anyway, that would be one helluva creative suicide!! LOL

    • You wouldnt create a paradox, you would have just caused a time branch, one where you as a person never had an influence from that time you died, and you also woudlnt exist to see what that was like btw.

      • G,

        You -would- create a paradox from the scenario of future self going back to kill past self.

        if future self kills past self then future self would NOT exist so who goes back to kill past self?

        Paradox is an infinite loop of self defeating contradictions, which this is, therefore, is…PARADOX.

        • Actually, because the future self would be outside of the current timeline, the future person would still exist, and would be able to (after plastic surgery) “redo” the things that this person would have done different, provided he didn’t kill himself. This is just one of many theories, some of which I wrote. Long story short, if it is ment to be . . . K knew J, as a little boy named James. He probably, and secretly, maintained loose relations with James Mother, who would’ve been secret about the whole ordeal, as it was a sensitive subject for James. REmember, K was extremely adament about recruiting J, all the way to informing Zed that he also had an issue with authority.

          It is sane to rationalize that, K watching the boys father die, and then having to get little James back to safety, knew J had come back to help stop Boris. But arrested him, in the original timeline. Then, when James chased the alien down, to his suicide, K decided to recruit James, as agent J, knowing what happened to his father. J, predistened to experience both timelines, went back in time, to correct the error. To quote another sci-fi line, “Full Circle!”

  6. I have a theory

    did griffin showed J’s father J’s life as amazing man as he growing up as police man and MIB agent.? i remembered one scene i forgot J or K who asked what did giffin showed? J’s fahter spoke something about both of them. maybe he knew already that older J was his son. that’s why his willing to help.?

    And did u notice J’s father looks like Keith David? younger version i mean. I thought maybe later they showed K and J’s father as older person and Keith David will be in there later. since J’s father died so that will never happen.
    and griffin looks like robin williams

  7. What I ultimately don’t get is why they had to tie the Arcnet to Apollo 11 in order to get it in space. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through when you’re an agency that specializes in intergalactic travelers. Can’t they just take one of the hundred of ships sitting in their MIB headquarters and drop the stupid key chain out the window?

  8. I thought J finding out the truth about his father was a great way to end, but was totally ruined by Griffon’s last line. The fact I didn’t really like the character is my own preference, but I didn’t like ending a massive trilogy on this new character. It also changed the pattern the previous two movies had, where they end showing how small Earth and the Milky Way are in terms of the universe. “That was a close one” left a very bitter aftertaste when walking out of the theatre.

    • they didn’t even have the car with the red button. I doubt they had spaceships in MIB 1969

      • They must have had spaceships, because at the MIB headquarters you could see aliens walking around and getting checked in. Those aliens must have had some sort of ship.

        Likely they just had not developed/acquired the technology for the red button yet.

    • i know! i was so dissapointed!

  9. Has anyone thought about the line ” where there is death, there will always be death”? Instead of K dying the second time, Boris dies. Remember, the first time he was only arrested.

  10. Okay, this is really bothering me. When Agent J is thanking Agent K at the end of the movie while showing him his father’s pocket watch, and K replies with “it’s been a privilege,” what exactly is J thanking him for, and what is K responding to? K is not supposed to know that J remembers the meeting between them when he was a kid, because J does not remember K at all in the first movie, so why would he say “it’s been a privilege?” What’s been a privilege? Does K somehow remember the 1969 adult J, and does he know that he witnessed what happened with his father? When J shows K that pocket watch, it implies that he is referring to the fact that he knows about their meeting as kids, and K does not seem taken aback by this at all. Maybe the “thank you” was simply meant as a “thank you for all that you’ve done for me” and Agent K took it as such, but then why did he take out the pocket watch? I’M SO ANNOYED.

    • I believe the ending scene was acknowledgement and understanding.

      Present K at the dinner has no memory that he meet Jay in the past, but the facts are that he did give younger Jay his fathers watch and he has been looking after him, since always or since he was recruited to MIB, who knows.

      Jay shows him the watch and makes a comment that “you said you would tell me the secrets of the universe and nothing more”. Jay makes a comment about what happened was a long time and displays the pocket watch.

      Kay sees the watch and understands that Jay knows what happened and his comment about “it was a long time ago” gives K redemption and he is happy. K has no idea HOW he knows that his dad died for K, but K has been with the MIB for what 40 years, I’m sure 100 things went through his head that explained how J knows.

      • so what you’re saying is…….J is thanking him for looking after him and recruiting him, and K understands that he somehow knows about his father dying for him, even though he does not remember the J from 1969? Also, why doesn’t he remember him? Like if he is asked to recall it, does he just say he stopped Boris by himself and nobody was there to help him>

      • Grif said that he won’t know J was there when they shot off Boris’s arm. But they didn’t and killed him therefore he knew he was.

  11. Ok I really haven’t understood where exactly does agent K go after he calls agent J…the scene where he is sitting at his place on a sofa with gun in hand and drink and then the room just transforms? *confused*

    • He was waiting for Borris to kill him but unexpectedly vanishes from reality instead as k had died in the past and no k existed in the future

  12. I think that in the first timeline both J’s father and J from the future DID die, since Griff says that “where is death there will always be death”. There were TWO deaths. That’s why in the timeline shown in the movie, both J’s father and Boris died, accounting for those two deaths that were originally planned. This would explain K’s grumpiness as the previous comments state and why Griff told Jay to return as soon as Boris’s arm was cut off

  13. Where is death there will always be death, in timeline 1, Js father dies and K arrests Borris, whom comes back to the past in the same timeline to kill K, which makes up for two deaths but skews reality into another timeline. in timeline 2, where js dad and k are also supposed to be dead but it still hasnt occurred, with js actions, the timeline is skewed back to timeline 1, but to make u for ks death, k kills borris instead of arresting him, making up for two deaths. there will always be two… as well as two for my two cents

  14. I think your theories are all wrong.. i only read like first 10 comments or top i dunno… but listen.
    Everything happened exactly as it should.. exactly as it happened the first time excluding, of coarse, the other boris and the other jay.
    J’s father died in the past in the original time line or j would have said that he never had a father. the reason why k was grouchy is that he had to see little j coming to see his father while he was lying the floor dead… that is something that would affect your life.. simple as that.. i don’t really know why everyone expected j to die? i never had a single notion that that could happen.

  15. Where is death, there will always be death.. 1st Timeline, J’s father died and K arrests Borris. 2, J goes back in time to tell K that he will die so 2 deaths happened, Young borris and present borris. 3, If K was grumpy then he must kno that J and his father dies, so there is death. The question is how does J remembers K at all…. I’ve read that J was there at the incident so there was a problem in the timeline which MIB Creators and writers didn’t explain much in the movie. If there is a 4th timeline which J and K dies so Js dad tells younger j what happened in the future so he he wouldn’t go back in time but how does he know if he is in the mib or will be in the mib…. Who recruited him if K died? If K dies who knew J at the first place… 5th Timeline, If all died, j K and J’s dad, So Griffin must have told J to go to MIB or he told someone in the MIB to recruit J so he could go back in time to prevent that from happening. 6, If J returns or goes back in time, 1969, ive read that there is a lot of people saying that J has traveled back multiple times, he should see many older J’s in the past. If Griff says that where theres death there will always be death so in a 7th timeline, Griff dies and another character dies which is J’s dad or K. So nobody knows what exactly is the true meaning of the words of Jeffrey: You were there!”… Nobody knows it, even the writers cant explain it until now about those line and what is the concept of J remembering K.

    • Yah I agree with you.

      • The meaning behind what Jeffrey said is that J as a lil kid was there at Cape Canaveral during the Original Timeline, that is what caused the Time Fracture. J being there is a constant amongst the timestreams.

  16. how come agent o doesnt remember him in the future.i mean she saw her in the past,let him use the jetpack.come on wouldnt she recognize him?same suit same stash and all

  17. Just watched the film, here’s my take on it…

    1. Agent J was not supposed to know what happened to his dad so was stricken from all records of the arrest.

    2. His sympathy for J’s father and the loss the kid felt made him understand more of what he lost when he lost his own father.

    3. He mentioned that e should have killed Boris when he had the chance for Boris has always been a nightmare to him and his life.

    4. Agent K remembers him only because in that timeline, he knew Agent k as \a child.

    5. Technically agent j. did die when those spike went into him and he jumped..not sure if that had anything to do with the streams

    6. Once Boris was killed, agent K had no reason to be angry, he made up for the first time he didn’t avenge J’s father death

    7. When talking about MB agent K. understood that agent J. must have just got his lessons in the history of the universe and has been through a higher level of understanding.

  18. I really thought J was gonna die at the end and as for O I think she did remember J but just didnt say anything in case she screwed up the timeline. Also i think J still became an agent after K died because MIB would have sent another agent who would of noticed Js potential as an agent and recruited him

  19. Quick question.. How was J part of MIB during that part where K got killed when Boris went back in time? K was the guy who originally found and recruited him so I was wandering how he got recruited when k never existed.

  20. The only thing I don’t get that nobody talks about is if K has been dead for over 40 years how can J even exist when he goes back in time? Wouldn’t he be over 40 years old in the present? He sure don’t look about 48

    • Lil James sure doesn’t look 8 I’d say 4-6. Which means Future J is prolly somewhere in his mid 40′s which would mean that he just looks good for his age >.> and K is prolly in his 60s how good does he look for his age?

  21. hi there this is the master chief your right theres no escaping death is part of life you can never prevent death