Guy Pearce Joining ‘Iron Man 3′ as ‘Extremis’ Geneticist

Published 3 years ago by , Updated March 9th, 2013 at 1:57 pm,

guy pearce as killian Guy Pearce Joining Iron Man 3 as Extremis Geneticist

While speculation surrounding which villain Ben Kingsley will be playing in Iron Man 3 has yet to be cleared, the cast of the film continues to grow – today adding Prometheus and Lockout star, Guy Pearce.

According to Variety, Pearce will play the geneticist Aldrich Killian. For those who aren’t familiar with Iron Man lore, Killian and Maya Hansen (Tony Stark’s old friend) create the Extremis technology, which was a tool designed for the military that allowed nanotechnology to bond to a human. But when the military pulled the funding for the project, Killian decides to test Extremis out in a much more nefarious way.

We can only speculate that Pearce and Kingsley’s characters’ paths will cross, thus creating a real problem for our hero Tony Stark. Because filming will take place in China, there are some that believe that the Mandarin will be the villain in the movie, Kingsley will play him (despite Marvel’s denial that he will) and play part in the spread of the nanotech virus.

All of this seems to confirm that the central plot of Iron Man 3 will indeed borrow elements of Warren Ellis’ “Extremis“. In later Iron Man comics The Mandarin released the Extremis on the general population, so it seems to make sense that he could be the villain in the movie. But that is all pure speculation at the moment. Director and screenwriter Shane Black penned the script to have a real-world take on the heavy-metal hero.

iron man extremis1 Guy Pearce Joining Iron Man 3 as Extremis Geneticist

Principle photography is set to begin next month; so we can expect a couple more names being added to the cast. Whether or not we will be seeing  Maya Hansen’s character as part of the Iron Man 3 story remains to be seen, but seeing as she was an intricate part of creating Extremis technology, we could be hearing of a name being cast pretty soon.

Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow are all set to reprise their respective roles.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: Variety

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  1. So I guess its Extremis no matter how many fans dont like it? Oh, well. I’ll be optimistic.

    • I don’t like it either but I think the script is already done. Little late for changes.

      • Yes, if you had complained earlier, they would have re-written it for you.

        • ROFL

        • Why be like that? It is screen RANT as I have been reminded myself. I dont find Extremis that good or popular. I never said I expected anyone to change a story just for me. Grow up.

    • I’m with you guys. I don’t think Extremis is the way to go, the whole “Stark becomes a nano-cyborg” or whatever they are aiming for. And if they just mean his armor, well, Spiderman already had creepy-crawlies in his suit in SM #3. Been there, done that. I think Mandarin is the thing everybody and their Dutch uncle wants to see, so that might be where the smart money for Marvel would be. If Shane Black doesn’t like it, let him go work for DC.

    • Yep, it appears to be a done deal now so all we can do is sit back and complain about it for the next 18 months ;)

      • I laughed, then I became somber.

  2. Adding Guy Pearce can only be a good thing.

    • i second that.

    • That is awesome news

  3. guy pearce is an extremely good actor!

    but so was sam rockwell….and we saw how that turned out.

    • what?!! i liked him in that role! (forever alone)

      • I thought he was great too.
        He had to do a lot of improv and pulled it off nicely. And that scene with the War Machine weapons description – that was all on the spot acting – didn’t even have a script to memorize. If that isn’r impressive, then I don’t know what is…

        • Forever alone no more!

          (I liked his work as well. Make that 3)

          • I dare to say he was the best part of IM2, he was so funny. Everytime he freaked out, I LOLed so much. He is one of my favorite actors, he was so cool in Moon.

            I think what he realy meant was, that the movie was not so good, though he was in it (IMO it was a very entertaining flick).

    • Different director, and Black directed Val Kilmer in his last good role so I think he can do the same for Guy. I have always been disappointed in Pearce’s career. I thought after “Memento” he would blow up, but alas came “The Time Machine”. I hope he can get on a roll!

      • He is talented brother, just won his first major award this year. Won an Emmy for his performance in Mildred Pierce.

    • I’m telling you Screenrant, you guys need a “Like” button here.

      Second comment I saw today (out of three stories) That I would have pushed like for.

    • I like Sam Rockwell, even in that roll. But did anyone else notice how his hands seemed dirty or stained during that airplane hangar scene? It reminded me of the stain shoe polish will leave on your hands for a few days if you apply it by hand. I found it really distracting. Maybe it was stain from applying a fake tan. I could understand if Sam Rockwell was doing something that stained his hands during shooting, but it didn’t make sense for the character to have dirty hands (at least not literally). I know it’s there. I’ve seen it every time I’ve watched the movie. Other people had to have noticed. Plus the entire hangar and his clothes are white.

      More on topic, I think andrewishochi makes a good point. Good actors can be in bad and so-so movies too. Guy Pearce is a great actor. Last saw him in Animal Kingdom (great movie, especially the mob-mother). I only know that extremis is a recent Iron Man story. I have no objection to Marvel making it more about Tony Stark and real world villains. I’m sure it will have enough Iron Man too.

      • Apparently it was a spray on tan lol.
        At least, that’s what Favreou said on the IM2′s director’s commentary.

        • Thank you Avenger. Wow, that’s what I imagined, but I’m surprised they didn’t try to cover it somehow.

          • I think it was meant to be intentional (to show off how much of a d-bag Hammer is)

  4. Damn… so Extremis is really happening isn’t it? :(

    • I’m not familiar with Iron Man history so I’m curious as to why some fans aren’t happy with this?
      Care to fill me in? :)

      • It aint no good! – that’s all you need to know! ;)
        But if you really want to know more about it:
        I just think the Tony Stark that I know and love kinda died in that story… he isn’t the “man in a high-tech, armored suit” anymore – after Extremis he becomes… well, he kinda turns into a cyborg person.
        It goes from tech and heavy metal (which the movies have incorporated very well), to bio-weapons.
        The word I use to describe the whole affair: alienating

        • Also, let’s add the fact that “Nanotechnology” happened in GI Joe and we all know how that ended… :)

        • As a huge marvel fan and iron man especially, i am actually glad for this story. The story really changed the story up for iron man which i thought was a good thing. The same story was being told over and over again and the same problems just kept coming back, but the extremis virus tony really changed as a character. I think the change was really good and set up for really good stories (civil war anyone!). I am excited to see how they take the story and i think we should just be glad these movies are being made.

          • Well, to be fair, they cold have done Civil War without the need of Extremis – Extremis played absolutely no part in the Civil War story line. All it did was make Iron Man a bit more famous (put him back in the spotlight, so when he played his critical role in Civil War, people wouldn’t go “who’s this guy?”)

            And even though Extremis did shake things up for a while… we’re right back where we started again: in the current comics, Stark is still having drinking problems (he relapsed… for like the 100th time), he’s still fighting the Mandarin, still has the same old friends to back him up, etc, etc. so that “same old story” is still being told every year, despite Extremis trying to change things – only difference is, now that Stark is a cyborg person, I feel alienated from the character and don’t really care if he lives or dies, whereas, when he was a normal guy, I cared.

        • I’ll check it out.
          Thank you Sir Avenger.

        • Damn…..Reading Background portion of the link you posted made me feel a little…Disappointed. It seems to me like he pretty much got rebooted or as we say in comics, Retconed. I was never a huge huge fan, But I do own a few of his issues and well…..I probably would’ve felt the same way you did…

        • Actually, I think the story itself is pretty interesting. It’s just that it’s, at the same time, both way too radical and way too mundane to make a good movie story involving a character we really don’t want changed into a cyborg.

          And just to clarify;

          Too radical – changing Iron Man into something completely different.

          Too mundane – having the bad guy be just another terrorist with a high tech weapon. /yawn We have already seen this high tech vs high tech TWICE so more of the same is just not gonna work for me.

          • I think they can do it. They could make a movie where Tony is removed from his wealth and technology, at least through a lot of it. He’d still have his ingenuity and some technology. There would still be Iron Man, but in the comics, Stan Lee loved to have Tony get beat up, literally and figuratively. It would create some pretty awesome endings, when he finally got it together.

        • I never read extremis. But couldn’t they incorporate the “Demon in a Bottle” or “Power of Iron Man” storyline into it? I’m talking about the late seventies story where Hammer (the Sam Rockwell character) had taken control of Iron Man’s armor, and even had him kill an ambassador. Tony had to turn over his armor to the US government and solve the situation without armor, before using the armor again.

          I’m suggesting that they, while not following either story completely, could have part of the story where his control is compromised. Nanotechnology and a villain smarter than the Sam Rockwell Hammer would provide some explanation for this. I can’t imagine they would turn Tony into a cyborg with his armor coming out of his skin (?). I could see him fighting cyborgs like that maybe.

          Has there been a CBM that follows an actual comic story all that closely? Other than Bane in Batman and Robin of course;).

  5. The villian could also be Mallen, who after being fired from
    SHIELD, he injected himself with extremis, killed a slew of shield agents and i think fought with black widow. he can easily be introduced in The Avengers to lead into Iron Man 3 b/c of that tie in.

  6. Is it confirmed that Kingsley is playing a villain?

  7. So it’s gonna be GI Iron Man. What a radical change from the Iron Man we all have gotten to know. The general movie audience who know nothing about the EXTREMIS storyline are in for a jolt.

    On the other hand , Guy Pearce AND Ben Kingsley in an Iron Man movie sounds better that what we’ve already seen.

    I LIKE the Extremis story in an Iron Man movie. It finally shows that Marvel is willing to take a risk. A big one.

    • And YES. Maya Hansen is crucial to the extremis storyline. Can’t wait to see who is cast as Maya.

  8. NO!!!!!!!!!! I wanted Guy to play the riddler in batman 4

  9. I guess with Guy Pearce in the role they will make it a much larger part in the story. In the book the character was only in one page of a six issue story line.

  10. Lets hope marvel is just lying about no Mandarin so it will be a surprise because i dont want a spy movie about iron man fighting terrorist.

    I want a movie about Iron Man fighting some freaking Super-villians.

    • I see your point I don’t see this franchise succeeding without a human villain. Heroes lost it’s thunder in season two partly due to this issue. But I have faith in Pearce’s talent.

  11. Just remember, Marvel & Mr. Black: Iron Man is not the 6-Million Dollar man or the Tin Woodsman. he is Tony Stark, hero in a high-tech suit. he also fights The Mandarin as one of his greatest enemies in the comics. That is what made Iron Man great, and what will make him great in the movies. heed your public, and use their advice or lose their interest!

  12. God I hope the world doesn’t end.

  13. i have not read any iron man comics, ever. i loved both iron man films (yes, even 2) so i was not familiar with the extremis story line. i just watched the marvel knights animated comic version of extremis, and i am confused by what i saw there, and what i’m reading in here. in here, people are saying he has the armor in him, but the story i watched is he has the “undersuit” in him, but he still has to put on the armor. if they base the film around the motion comic i watched, then, imo, i think it will make a great story. too bad the movie wouldn’t be as graphic as the comic. it was kinda hard to watch that because the acting was terrible, but i did like the story. that’s my 2 cents

    • The “armor inside his skin” comes along later…
      You’re right in saying that during Extremis, he still physically puts on the armor (even though he can use his mind to put it on which is still freakin weird IMO).
      Anyway, the bio-armor (that lives in his skin cells) comes along during the Skrull invasion: Stark’s suit gets hacked, and he loses most of those weird powers (being able to communicate with computers using his mind and such), but in turn, he develops a new suit of armor that he can use anytime he wants (since it lives inside of him).

      But anyway, even though he doesn’t have a suit insode his skin during Extremis, it’s still very weird (and cyborg like), since he has nano-tech inside his body…

  14. Guy Pearce is a great actor, I think he would be a great villain.

  15. Sweet

  16. Uhm, I have my own reservations about Extremis too, but I do think that in cinematic form, it might become a very memorable movie. Depends on how exactly they adapt the story.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • This “man or machine” story has been told before. More memorably in the Robo-Cop movies.

  17. Didn’t they show mandarin in iron man 1? He was the Mongolian with the rings that kidnapped tony stark

    • Yes, that’s the Mandarin. At least it was suppose to be. That story line should have continued instead of being side-tracked with the Whiplash/War-Machine/Black-Widow story.

      • Actually he wasn’t the Mandarin: according to the ‘SHIELD Data Vault’ he’s only a general of a Ten Rings cell in Gulmira (not the general or leader of the WHOLE terrorist group).

        I know there was talk of him being the Mandarin early on, but as production of the movie progressed, they changed the movie to not include the Mandarin.

  18. I would love to see leader behind some scheme since genetics are involved, but i know the main threat will be the Mandarin. sounds good anyways,just hope Hulk gets his sequel.

  19. Guy Pearce as a bad guy? In the words of Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

  20. I read about it here first:, and I have to say that I am… REALLY hoping that it doesn’t turn out to be much of a mess as the last one. Guy is a pretty good judge… I think. Maybe.

  21. Edger Wright researched nanotechnology for his Antman script, so I think Iron Man 3 will be more connected to the rest of the Marvel universe than they’re letting on. The extremis is basically nano, it can’t be a coincidence. It may be in the form of a line or an easter egg, not a whole scene… but I predict there will be subtle connectors between the films.

    I’m not a big fan of the extremis comic story but I think it may actually work on film, and I’m sure Tony will still have his suits. The Extremis won’t infect him until at least halfway in. And RDJ must LOVE it! More of his face, and less of old shellhead. lol

    And I’d like to see his red and silver armor wars suit.

  22. I really liked the Extremis story, and I think it’ll work well on screen. This is the last chapter, it has to be EPIC, so of course they’ll alter it hugely! It’s only elements of Extremis.

    And if Sal is in the film, it would make sense that Ben Kingsley play him, doesn’t it? ;)

    • No one said IM3 is the last chapter…
      As for Kingsley playing Sal: I doubt it ;)

  23. Has anyone noticed that 3 Bad guys of comics have been played by the same people who played in Pricilla Queen of the Desert..

    Terance Stamp – Bernadette/Ralph played Zod in Superman 2
    Hugo Weaving – Mizi/Anthony played Red Skull
    Guy Pearce – Felicia/Adam is doing this character…

    I just giggle and go “Awww thier all having such a bad day with thier frocks” XD

    Hell I giggle when I watch To Wong Foo Thanks for everything Julie Neumar when I see Wesley Snipe and John Leguesamo. Knowing they played Blade and the Demon in Spawn. XD

    Just Proves How AWESOME They are as actors if they can do those roles then blast into something this huge.

  24. GOSH. All people can do is moan about every story line Marvel come up with!! Don’t you guys ever get sick of hearing yourselves b**** constantly? I for one am very excited that the ‘Extremis’ storyline is hitting the screen. I found it thouroughly enjoyable and the LOGICAL PROGRESSION for Tony Stark. People forget that Stark is a furturist!!! Why do you expect him to stay in the same tired old armour for the rest of eternity?! The next logical step is for him to become one with his tech! Anyway i dont even know why im bothering all you people do is complain about everything THANK f*** SCRIPT CONTENT ISNT UP TO YOU people.

  25. i saw this video recently:

    now that i’m looking back, maybe it was deleted because it was easy to consider as a lead-up to a possible Extremis plotline later on (particularly by the comic book fans?)