Star Wars 7 Rumor: Emperor Returning
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Evangeline Lily's Waspy 'Ant-Man' Hairdo
'The Expendables 3' – SR Underground Ep. 157
'TMNT' Movie Easter Eggs & Trivia



Star Wars 7 Rumor: Emperor Returning

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Rumor: Emperor Palpatine Will Return

A new ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ rumor suggests that we’ll see the return of Emperor Palpatine.

by Sarah Moran | 3 hours ago26 Comments

Matthew McConaughey Joining 'The Stand'?

Matthew McConaughey Wanted for ‘The Stand’ Villain Role of Randall Flagg

Matthew McConaughey is Warner Bros.’ top choice to play demonic villain Randall Flagg in Josh Boone’s ‘The Stand.’

by Michael Kennedy | 4 hours ago3 Comments

Star Wars Multimedia Shared Universe Coming

‘Star Wars’ Multimedia Shared Universe Is Coming

‘Star Wars’ Insiders claim that the new universe will extend a shared universe story across multiple platforms like movies, TV, books and video games.

by Kofi Outlaw | 12 hours ago26 Comments

'Mission: Impossible 5' Starts Filming

‘Mission: Impossible 5′ Begins Filming; First Set Photos

The ‘Mission: Impossible 5′ cameras start rolling and the first set photos reveal Simon Pegg in a tux and Tom Cruise doing stunts.

by H. Shaw-Williams | 20 hours ago6 Comments

Wolverine Weightlifting

SR Geek Picks: ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘True Detective’ Mash-Up, Wolverine Weightlifting & More

Everything wrong with National Treasure; the top 10 films that derailed the franchise; a Breaking Bad / True Detective mash-up – and more!

by Justin Vactor | 21 hours ago1 Comment

Vincent D'Onofrio Talks 'Jurassic World'

‘Jurassic World’: Vincent D’Onofrio Teases ‘Different’ Plot & ‘Iconic’ Scenes

Vincent D’Onofrio says that ‘Jurassic World’ is very different than past ‘Jurassic Park’ movies, and no one has really guessed the story yet.

by Sandy Schaefer | 24 hours ago13 Comments


'The Knick' Season 1, Episode 3 Review

‘The Knick’ Handles the Unexpected

The limitations of science and of society are examined as characters work to overcome obstacles in very different ways in ‘The Knick’ season 1, episode 3: ‘The Busy Flea.’

by Kevin Yeoman | 14 hours agoNo Comments

'Orange Is the New Black': Surprise Character Returns

‘Orange is the New Black’ Bringing Back Surprise Season 2 Character

A character who only appeared in one episode of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ season 2 will return for season 3.

by Molly Freeman | 15 hours ago4 Comments

'Doctor Who' Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List

‘Doctor Who’ Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List

Want to watch ‘Doctor Who’ but don’t know where to start? Here’s our ‘Doctor Who’ Viewing Guide to help you with a complete episode list – including ‘must watch’ episodes.

by Ben Kendrick | 21 hours ago164 Comments

'Doctor Who': Capaldi & Coleman on Companion Exit Rumor

‘Doctor Who’: Capaldi & Coleman Address Companion Exit Rumor

‘Doctor Who’ stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman address the rumor that the Doctor’s companion, Clara, will leave the show in the 2014 Christmas Special.

by Ben Kendrick | 22 hours ago7 Comments

Spielberg Developing 'Minority Report' TV Show

‘Minority Report’ TV Series in Development

Steven Spielberg is developing a TV series for CBS based on his hit film ‘Minority Report.’

by Araceli Roach | 2 days ago18 Comments

'Castle' Spinoff 'Derrick Storm' TV Series in Development

‘Castle’ Spinoff ‘Derrick Storm’ TV Series in Development

ABC has begun development on a TV series based on the ‘Derrick Storm’ books originating in ‘Castle.’

by Molly Freeman | 2 days ago10 Comments

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