Tyrese Gibson Is On A 'Mission' To Play 'Green Lantern'

Tyrese Gibson Is On A ‘Mission’ To Play ‘Green Lantern’

After fan-made images of Tyrese Gibson as ‘Green Lantern’ went viral, the ‘Fast & Furious’ star seems determined to play the hero in DC’s movie universe.

by Andrew Dyce | 6 hours ago51 Comments

'Steve Jobs' Biopic Cast & Plot Details Revealed

Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Biopic to Star Michael Fassbender & Seth Rogen

Universal Pictures releases plot details and a cast list for Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s biopic ‘Steve Jobs,’ starring Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen.

by Araceli Roach | 6 hours ago2 Comments

'Grim Fandango' Returns

SR Geek Picks: ‘Grim Fandango’ Returns, ‘Tangled’ Problems & More

The launch trailer for ‘Grim Fandango Remastered,’ everything wrong with ‘Tangled,’ 9 actors who could replace Tom Hardy in ‘Suicide Squad,’ and much more.

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Joss Whedon Blames 'Sexism' For Lack of Female Superheroes

Joss Whedon Blames ‘Sexism’ For Lack of Female Superheroes

The lack of female-led superhero movies hasn’t gone unnoticed by ‘Avengers’ director Joss Whedon, who claims sexism, misogyny, and ‘stupid people’ are to blame.

by Andrew Dyce | 10 hours ago119 Comments

Why ’Ghostbusters’ is Safe In New Hands

Why ’Ghostbusters’ Is Safe in New Hands (From a Fan’s Perspective)

The ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot has a new all-female cast and a writer / director in Paul Feig, and here’s why that should excite you!

by Anthony Ocasio | 12 hours ago52 Comments

Christine Taylor Will Return for 'Zoolander 2'

‘Zoolander 2′: Christine Taylor Confirms She Will Return as Matilda

‘Zoolander’ star Christine Taylor says that ‘Zoolander 2′ is still in the works and she’s set to reprise her role as investigative reporter Matilda Jeffries.

by H. Shaw-Williams | 12 hours ago10 Comments


CBS Green Lights 'Limitless' Sequel Series Pilot

CBS Green Lights ‘Limitless’ Sequel Series Pilot

CBS has just ordered a pilot for ‘Limitless,’ a sequel television series to the 2011 Bradley Cooper science fiction film of the same name.

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'Supergirl' TV Show Casts Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen

‘Supergirl’: Mehcad Brooks Cast as Jimmy Olsen

With its lead actress found, CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ TV series has now added Mehcad Brooks to the cast as famous photographer – and Kara’s love interest – Jimmy Olsen.

by Merrill Barr | 7 hours ago30 Comments

'Arrow' Roundup: Canary II, Suicide Squad & Next 'Flash' Crossover Details

‘Arrow’ Roundup: Canary II, Suicide Squad & Next ‘Flash’ Crossover Details

‘Arrow’s Katie Cassidy talks Black Canary, as new details on the Suicide Squad’s return this season, and Felicity’s next ‘Flash’ crossover are released.

by Sarah Moran | 9 hours ago27 Comments

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Mid-Season Premiere Teaser

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Mid-Season Premiere Teaser: Something’s Wrong with Skye

It’s time to gear up for the return of Phil Coulson and his team – including one member who’s acquired new powers – on the ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ mid-season premiere.

by Merrill Barr | 13 hours ago33 Comments

'The Walking Dead' S5 Character Images

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Character Images

To celebrate ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5′s imminent return, AMC has released a new batch of character portraits offering a close look at Rick and the gang.

by H. Shaw-Williams | 14 hours ago5 Comments

Does the Netflix Business Model Work?

Can Netflix Thrive Without Reporting Ratings and Value?

Netlfix original programming like ‘House of Cards’ and Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ make the service look good, but does its business model work?

by Merrill Barr | 18 hours ago72 Comments