How 'Batman V Superman' Can Best Use 'Man of Steel' Supes
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First Look at Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman'
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Best 'Pulp Fiction' Cosplay Ever

SR Geek Picks: Best ‘Pulp Fiction’ Cosplay Ever, ‘Star Wars 7′ Set Description & More

The best ‘Pulp Fiction’ cosplay ever; Kevin Smith describes his visit to the set of ‘Star Wars 7′; real life Disney girls art; and more.

by Justin Vactor | 9 hours ago2 Comments

Eva Green To Star in 'Miss Peregrine's Home' Movie

Eva Green & Tim Burton To Reteam for ‘Miss Peregrine’s’ Adaptation

Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’ star Eva Green is in talks for the director’s adaptation of the ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ novel.

by Sandy Schaefer | 11 hours ago10 Comments

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Sequel Script Written

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel Script Already Written

At Comic-Con, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ director George Miller revealed that he wrote two more ‘Mad Max’ yarns in preparation for the new film.

by Andy Crump | 13 hours ago27 Comments

'Everly' & 'Horns' Impress At Comic-Con

RADiUS-TWC’s ‘Everly’ and ‘Horns’ Make For Impressive Comic-Con Debut

The Weinstein Company’s RADiUS-TWC brand makes its first Comic-Con appearance to showcase Salma Hayek’s ‘Everly’ and Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Horns’.

by Rob Keyes | 14 hours ago2 Comments

'TMNT' Director Says Andy Serkis Deserves an Oscar

‘TMNT’ Director & Producer Say Andy Serkis Deserves an Oscar

The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ director and producer both believe Andy Serkis (and other motion-capture performers) deserve Oscar recognition.

by Ben Kendrick | 19 hours ago32 Comments

'The Avengers 3' in 2018

Expect ‘The Avengers 3′ in May 2018; Third Date Explained

We chat with Kevin Feige about Marvel Studios’ many unannounced films and when we can expect ‘The Avengers 3′ to conclude Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

by Rob Keyes | 20 hours ago107 Comments


'The Killing' Season 4 Clip & Posters

‘The Killing’ Season 4 Preview Clip & Posters Revealed

Netflix has released a clip from the fourth and final season of ‘The Killing,’ starring Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman.

by B.C. Edwards | 8 hours ago1 Comment

'The Last Ship' Episode 6 Review

‘Last Ship’: Need to Know

Fear and dissension takes hold of the crew of US Nathan James in ‘The Last Ship’ season 1, episode 6: ‘Lockdown’.

by Jason Tabrys | 15 hours ago6 Comments

'Masters of Sex' Season 2, Episode 3 Review

‘Masters of Sex’ Tries Foreplay

In the confines of a hotel room, Bill and Virginia wrestle with the idea of what it means to be a man in ‘Masters of Sex’ season 2, episode 3: ‘Fight.’

by David Griffin | 15 hours agoNo Comments

'Daredevil' Premiering on Netflix in 2015

Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ TV Series to Hit Netflix In 2015

Amid major announcements at Comic-Con, Marvel also let slip that their ‘Daredevil’ series for Netflix will air in May 2015.

by Andy Crump | 18 hours ago33 Comments

'The Strain' Season 1, Episode 3 Review

‘The Strain:’ Redfern Rises

Captain Redfern takes a turn for the worst in ‘The Strain’ season 1, episode 3: ‘Gone Smoother.’

by Perri Nemiroff | 1 day ago11 Comments

'The Leftovers' Season 1, Episode 5 Review

‘The Leftovers’: Broken Vows

Characters find their conviction being tested when a member of the Guilty Remnant is brutally murdered in ‘The Leftovers’ season 1, episode 5: ‘Gladys.’

by Kevin Yeoman | 1 day ago5 Comments

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