Interstellar at Comic-Con 2014
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5 Movies We Want Marvel To Announce
Comic-Con 2014 Preview – SR Underground Ep. 153



'TMNT' Comic-Con Panel

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Comic-Con 2014 Panel Recap

‘TMNT’ director Jonathan Liebesman and star Megan Fox (among others) brought new footage from the reboot to Comic-Con 2014.

by Sandy Schaefer | 6 hours agoNo Comments

'Goosebumps' Trailer Premieres at SDCC 2014

Jack Black Presents First ‘Goosebumps’ Trailer at Comic-Con 2014

Star Jack Black and director Rob Letterman present the first trailer for ‘Goosebumps’ at Comic-Con 2014.

by Araceli Roach | 7 hours ago4 Comments

'TMNT' Filmmakers Want Bebop, Rocksteady, & Casey Jones for Sequels

‘TMNT’ Filmmakers Want Bebop, Rocksteady, & Casey Jones for Sequels

The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ reboot director and producer tease the possibility of Bebop, Rocksteady, and Casey Jones in future sequels.

by Ben Kendrick | 7 hours ago7 Comments

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Early Reviews

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Early Reviews & New Clip

The first reviews for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are out, and they promise that all the hype is well-deserved.

by H. Shaw-Williams | 7 hours ago19 Comments

Interstellar at Comic-Con 2014

‘Interstellar’: Nolan & McConaughey Preview Trailer #3 at Comic-Con

‘Interstellar’ star Matthew McConaughey and Chris Nolan surprised Comic-Con 2014 with a preview of trailer #3.

by Kofi Outlaw | 9 hours ago9 Comments

Another Dwayne Johnson 'Shazam' Tease

Dwayne Johnson Teases ‘Shazam’ or Black Adam Role

Leading up to DC’s movie reveals at Comic-Con 2014, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is still teasing fans about his ‘Shazam’ role.

by Kofi Outlaw | 10 hours ago76 Comments


Community Season 6 Details

‘Community’ Season 6 Details Revealed at Comic-Con 2014

Dan Harmon and the cast of ‘Community’ revealed a few details about season 6 during Comic Con 2014.

by Jason Tabrys | 4 hours ago1 Comment

New 'Arrow' & 'The Flash' Season Details

‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Producers Reveal Details, Talk Show Differences

The producers behind The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ have revealed new plot and character details for the shows’ upcoming seasons.

by Molly Freeman | 7 hours ago20 Comments

'Extant' S1, E3 Review

‘Extant’: Prelude to a Chase

The calm is filled with revelations before the storm takes hold in ‘Extant’ season 1, episode 3: ‘Wish You Were Here’.

by Jason Tabrys | 16 hours ago3 Comments

'The Bridge' Season 2, Episode 3 Review

‘The Bridge’: Metamorphosis

Sonya and Marco search for Eleanor, while Linder and Eva are reunited in ‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 3: ‘Sorrowsworn.’

by Kevin Yeoman | 1 day ago1 Comment

First Look at Arsenal in 'Arrow' Season 3

‘Arrow’ Season 3: First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

‘Arrow’ season 3 has revealed the first image of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) as Arsenal.

by Kofi Outlaw | 2 days ago61 Comments

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere Date

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 2 Premieres on Sept. 23rd

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ season 2 will premiere on September 23rd.

by Kofi Outlaw | 2 days ago16 Comments

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